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I have a lot to thank Offspring and Nina Proudman for.

For starters many of you first found this blog while searching for something Nina Proudman-style related.

For seconders, the show’s costume designers introduced me to a number of Australian labels I’d previously not known.

Binny is one of those labels.

Binny is a Victorian-based independent label that featured on Nina a few times over the last two seasons of Offspring.

It was last year that the designer – Binny – first contacted me and our email relationship (and my wardrobed) has blossomed ever since.

I spent yesterday re-editing my wardrobe for spring-summer (it was long overdue and something I’d planned to do that fateful Sunday last month when the shower screen rained down on me and caused me to instead take to my bed for the day) and my Binny pieces well and truly made the cut for another season of warm weather.

I was particularly excited to reacquaint myself with this dress which I first trotted out during my girls’ escape to Bali … exactly a year ago this week.

Hanging next to that fave from last summer is this spring-summer’s Binny offering – the Clarissa Maria dress.

The model

Binny CLARISSA MARIA Stripe Dress (Mexico Cream)

Binny Clarissa Maria (Cream) $210

and me

Binny Clarissa Maria dress SS14-15 | Skin Mules | Uberkate uberbanner | Pavo Real ring

Binny Clarissa Maria dress (I’m wearing size 16) | Skin mules @ Styletread* | Uberkate uberbanner* | Pavo Real ring*

Like every Binny fabric I’ve ever worn, this is just magic to wear. It’s a silky soft viscose. It still requires a little ironing but it is generally pretty easy care.

I thought I’d have to wear a slip with this dress but haven’t needed too. It’s a thin fabric but not so much that it’s see-through. Nude underwear will do the trick.

I just love this stripe on the cream. There are 75 colours in the stripe, making it fun piece that reflects its Brazilian inspiration.

The neck ties can be worn tied up – as I have done – or open. The sleeves are three-quarter, offering sun protection but loose and lovely enough that the garment can be worn on even the hottest days.

With Binny it’s all about the detail and the mother of pearl buttons on the sleeve finish this frock nicely.

This dress has a waist tie, which I’ve tied at the back to create the hint of shape to my waist. Front waist ties don’t work for me because of my short waist but a little nip and tie at the back does.

I’ve worked the dress back with one of this season’s hottest shoe trends – the mule. I know this is a polarising trend but it’s one that the ’90s girl in me is very much prepared to embrace.

You get height and a stable heel. That’s a win in my shoe books. The nude works for me as it basically is an extension of my leg.

So tell me, are you a Binny fan? Did you know the label before Nina introduced us to it?

The Model and Me Binny SS14-15

 * These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. thank goodness the pocket feature on the model’s dress isn’t on the version you are modelling Nikki. It doesn’t look right on the model so i doubt they would work on the rest of us. Love the light colours for summer.

    1. Thanks Renia, I actually never give two hoots about the number on my clothing labels – I do need the 16 in this otherwise it doesn’t skim my hips – the widest part of my body. I wouldn’t wear this as a skin-tight frock as it wouldn’t be suitable for me in a Brisbane summer.

  2. Found your blog while searching Nina Proudman style? Um yes that would be me! Love this dress Nikki and no I didn’t know about Binny before Nina wore it. Can’t wait til she returns to our screens down here, Nina I mean! xx

  3. I love how you have tried this dress as after seeing it online I was a bit nervous and worried how it would look on a regular person! (I have a blanket from mexico that is very similar!) The hem on the model shot looks very dodgy. Is it finished properly on the one you have?

    1. Hi Alison, Binny, the designer has explained this on Facebook. My dress is finished beautifully – “our sample and the hem was dangling way past her knees. It was only noticed at the shoot – so excuse terrible hemming using stickytape!!!!!!”

  4. Love Binny clothes. Can you tell me where stockists are in Brisbane please? Sorry if you’ve answered this before as I missed it.

  5. I love this Binny dress on you Nikki ,and yes you can see the lovely fabric I am a fan of fabrics like that.I had not heard of Binny till offspring hopefully they have a sale sometime.
    You will be pleased to know I did a wardrobe edit the weekend before last with your book in hand and culled quite a but ,I now want to get my sister your book for Christmas so she can find “her” style as she was saying yesterday she still does at know what suits her!
    Lovely model and me post Nikki that dress is stunning!

  6. Nikki, please, please, please don’t take this the wrong way. But have you lost some weight? You are looking amazing in this dress. Really gorgeous colours too! (Oh and I love mules – comfort plus)

  7. Love this!
    One of my favourite boutiques stocked this dress in both the cream and navy, and also the top in both colours. Unfortunately (because I love the prints), the cut of this label just doesn’t seem to work on my body.

  8. Hey Nikki. This dress looks amazing on you. The fabric’s perfect for summer. A big thumbs up. I recently discovered you & am already loving it.

  9. Tie in at the back if you’ve got a short waist! You’re a genius, Nicky. Do you know how long I’ve struggled with a front tie? Any other magic tips for we short-waisted ladies? Great dress x

  10. What a gorgeous dress. I had big plans for overhauling my wardrobe and office this weekend. I managed to get the office perfect and then house started flooding from the roof down after a hail storm. I’ve been cleaning up ever since.

      1. It feels like this roof was only just replaced following the last bad storm but thinking about it, it’s been two years. I’m really looking forward to selling our NSW home and building something new in the new year and leaving this old house behind.

  11. morning nikki! … a cute ‘cool’ dress that even I would consider! … not being a frock girl myself ! … I could down dress it with my birks!
    loving those skirts from your weekend too nikki! … looking dapper hun!
    have a good day! … love m:)X

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