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I know that many are scared of wearing white.

I was reminded of that with my post last week about finding the perfect white tee.

Well, brace yourself Stylers because I’ve gone one step further and pulled on not just a white tee … but white PANTS.

The Napisan has been stocked up on and I’m ready to fully embrace this denim trend of summer 2014.

Dark denim is very difficult to do in the heat of summer; lighter denim washes do work; but white denim is fresh as the day.

Especially when it’s ripped white denim.

Remember this post about whether you should wear ripped jeans? Yep, well I’ve well and truly got on board.

When it comes to white jeans (and I do have a pair of non-ripped white jeans), there is something about the rip, something about the distressing of the fabric that gives the white jean a little edge … something a white jean is not necessarily known for.

The trick to finding a pair of white jeans – ripped or otherwise – is all in the fabric and the shape. A good cut in a white jeans will be as flattering as a darker denim wash.

And if you’re above a size 12 like me, finding a pair that is flattering for your shape is an even greater challenge.

Australia’s first plus-size model Natalie Wakeling understands that challenge and created her Embody Denim label to meet the challenge head on.

And this season she has white ripped denim. HUZZAH.

The model

Embody Denim vest and white jeans

Embody Denim jeans* $249 (sizes 12-22) | Embody Denim Sloan Demin vest $189.95 (sizes 14-22)

and me

Embody Denim vest and jeans | Harlow Australia tee | Freya and Sabine heels | MyOMy bag

Embody Denim jeans* $249 (I’m wearing size 16) | Embody Denim Sloan Demin vest $189.95 (I’m wearing size 14) | Harlow Australia tee* $69.95 (sizes 12-24; I’m wearing size 12) | Freya & Sabine heels $179 | MYOMY saddle bag

You might have already caught on if you follow my #everydaystyle Instagram challenge that I’m a big fan of the combination of white, pale denim and tan in an outfit.

This is another outfit that hits the white, tan and pale denim jackpot for me.

The jeans have just the right about of stretch in them to make them wearable and comfortable. They are a really good weight of denim so they hold their shape and hold your shape, if you get what I mean.

(If you are a size 12 and under, check out these distressed white skinny jeans at Bohemian Traders … you’re welcome.)

I’m one for covering my front bottom in tops so this tee from Harlow that I featured last week as one my of nine perfect white t-shirts is ideal. It skims and floats over the bits I want to skim and float but it does so with a shape that is flattering.

The denim vest is an ideal summer layering piece. It’s tricky to layer when the heat is on but layering is what gives our outfits depth and interest.

A sleeveless vest works here with white jeans but would equally work over a light summer frock. The colour says effortless summer and that’s the effect you’ll create with such a piece incorporated in your outfits.

The Model and Me | Embody Denim SS2014

So, over to you Stylers … do you do white denim? On board the ripped/distressed denim train?

* These garments were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

Comments 68

  1. Nikki you look gorgeous! These jeans look amazing on you! Are they comfortable though? I am contemplating…the price tag has put me off a little…do they have good coverage for big tummy? Voguette whoever you are you should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. The audacity you have to think you have style or can style others i find unfathomable, no formal education in Fashion no doubt. Perhaps a hobby during your hormonal changes? Note your bad blonde hair and make up is very ageing, honestly mutton dressed as lamb. If you are supposedly a stylist please research commes des garcon and sonia rykiel. How to be chic not trashy after 35.

    1. Oh Voguette aren’t you a lovely breath of fresh air. Thanks so much for your lovely feedback – not sure why you even bothered to stop by. I so wish someone had taught you some manners at some point in your life.

    2. if Nikki’s style isn’t for you don’t waste your time here, go where you love the style. Life is too short to spend time on something you don’t love. Move along!

    3. The audacity you have to think that anyone cares about your snarky little remark I find unfathomable. Run away little troll, run, run, run!

    4. Voguette,

      Perhaps before you set out to criticize anyone else, you may want to improve your english / grammar skills. They’re a bit lacking.

      Nikki, the white & denim looks fab on you. I especially like the shoes you are wearing.

  3. Love your outfit – hers, not so much. Your short-sleeved, hi-lo tee is much better with the vest. And your shoes are a better choice for this.

    White denim scares me – I’m always dropping lip pencils, lipstick, etc. I’d be a disaster in white!

  4. This is gorgeous on you Nikki. Is the denim heavy in the vest or a lighter weight? I would love it in summer but worry about being hot. Thanks

  5. This is so timely! I bought a pair of white distressed jeans about 10 days ago. I’ve tried them on three times since I got them home, then put them straight back in the wardrobe. I haven’t even taken the tags off because I was unsure about them. Now, I’m going to rip those tags off and wear them today!

  6. Love the denim vest but cannot get into the ripped jean look. They all just look…well, torn up. And old. Not a good style but I love them regular.

  7. I bought a pair of skinny white 3/4 pants last year from Temt for $40 and I am getting heaps of wear out of them. They look fantastic in spring/summer with different coloured tops, flats or heels, and a nice necklace. I have a black swing top and also an orange top that I wear with them frequently and I always get lovely comments. I haven’t tried the ripped ones as yet – think Im getting a bit old for them lol

  8. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines of white ripped denim ( love white pants), think I need to jump in and try it thanks Nikki x

  9. Loving white denim this season. Have recently purchased a pair of white crop jeans from target ($35) at a bargain and they fit, wear and wash fantastically (I’m a size 12 but fit a size 10 in target). Must pickup a distressed look now!!! x

  10. I wear white jeans and TShirts all the time in summer. It somehow makes me feel cooler. It always looks great and if you add bright colour accessories you can look like a million dollars. I have almost had to take shares in Napisan though.

  11. I love these jeans on you Nikki I find jeans too hot in summer or the weather they are calling spring we are having at the moment.I do own a pair of white skinny pants they are Zara but not jeans.
    Yes I’m on board the ripped jeans bandwagon I gave a pair I wore to death in winter and just got a pair the same style from Katies in a really light wash that were marked down from $60 to under $10 and in a size 8 so grabbed them quicksmart I had been looking for a pair in the same style everywhere and there they were waiting for me

  12. you look fresh as a daisy! dear girl! … the blue matching your eyes!
    I love white denim jeans and love that colour combo with that denim vest and tan accessories … perfect!
    soo versatile to pop on! … i have two denim jackets and I will get a vest!
    enjoy your day! … love m:)X

  13. You look great, but I note it appears the white jeans really need a heel to look the best.
    I love white jeans and pants on others but stark white never looks right on me. It does not matter the cut or fabric, it just seems that creamy colours look better on my bottom half. I’m sure someone with more knowledge of contrast and colour could explain why, but it’s a lesson learnt for me the hard way.
    Back in the day I did have a pair of cream jeans that I wore to death, and rather than stark white I think if I’m going there again it will need to be in a slightly softer tone.

  14. You look amazing Nikki! I just love how you talk us through your reasons for and love of, I too love white, denim and tan and you wear it so well.

  15. I do have a request re the model and me posts. Would you be happy to give us a photo of the ‘back view’ in addition to the photo taken from the side or front? It would be helpful to see how the outfits sit on the back. Thanks.

  16. Hi Nicki, I haven’t been brave enough to consider white denim since the 80’s. I do love the look of the pale denim and white combo. It works well as a stand alone combo but could be used as a neutral outfit that I could wear with animal print, chunky jewellery, pops of colour, etc.
    Might have to look at getting some white denim once I’m no longer banned from shopping (a long story) 🙂

      1. I’ve always been a big spender but usually spent within my limits because I am fortunate enough to be earning well so it hasn’t been a biggie.
        However, just over 3 wks ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar II. Over spending ++ is one of the things I do when unwell.
        I’m now on extended unpaid sick leave until at least mid Jan and my credit cards have been confiscated and I have no access to cash to remove the temptation to shop until I’m stable.

  17. Recently brought a pair of distressed white skinnies. Big w have Lee Cooper now – $29.99
    Love them, fit beautifully (which is wonderful as I have about a half dozen items of clothing that fit at the moment!!)

  18. Still looking for that perfect whit denim, but without the distressed look. I need to go into a store and try one on instead of buying online. Still not confident wearing white jeans but am dying to try and see what it would look like on me. On the hunt! You look great in yours Nikki!

  19. You look GREAT Nikki, but I just can’t see my bum rocking skinny white jeans! All the Countdown on tv must have got the designers thinking about those 80s cutoff jackets again. At least Brian Mannix will be happy.

  20. Looking great, Nikki. Yes, I bought some skinny whites last year, hesitated but they are great, nydj, I’m an Aus 14 /US 10 so thought I couldn’t wear them, but as you say, cover the front and a layering to the top and all works well,, I love them. That vest is really nice, might need to get me one.

  21. Fresh as a daisy is right Nikki. I like how you are wearing the jeans looser than the model, looks a lot more flattering. You’ve done it again, you look great! I’ve been eyeing off denim vests, will be on my shopping list 🙂

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