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I’m going a bit “bananas” this morning because today I’m off to hear and see uber-stylist and personality Rachel Zoe speak at a Brisbane Business Chicks event. This is Rachel’s last stop on her Australian tour with Business Chicks so I’m hoping that Brisbane turns it on. I’ll be adding to the room of colour, trotting out this Camilla kaftan (speaking of Camilla, enter this raffle to win one and support a family in need). For the Sydney and Melbourne events, Rachel has opted for black with some bling … will keep you posted on what she wears in Brisbane.

Rachel Zoe for Business Chicks in Australia

Photo: Business Chicks on Instagram

It’s a big couple of days for Brisbane fashionistas. Mega fashion blogger Leandra Medine, aka The Man Repeller, is also in town as part of the James Street Resort Festival. I’ve been stalking her Instagram account to see what she’s been doing and seeing around Brisbane but so far only the obligatory koala/emu/kangaroo photo and a pay-out about how “evolved” Australian food is. Hopefully we’ll see lots of support for Australian and Brisbane fashion labels before she flies home. Oops … spoke too soon. Easton Pearson got a mention last night.

The Man Repeller leaves for Brisbane Australia

Photo: The Man Repeller on Instagram

Oh and fun fact? I have the same publisher as both of these women. Just not their wardrobes 😉

The next stop for me on the Unlock Your Tour roadshow is Perth. Yes, I’m counting down the days. I haven’t been to Perth since the mid-90s, loved the city then and can’t wait to re-discover it.

If you live in Perth or know someone who does, I’d love to meet you/them at my book event at Rydges Hotel on Wednesday, October 29. All the booking details are here.

At each of my book events, I support the charity Dress for Success Brisbane. If you live in Brisbane you can support this worthwhile organisation by attending and shopping at its monthly clothing sale this Saturday. Details here.

Moving right along and on to a VERY IMPORTANT FIRST WORLD PROBLEM.

Landing in my inbox yesterday afternoon was an email that sent shivers down my spine. Typo dared to publicly ask the question: Is watermelon the new pineapple?

Can’t we all get along like one big happy fruit salad? Everyone knows if it came down to it I’d have to back pineapples but sheesh, I do love a good watermelon objet d’art too.

Typo - Pineapples vs Watermelons

Mr SY and I were lucky enough to get out on two movie date nights this week. We both read Gone Girl this month and were very keen to see how the movie version panned out. I think Gillian Flynn did a good job with the screen play but if you’re still to read the book, do yourself a favour. It’s a page turner and you get a greater depth to the characters Flynn created.

On Wednesday night, something a little more upbeat and a good movie choice as a date night or night out with the girls, is This is Where I Leave You. Loved that it was the ultimate cross-over movie featuring actors from so many of our fave TV shows and movies … House of Cards, Suits, Bridesmaids, Girls … Plus epic performances from Jane Fonda and Tina Fey. Hilarious and heart warming.

On the way to the cinema on Wednesday night, we walked past Grill’d and I reported to Mr SY that this fave burger joint of his was now offering up low-carb burgers. His response was in the vein of, “what’s the bloody point?” but I pointed out that the point was it then left room for more chips … oh and I can get the burger taste without the gluten problem. Yes, Grill’d do a gluten-free bun but it’s a lot more “bread” than I’m used to eating. Will sample these as report back.

Grilld low carb burger

Are you off to the races this weekend? Don’t leave home without reading these tips and also checking out these two women from #everydaystyle. How is their racing style? Amazing. Note the effective leg-lengthening use of the nude shoe. I just love how Victoria gets behind its racing season.

@voguefit off to the Caulfield Cup

@voguefit off to the Caulfield Cup last Saturday

@colourmeanna off to The Geelong Cup this week

@colourmeanna heading to the Geelong Cup race day

Me? No races for me this weekend but a fun day and night on Saturday celebrating a girlfriend’s 50th. We met in my first mother’s group 20 years ago. I was pregnant with my first baby and she had just had her first. Will be great to catch up with her and more of our Sunshine Coast friends over a champers or two.

It’s a wrap Stylers. Hope your weekend is looking good.

Tell me what you’re up to? Are you on Team Watermelon or Team Pineapple? And do you think Mr SY is right about the low-carb burger?

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  1. Wow, I would love to hear Rachel Zoe’s words of wisdom! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Also interesting about Grill’d’s low carb burgers. I kinda get Mr SY on that one…other than the whole no gluten thing which is handy if you have a gluten issue, but I wonder if the calories are the same so really it’s no better? Still, it looks super tasty!! Xx

  2. LOVE Rachel Zoe! LOVE!!!

    And this “Landing in my inbox yesterday afternoon was an email that sent shivers down my spine. Typo dared to publicly ask the question: Is watermelon the new pineapple?” made me properly laugh. I cannot see a pineapple without thinking of you now. That’s weird isn’t it? But it’s true.

    Also I’m going to miss you in Perth. I’m so bummed about it but some of my Perth Blog with Pip pals girls are going so I’m going to ask them to fill me. I hope we turn the good weather on for it. It’s been a bit all over the place lately ( shitty today in fact). Have fun while you’re here x

  3. I’m with you vis a vis the fruit salad. Variety is the spice of life! We were at Grill’d last night. As for the burger, we were at Grill’d last night, and after looking at the Low Carb Burger I have to agree with Mr SY. The whole point of the burger is ALL the carbs! My tip: eat all the carbs and then opt for the sweet potato fries as the “healthy” option. They’re Low(er) GI after all 🙂

  4. I would so love to come to your Perth roadshow, and was waiting desperately for the date, hoping it wasn’t go to clash with other things going on, but it does!!!! Am very disappointed for myself of course, but am absolutely sure you will love being here and will have a great time. And for me, it a fruit salad!

  5. So incredibly jealous that you get to see the amazing Rachel Zoe! PLEASE get a photo with her! Can’t wait for your wrap up post! And I love Man Repeller too! And that burger looked delish! Thanks for featuring me again! I am feeling so special 🙂 xx

  6. Rachel Zoe is gorgeous Nikki,I love both pineapples and watermelons to eat but I think I prefer the pineapple for decorating!
    I agree with you about the low carb burger if if it means you can have more chips then win win,I am thinking about trying a low inflammatory diet ,though it will mean no potatoes or tomatoes but worth a shot I think,you can have sweet potatoes though.Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned enjoy Nikki Xx

  7. At last a movie I would make an effort to see – thanks for the recommendation Nikki. Love Jane Fonda too. Love Grilled too too! But like you I struggle with all the bread – I usually deconstruct it and eat with a knife and fork. My kids pay me out about it 🙂 x

  8. hi nikki, love “it’s a wrap!”
    don’t know anything about Rachel zoe, but she looks the business!
    jane fonda is amazing at any age!!!
    pineapples are my favourite fruit to eat!
    enjoy! love m:)X

  9. Enjoy your weekend Nikki. Sounds like a lot of fun. Pineapple for me! I’m looking forward to the weekend, just for the two days off, retail therapy and catching up with my partner who has been away for two weeks. He comes home tonight, he sent me a cute card it came in the mail yesterday 🙂 was nice to come home to. Zoe is gorgeous isn’t she! Happy happy Friday! Kathryn 😀

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