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Oh hello Friday. I see you. I embrace you.

My weekend is a little crazy and involves a little work and a little play but I thought I might end the week and look towards the weekend with a new idea for an end-of-week post.

This isn’t something that I’ll necessarily publish every week but when I’ve got a few things to share … things that might add to your weekend and weekend reading or viewing then I will.

So, presenting … it’s a wrap …

Fairholme Fashion Week

Tomorrow morning I’m heading up to Toowoomba to speak as part of Fairholme Fashion Week. A few women I went to uni with now have daughters at this school so I’m looking forward to catching up with them and meeting the beautiful women of the Darling Downs. Hope you can make it. I’ll also be selling and signing copies of my book, Unlock Your Style.


October is always a reflective month for our family. Mr SY lost his beautiful mum to ovarian cancer eight years ago at the end of this month. She was only 54 and was taken from us all too soon. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss her. My good friend’s mum was also diagnosed just two months ago with this cancer. Ovarian cancer is such an insidious disease because its symptoms could be mistaken for any manner of “women’s” problems. There is currently no detection test – which means that women are often diagnosed when the cancer is quite advanced. So when fundraising campaigns like Frocktober for the OCRF happen, I put my money where my heart is and I’d like you to do the same. What’s Frocktober? Women around Australia are choosing to wear a dress every day this month and in return they’re asking you to support their OCRF fundraising efforts. I’d really love you to get behind my blogging friends Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes and Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles and Bags and send them a lot of love and a little money their way.

Frocktober 2014


I have a beautiful friend who I originally met via the internet – that was years ago now so it seems kind of stupid saying that. Eden is very much a real-life friend. Eden has opened my eyes, educated me and helped me understand mental illness more than any government campaign – or my former work as a journo – was ever able to do. She is an incredibly brave, talented, creative and heartbroken woman. A year ago her little brother committed suicide. October sucks for her too. She’s doing it tough – tougher than I can hope to understand – but she has a rock of a husband by her side and two amazing young boys to keep her going every day. This week, in honour of her brother, she launched the inaugural International Lip Sync Awards. Stay tuned … I’ll be contributing to this very soon. What would you like me to “sing”? Want to join in?


In two weeks I’ll be in Perth for two nights. I’m doing two events – one a book event; the other a blogging workshop. In the blogging workshop, I’ll be sharing tips on how to build long-term, meaningful relationships with brands – relationships that can lead to you generating a full-time income from your blog (if that is your goal).

My blogging friend Carly from Smaggle is also hosting a blogging workshop the same week but in Canberra. She will be talking about increasing blog traffic, understanding SEO, creating a media kit and how to monetise your blog.

Brisbane peeps take note

Sorry everyone else but Brisbane has some fun stuff happening that I just have to share. The annual Camilla warehouse sale starts today and goes all weekend at the Brisbane Showgrounds. Expect to find bargains up to 70% off the original retail. Expect to maybe see me there.

Camilla Brisbane Warehouse Sale

I was alerted to the goodness that is Botantica Real Food (Red Hill) before we moved to Brisbane and I’ve been a regular customer since. I’m a huge fan of their incredibly tasty takeaway salads and gluten-free sweet treats and now I’ve got a new reason to love them. From next Wednesday, they will also be serving up takeaway breakfast dishes from 6-9am (Tuesday-Friday) and I was lucky enough to get an advanced tasting this week. Verdict: YUM.

Botanica Real Food now serving breakfast

Australia’s first Forever 21 store opened in the Queen St Mall yesterday. Mr SY reported that there were line ups down the mall – plenty of girls looking to get their fashion fix. I’ll let the excitement ease off before heading in store I think.

Link love

Looking for pointers on how to create a capsule wardrobe for spring? Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans will help you get on track.


Are you a mum of small children who has to do the kindy/childcare run before fronting up to a day at the corporate coalface? This post from Beach Style Mum is for you. Wendy shares some tips she’s picked up on how to manage the wardrobe and small-child-wrangling juggle.

Beach Style Mum - how to wrangle the kindy drop-off with corporate dressing

Baz Luhrmann for Chanel

I must admit I’m a little captivated by the latest Chanel campaign as directed by our own Baz Luhrmann and featuring Gisele Bundchen … except for the fake surfing bit. I do, however, love the new take on the Grease classic, The One That I Want. Thoughts? And the No.5 necklace draping down Gisele’s back at the end has gone straight to my Lotto-Lust list.

That’s it folks. It’s a wrap.

Over to you … how was your week? What’s happening on the weekend in your part of the world? Share away!

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  1. What an emotional month October is in your house Nikki – but also a lot of good should come of “frocktober”. The ad is interesting and I like the new take on “The one that I want” and cute that it had a “happy ending”!

  2. I hope this is ok, but if anyone is searching for a great white jacket for Summer, I have one of the Blue Illusion ones Nikki wears to sell as I bought the wrong size. It is a MEDIUM and I needed a small. Love this jacket so if you are looking for a Medium private message me. Have a great weekend everyone. P.S the Chanel No 5 mini movie is sultry and visually gorgeous!

  3. Love this post- so many interesting tidbits of information! I am celebrating the big 3-0 this weekend so hope to get some shopping done as I need a white jacket and some new shoes. Lauren from SAHM I am.

  4. Baz does romance like no other. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing that.
    Eden’s lip synch comp is just about the best thing to come out of a terrible month for her – I have seen a few entries around the traps, the bar is set very high!
    Have a lovely weekend Nikki. I am volunteering at a fundraising auction for the Royal Women’s Hospital this evening – it promises to be a very swanky affair in a fabulous old harbourside home. Then family fun I suppose!

  5. Great wrap up of the week Nikki ,you do gave a busy weekend and I’m am a tad jealous about the camilla warehouse sale!
    I feel very strongly about any disease that takes Mums away from their families,I know I miss mine more with each passing day.
    There is not a day to by that I don’t think of Eden,I watched a very good show last night on Chanel 2 on mental illness awareness if you have time watch it on I view.I have a date with my sister on Sunday to do more cleaning out of Mums things it’s a really hard job going through people’s belongings but has to be done and it’s emotionally exhausting.
    Have a good weekend Nikki whatever you sing will be good I don’t know if I’d have to guts to do it,I might just do a little IG one just for Eden I don’t want to win Xx

  6. Thank you sooo much for the Link Love Nikki!!! A topic i feel very passionate about so for you to share my post means a lot 🙂 I love your Friday wrap-up. Frocktober is a great cause and I take my hat off to those participating with gusto xo

  7. all good thankyou nikki!
    October … the sun is shining the birdies are singing … feel happy, healthy and whole! … if you can!
    love it’s a wrap post! learnt a lot … a shame forever 21 wasn’t open when we walked down the mall a few weeks ago;0
    have a great weekend love m:)X

  8. Why are all the good sales in October? Trying to stay strong on my Frocktober promise to buy nothing fashion related and donate instead. Must stay strong. Must stay strong.

  9. Happy Friday! I’m heading down to spend the weekend with my parents. It’s their 62nd wedding anniversary tomorrow. Yes, there will be champagne involved, and maybe even a quiet brandy with my Dad before bed. Have a lovely (busy) weekend Nikki 🙂

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