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Oh HAI! So you’re new around these parts? Welcome.

Depending on just how new you are, you may or may not be aware of my lazy-girl beauty tendencies.

I’m not so lazy-girl that I don’t do anything in the beauty department.

No, I’m too vain for that.

My lazy-girl tendencies are about finding the short-cuts to looking and feeling good using products that make my life easier.

So when NIVEA Australia introduced the first in-shower body moisturiser last year, I not only took notice, I fully embraced this new concept and continue to buy and use it do this day.

Event when I’m away from home.

You may have noticed that I’ve been travelling a lot of late? There’s been a little bit of pleasure mixed in with a lot of work.

Now, while to some it may seem like I travel with my entire beauty kit … and I do admit I can be quite, shall we say, excessive in that department, I really can’t take everything on the road with me.

What has come with me is the new NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion in Cocoa Indulging and Honey Indulging.

NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion - Cocoa Indulging and Honey Indulging

These formulations are, as the name suggests, all about indulgence.

It’s about taking that five minutes while you’re in the shower and turning it into a micro pampering session – because let’s face it, finding time to do that is not an easy task.

Just as with the original NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotions – the first in-shower moisturisers – these are designed to be used AFTER you have cleansed your skin. The formula itself is a little lighter than the original but the concept and how well they work is still the same.

1. Cleanse your skin with soap or shower gel.

2. Apply In-Shower Body Lotion, massage in.

3. Rinse off In-Shower Body Lotion.

4. Towel dry.

5. Get dressed.

NIVEA In-shower body lotion - Cocoa Indulging Honey Indulging

Yes, it’s an extra step in the shower process but for me it’s one that I find easy to add in.

While I’m in the shower, it’s “me” time; once I’m out, my head is all about the list of things that has to be done that day, where I need to be and who I need to take where.

Any sense of pampering is long gone and I’m just as likely to skip the body moisturising step.

I also love that my skin is moisturised but without a greasy feeling. It means I can get dressed straight away.

Honey Indulging

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion Honey Indulging

NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion Honey Indulging (RRP $6.49) harnesses the power of honey to pamper normal-to-dry skin for 24 hours. It works on improving softness and elasticity so skin is super smooth. The fragrance lasts too. Love that!

Indulging Cocoa

NIVEA In-shower body lotion - Cocoa Indulging

NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion Cocoa Indulging (RRP $6.49) has quickly become my fave. It’s super nourishing thanks to the inclusion of cocoa butter. Yes, that means a dose of antioxidants and a lasting velvety texture to your skin. I’ve got a soft spot for this fragrance of cocoa and vanilla too.

The new NIVEA Indulging In-Shower body lotions are available from Coles, Big W, Priceline, Target, Chemist Warehouse.

Do you use the original NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion? Keen to try the new Honey or Cocoa Indulging varieties?

Meet me at The Vitality Show

I’m very excited to be heading to Sydney tomorrow to present for NIVEA Australia at The Vitality Show. If you’d like to come along, I’ll be on the main stage at 2pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday and available at the NIVEA Haus afterwards to meet you and answer questions. Event details here.

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Coordinated by The Remarkables Group. NIVEA Australia’s sponsorship of this blog is enabling me to tour my book, Unlock Your Style, to as many places around Australia as would like to host me. You can find an up-to-date event schedule here.

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  1. I fell in love with the original but the honey & even the cocoa butter version sound divine – I’ll be adding them to my shopping list!

  2. I have been thinking about trying these as I resemble a lizard after winter hibernation. Are they paraben free? Lauren from SAHM I am.

  3. I tried the first one but still prefer to moisturise after I get out of the shower but I would try it again and see if the cocoa one is a bit more moisturing for my very dry skin,thank you Nikki’s for letting us know about the 2 new ones!

  4. I’m already a convert to the in-shower body lotion. So much easier than trying to apply in the cold bathroom over winter.
    I like the sound of the cocoa and vanilla fragrance, so these new formulas might have me carrying this habit into summer.

  5. Hi Nicky, I really liked the original product but it drove me mad trying to squeeze it out, esp with wet slippery hands. Would love it to come in a pump bottle, soo much easier

    1. I’ve passed on the feedback Tracy and totally get what you’re saying. These bottles are smaller and easier to handle and the original ones have had designs changed to make it easier to hold in your hand but a pump would be easier.

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