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Can we pause for a moment to think about the heat that most of us have experienced over the past few days somewhere across this wide land.

Melbourne and Adelaide, you copped it first, then Sydney and for my fellow south-east Queenslanders, we didn’t need a gathering of world leaders to produce hot air.

No, there was more than enough of it blasting us from the centre of our state.

It was a strange heat too – not sticky and humid like we’re accustomed too. No, it was the kind of dry heat that my southern sisters are used to in summer.

Stepping outside the aircon was akin to walking into an oven.

I’m SO grateful for that aircon. And the pool.

Mr SY and I actually spent most of the afternoon working, de-cluttering and sorting the only area of the house that isn’t air-conditioned ahead of the teenagers moving back in next weekend for the summer.

The non-working air-conditioning unit on the wall mocked us and multiple pool swims were required to see us through.

Also seeing me through the afternoon and the rest of the summer are loose, cool and comfortable clothing pieces. The kind of clothing you can throw on over a swimsuit and just as easily throw off when it comes to pool time.

Enter Gidget’s Beach Shack and its range of Bilgola clothing pieces designed to beat the heat with pool or beachside chic.

Gidget’s is an online and bricks and mortar store based in Mona Vale in New South Wales.

It has summer covered with a range (which is also stocked in stores throughout Australia) designed to offer flowing garments that breathe and are a delight to wear.

The model

Bilgola Cienna dress at Gidget's Beach Shack

Bilgola Cienna dress $77 @ Gidget’s Beach Shack

and me

Bilgola dress at Gidget's Beach Shack |Prada sunnies| Zoe Kratzmann sandals

Bilgola dress at Gidget’s Beach Shack (I’m in L/XL) |Prada sunnies| Zoe Kratzmann sandals

It’s no secret around these parts that I love a kaftan – and that I’m a huge fan of the beach/pool cover-up for staying sun-safe as well as protecting my modesty over a swimsuit.

Yes, I own my share of fancy silk cover-ups but my lifestyle also needs me to have a good supply of the more casual cover-up – in cottons, rayon, bamboo.

What I love about this one from Gidget’s is that the fabric of rayon voille used is so super soft. It feels beautiful on your skin and it allows your skin to breathe so gets a big tick in my summer wardrobe book.

Note below – I’m not usually found poolside with sandals on but I wanted to show you how with some metallic sandals, you can easily take this outfit off the beach or from beside the pool and turn it into a fabulous smart-casual outfit.

There are splits up the side that are quite revealing so I’m wearing a Metalicus white slip underneath.

Here’s a closer look to see just how beautiful the summer print is. This style also comes in lime/purple and yellow/hot pink.

Bilgola clothing dress - detail

So tell me Stylers … did you swelter over the weekend? What clothing did you wear to keep your cool? 

The Model and Me Bilgola clothing

* This garment was gifted to me for editorial consideration.  Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I really like those colours. No sweltering down here in Melbourne town, jumpers and heaters on – it’s likely to be that way until Feb, then the bushfires begin for a month before we freeze the rest of the year.

  2. This looks great on you Nikki, and far better than on the model. She looks like she is wearing a blanket! Love these Model and Me posts. Amanda xxx

  3. I love a kaftan as you probably have noticed Nikki ,Friday saw me in a cool viscose frock.I dread to think what summer has in store for us this year I don’t do heat very well,it’s ok if I’m home I have the pool and ducted aircon that we got in the second year after building the house and I could not live without it now!
    I love this kaftan on you Nikki the colours are beautiful and I like the sandals with it and I find it better to buy kaftans that can do double duty poolside or as a dress.Lovely Model and Me post Nikki Xx

  4. I too was in a kaftan most of yesterday – lounging around the pool, tryinbg to find a whiff of cool breeze, and hollering for husband to bring more icecubes for my sweating wineglass.

  5. I spent the weekend in Adrift. Love their cool cotton dresses that even better still do not end up in the ironing basket. My kids still think it’s funny that I “screw up” my dresses! 🙂

  6. Had people around Saturday night here in Brisbane and wore an allure kaftan with a metalicus slip a la Nikki! The rest of the time, very little, swimmers and some kind of cheap yet cool cheesecloth creation.

  7. I love a stylish cover up for the beach or poolside. And I like the look of this one because of the length of the arms. I’m so fair so like something with extra coverage. You are so stylish in that photo! Love the sunnies and the shoes!

  8. those kaftans look so easy to wear nikki! … too hot up your way!!!
    it’s cold here … I’ve got a winter shrug on!
    I’m a sarong girl in the heat … where have they disappeared to!
    still working on the kaftan though!
    must comment on photo of mr sy in the pool in trance state, with young son jumping in on that board! … hilarious … doin’ it tuff! … nuff said! … lol m:)X

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