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I don’t know about where you live but here in Queensland, the summer switch as well and truly been flicked on.

Even in Sydney on the weekend there was no hint of cooler days and nights. Everyone was out enjoying the sun – at the beach, along Oxford Street at Paddington and at the races by the looks of what I saw in the cab on the way to the Vitality Show on Saturday.

Now, I love wearing pants – and thanks to the lightweight printed and plain pants in my wardrobe I can still wear them in the warmer months – but nothing comes close on a hot day in providing the ultimate level of comfort than a loose and lovely frock.

Open up my spring and summer wardrobe and you’ll find plenty of them to see. They are my go-to garments from now until about Easter next year.

For everyday, I don’t look for too much structure, just a little shape in the styling, whether that’s through a shift style or through a style like the one I’ve featured today from Brisbane-based label and store Adrift.

The model

Adrift Kelsey Dress SS14-15


Adrift Kelsey dress $94.95

And me

Adrift dress Colless Collection necklace Misano Shoes Sandals Pavo Real ring

Adrift dress* (I’m wearing size L and am 167cms) | Colless Collections necklace* | Misano Shoes sandals* | Pavo Real ring*

For summer frocks I look for fabrics that breathe – cotton, rayon, linen, viscose – and if need be I’ll add in a slip underneath. Believe it or not the right slip will not make the garment too hot to wear, it will breathe and keep the main garment away from your skin.

I’m not wearing a slip with this cotton voile dress – I found it doesn’t need one – but Adrift do offer a range of cotton slips that works with their garments. These are shorter slips but if you’re looking for something a little longer and more shaping, then have a look at Metalicus or Bella Bodies.

I love the colours in this dress (it also comes in a pink colourway too) – it’s bright, vibrant and puts you in a summer frame of mind the minute you put it on.

I love that it buttons all the way through – not only great for undoing completely and wearing as a long jacket but also great if you are a breastfeeding mum looking for a frock for the warmer months.

The tie can be worn at the front to create more of a waist – something that doesn’t work for me because of my short waist. In these instances I tie it loosely at the back so it offers a little shape but without emphasising my hips.

Increasingly I look for designs that include a sleeve. As long as the fabric is light then I don’t feel hot but I know a sleeve is offering a little more sun protection to my arms.

If you live in Brisbane, Adrift has three physical stores you can visit and check out the entire range – at Chelmer, East Brisbane and Newmarket.

A little word about the accessories – I’ve worn this with matching orange sandals and turquoise necklace – but it would work equally as well with tan or nude sandals and a fine silver or gold necklace because the dress’ pattern and colour is a statement in itself.

The Model and Me Adrift SS14-15

So tell me, is it summer frock weather where you live? Do you embrace the frock for the warmer months?

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  1. I’m absolutely dreading summer as far as my wardrobe goes. My weight hasn’t returned to normal (even after six weeks on the new meds) and I’m puffier in the arms and legs than normal. I’m wondering if I could pull this dress off, it looks so cool and comfortable.

    1. Hi Rach, so sorry to hear that the health stuff isn’t working out … remember I gave you that GP referral … I’d be hunting him down. You need someone who knows there stuff. It’s also a slow and painful process without any of the results that normal people would see from an exercise and diet program. x

      1. I’m hoping to see him next month, once I get the next lot of specialist appointments and my last lot of tests out of the way but I’m not sure if even he will be able to help. Unfortunately the second condition, which is only probable after ruling most other things out, is playing havoc with my ability to function and possibly digest meds in the first place. I need a magic wand.

  2. I’m participating in Frocktober, so the Sydney weather has been playing along nicely until now! Sitting here listening to the pouring rain, wind and thunder! Summer has well and truly left the station for the next few days.

  3. If you are on the Sunshine Coast, Lotus Rose at Noosa Junction has a massive collection of Adrift clothing. They even have some of last season’s dresses marked down to half price. I now own 5 Adrift dresses and 3 tops! Oops…

  4. Living in Doha and with the constant heat that’s here almost year round, I tend to live in dresses. I love a good flowy maxi dress and anything that’s loose fitting is perfect when it’s about 50 degrees in the shade!

    I love that dress on you, the colours are fab.

  5. Gorgeous dress on you and the model, Nikki. Just had a quick peek at the website and see you can get 15% off your order if you sign up for the newsletter. So I’ve signed up and plan to do some shopping later. Thanks for the tip and hope your book is going gangbusters!

  6. This frock would suit me and great to know its breastfeeding friendly! I love this dress on you Nikki. I’m going to check it out now. 🙂

  7. That’s a big YES from me Nikki ,I love dresses for summer and the weather we have been having!I agree about the fabrics you have stated as well and don’t like belts either as I have no waist I prefer my dresses to just fall, plus a frock or dress is just so easy one garment lazy girl dressing just add shoes and accessories and your done.
    I love the colours in the frock And it looks lovely on you Nikki ,thank you for another great Model and me post,I hope you have an easy day planned Xx

  8. Now this is “you” Nikki – you look comfy, the colours are fab on you and it’s perfect for Qld. My fave “ensemble” to wear is a dress – simple as that. Yesterday was 30 here in Melbourne, today 13 and rainy! Still getting used to it 🙂

  9. I’m wearing a Leona dress and white Blue Illusion jacket for work in Sydney today, but apparently it’s supposed to be turning cool again tomorrow 🙁

  10. hi nikki! you look great in those colours! they work well together!
    it’s cold and stormy here today! I’m in my cobalt blue cape at the mo!
    I might embrace a frock! … if this weather comes good! I’ve been sorting my wardrobe hun! … lol m:)X

  11. Great dress. Do they have stockist in Sydney? Another wonderful brand for summer is One Season & also Tigerlily’s mui mui dresses. They’re not cheap but I lived in them last summer and sure to do the same again this year

  12. I was in a summer frock yesterday but today it is 16 and raining. Typical Melbs! I adore Adrift though and recently bought a couple of their frocks for the coming summer, as I do every year. I love their fab prints and shape of their frocks and the fact that they are so easy to wear. You look fab too Nikki! x

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