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This year my lifestyle has changed hugely since swapping the beach for inner-city living.

There is less reliance on our car – we’ve actually gone from owning two cars to one – and more emphasis on walking.

I like this for a lot of reasons.

I like it for the incidental health benefits. I like it for the sense of community that comes from being able to step outside and walk to a favourite café or shop.

And I like it because it’s forced me to completely re-think my shoe-robe.

I know. First World Issues.

I haven’t completely ditched my heels – they have their valid place when it comes to dressing up and going out somewhere that involves catching a cab – but I’ll admit that they’re not much used to me when it comes to being on my feet for long periods.

I need good looking, good quality footwea that look after my feet.

I was first introduced to FRANKiE4 shoes last year.

I love a good business start-up story – the concept was borne out of podiatrist and physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch’s desire to help treat her patients without compromising style. Caroline’s husband Alan is also a podiatrist and has a knowledge of footwear developed through working in the technical department of a major footwear brand and many hours in footwear factories.

Together they work to oversee the manufacturing process that results in a product that not only looks great but is good for you too.

As a result, the FRANKiE4 Footwear range really does deliver unparalleled comfort and foot supporting benefits – in sizes from 6 to 13.

I could talk to you about the functional foot bed, custom fit system and anatomical shape of the styles. And I could tell you that some of the styles are also orthotic friendly. Yes, those things are super important for foot and leg health.

But I mostly want to talk to you about how it FEELS to wear a pair of FRANKiE4s.

It’s like your feet burst into song the moment you slip them into a pair. Well mine seem to.

I also know when I’m wearing a pair of FRANKiE4s that I won’t end up wanting to kick them off.

I mostly forget I even have them on.

If you follow along with my #everydaystyle posts on Instagram you would have seen FRANKiE4s pop up a lot on my feet. And by a lot, I mean A LOT.

I’ve fallen hard for this brand.

Those silver ELLiE sneakers? (Panic not. The silver will be back at the end of the year)

They’re the shoe that finally got me to stop wearing other casual sneakers – sneakers that were too narrow for my feet and would only end up causing pain, which is definitely not what you seek in a casual shoe.

The silver ELLiEs also have a super stylish sister available right now for summer in a scotch guarded canvas with metallic animal print tongue and heel feature. These sneakers come with three innersole options so you can adjust them to suit your feet within the shoe. And I find that with time those soles mould to your foot, adding extra comfort.

Frankie4 Ellie sneakers

Frankie4 Ellie sneakers

The new-season FRANKiE4s I haven’t been able to keep off my feet are the GEORGIE oily cow leather slides. If you caught this road trip post last week you already have an idea of how much I love them.

I know slides are a polarising fashion shoe trend right now but I’ve jumped right on (or should that be in?) this one and don’t plan to slip them off any day soon.

I love them with pants and shorter frocks – so, so easy to slip on and off when travelling or just hanging around home and way, way better for my feet than a pair of thongs.

Frankie4 Georgie slides

Frankie4 Georgie slides

I know it seems I’m playing favourites – and I am a little – but there are other shoes in this season’s FRANKiE4 collection that I’d also like to share with you.

ALiX is so versatile – especially in tan – they are adjustable for your foot width, so easy to pop on and work back with pants, a summer frock or shorts outfit.

Frankie4 Alix sandals

JULiA and iVY … I’ve never said no to a little snakeskin in a shoe. It’s a neutral but also a statement. I love its addition to the JULiA in the heel and the toe strap in the iVY. The iVY’s low wedge also appeals. It’s just that little bit of height to dress things up a little.

Frankie4 Ivy sandals

I’ve learned so much about foot health and all the features and benefits of FRANKiE4 Footwear from the team, but for me it’s about being able to be on the move – travelling or conquering the hills close to home – without giving a second thought as to whether my feet (and shoes) are up to the task.

That’s what I love about FRANKiE4 the most.


Styling You and FRANKiE4 are ready to “save soles” – we have two pairs of FRANKiE4s to give away – and you get to choose which pair you’d like.

The first pair will go to someone who is already converted to FRANKiE4. If that’s you, please answer: How has FRANKiE4 saved your sole? 

The second pair will go someone who is yet to experience FRANKiE4. If that’s you, please answer: What FRANKiE4 shoe will save your feet this summer? 

(And it doesn’t have to be one of the above … head to the store’s online site to checkout the whole collection)

Entering is simple. Just leave a comment below in answer to the question that applies to you.

Entries open on Thursday, October 16 at 4.45am (AEST) and close on Thursday, October 23 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Special offer

Can’t wait for the competition to be drawn? FRANKiE4 would also like to offer SY readers 10% off any full-priced online shoe purchases until the end of October. This offer is only available through – simply enter STYLINGYOU at the checkout. This offer is valid until October 31, 2014.

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  1. After having my son, my feet have largened and bunions more sensitive, I struggle to find good shoes and resigned to wearing trainers until I came across Frankie4s, they save my soles dressing up my outfits and making me feel good again.

  2. Hi Nikki, the link to the page showing who won comes up with an error. Can you please let us know who were the lucky ladies? Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Nikki, the link to the page showing who won comes up with an error. Can you please let us know who were the lucky ladies? Thanks 🙂

  4. I would really love some Frankie4 shoes,
    I’d wear them everyday.
    Especially a pair of Ellie kicks
    For working, rest and play.
    The black, the silver, or maybe beige.
    The range is all style perfect.
    Thanks Nikki for your fab reviews.
    They show me gorgeous shoes can have comfort!

  5. Frankie4 footwear, I am yet to try. But I really think I could fly xxxx These are my poor feet, when I brought another brand to wear to a Brisbane trip, now I will be on the prowl to find your stockists and save my feet and my special weekend.

  6. As a single mum of a 3 month old baby and a 2 year old toddler these feet don’t get much TLC after running around all day. I’ve never had a pair before, but I think a pair of Ivy snakeskin would be as good as a foot massage and would make this mama feel pretty fabulous this summer.

  7. (Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

    Browsing through the web
    Dreaming of a comfy shoe
    Everything looks so drab
    Until Nikki shows us you !

    Alix is my fave
    But Georgie looks good too
    I will have to start to save
    I would love to purchase two !

    Frankie4, Frankie4, shoes I can wear all day
    Oh how I would love to win
    SY’s fabulous giveaway!

    Frankie4, Frankie4, shoes I can wear all day
    Oh how I would love to win
    SY’s fabulous giveaway!!

  8. I’d love a pair of the FRANKiE4 iVY’s – I really need some shoes with a little heel and a bit of class to save my feet during summer soirees!

  9. Imagine this – an overseas trip with more than 30 hours in transit. Add a 10 month old without a seat & a very active 3 year old…needless to say I spent most of the trip in a constant hellish whirlwind of up & down movements. My feet remained in perfect comfort the entire time thanks to my incredible FRANKiE 4 KASS boots! We finally arrived at our destination and were met by friends, thanks again to my FRANKiE 4 boots I manage to look presentable despite feeling like a chewed up and spat out piece of gum. Next comes the news that one of our suitcases (containing my other shoes) has been misplaced, not good, as we had a wedding to attend not to mention days of touring around Berlin with friends & no time to shop. The only pair of shoes I had were my FRANKiE 4 KASS boots and with a few outfit adjustments I wore them for 4 days straight and my feet have never felt better! I wore them to the wedding and for massive days of walking around the city sightseeing (as seen in the attached pic). Thank-you FRANKiE 4 for saving not only my sole but my holiday!

    1. Wow Tamara, talk about turning lemons into lemonade. So glad your KASS boots kept you comfortable whilst still looking fabulous as we can see in this shot!!! 🙂 FRANKiE4

  10. I so need to try these FRANKIE4 shoes! I’m a Year 1 teacher with a bad back and I crave comfortable, good looking shoes! I haven’t found any yet- all the comfy shoes look way too old and daggy for me! Your shoes look fabulous! I love the tan, the sneakers, the snakeskin wedge, the slide……!! A hard choice!

  11. Whoops added the wrong photo – meant to add the one that showed how great they looked with my outfit! I’ll get the hang of adding a photo to a comment yet 😉

  12. If I get a chance to win a pair of frankie4s it may finally get my dad off my back. He insists the kids at school won’t make fun of me if I wear my joggers with my dresses to school. Functional but certainly not fashionable, dad!

  13. With an ankle injury which has seen me unable to wear anything but joggers for the past 4 months, and the foreseeable future, frankie4 could well be my only saviour this summer! I think I need those blue JULiA sandles in my life!

  14. Frankie4 Ivy and Ellie have not just saved my soles, they’ve saved my neck, legs, back and neck, which has changed my life!! For almost a decade, health issues have seen me mostly wearing joggers, or at best, the kind of old-fashioned ‘comfort’ shoes I wouldn’t have thought I’d be wearing for at least 30 more years… It feels absolutely fantastic, at age 43, to once again be able to wear a fabulous-looking shoe that works so well with the fashionable clothes I love to wear (but so often couldn’t make work with my old shoes). They really are comfortable enough to go anywhere (including a show at QPAC today!) and they do cope with the incidental exercise that is so important for my health. Best of all though, I can even keep up with my two 6-year old boys in them 🙂

  15. The beige Ellie – that looks so comfortable and would save my feet this summer. I have rheumatoid arthritis and struggle to find affordable shoes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. I have two mini tornado boys at home that I need to keep up with – Help me FRANKiE4!

  16. This is the first time I have seen FRANKiE4 shoes and it is love at first sight ;-)) The Alix sandal looks amazingly comfortable and stylish and the tan is a must have colour for Spring and Summer.

  17. I have narrow feet and am plagued by a recurring corn on my little toe. Podiatrists have always hold me I should be wearing enclosed lace-up shoes, because my toes have to clench to keep my open styles on. But like most women, I love shoes -so I keep choosing the designs I like rather than the designs my feet would like…….

  18. With a bad case of daggy shoes in the cupboard and constant heel pain – I think any pair of frankie4 shoes would be life changing for me – from daggy and sore feet to trendy and comfortable all at once but if I had to pick 1 pair it would definitely be the Georgie as they would perfectly match any summer outfit .

  19. This would be heaven sent! Alix in the gorgeous blue would be amazing! Like many others I too am on my feet all day as a teacher and a mother. By the end of the working day my feet are swollen and so painful that I hobble around home like an old lady. I’ve tried them all…Homy Ped’s, orthodic insoles, Orthaheel shoes in the hope they will help but nothing seems to give relief.
    To hear there is a brand out there that so many rave about is so exciting! 🙂

  20. The Ivy’s would save my feel this summer as they are stylish yet comfortable and versatile to wear with numerous outfits.

  21. Hi Nikki!

    Thanks for the chance to enter this great comp. After a recent bone scan it was found that I have developed plantar fasciitis in my left heel. Incredibly painful, but I will be damned if that means I’m going to be forced to wear (sorry all!) old lady shoes. I have been following your blog for a while now after searching for Nina Proudman fashion advice and recently I saw you talk about the Frankie4s and how they were a good alternative for your feet. Straight away I was on to it and ordered a pair of Alix’s in the chestnut colour. I am yet to receive them as yet, so I am not yet a convert, but I’m sure I will be! I am hoping that Frankie4s save my feet for this summer and for beyond, as I do have a history of making very poor, if not fashionable footwear choices!

    I would love a pair of Georgie’s, to go along side my Alix’s, as I can see that those amazing black slides would be able to be worn with almost anything in my wardrobe – including to my job as a school teacher. I need Frankie4 to save my soles this summer, as I’m concerned about what the next step is without them! I think the Georgie’s would be perfect for my work and my play! Looking suitable for all summer long!!!!

  22. The ALiX would be my saviour this summer. I have wide feet and the adjustable strap at the front would over come this. The gorgeous tan colour would mean they would fit easily into my wardrobe. The superior comfort of FRANKiE footwear would mean my feet would be happy all summer, and happy feet are very important.

  23. The Ellie’s would save my feet this summer, I need lots of foot support since I have a morton’s neuroma which causes a lot of pain without the right shoes. Now that I am six months pregnant with number three & running about after two others I need the comfort & support for pram pushing & doing kinder drop off/pick up without my feet being compromised in the fashion stakes too!

  24. I am constantly in this work shoe dilemma I want to look corporate and presentable but need to be able to run for trains and push strollers up big heels to do the daycare drop en route! This means wearing flats and carrying my heels in my already overflowing bag with laptop & gym & lunch bag in tow. Can’t you picture it me, weighed down with oversized, overstuffed bags almost scrum driving a stroller up hills in a pencil skirt. I must be a sight! ‘Ivy’ would feel like flats but look like a heel and go with every work outfits. One less thing to lug about in the morning!

  25. While I am glad to have Grandma’s curls not so happy about having her feet! Julia in black looks a treat and would show off a manicure while protecting my heels … of course there is also Ellie in Silver for when the Autumn comes – happy to wait till this colour is available again

  26. Last weekend I flew to Brisbane to see my eldest two children who are both at a UQ residential college, well to see them and see and touch all the wonderful shops and designs I read on your blog everyday! I had arduous schedule planned but first port of call off the airport train was to Queens Plaza to check out these Frankie4s. I bought ALiX in black trying not to worry that I had just spend $200 and had been in Brisbane less than 10 minutes! But ALiX saved my sole – for the next 4 days we walked Queen St Mall, Paddington, Westend, Eat street market and even went to the Lion King and my feet were dreamily comfortable and I felt bang on style. Now my soles want more FRANKIE4 most especially sparkly ELLiE !!!

  27. This post really depresses me because I was told about FRANKiE4 by my podiatrist as an option for cute shoes that give you support because I get pain in the font of my feet. looked on the website and fell in love! bought the GEORGiE slip on sandal and my pain got worst :((( went back to my podiatrist and immediately he looked at them and said they didn’t give the support he thought the FRANKiE4 brand did. it didn’t have a back to them so my toes were grabbing or something, waste of $200! to make it worse I called them to ask for help and brushed me off! can someone recommend me to a different brand that does sandals that actually feel great? please please please I am very desperate :)))

    1. I had a similar situation happen to myself Sarah, I suffer from plantar fasciitis and purchased a few pairs of Frankie4 shoes and felt like the shoes were worsening my problem. My podiatrist told me the heel height was too low and recommended another brand with a similar concept, Bared Footware, they saved my feet and my fashion sense! The staff are fabulous and help me with any questions I when I purchase on the phone.

    2. Post

      Hi Sarah, I’ll pass your comment on to FRANKiE4 for a professional comment but my understanding is that if you need shoes for a specific condition then not all F4s will necessarily work, ie not all of them take orthotics. With the slides, you don’t have heel support but when I tighten the top strap my foot doesn’t need to “grab”. Has your podiatrist advised if you need heel or full-shoe support? That would be a starting point in finding a sandal that works for you.

    3. Hi Sarah, I am very sorry to hear of your experience, I have found the FRANKiE4 team to be very helpful and their access to a team of consulting podiatrists means that I have always been able to resolve any issues quickly and easily. I’m sure the girls at FRANKiE4 would want to hear of your concerns with the GEORGiE and help you find the right style for your feet. Their contact details are phone 07 3374 2315 or email [email protected]

    4. Hi Sarah, we are sorry to hear you are having troubles with
      the fit of your GEORGiE slide as it has been a season favourite. In order for
      us to understand the issue in more detail we’d like to have our Product Manager
      who is a podiatrist give you a call at your earliest convenience. Can you
      please contact us on 1300 721 898 or [email protected]
      and we’ll call you back at a time that is convenient to you. Kindest regards

  28. Three pregnancies and lugging around the result of said pregnancies has made supportive shoes a must for me – the Julia would deliver the perfect combination of chic and comfy and raise my school pickup mum cred 😉

  29. The FRANKiE4 shoe that will save my feet this summer? Ivy Snakeskin. My working days are spent amongst native plants but in summer, also the odd (live) snake……eeeek!!!!!! SO, when not at work the Ivy Snake skin shoes sound like a much better “reptilian” option!!!

  30. As a Manager of a Podiatry Practice I have been suggesting our patients purchase Frankie4 shoes for the last year or so. I am always hearing them complain about not being able to find stylish and comfortable shoes.

    Some of our patients require orthotics and their reluctance in wearing them is because they think that they have to wear horrible, clunky, old fashioned shoes. I get out the Frankie4 catalogue and show them what is on offer and they are delighted with the wonderful selection that not only looks fabulous, but are designed to be comfortable and great for your feet and back.

    I would love a pair for myself so that I could show them exactly how stylish and comfortable they are. They often look at what I am wearing so I am a perfect foot model for the range!

    I would love one of everything, but the Janelle in stone would be the perfect shoe for me.

    After recently being diagnosed with a 3cm clot in the artery of my left foot I am struggling to wear any of the shoes in my wardrobe as most of my shoes have a heel. I can’t wear thongs or slides any more so I am left with either sneakers such as the gorgeous Ellie or Sophie. Whilst both of these would be fabulous, the Janelle would be more wearable for work.

    I am so pleased that you love your Frankie4’s Nikki and love seeing you incorporate them into your fantastic #everydaystyle looks.

  31. The entire collection looks great, but I would LOVE to the Georgie slides. My problem is that I often purchase lovely looking shoes, but then find out they are not exactly comfortable. Would love to experience those two things combined, as I am a teacher assistant and on my feet all day! Can’t wait to try them!

  32. I desperately need some new shoes to go for some job interviews. FRANKiE4 would perfectly suit my style and once I have a job, I’ll be able to purchase more shoes!

  33. After being diagnosed with plantar Fasciatis just before winter, I have been hiding my feet in clunky, grandma-esque, sensible shoes for the cold months. I have been starting to worry about what to wear for summer when I discovered FRANKiE4 through your blog! The Julia in Blue will definitely save my feet this summer….and any shred of fashion that I have left!

  34. My Frankie 4s have saved my soles by giving me shoes to wear to work that I can keep in all day long!! They are so comfy and i can put my orthotics inside them. Love them to bita and have a few pairs!!

  35. These Frankie4s have already saved my soles. I bought two pairs, blue and cream loafers for winter. I wore them everyday and it was like walking on air! No more foot or heel pain. Would love the summer sandal JUlia they look fantastic

  36. I love shoes because you can always find shoes that fit! What you can’t always find is shoes that fit and are comfortable. I have been coveting both Alix and Georgie after seeing them on your blog! I think Georgie would definitely save my feet from being sore and unfashionable this summer!

  37. I’ve just accepted today that my year-long knee problems can be partly attributed to my addiction to thongs. I know I need to move on from my trusty Havaianas, but where to find an alternate Summer shoe that isn’t clumpy and clunky?? Enter the Frankie4 Julia shoe! Stylish and thong-like, yet oh-so supportive, it is the answer my poor feet and knees have been searching for!

  38. Frankie4 saved my soles in February this year when I returned home from a trip to the Antarctica with an arthritic virus which caused ongoing pain in my feet. The Frankie4 sandal I bought from All Podiatry and the Shoe Company immediately made walking much more comfortable. Thanks Frankie4. Good things really do come from bad. I am a Frankie4 lover now!

  39. The Ellie sneaker. Going on a holiday and need to know I can walk all day and that I can wear either a dress or shorts and still look the part. I am new to Frankie4.

  40. The Ellie Sneaker! I am on my feet chasing around my little ones all day and have zero tolerance for fashionable shoes that are uncomfortable!

  41. I’m 42 at the end of this year & have been searching for the perfect shoe/fit for at least 35 of those years! I suffer from heel spurs & corns and foot pain in general, but also seem to get blisters from every pair of shoes I buy, no matter how many hundreds of dollars I spend…I am dreading ending up with my mother’s bunyions too, so I think that ANY of these wonderful shoes would help me no end! But I do especially fancy the Jodie, they could be my saving grace during my 5 day working week. I wish!

  42. The ELLiE sneaker would be perfect to wear every day for me as I am a nanny and spend most of my time chasing after little people at the the playground though I still want to look good when I do the school pick up (minus the paint handprints I always seem to have all over me). Love them!

  43. I have been coveting your Ellie sneakers for a very long time, every time I have seen you wearing them in your everyday style pictures I check to see if they have my size (which is a humongous size 11) and I haven’t seen them in that size UNTIL TODAY! Well the black is anyway but I’ll take that! its so great to see beautiful shoes finally being made in sizes larger than a size 10, its virtually impossible for me to ever get nice shoes that fit me properly and I would love a pair or two of the Ellies! 🙂

  44. I was converted to Frankie4 earlier this year, pregnant and sick of having sore feet after a long days work but struggled to find anything practical AND stylish. Frankie4 tailored to fit my wide feet, without pesky new-shoe blisters and after a long day my feet feel pretty good. I now have my eye on the Alix to keep me stylish and comfortable over summer.

  45. I have just started having issues with my feet and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve treated them badly for years and really need to start buying good quality shoes. I have my eyes on ALiX in Chestnut 🙂

  46. I stuffed my achilles running to get fit, my foot hurt like buggery so with ice I did sit. I am back on my feet now, with two kids in tow, but ugly shoes are such a no no. These shoes look so great I would wear them with pride, getting back on my feet and picking up my stride.

  47. I’ve been eying these off for quite some time. I’m on my feet all day at work, so a pair of shoes that not only look great, but support my feet would be fabulous!

  48. Absolutely love the Georgie shoe, it would definitely save my feet from a lot of uncomfy not so stylish models that currently live in my wardrobe.

  49. I’ve yet to experience FRANKiE4! The GEORGiE will save my feet this summer – stylish, multifunctional and very very comfortable….

  50. I bought Georgie after seeing them on you. I have a wide foot and have always had difficulty finding shoes to fit comfortably. I love them. People ask me all day where I bought them. As a Physio I am thrilled to be able to send my clients off to buy shoes which won’t hobble them or send them off to surgery. If I had another pair I would choose Alix in tan.

  51. EBONi II would save my feet this summer. I have a 10 minute walk each day from the carpark to my work then spend most of the day standing. Comfort is my number on priority and stylish too what a bonus!

  52. Oh. My. Goodness. I *need* the Wylie’s in silver. Until they have my size in stock, and for the relaxed lifestyle of Hervey Bay, I’m loving the JULiA’s… Though I’m torn between the blue and black.

  53. The Ellie (Beige) Frankie4 shoe will save my feet this summer by enriching contemporary chic style with an inspirationally picturesque kaleidoscope of beautifully luxurious comfort, prodigious aesthetic expressionism and intrinsic seasonal refinement. Each day I suffer from a permanent condition known as Scoliosis which affects my bones and spine alignment; causing severe muscular pain. Please SY and Frankie4 can you help put a spring back in my step!.

  54. I’d live to give FRANKiE4 a go. I’m tired of uncomfortable shoes, but I don’t want to have to give up on style. The ALiX look gorgeous and would be so versatile in my Summer wardrobe.

  55. Yet to be converted to FRANKiE4 footwear. They look good, sound good and if they’re as convincing as you Nikki then I’m sure my feet will love the gold pair!!

  56. I’m at that pivotal stage where I find it too uncomfortable to wear heels to work each day but struggle to find nice dressy flats. I love the Alix and the Julia on FRANKIE4 … Too hard to choose!

  57. At 8months pregnant, my love of shoes is a distant memory; heels are out the window and so called “comfortable” flats and thongs are not cutting it. I’ve seen several pics of your FRANKiE4 shoes and now after reading this blog I’m actually excited again by shoes! I can not wait to try them and would love to be another FRANKiE4 shoes convert to help keep me active in comfort and style with my new bubba.

  58. I can say through experience, as a nurse walking rounds from ward to ward over ten hours a day, that shoes are vitally important to well being. FRANKIE4 shoes would alleviate these issues and they don’t seem to compromise on style.

  59. My summer would be saved by the gorgeous Ellie’s!! I am 6 months pregnant and running around after three children, so could do with some extra support without compromising on style!!

  60. Nikki, I have Ivy envy! FRANKiE4 will save my feet. I have size 10, flat feet with bunions that could do with some love and care. Thank you to Caroline and Alan for designing these well crafted specialised fashionable shoes for comfort. If can’t count the number of times you have written about FRANKiE4 on your blog. As a busy mum of two, I will be saving my pennies unless you save me first!!

  61. As a working Mum.who is always on the go I shoes that save my feet but still look classy – those IVY shoes can slither on to my feet anytime!

  62. I love looking stylish and I am so ready for having comfort and style combined!! No more sore feet at the end of a long day – please 🙂

  63. I love my black Ellie’s! Honestly the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned but I think it might be time for that divine gold trim pair 😉

  64. Sorry, no good at poetry, and no creative prose…would love a pair simply because they look so damn gorgeous and sound too good to be true. Any pair would do!!!

  65. I recently had a two day stay in Brisbane city which involved much walking wearing flat t-bar sandals. After the first day my feet and shins ached and the prospect of facing another day walking was discouraging. I remembered seeing the Frankie 4 shoes on your blog so I found the nearest stockist and ended up purchasing the Alix Blue. I wore them straight away, they were pillows for my feet. I refer to them as “Tontine for my tootsies”. I walked the city the rest of the day with a huge smile on my face. No more pain. They really did save my day. Consequently I arrived home and threw out 4 pairs of shoes, hoping to build a Frankie4 collection to suit my lifestyle. I encourage others to buy them. They are that good!

  66. The Frankie Ivy’s the shoe for me
    When I’m running around the town
    I’m sure it can take me anywhere
    Even up hill and down
    But mostly my tired feet need some rest
    From uncomfy shoes over the years
    Nikki says that Frankie’s the best
    And when she speaks, I’m all ears!

  67. I have swapped my heel for flats since having my babies. Two little ones in eighteen months, each wanting to be carried for long periods of time is enough to convert any heel loving gal. I would love to experience the comfort of Frankie Footware!

  68. I bought my first pair of FRANKiE4s after reading about them on your blog. They truly saved my sole. I wore the Sophie Silvers on a trip to Melbourne and they were a fantastic addition to my holiday wardrobe that went with pretty much everything and were so comfortable. My next holiday will be UK/Ireland in winter to visit family so I have purchased a pair of Kass black pony boots for that trip. I’d love a pair iVY snakeskin for the Brisbane summer – so comfy!!

  69. Because my work has led me to be on my feet for many years I think they are finally tell me. Upon standing and starting to walk these days my feet are quite painful particularly along the outside of my feet. I wonder if your shoes could give me support and relief?

  70. I’ve been lusting after a pair of silver Ellie’s after seeing them on you, but now the weather is warming up a pair of tan Alix’s would go a long way to saving my feet this summer….At the moment my shoe wardrobe consists of worn out loafers, rubber thongs & really uncomfortable ballet flats. After reading all the comments about how comfy Frankie 4’s are I would love to try some myself!

  71. I’d love a pair of the Julia’s to save my soles from yet another year in my worn out old brown Birkenstocks….. 9 years and counting!

  72. What FRANKiE4 shoe will save your feet this summer? – the iVY will be my lifesaver! I am about to undergo knee surgery and will have a lengthy rehab for 6-9 mths afterwards and I won’t be able to wear any of my lovely gorgeous heels for most of this time. The thought of this is so upsetting – having to go to work in ballet flats for the most part of a year is very limiting for outfits that really look smart and professional! Plus the comfort factor of the FRANKiE4 shoes is so appealing, as I will really need all the comfort and support that they offer while recovering and getting back to full mobility. I am dreading the thought of the surgery, and the recovery, but with a pair of these gorgeous shoes waiting for me, I’d be very keen to get back on my feet very quickly!

  73. Confession, I don’t actually own a pair of flats or Frankie4s but after a half a day on my feet yesterday and more swollen than normal feet today, I’m thinking I may need to change this. Being new to Frankie4s and flats I’m open to suggestions on where I should start. I do like the look of the Ellie sneaker but perhaps I should start with a sandal?

    Ps. I don’t share my swollen cankles with just anybody 🙂

  74. Hi I converted this year after spending money on shoes for workthat hurt at the end of the day .I decided to invest in a quality pair of work shoes. I purchaes the Jodie primarily for work. Having fallen arches and a prolapsed disc has usually meant sore feet and back at the end of the day. These shoes have made all the difference and I wear them outside of work as well as they are so comfortable.and give the support my feet need in the right places.It is also fantastic to find comfort shoes that are extremely stylish. After wearing custom made orthotics I was pleasantly surprised. I can honestly say that when I need to purchase new work shoes I will be purchasing this brand again.

  75. I was only eyeing off a pair of tan Alix’s last week on the Frankie4s website but maternity leave has severely restricted my shoe budget. Living in Mildura we have plenty of heat here in the summer and I’ve still yet to find a tan summer sandal that works for me. With two little ones to keep me busy, heels don’t get a look in these days and comfort is important! Especially as I walk toe heel as opposed to heel toe like most so cushioning in the ball of the foot is paramount! Anyway, I have a wish list of things to buy for when I return to work in March next year… these will definitely on it!!

  76. Frankie4 shoes saved my soul this year and are just wonderful, I purchased my first pair of Eddie this winter after major foot surgery and they were so comfortable and really helped with support for my foot after the extensive surgery. I will be looking to buy the Ivy and Georgie for my summer wardrobe

  77. I’m an addict.. I have about 5 pairs and will still want/need summer sandles. They have saved my feet as I have MS and have serious balance issues and need protection and stability. Will be dropping in for some when I return fro Russia most definitely!!

  78. The Georgie is my favourite… I have been admiring you in them over the last few weeks Nikki. These would be perfect for summer here in Glenelg SA…

  79. haven’t bought a pair of Frankie4’s as yet did win a $50 voucher to buy a pair a few years ago which I never got to use as couldn’t afford a pair even with $50 off them would love a pair they look so comfy

  80. Love, love, love my Frankie4 shoes. First bought the Janelle shoes after coming out of a moonboot, having broken my navicular bone. Have now bought a pair of sandals for summer but would love a pair of the silver Ellies or black slides

  81. I really, really, really need a pair of FRANKiE4 shoes, in fact I need a whole new shoe wardrobe of FRANKiE4. For months now, I’ve been suffering with plantar fasciitis and have now developed heel spurs. As a self employed trainer, I spend all my working days on my feet and as the mum of 3 little boys, I spend the rest of my time on my feet too. To be able to walk without pain in beautiful shoes would be amazing. Xo

  82. What FRANKiE4 shoe will save your feet this summer?

    When I looked at the FRANKiE4 collection, the ones that stood out to me, were the Alix in black, perfect for my feet you see. They would be such a lifeline, I had ankle issues for years, went and saw the podiatrist and she said O Dear. You need to wear orthodics, that’s what I would do, to fix up your ankle issues and put something in your shoes.
    So I finally worn my orthodics in, but the sad bit of the story you see, is that I have had to give away all my shoes collection, as none will fit me with the orthodics you see.
    I only have a pair of joggers and mum lent me a pair of shoes,
    but I am desperate for some FRANKie4 to feel the gap in my non existant collection of shoes. To wear some lovely sandals, with spring/summer dresses will be cool.
    I know that they will take good care of my feet and give me much needed FRANKie relief. [email protected]

  83. What FRANKiE4 shoe will save your feet this summer?

    When I looked at the FRANKiE4 collection, the ones that stood out to me, were the Alix in black, perfect for my feet you see. They would be such a lifeline, I had ankle issues for years, went and saw the podiatrist and she said O Dear. You need to wear orthodics, that’s what I would do, to fix up your ankle issues and put something in your shoes.
    So I finally worn my orthodics in, but the sad bit of the story you see, is that I have had to give away all my shoes collection, as none will fit me with the orthodics you see.
    I only have a pair of joggers and mum lent me a pair of shoes,
    but I am desperate for some FRANKie4 to feel the gap in my non existant collection of shoes. To wear some lovely sandals, with spring/summer dresses will be cool.
    I know that they will take good care of my feet and give me much needed FRANKie relief.

  84. I was first introduced to Frankie 4 right here on Styling you. I have plantar fasciitis and was struggling to get through the working day with the shoes I was wearing. Nikki was promoting Frankie 4’s and loved the style and look. I always thought “special’ shoes were not very fashionable, however the Frankie 4 team have proved me wrong. I visited their store and bought my first pair, and haven’t looked back.. I have also bought the Janelle loafers, once again thanks to Nikki. I am now walking on air 7 days a week! Love the look of the Georgie slides and I know they would save my feet for the summer. Frankie 4 is my new go to store, there is no other like it!

  85. There’s one downfall with some of those sandals: ankle straps make you look like you have cankles. And if you’re short they make you look shorter.

  86. With feet this wide and bunions this size it’s extremely difficult to find shoes or sandals to fit, particularly in summer. On top of that, I’ve just had my second child and I’m sure I’ve gained at least another centimetre in width! This summer, I’m looking to rebuild my shoe-robe to accommodate these paddles they call feet. Whilst there are so many cool Frankie4 shoes to choose from, a pair of Frankie4 Alix sandals would surely save my feet, sanity and style!

  87. Finding a tan sandal that doesn’t look like something my mum would wear is not as easy as you’d think, especially if you have a wide foot with a very high instep as orthopaedic options are usually quite ugly. Thank you for opening my eyes to Frankie4, and in particular the Alix style, which is everything I have been wishing for in a sandal! I could actually save a lot of money as the need to have copious amounts of band aids to protect my sore spots would be no longer needed!

  88. The Alix saved my soles and the lovely folk at Frankie 4 saved me just in time… heading to Canada for work and fun I knew I needed them asap! I ordered them online but alas the size wasn’t quite right. I had organised all my outfits around them, suitcases were packed and with only a day before I left the Frankie 4 team got to action and miraculously I got the right size on my feet just in time to board my flight looking stylish and feeling comfortable! I walked off the plane in Vancouver and kept walking for a week! My soles and style saved! Thanks Frankie 4! x

  89. Frankie4 shoes would be a blessing for my feet, i work 8 – 10 hrs a day, standing mostly , i have serious back issues that are currently undergoing different surgical options, i have already had 2 spinal surgeries , i can no longer wear my glamorous heels ( that i still keep and look at longingly) would love to try Frankie4, and hope they help me have less tired feet and look good too ( you can only enjoy wearing running shoes for so long !)

  90. ALiX would save my sole at work! After going back to work after maternity leave I am now looking for shoes that are comfortable, stylish and flat so I can carry my bub.

  91. iVY’s low wedge looks like the answer to my summer shoe problems. I work 5 mornings a week during school holidays. I run in the door late, to take over from the babysitter, and never get the opportunity to swap my shoes. Shoes that would take me from work to play and comfortable all day sounds like heaven 🙂

  92. I’m an RN and due for new work shoes soon. Happy feet make for a happy nurse and the Ellie sneakers in black would be just the ticket to get my feet through the summer and beyond 🙂

  93. Oh dear Alix! Not just the name of a great friend, but also now, a companion who will massage my prematurely spreading, arthritic and veiny feet….not too many friends will do that for a girl

  94. FRANKiE4s for my mum, that would be fun,
    Her larger sore feet, FRANKiE4 – what a treat,
    With my two little girls, that mum of mine,
    She’s saved my behind, numerous times,
    She’s a fairy grand-mother and I just love ‘er.

  95. Alix would save my feet this summer – I need to wear a secure shoe while chasing after my 2 year old while we’re out and about. These sandals look great and I bet they feel lovely too. I tend to develop tendonitis in my achilles from carrying small children while wearing thongs (!!!) so please Save My Feet!

  96. If I was to own a pair of shoes by frankie4 I could look no further than Alix in blue. I am a sucker for coloured comfortable sandals. These look like they may even be as comfortable as my go to summer sandals but proof would only be in the wearing!!

  97. I have 3 pairs of Frankie4. I bought my first pair after going to the podiatrist after being nearly crippled after a big day at work on my feet. They were so amazing I went back and bought a zebra skin sandal and a sneaker style. My life has changed these shoes are amazing and really cover my comfort and style needs

  98. Frankie4 Eddie Toffee shoes would save my feet this summer it’s as though my feet would be having a party they’d be so happy ah comfort at last

  99. JULiA Black … I just enlarged the picture of them and actually gasped, and said I WANT THEM! I haven’t worn FRANKIE4 before, but I really would love too. I can see these on my feet all summer!! I think they’re sexy … A shoe can be sexy right? 🙂

  100. Oh, iVY. Oh, snakeskin. Divine. I’m in the yet to experience FRANKIE4 category, and I can say comfort schmomfort, I love me the look of those shoes! Great post, Nikki.

  101. Frankie4 would save my feet from another season in Birkies – I have a heel spur and its driving me absolutely bat flapping crazy. The Julia would be prefect for me.

  102. I’m waiting for my 1st pair of Ivy’s in the mail! To soothe my aching feet and transition into stylish summer outfits at my new job. Can’t wait to be comfortable and fashion forward 🙂

  103. I invested in a pair of black Ellies five weeks ago after seeing your silver ones NIkkie. Best investment I ever made ! They go with nearly everything. I wear them with my above the knee skirts, skinny jeans, pinafores, shorts, summer clothes and winter ones. I love how they smarten up what I wear but still look laid back and stylish. I have foot problems but can walk all day in them and don’t yearn to kick them off as soon as I walk in the door. I will be saving up for the silver ones next year as I love my black ones so much !

  104. What Frankie4 will save your feet this summer, shoes defiantly make a outfit. As you get older some don’t have a lot of choice. I wish I could still wear high heels but unfortunally I can’t, well not to high. I saw these lovely shoes that Nikkie wears and thought wow there nice. So I would love a pair. First timer never owned a pair before. So it would be nice.

  105. The Frankie4 Georgie black leather slides would be heaven for my feet this summer in our sweltering SA heat. Easy to kick on and off so yes please!!! 🙂

  106. Oh Nikki, you had me at ‘’mould to your foot!’’ Recently I was diagnosed with both Forefoot Equinus & Rear Foot Varus. Don’t ask!!! I have no idea what it means either, but my podiatrist did say I over-pronate like nobody’s business. What I do know is my feet ache all the time. The solution? Trainers or orthotics at all time’s please & only a small wedge heel if at all, preferably with an enclosed heel. Easy Peasy, right!!! Ah no; to date I have given my sister 20odd pairs of shoes & boots & spent waaay too much time unsuccessfully shoe wardrobe replenishing (shopping) with little joy. FRANKIE4 Footwear where have you been? I love all of your selections particularly the ELLiE metallic sneakers, so suited to my ‘’post orthotics’’ wardrobe restyling such as the luxe sportswear trend (yep, more shopping).

  107. The Alix would save my sole this summer as I don’t even own a car, so walking everywhere is a must and they are chic enough to wear to the office but cool enough to not overheat my poor feet walking to and from work!

  108. What FRANKiE4 shoe will save MY feet this summer? ALiX in the tan would be an awesome addition to my dowdy shoe wardrobe , JULiA or iVY are more than welcome to take up a spot too! Thanks FRANKiE4 and STYLING YOU you guys are amazing!

  109. I love the Ivy in snakeskin as I have a lot of trouble finding comfortable yet attractive & flattering footwear due to my bunions & these look ideal. The front strap would hide the bunion perfectly & the sensible heel would make them so comfortable whilst still being totally on trend -these would definitely save my feet as well as my image!

  110. Love the Georgie – they would save my feet as I’m a busy Mum of two little ones and I could still look stylish while child wrangling! I feel a bit dowdy at times, it always makes me feel better when I have new shoes (love the slide trend too)

  111. The Alix sandals in Chestnut look like the perfect shoes to save my feet this summer. They are exactly what I’m looking for in the exact right colour. I’m certain my physio would agree with me as she keeps reminding me I need more supportive shoes!

  112. I would live in Alix (chestnut). She would be my best friend for the park, shopping and general baby and toddler mayhem. Perfect for steaming hot Queensland summer.

  113. A pair of Ivy shoes will save my soul and the eyes of others who currently have to watch me stumble painfully along while also trying to avoid heels caught in paving and tram tracks

  114. Alix in chestnut would make life beautiful! I walk all the time (I don’t drive) and they are the perfect style I’ve been looking for, would save my feet for sure!

  115. The Ellie in beige would make my feet and style-sense happy:
    close toed, so I can wear them in laboratories at Uni,
    comfortable enough that I can walk my dogs to the beaches and local deli.
    Plus, stylish so during a day of shopping I’d look chic,
    and afterwards I’d still have feeling in my feet!

  116. I’ve yet to experience the marvel that is the Frankie4 Footwear. But after looking on their site just then, I have fallen in love with the EBONi ll…I have problems with my Achilles Tendons (my left has ruptured and I now have a fused ankle and my right has Tendonosis) which means that where shoes are concerned, I have to stick with flat, enclosed shoes that will give my ankle and feet the stability they need. The EBONi ll are a shoe that I could wear everywhere and with everything, so being absolutely broke means that I also won’t need to buy shoes if I won these as they’re perfect and I would live in them….My fingers are crossed as I could never afford to spend this amount of money on anything…let alone shoes – here’s praying it’s my soles that will be saved this Summer <3

  117. The reason I love shoes is because they give me a certain feeling, excitement or energy when I see them. They are the one area of my life where I can honestly say practicality or common sense do not prevail or even exist – I guess you could say they bring out my rebellious side. Of course my dream shoe is always the latest pair I own until I spot the next dream pair that I simply must purchase and possess and that would be my first pair of FRANKIE4 in the GEORGiE style!!!

  118. I need iVY to be my BFF! My heart swoons over a stylish heel,
    my 43 year old tootsies do not. I have a ‘hanky toe’ – in short one toe on each
    foot has developed a corner fold that my husband thinks is adorable … it’s not.

    And THAT is why I need iVY to be my new BFF, because when we
    “Style You” we flaunt our champions and we protect our faults!

  119. JULia Blue, will save my feet this summer as the perfect accessory to wear to my son’s Graduation from Uni. A special pair of shoes for a joyous occasion.

  120. Ellie Silver sneakers where my first FRANKiE4 purchase, I felt very brave on my colour choice at the time!! I love wearing them, they helped saved my soles on my first trip to Melbourne. We walked everywhere, and I felt really comfortable and stylish. Since then my sole’s have been saved many times, on walking adventures and daily life. I am hoping to one day a pair of Ellie’s in every colour !! Oh I have a pair of Annas for work, best work shoe I have ever had, my soles are saved again!!

  121. I love to look good but clothes don’t fit me right,
    my feet are so sweet and neat shoes just fit a treat
    but height is so cruel I’d need a walking tool
    FRANKiE4 Alix shoe would save My feet this summer
    and look stylishly cool.

  122. I don’t have any Frankie4 shoes (yet!) but it looks like the Julia sandals would be perfect to get these expanding pregnant feet through summer, in comfort AND style!

  123. Julia FRANKIE4S will save my feet this summer- an ankle injury in Bangkok earlier this year has left my previously high heel loving feet feeling rather unloved and definitely worse for the wear- so a beautiful and supportive pair of shoes will help bring back the shoe love!

  124. Ivy looks like the perfect combination of comfy and stylish – I’m addicted to a wedge heeled sandal but I also walk everywhere as I don’t have a car – so they would definitely save my feet!

  125. Not only am I encouraged that I’m not the only one with feet/back issues, I’m sad that so many suffer as I do with the wrong shoes, or with having to wear shoes that are not very stylish to get proper support. The ALiX look like they would take me anywhere in style and comfort.

  126. I’m a busy working mum of two young children who 5 years ago broke my foot good and proper. Thanks to the metal work now holding that foot back together, it is challenging to find shoes that are comfortable, stylish, suit my lifestyle – and provide value for money. The ALIX shoe in blue would totally transition from work to playground, provide the support and comfort I need and not resemble something my Nanna would be proud of.

  127. Ever since Nikki’s very first post featuring the silver Ellie I have dreamed of owning a black pair of these. As someone with back and feet problems I can only image a Frankie4 shoe will save my feet this summer and let me enjoy many outdoor activities I don’t do because of inappropriate footwear. With these shoes I wouldn’t have to compromise style for comfort.

  128. iVY is the exact shoe I have been scouring shops for over the last few week. Save my soles by not having to traipse around looking any further.

  129. As you can see from my photo I have absolutely looovvveed my slides from Planet Shoes, and need convincing to toss them out.

    A lovely pair of ALiX or GEORGiE shoes, may just do the trick in convincing me and get me through this spring and summer in absolute comfort!!

  130. The iVY FRANKiE4 shoe will save my feet this summer. A low wedge with heel backing plus style — shoes to lift my mood and my feet!

  131. What I wouldn’t do to have a pair of those GEORGIE Slides from FRANKIE4. They will certainly save my feet this Summer – and for many Summers to come.

  132. The FRANKiE4 shoe that will save my feet this summer is definitely the ALiX in black as I have to run after 4 kids and walk them to a lot of places. The
    ALiX will keep me looking and feeling stylish, cool and comfortable!

  133. What FRANKiE4 shoe will save your feet this summer? – The iVY. I’ve been looking for a pair of comfortable shoes that I can walk forever in, that will look stylish with cropped pants and not strangle my ankles. I think I am in love.

  134. A few weeks ago I was faced with a life changing choice…Alix or Julia! I chose Julia however was heartbroken to leave Alix behind. Julia has changed my life. I can now cover many kms while out shopping without the nagging pain of plantar fasciitis whilst maintiaing my dignity and style. Alix would be most welcome to join Julia in my wardrobe to provide another stylish yet super comfy alternative.

  135. A pair of Frankie 4 would save me this summer as I move from the lecture theatre to hospital ward. They will save me as I continue to learn to save others as a doc – especially those less fortunate in northern WA where the heat and humidity will ensure I need a quality shoe!

  136. Every year I go to 2 trade fairs sourcing new stock for my job. My legs and feet ache ( I have flat feet and v.veins) from pounding concrete for 6 hrs non stop, and every year I go in search of that ilusive perfect shoe to get me through the 4 days of feet hell!! (I’ve resorted to Birkenstocks, havianas, ballet flats and trendy sneakers… To no avail
    But it was only after seeing the Ellie on you, hearing your praises about the brand,and finally finding something that both looked good and promised comfort did I show hope… I circumnavigated Perth to buy them and it was the best $200 I’ve ever spent, so thanks to you and Frankie my soles were saved!!! ( I am lusting after the Ivy shoes by the way!!

  137. The ELLIE will save my feet this summer. I have almost finished my teaching degree so next year I will be on my feet all day. Wearing a pair of shoes all day that make me feel like I’m not wearing any shoes, sounds like heaven.

  138. I am a kindergarten teacher and am on my feet all day. While I like to dress stylishly for work (the children do notice!), comfort is very important. The ALiX in either black or chestnut would certainly save my soles!

  139. It’s good to know that Frankie shoes go up to a size 13 because three pregnancies have stretched my feet to a size 11. I have narrow feet too. My mum is a Frankie shoe lover but I haven’t purchased my first pair yet. I need to. I must say I like those Georgie slides. They are a summer shoe savior right there for this busy mum. Easy to slide on and off.

  140. I’ve been following Frankie4Footwear on Instagram – they look fantastic. I would actually love to win a pair for my Mum. She has terrible trouble finding shoes that are comfortable. They will be okay in the shop and then terrible as soon as she gets home. She needs shoes with a completely flat sole, but so many come with an arch which she does not need. Having a shoe with a sole she could change would be a life saver. She has been looking for some casual shoes, and I think the ELLiE or the SOPHiE would be perfect for her – fashionable, but comfortable. Mum would be able to have the perfect pair of shoes without needing orthotics, which would make her incredibly happy!

  141. I would love a pair of the navy Julia sandals. I am a new mummy and I find myself running around the house between feeds and I seem to do a lot of standing while breastfeeding and rocking the baby. It would be so lovely to feel ‘nice’ and ‘trendy’ and comfy while in my own home. A little pick me up. I would also be excited to wear these shoes out when I meet up my other mummy friends and babies. Thank you Frankie 4 and stylingyou. My email is [email protected]

  142. Well…this is awesomely serendipitous…my podiatrist mentioned these during my appointment today as the not-daggy shoes designed for comfort! With bunions and very sore little tootsies, I’d love a pair of shoes I could wear that won’t hurt! It is soul destroying when it hurts to walk

  143. Dear Alix, I would like to welcome you into my life. I promise that we will go for long walks, to restaurants and I’ll introduce you to people at work. I’m sure that we’ll become very close. No, we’ll become sole mates.
    Love xx

  144. I would love a pair of Georgie slides! Perfect for my upcoming holiday! Look glam at the airport, slip them off in the plane, and way stylish than my Haviannas. Thanks for another great competition Nikki, Kathryn 🙂

  145. I would LOOOVVE a pair of Alix frankie’s for this summer!! I have had serious lower back issues since the birth of my son, and podiatrists and osteo’s have recommended supportive footwear. But the range of supportive footwear out there is woefully unattractive so most of the time I end up wearing sneakers and gym gear so I can walk comfortably… Please frankie’s, save my summer sole??? And my son from being embarrassed by his constantly sneaker clad mum?? 😉

  146. My Frankie4’s have changed my life. I sustained a severe foot injury last Christmas (ruptured plantar fascia) and could not wear any shoes except joggers that were hot and heavy. As an avid styling you reader I kept seeing the silver Ellies and I loved them. I took myself off to All Podiatry at Windsor and the beautiful staff hooked me up with my own silver Ellies. The relief was instant. I’ve worn them almost every day since. I wear them to work and get compliments all day. I wear them out shopping and can walk for miles. It’s time for a summer pair I think! Thanks to the Frankie4 team for creating a stylish and supportive shoe and thanks Nikki for telling me about it!

  147. G-osh if I were to own a pair,
    E-nsuring relief for my weary feet,
    O-rthotic and fashion at last they meet,
    R-elaxing or at play,
    G-eorgie slides, what’s that you say?
    I – will be yours, yes I will
    E-specially if Styling You foots the bill!

  148. I am about to retire and my dream is to walk to the shops everyday and enjoy a coffee – but I don’t want to walk in trainers – Ellie in silver is exactly what I would like to wear – stylish enough to wear and not felel like you are off to the gym. Luv luv luv them

  149. I am loving the Alix sandals in tan and desperately need a pair. I used to tease my mum for wearing comfy old lady shoes until I started having terrible foot pain around 4 years ago. My feet are flat and roll in when I walk, which has caused me to get plantar fasciitis and make walking for more than 5 minutes impossible without a lot of pain. I then found myself searching for comfy old lady shoes like I once teased my mother about…
    I resisted for so long until the pain was limiting me from doing things. I bought my first pair of Frankie4’s last year after accidentally stumbling on them on Grundy’s shoes while miserably looking for comfy, ugly shoes. I loved the style of the Frankie4’s so I purchased the Ellie and I feel in love! They look so great and feel amazing! I found myself starting to walk more and enjoying it, where before I would be in agony from the pain. I have been hooked on Frankie4’s ever since. I just purchased my first pair of their sandals and I am patiently waiting for them to arrive in the post – so excited! Frankie4 definetly saved my soles =) I am able to walk around now without being in a lot of pain and my feet look good now too in Frankie4’s. No more ugly old lady shoes for me!!

  150. The ELLie canvas shoes will save my feet this summer! They are cool, young at heart and stylish. Living in Melbourne I find summer shoes need to work with all sorts of weather patterns! The ELLie shoes will be my go to shoes for shopping, walking the dog and for lounging around in.

  151. I have worn the same pair of Birkenstock sandals every warm day for the past two years. I think the Georgie would bring me some much needed variety without sacrificing on comfort. I really need to get out of my rut!

  152. Jodie or Eddie would fit the bill for me for work. Recovering from major hamstring rupture I need to wear flatter shoes for a while and, as much as I love the sandals ,occupational health and safety really requires covered shoes for my work as a health professional. To have stylish COMFORTABLE shoes for my extra wide feet would be such a bonus

  153. Frankie4 has saved my soles! After baby number one 18 months ago, my feet completely changed. Wider and a size up, they hurt for months and months on end, especially the outside soles. I was in tears shuffling up the passageway for 2am feeds! I’ve now discovered Frankie4 and Alix and no longer have pain! I’m very happy with my investment…and how I would love another pair! 🙂

  154. having just recovered from a second bout of plantar fascititis, I now have swollen ankles, not sure if this going to be something new or what. I havent ever come across these make of shoes, and am willing to actually try anything that would save my sole, and sanity too with our hot summer fast approaching! Your feet look amazing in those shoes!

  155. I love my pair of Frankie4’s…. it’s my mother who needs some! We went out for a swanky dinner in Melbourne on White night. As you can imagine it was insanely crowded and it dawned on me how incredibly smart it would be to slip my Frankie4 flats into my tote, just in case we couldn’t get a cab and had to walk back to the hotel. Pats self on back. As predicted, no cabs, thousands of people….mum: “gosh my feet hurt” me: “ok, you can borrow my flats” mum slipping into them: “where did you get these? pure bliss ahhhhhh”. Suffice to say I walked 3Km in my killer heels whilst my dear mother ambled along in complete comfort!

  156. I have been lusting after the Alix in tan or black ever since I first saw them on Nikki Parkinson! I just adore them and love the idea of combining a fashionable look with great functionality! I recently went on a holiday with my 19 year old daughter to Singapore and we pounded the pavements every day, sightseeing and enjoying all the culinary delights. I just wish I had had a pair of Frankie4’s and I’m sure I’d have done a better job of keeping up and no sore feet at the end of the day!!! Can’t wait to get my feet in a pair!

  157. Last year I discovered the pain that is a long bout of plantar fasciitis. I also discovered Frankie4 and a pair of red Ellie sneakers did indeed save my soles. Blissful relief for my feet. I was able to walk in comfort again. And they are so pretty! I call them my happy shoes. They made me so happy that a second pair of Ellie’s made their way into my wardrobe this season. Hoping to try a pair of Frankie4 sandals or slides later in summer.

  158. After being told by my podiatrist that I would have to wear orthotics I was feeling a little gloomy with the prospect of wearing orthotic friendly shoes, then she introduced me to Frankie 4. WOW they were beautifully styled and oh so comfortable. Eboni has recently travelled to the U.S. and did not let me down even on the 14hour days. Looking forward to meeting Ellie and Julia.

  159. After an ankle replacement & twelve other operations I long for shoes that I can walk in, are comfortable, give me support AND are stylish. I think that Ellie or Georgie might be the ones that work for me as any heels are out of the question. Here’s hoping!!

  160. My feet could definitely be saved this summer by the gorgeous Ivy. As a busy working mum who spends the majority of the day on my feet, stylish but comfortable shoes are a must. Why have we had to had to choose comfort over style for so long? Thank you Frankie4 for combining the two. Oh and I am a little bit biased as another gorgeous Ivy is my cheeky 7 year old.

  161. JULiA would be my Summer bestie. We’d hang out in my backyard, enjoying lingering afternoons that melt into balmy nights. We’d go to BBQs, the beach and cocktail bars. We’d dance away the hours on NYE and ring in 2015 in comfort and style, ready to face a brand new year rock steady on our feet.

  162. I had surgery on both feet in August, and I now understand how difficult it is to find comfortable but attractive shoes for my new feet.
    I’ve noticed the Frankie4 shoes on Styling You but was not aware of the orthopaedic benefits. Now however, I think Frankie4 shoes are the perfect accessories for my tootsies. ☺️

  163. ALiX in black would be an amazing staple to add to my wardrobe, I find it hard to find shoes that work well in a size 11 for ladies and usually end up with things that are far from comfortable. These would be amazing!

  164. Maybe its time my feet got some loving… it would be suitable payback for their unwavering reliability, even when faced with heel spurs & dodgy hips!
    Uncomfortable fashionable shoes & ugly (but comfy) birks be gone – Ivy is here to save the day!

  165. I have only recently become aware of Frankie4 footwear since becoming a follower of the Styling You blog. As an orthotic wearer I am always on the lookout for sandals that I could wear. These shoes look so stylish and comfortable that I would love to wear them and stock them in my boutique in coastal Victoria. Absolutely love Alix – Chestnut, Georgie – Black and Ellie – Beige. What great shoes – thank you Frankie4.

  166. Ellie I have been waiting for forever. But alas your expense has alluded me and my poor feet have been so sad 🙁 . BTW your summer sister Alex looks gorgeous too. I invite either of you to move into my home, you would be most welcome. Thank you.

  167. Dear GEORGiE, could you be the go-to summer slide I’ve been longing for during countless sunny days? I’m so over compromising between style and comfort. Please save my soles!

  168. I like the sound of my feet bursting into song when I put a pair of Frankie4’s on! I had a (so far) unexplained seizure in March and I am not allowed to drive for a year. I am walking more than I ever have in my life and I’ve found this definitely calls for “sensible” shoes 🙁 The shoes you have shown don’t look this way at all, I’m off to check out their website now……..

  169. Stuck in a rut with the same old pair of canvas sneakers with my orthotics, I bit the bullet and invested in a pair of the FRANKiE4 Janelle loafers in stone colour. Amazingly comfortable and ever so stylish. I feel like my whole wardrobe is re-vamped with one pair of shoes! So I can only imagine what another pair would do. Maybe some gorgeous Julia sandals for summer!

  170. I’m 5 months pregnant, which means reaching my largest in the heat of Brisbane summer! I haven’t tried FRANKiE4’s yet, but I think they are just the trick to save my swollen feet and let me get around in the lovely sunshine. My faves are the Alix in black, followed by the Julias. Thank you!

  171. As yet I haven’t tried the FRANKiE4 shoes but I think after looking on the website and reading all the comments it’s a must this summer – Definitely the red Sophie for me followed closely by Alix.

  172. ELLiE Sneakers from FRANKiE4 shoe will save your feet this summer – as I usually only wear thongs or bear feet & to be honest I just couldn’t afford to buy them.

  173. With a wardrobe mainly consisting of show ponies (I can’t help it, I love the sparkle!), I’ve consciously been trying to buy a more every day, casual wardrobe. After seeing how fabulous you’ve been styling your silver ELLiE’S, I recently decided to treat myself to a pair (comfortable, stylish yet casual – tick!). I was a little hesitant at first as I wasn’t sure I’d 100% love the look of them on me but decided to give them a go anyway. I REALLY wanted the silver and was momentarily tempted by the beige ELLiES (how perfect for summer) and red SOPHiES but the silver was all sold out. After ringing Frankie4 and a couple of stockists, I admitted defeat and decided to start with a black pair of ELLiES (comforted with the fact the silver ELLiES are being re-released again soon). I received my order earlier this week and I am THRILLED. They’re so new I am yet to actually wear them out anywhere but when I tried them on, I found them so supportive and comfortable. As to my original concern about if I’d like how they looked on, well I LOVE them! So I am definitely a convert. If I were lucky enough to win, I’d try a pair of red SOPHiES next, although I am really liking the iVY and the ALiX too.

  174. I purchased a pair of SOPHIE red shoes at the beginning of Winter. I have always said/bragged that I have no trouble with my feet and that I can buy any shoes…much to the annoyance of my two best friends who wear orthotics.
    That was THEN!!
    I bought the Frankie4 shoes because I liked the style and now am an evangelizing convert. I have never experienced such comfort in a shoe. I love the fact that I can wear them for long walks and still look okay to walk into a shop/cafe in any environment and feel okay both in comfort and style.
    When I first wore them for a long walk with our two dogs, my husband said to me to put on some sneakers and not wear my good shoes. I informed him that these are my walking shoes as well as my good shoes. He is now a convert as well as I don’t complain of blisters any more.

  175. I haven’t tried FRANKiE4 shoes but I have been waiting all of my life for them! I wear orthotics, so for nice shoes I either compromise style or pain that lasts a multiple days. If I knw hear shoes existed I think I would already be swimming in them! Growing up I was the uncool kid who had chunky black leather school shoes because I couldn’t wear the pretty girly shoes. I am so excited at the opportunity to win a pair of these shoes, I am already eyeing off 2 pairs!
    [email protected]

  176. I first came across FRANKiE4 after seeing you Nikki in these amazing looking ankle boots during winter – the KASS boots. I’d been searching for ankle boots that would cooperate with my big toe knuckles that go red and inflame in most other boots. I had a feeling these could be my answer. After a little research I realised the boots were way out of my budget. I checked almost every week to see if they would come on sale. Then one Friday afternoon in July I just happened to check my email at work and FRANKiE4 had sent an email about a flash sale of factory seconds. I don’t think I even stopped to take a breath. There I was clicking at a hundred miles an hour because this was my chance to get my very own KASS boots! After multiple attempts with the site crashing I made it through to the cart and paid just in the nick of time. I wasn’t even sure if they’d fit me when they arrived! Fast track a few business days later and a package arrived to my office. My heart started to beat as I nervously opened the box to see how “seconds” they would be and whether they would fit. I slid one foot in and then the other. Heaven. I couldn’t believe my luck. I paraded them around the office and told everyone about FRANKiE4 and how they had just saved my soles. The thing that I love the most is the custom fit because now I have ample room for my silly big toes! I wore my KASS boots every weekend in winter, all day long. People would comment about how nice they were, I’d reply with – I know, they’re amazing! Just like wearing ugg boots! So thank you Nikki & FRANKiE4 for saving my soles. I can’t wait for my next pair!

  177. My feet are dancing at the thought of wearing these – they could very well be my feet’s saviour! Appealing to my sense of style & the need for comfortable shoes all in one. As a North Queenslander, I live in my thongs, much to the disgust of my very overtired feet & legs. Love the snakeskin Ivy – so easy to wear with a casual day outfit yet so stylish to dress up with the gorgeous wedge, Alix would be a very close 2nd.

  178. I haven’t tried Frankie4 shoes yet, but I just ordered my first pair online – the Julia. I have planter fasciitis in one foot and just generally a lot of foot and leg pain. Orthotics don’t work for me and make my feet even more sore, so I am always on the lookout for shoes with arch support, which are very hard to come by, especially in a sandal. I’m looking forward to trying these shoes out and hopefully having happy feet and legs.

  179. I need a pair of iVY – two tone is my favourite, and I love the style and the low heel. They need to come home with me – I promise to give them a good home.

  180. I have been deliberating about getting a pair of Frankie4 shoes. I adore the Alix style. I am so hard on shoes, I seem to only get 3 months out of shoes and I am hoping frankie4 will last a little longer. I’m a stay at home mum and need comfort that will last but STYLE is very important to me still so I am hoping to be a winner!!

  181. Recently I purchased a pair of the new canvas Ellie and am quite surprised at just how comfortable they are. Now, I was very skeptical, because I have history when it comes to purchasing astronomically expensive footwear for a ligament injury which plays up if I don’t wear correct supportive shoes. The whole experience of sourcing a shoe which suits my needs has been a nightmare but with this brand I feel the quest may finally be over.
    I was pleasantly surprised how fashionable this cute Ellie lace up style looked, far nicer than a regular sneaker. I am now singing the Frankie4 brand’s praises to family and friends.
    While being fitted I also cast my eye over a pair of Ivy’s but needed to road test the Ellie first to ensure the Frankie4 orthotic sole would support my long ago foot injury (which will always require TLC).
    So..yes I would be doing a happy dance if I had another pair of Frankie4’s in my shoe robe because it will finally end wasting precious money on orthotic type footwear which then sits forlornly in my cupboard unworn.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this competition.

  182. After reading this post I feel I am about to become a Frankie4 convert, I am always struggling to find great looking shoes that are also good for my feet. I would love to start my collection with a pair of ELLiE sneakers, they will be fabulous for summer holiday walks.

  183. I love the look of Julia. I have just lost 35 kilos and most of my shoes no longer fit. Desperately need new shoes as sadly my collection is too big:(

  184. I think I’m an Alix girl! Love the colour, the style, and can’t wait for the comfort!! Might go and use my 10% off STYLINGYOU code to get myself a pair now – just I’m case I’m not a winner!!

  185. I first heard about these on your recent road trip! Looked them up and thought, wow, they’re beautiful but a bit out of my budget… I would LOVE a pair of the ALiX in Chestnut to take away with me on our first overseas family holiday in December.. just perfect for cruising around the Pacific Islands looking stylish and being comfortable… not hanging out to get my shoes off… (I broke my little toe a couple of years ago and still can’t squeeze my feet into anything too restrictive).. these are beautiful and would look great!

  186. ALiX would definitely save my feet this summer! I can’t believe I logged onto the FRANKiE4 site a couple of days ago (inspired by your photos, Nikki), and they had sold out in my size. But now they’re back! Yay!

  187. Alix, oh Alix – you are me are made for each other! With a newborn and a very active four year old, I have visions of us together for an awesome summer! Lots of park playing, lots of walking to get a bubba to sleep, lots of hanging out, and all whilst being healthy and sexy for my feet! Can’t wait to meet you!!!

  188. I invested in a delicious red pair of Eboni shoes early last year. These shoes have given me more fun, support, comfort and style than any others I’ve ever put on my feet! I’m now a complete convert to Frankie4. My red darlings have graced many board rooms, trotted all over Europe, supported me while I’ve run to catch planes at too many airports and helped me dazzle my way through many fine dining experiences. They truly are the most adaptable shoe- comfortable enough to walk 15kms in a day, while still looking good enough to receive complements when I wear them to an event. Because they suit all outfits and situations I have worn them for probably more than is good for them- but they still look brand new! I love my Frankie4s xoxoxo

  189. I love the look and the thought behind the designs of all these shoes,I have been searching for 20+ years to find a pair of shoes that fit my narrow foot and that don’t add to the knee pain I have.
    The Frankie 4 slides would help SAVE my feet and leg this summer beacuse I walk around on slate floors all day and these shoes look chic and are width adjustable and are so good for your feet!

  190. I love the look of all of these shoes and the concept behind the brand is spot on, stylish shoes you can actually walk in. But, yes there is is a but coming, why start at size 6? I’m a size 5 and every summer struggle to find even ugly sandals. Ahh well at least I can enjoy the gift of
    Melbourne winters giving me a long time in boots and multiple pairs of socks.

  191. I too discovered Frankie4 last year when I googled comfort shoes for upcoming holiday where I knew there would be lots of walking. I have a beautiful pair of gold ballet flats – love love love. Frankie4 saved my soles in a week of walking all around Sydney and loving every minute of it. A pair of Alix for summer would be wonderful. It’s so hard to find comfy flat sandals. Thanks Nikki for another great comp. x

  192. The Ivy would definitely save my feet this summer. I have tried on a few similar styles in store recently, but alas (!!!) they are too narrow. I have been a long time convert to Birkenstocks and would love to try another brand that is kind to feet. What a wonderful competition!

  193. The FRANKiE4 shoe that will sav my feet this Summer is the JULiA. I live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney and I am a Stay at home Mum. My shoes consist of thongs! I have a collapsed arch and that in combination with my damaged back (had two operations in January) is not a good combination. The JULiA would definitely save my feet, back and bank account!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  194. I have a pair of red Janelle shoes which were a godsend over winter and saved my feet. However a mere 6 months later the sole has a hole in it. I took my $220 pair of damaged shoes back to footgear at Indooroopilly where the lady took photos and said she would askFrankie 4 what to do next. 2 weeks later still no answer! Love the shoes but don’t expect your investment to last long. Very disappointing Frankie4.

    1. Hi Christina, we are sorry to hear you’ve had this experience and we’d like to assist you directly as we do pride ourselves not only on the support and function of FRANKiE4’s but also the quality. If you could please contact us directly on [email protected] or 1300 721 898 we can assist further from there. Kind regards FRANKiE4.

      1. Hello frankie 4. Wanted to share an update that footgear indoor called yesterday to say they will replace my shoes so I will pick them up this week. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond! Very much appreciate it.

  195. Having just used the Styling You code (thank you!) to purchase a pair of the gorgeous ‘Georgie’ slides, I am truly hoping they will save my very sore feet! As a rule summer shoes are are no friend to my poor plantar-fasciitis-inflicted feet, and I am hoping these will be the heavenly solution for my poor soles. If I’m lucky enough to also win a pair, then it would be ‘Anna’ in black. My current black flats do not love my feet, but I know that Anna would. Please pick me! Thank you x

  196. What FRANKiE4 shoe will save your feet this summer?
    I think Julia could become my best friend – due to athritis in my big toe, I can’t wear thongs anymore (or just about any other shoe other than crocs!), but Julia looks like she would support my foot and look pretty. Please Julia, save me from my crocs!

  197. What FRANKiE4 shoe will save your feet this summer?
    I think Julia could become my best friend – due to athritis in my big toe, I can’t wear thongs anymore (or just about any other shoe other than crocs!), but Julia looks like she would support my foot and look pretty. Please Julia, save me from my crocs!

  198. morning nikki! … have to jump on board the shoe train thankyou!:)
    I don’t have any frankie4’s … but I’ve noted that … I like those!!!
    any or all of them!;0 … liking the sitting down photos with the shoe feature … nice touch hun! … reviewing … could need Julia or ivy! lol m:)X

  199. I think I need a pair of Georgia slides to get me away from things, don’t get me wrong I love thongs but I am over 50 and in need of some grown up slip on/slides to wear on my upcoming road trips. It may be time to move on from my rusty thongs

  200. I haven’t yet been lucky enough to wear FRANKiE4, but would love to give them a good workout!!! I am on the go all day with my kids and think the Julia is just what I need!! I can dress it down with shorts for the school run, or dress it up with a skirt or dress for when I want to have more “girly” days

  201. I am traveling to Europe early next year and am already feeling antsy about only being able to take a few pairs of shoes. I have been searching for a stylish but practical and comfy sneaker for the trip. Ellie is perfect. Comfort and style rolled into one. Come to Tuscany with me Ellie!!

  202. How has FRANKiE4 saved your sole?
    I’ve owned my silver Ellie’s for 18 months now and the true test was walking around Disneyworld last Xmas – all 2 weeks of it and close to 12 hour days! They were fabulous, better than any pair of shoes I have EVER walked in. Not a sore point anywhere at anytime. Truly amazing, comfortable shoes. The best part is they look great and everyone wopuld ask where I got those CUTE shoes. Well done on a great success story.

  203. Oh gosh. What timing. I’ve been lucky enough to be at the beach in Central Queensland for a week, and unlucky enough to be living in my turquoise Havaianas! Cue sore feet and tough, rough soles! I feel as though a pair of Julia sandals would’ve provided a different outcome. They are so SEXY! Who knew podiatrist’s shoes could look like THAT?! I already sent the link to my Mum! Thanks Nikki and Frankie4!

  204. I already have a couple of Frankies’ and thanks to your special have just bought the tan Alix…. oh my god….the relief of wearing these shoes….oohh ahh comfort is number 1. Like walking on a cushioned lilo. I have made a commitment to buy comfortable shoes and the fact that these are actually stylish makes them a winner!

  205. Oh gosh. What timing. I’ve been lucky enough to be at the beach in Central Queensland for a week, and unlucky enough to be living in my turquoise Havaianas! Cue sore feet and tough, rough soles! I feel as though a pair of Julia sandals would’ve provided a different outcome. They are so SEXY! Who knew podiatrist’s shoes could look like THAT?! I already sent the link to my Mum!

  206. What FRANKiE4 shoe will save your feet this summer?
    It would be the divine Miss Alix (in tan). I know I need to look after my feet but all too often I compromise comfort for style, that would be until (hopefully) meeting Miss Alix, who is SO stylish (and good for you!). They would be perfect for summer especially all of the upcoming stand up events – BBQs, cocktail events and beach weddings.

  207. After reading that blog post I think I need a pair of Alix. I’m off on a road trip with my
    Family to Sydney for 3 weeks at Christmas and visiting lots of friends along the way! I would Love to be able to Jump out of the car and feel fresh and know my feet look good! I have brought so many cheap sandals in my time that I think its time to take care of my feet.

  208. Ivy closely followed by Alix for the look of a small heel/wedge and to get my through my day which involves a office with 4 flights of stairs and no lift
    Maybe it’s meant to be, Frankie4 to save me from stairs4?

  209. I love the Alix sandal in tan. I have been on the lookout for tan sandals since last Summer that look gorgeous but can (as you said) stay on my feet all day long. As I approach 50 I am thinking about the importance of that balance between being comfy but not looking frumpy – these have it for sure!

  210. Question 2 applies to me. Ivy is my choice for sure, as a sufferer of heel pain, that slight wedge is perfect and they look great. Nothing Nanna about those babies. Thanks for the opportunity Nikki!

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