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Earlier this month I highlighted this season’s main fashion trends – as worn on the real women of #everydaystyle.

There was one trend that I really wanted to see more people wearing.

Possibly for selfish reasons. Oh, who am I kidding. DEFINITELY for selfish reasons.

I love anything that sparkles, shimmers and shines so of course I’ll happily embrace the metallics trend like I have bigger than big hair and am in the VIP line for Studio 54 in 1970s New York.

For me, there’s something about sneaking a little gold or silver into to your outfit that gives it a little something extra. Something to feel a little special even if you’re not heading out anywhere special.

That’s the power of incorporating metallics into an outfit. The instant glam feeling gives you a little lift.

Here are my 7 tips for how to wear metallics.

1. Choose a metallic colour that best suits your skin tone, hair and eye colour – if wearing near your face. This is not a black and white scenario – or should that be silver and gold scenario. It’s about contrasting your skin, eye and hair tones and colours with the metallic. Gold with cooler tones; copper or rose gold with blue eyes; silver with warmer tones.

2. If wearing the metallic away from your face, go to town. This is how you can play with metallic clothing pieces that don’t necessarily complement your skin tone or hair colour. Worn far enough from your face, they won’t dull or wash your face out.

3. Start with baby metallic steps. If the whole idea of getting your glitz on scares you, start with accessories. I’m not talking jewellery here – I’m talking shoes or bags. The finishing items of your outfit; the items that give your outfit interest.

4. Don’t just take your metallics out after dark. Why shouldn’t you shine during the day as well? Just do so by the addition of one shimmery piece in your outfit – not head to toe metallic.

5. Work your metallic pieces back with neutrals. For a metallic piece to really stand out, contrast it with black or white. Think gold jacket with white tee; silver tank and black jeans. It’s a simple combination, yet striking.

6. Take one metallic piece and create a simple after-dark outfit. Simply combine a metallic tank, top or tee with jeans, blazer and heels and you instantly have a glam factor that will take you anywhere.

7. Avoid mixing your metallics. I’m all for mixing your metallics in jewellery but when it comes to clothes choose one and make it the feature. Make it the statement in your outfit. Competing with another metallic will just leave your outfit feeling flat.

Shopping suggestions

Ready to embrace? There are metallics available in just about every store right now. Seize the (shopping) day.

How to wear metallics SS-14-15

1. Lala Belle tee (size 16-26) $90 @ The Iconic | 2. Seed maxi dress $249.95 | 3. Metalicus tank dress $149.95 | 4. Louenhide clutch $89.95 @ Birdsnest | 5. Sussan bomber jacket $149.95 | 6. Witchery tee $69.95 | 7. Top End heels $149.95 @ Styletread | 8. Walnut sneakers $49.95 @ Birdsnest | 9. Country Road tote $69.95 | 10. Zoe Kratzmann sandals $255 @ Styletread | 11. Target slides $20 | 12. Emerson at Big W tank $20

#everydaystyle metallics challenge

Now, I don’t normally add an extra challenge on to my #everydaystyle challenge but over the next week I’m going to. My reason is purely selfish … I want to see as many people embracing the shimmer and shine that comes with wearing metallics.

Are you with me? I’m going to aim to wear at least one metallic piece in my outfit every day from tomorrow until next Friday.

Now, I’m not expecting you to do the same but what I would like to see is you attempting this look at least one day in the next week.

And if you do attempt the look, please share it by sharing a photo here on this blog post or tag your outfit with #everydaystyle #symetallics on your social media accounts. And by all means if you’ve worn metallics recently go back and tag those photos – the more inspiration we have the better! I’ll include some of the best on my blog next Friday.

Remember by sharing you’re helping to inspire others.

So tell me, do you already have metallics you love in your wardrobe? How do you like to wear them? If not, ready to shimmer and embrace?

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  1. You definitely mastered how to pull off metallic. I also do agree about the skin tone, hair and eye color. Not many take that into consideration..!! I wrote a similar post on 5 style rules to live by when wearing metallic! 🙂

  2. I like to think of metallics as a neutral for accessories. I have been getting a lot of use out of gold accessories. I wear gold sandals and ballet flats. I also have a large gold handbag that I use for everyday and a gold clutch for evening. They go with everything!

  3. Yay for metallics! I love them and so far this season I’ve bought rose gold clogs (Gorman), gold sandals (Sambag) and a gold clutch (Citta). I’ve always been a huge silver fan so am now spreading the love!

  4. Erk I have three items on your list! I absolutely love my Sussan metalic jacket, but can’t nail what to wear under it. I fancy a low cut white silky (longish) singlet, white jeans and nude shoes. Just can’t find the top anywhere!

  5. I tend to go for metallic embellishment on things like tops, tees and kaftans. Although I bought a pair of silver and rose gold Zoe Kratzmann sandals recently and live the lift they give to khaki. They will be in high rotation this summer.

    That Seed maxi is gorgeous, but it’s far too light on the straps for me. I would love to see it on someone else!

  6. We must be a lot of bower birds – I too love a bit of metallic sparkle. Until recently mine was mainly confined to pretty flat sandals or thongs to throw on with shorts or a simple black maxi in summer. But have recently acquired a witchery tank with a vertical band of gold sequins in the front – love it. Going to wear it in the daytime too, now you’ve given me permission! xx

  7. I love metallics I have a few pieces that are not full on metallic but have metallic embellishments,like a jacket with metallic edges a spotty tee with circles in silver and a gorgeous Sussan Kaftan dress in a silver pattern with pretty beading.Challenge accepted Nikki xx
    btw there is something wrong with your blog as you probably know but it’s ok I can pinch the iPad to make the text bigger!

  8. Loving the the gear in Sussans at the moment, my fav is the metalic pleat Tank top.But i think I would only wear it at night.

  9. I love metallics. My wardrobe does not consist of many but you have got me thinking. Thank you Nikki. I have been contemplating the Sussan bomber jacket for a few weeks now. V x

  10. well you are the one shining nikki and spreading the shine to all and sundry!
    good on you for being inspirational! it’s that positive vibe that I find infectious!
    you’ve reminded me whilst in qld I did buy a belt with a shiny coppery/pink gold bar across the front … quite smart! might wear it this weekend! thanks lovely! m:)X

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