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We’ve been celebrating for a week now but today is the actual day of our 10th wedding anniversary.

Happy Anniversary cake at Qualia Resort Hamilton Island

Mr SY and I were married on a balmy and breezy afternoon at Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. We chose a long lunch over a long evening event, wrongly guestimating that this would reduce the champagne and beer bill.

It did not.

It was a memorable and emotional afternoon filled with friends and family and awesome food. Pretty much how we like to celebrate any occasion, really.

These are my 7 favourite wedding day moments.

The cake

Styling You wedding cake Cakes by Julie Whitehead

Ten years on I can still taste the Belgian chocolate cake covered in white chocolate icing. It was very much a case of the cake tasting as good as it looked.  It was crafted by Brisbane cake designer Julie Whitehead, who’s still making incredible cakes for any occasion.

The flowers

My sister-in-law had a florist shop in Brisbane at the time. I knew I wanted white lilies but I left the rest of the creative bits to her. The result: stunning. The table centre pieces featured the white flowers flowing out of sections of bamboo.

Styling You wedding flowers

The dress

I’d still wear my dress today. May even get it out of its box and see if it still fits. It is a Wendy Makin design which was adapted from two of her existing designs at the time. Originally this design had a strapless top – something that doesn’t work for me at all.

Styling You wedding dress by Wendy Makin

The kids

The two big “kids” were very much a part of the day. They shared the bridal table with us before being whisked away by our babysitter at 5pm. They’ve grown into beautiful young adults in this 10 years. Mr SY has been the most incredible stepfather. So grateful.

Styling You wedding bridal table

The speeches

My younger brother – the comedian – was in top form as MC. There were laughs and there were tears. So much emotion in that day. Not just ours but with our extended family after a health scare with Mr SY’s dad.

Styling You wedding speeches

The bridal waltz

Don’t you just love an impromptu bridal dance? At 5pm we had to leave the restaurant but had teed up with a bar across the road that pretty much the entire reception would be coming over to continue the party. We arrived en masse with our mixed CDs (iPods and playlists were a thing of the future, kids!) and the first song that came on was Young MC’s Bust a Move. So we did.

The wedding night

Mr SY was a sports journo at the time. It was a legitimate way for him to justify his obsession with all things footy. My proposing a wedding date that coincided with some pretty important footy finals meant that post-bar and Thai takeaway dinner we were firmly ensconced in the hotel room. Mr SY had worked out how to position both of the TVs in the room so he could simultaneously stream both the AFL and the rugby league. Ahh, the romance.

10 years on - Mr and Mrs SY

Ten years on I think we’re doing something right.

Marriage IS a walk in the playground. You just have to be ready to work together when you hit the top of any of life’s (downward) slides; and celebrate the good times together, swinging as high up in the air as you can go.

Over to you. What were your most memorable wedding day moments?

Photo credits: Our wedding photos were taken by the talented Lou O’Brien who worked with us as a photographer at the newspaper but who now works full-time on her own photography business – Images by Lou O’Brien. The recent photo above was taken by BabyMac on our anniversary weekend away in the Whitsundays.

PS. BabyMac’s husband Rob made this video from our weekend away. It’s incredible beautiful and a great reminder of the special time we had.

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  1. Congratulations Nikki and Mr SY your wedding style is as fresh as the day you did it all…LOVE all of it. Pinned the flowers and cake. Yes marriage is an adventure. I love it second time around. x PS Funnily enough on our wedding day last year Manly was in the Grand Final NRL for the first time in 1000 years so my hubby (mad Manly fan) watched that on our wedding night. You’re not alone x

  2. Ooh, I love posts like this! Your day looked wonderful! I loved our whole wedding day, but my favourite part was saying our vows and my husband said his part and leaned in to kiss me before I’d done my vows and I had to lean back and whisper “Not yet!” to him. Everyone in the church laughed.

  3. Beautiful bride, flowers and everything Nikki! Thankyou for sharing your special day with us.x
    And everyone who has shared their photos and memories , it’s been lovely seeing and reading 🙂
    We had our 39th earlier this month.We were very young then! We had a lovely day though, and my fav great aunt made the cake, heart shaped.
    On another topic , Ive just had a girls w/e AND I bought my first Blue Illusion’s item and saw your modelled dress there. We enjoyed our experience there , our free soap and gift voucher off next purchase :-).

  4. Too many favourite moments to share! It was an incredible day. We also had an impromptu wedding dance and my husband dipped me down when we kissed which I had expressly told him not to do but it was so lovely and sweet. Both my parents walked me down the aisle which was wonderful. I loved my dress. I loved our venue. The food was incredible. The cake was delicious. My husband was (is) wonderful. All my friends and family got along fabulously. Ahhh, take me back!

  5. Happy anniversary! Our wedding was eleven and a half years ago and we had a similar cake. We had the best day, weather was perfect and not one thing went wrong! It was obvious that everyone enjoyed themselves at the reception, I had never seen a dance floor so full of people. We honeymooned at the Barossa and the Gold Coast, kicking ourselves now that we didn’t go overseas before the kids arrived.

  6. Oh Nikki, Happy Anniversary (Festival) to you and Mr SY! Just reading through all these beautiful comments has made me all teary happy at the beautiful Happy Ever Afters people have shared. We got married 8 years ago and it was such a wonderful wedding. February in Sydney and about 38C, church wedding in Kings Cross, then down to the Bronte Surf Club for such a party!! I had the whole shebang – 5 bridesmaids, the 3 layered cake covered in roses, an African band that had everyone dancing!
    One of my favourite memories was being on the pathway at the beach and having a mum come up to me and say “My little girl thinks you’re Cinderella!” I had to show the little girl my shoes – Indian leather slippers covered in blue crystals!

  7. What a beautiful anniversary celebration! That video of rob’s is divine. Should be on an ad. Certainly makes me want to go! Your wedding photos are lovely. Your dress was stunning on you. Our favourite memory from our wedding day was after it was all over. We had a morning wedding and lunchtime reception, so sitting at the bar in a restaurant in southbank (Melbourne) in the evening just the two of us felt so surreal. We still had all that adrenalin inside us and wanted to announce to the whole restaurant that WE GOT MARRIED TODAY!! For our 10th anniversary last year we took the kids to the theme parks on the gold coast. It was the most joyous celebration of this wonderful little family that we have created.

  8. What a beautiful bride! Your wedding day looks like it was a dream Nikki. Happy Anniversary and here’s cheers to many more. Keep doing that something right!

  9. Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary Nikki! I recently married my “true love” on May 31st…it took him 13 years to realize I was “the one” or maybe it’s just because he gave up trying to get away from me! My two daughters, Jessica 16 & Jasmin 15 were my junior bridesmaids, they were only 2 & 3yrs old when I first dated Sam my now “Husband”. Other than my matron of honor pulling out of our wedding completely 2 weeks prior to our big day (because she didn’t get her way & I got sick of running to her all the time..she didn’t come to me once!) & I didn’t have a dress until 6pm the day before (now that’s a long story!) other than those two dramas…our wedding went as planned & was actually better than we expected, the sun was shining & the whole day was full of amazing moments…memories I’ll never forget. I’m very grateful I “finally” have my “Happily Ever After” it was quite a roller coaster ride to get where I am today & well worth it…Dreams really do come true!

  10. Happy anniversary! We celebrate 10 years next October. Loved our wedding – one of the best days of our lives. Being surrounded by our loved ones was the stand out.

  11. Happy Anniversary to you Nikki and Mr SY, we eloped 6 years ago at Stoneridge Estate Queenstown, New Zealand, we threw caution to the wind and had all our plans organised for us as I didn’t want the stress and it was perfect. We holidayed for 2 weeks after on the South Island. The scenery was just magical. We had so many photos that we loved but I think this one represents how relaxed our day was for us. We are definitely going to return this time with our son.

  12. Happy Anniversary. What gorgeous photo’s. The happiness shines through! My family is also a blended family, we bring one child each. Here’s my favourite photo from our day…it’s represents our family walking forward together. We’ve now been married for 18 months 🙂

  13. Happy anniversary to you and your husband. My husband and I have been married for 37 years this week. We timed our wedding for 6pm because it was NRL grand final day and the groom and his attendants just made it in time because the game went into extra time because of a draw! We’ve had a great 37 years and hope for many more! Love your blog Nikki. Kerry

  14. Here’s to many more happy decades for you and Mr SY. I love all your wedding pictures, they just ooze happiness. We got married 8 years ago, I loved that all our friends and family were in one place and that everything looked so pretty in pink. My dress was pink, the cake was pink (and covered in those love heart lollies) and I filled pink vases with pink and white marshmallows. The only bad thing about the wedding was that it finished too quickly! One day, I want to go to a Moth Ball, just so I can wear my wedding dress again! Hope you have a magical time tonight x

  15. What a beautiful memoir you have written. Our wedding was almost 21years ago and it was one of the happiest days of my life. The weather was gorgeous, family and friends were in fine form and the impromptu dance from my then teenage brother was a definite highlight. Thanks for sharing and prompting lovely memories 🙂

      1. We have had to change one of the lyrics though… From you ‘wish you could sex her’ to ‘you wish you could text her.’ Haha!

  16. Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary Nikki! Any photo I have seen of you both you look so happy and that makes me very happy for you! My hubby and I have our 30th anniversary coming up in January. Long time!! I know you’ve had a wonderful Whitsunday getaway but I bet you’re doing something special tonight as well. Enjoy and *cheers*!! Min xo

  17. Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary Nikki! Our 10 years is next year. 🙂 We had similar flowers and a similar themed cake with red hearts. My Aunty made my cake. Our car got covered in toilet paper and shaving cream AND a friend who is a vet put a live toad in our car! I wouldn’t get in until the toad was taken out. It was an interesting reaction from the Valet when we drove our car to the Marriott for our wedding night. I hope you have a great night tonight. Are you going somewhere nice for dinner? x

    1. Oh that’s too funny – I wouldn’t have got in either!! We stayed in and Mr SY cooked dinner. Been out a lot of late and it’s something we’ve done a lot for our anni – especially when kids were younger. You can still make it special at home.

  18. Happy 10th Anniversary you gloriously gorgeous lovebirds!
    For a second there, I thought you were going to say Mr SY worked out how to position the TVs so he could keep an eye on the footy while you two…
    My favourite wedding memory was when Mr SS and I stepped off the dancefloor, sat down together and watched our wedding guests. They were all dancing, laughing, drinking and having the best time which made us so incredibly happy. x

  19. Oh that’s so nice of you to share such a lovely day! Everything looked fun and relaxed. That’s how we had ours – lunch with close family/friends in an Italian-styled cafe after a ceremony in a chapel. Then back to mum’s for afternoon tea and bikkies/sandwiches – very English!

  20. Nawwwwww. Happy Anniversary to you both.

    Being that my own wedding was over 32 years ago, it’s getting harder to remember. It was HOT, I remember that much! Oh and my dress was a little ummmm low at the front, and not being blessed with big bosies I thought that would be fine … until I knelt at the alter … on the front of my dress … and they nearly fell out. I still remember that little moment of panic. Oh and my (much older and should-have-been wiser) sister coming to the wedding in a dress that showed her knickers – well almost!

    You looked … and look … stunning. Gorgeous dress. Lovely photos. x

  21. You were a beautiful bride Nikki and your cake is the best I have ever seen,it is a work of art.Marriage is no walk in the park but it’s like everything you have to work at it ,we will be married 30 years in April and I still love my husband as much as I did when we got married or maybe even more for the support he has been giving me over this hard time of losing Mum.Happy 10th wedding anniversary Nikki and hubby here’s to lots more Xx

    1. Oh what a special family tradition you continued with the service location Lisa and yes I agree, if you get that support during the most awful times you know you’ve got a solid relationship. We’ve had those times too x

  22. I remember being mortified when the best man ( my new BIL) stood up and did a completely unprepared, rambling speech. It was funny in a way, but I wish he had known in advance what he planned to say! I loved it when I sneaked off with my new husband to have some photos taken under the archway where we got married. That was nearly seven years ago! Lauren from SAHM I am.

  23. Bust a move was our favourite wedding song I reprise it every chance I get love it! My best bits were celebrating at the incredible Bear Gully Coastal Cottages with all 36 of our favourite people for the whole weekend, a lot who came from nz. Marrying my best friend and wearing a stunning entirely inappropriate for a beach wedding dress (think Italian lace train!!) from the superbly talented Jane Hill who is no longer with us. I know everyone says it but Best. Weekend. Ever!

  24. Highlights of our wedding day were: my beautiful dress (Dianne Lewis designed and made my pale gold frock and veil to order); getting ready with my best friend and Mum; my brother walking me to my husband (no aisle- we were married in a hotel); walking into the reception together and being introduced as husband and wife for the first time; and eating great food with free flowing wine surrounded by extended family and friends.
    We’ve been married for over 16 years, now and we tend to save our big celebrations for marking each 5 years. So it was that we spent a week at the Nam Hai just outside Hoi An in Vietnam last April for our 15th anniversary. Absolute luxury, with our own beachside pool, 2 pavilions and our own butler.How will we top it on our 20th?

  25. Happy 10th anniversary Nikki … You both look supremely happy in your wedding pics. The video of your weekend celebration is truly amazing !
    I too am overjoyed when I remember arriving to the church for our big day in a pink Cadillac . My husband was GM at the Grafton newspaper at the time so we gathered 120 of friends and family from Brisbane and Sydney to the jacaranda city to celebrate a country wedding . I was utterly delighted to find an ex Vogue Australia make up artist living near by to do my make up. My very emotional teary Sicilian father led me to my beloved down the aisle to Ave Maria sung by my friend who was an opera singer. The children from the Prep class I was teaching lined the pews with big toothless smiles. A perfect outdoor reception at the Grafton Art Gallery and we cut our pink and white candy stripe cake with everyone waving sparklers in the air singing along to “That’s Amore”. Pity the burnt out sparklers left big holes in the table cloths afterwards! Oops … Nothing could extinguish the grand joy of our wedding!

  26. lovely story and photos nikki! … most gorgeous dress and Mooloolaba recently in my memory bank … lovely!
    mr m and me! … we always celebrate our special meeting date!
    20 years ago he honed I on me and put his yoga mat next to mine
    at an alexander weekend workshop … when we had to pair up my knees started to shake and quake … I knew it was the real deal!
    here we are in our 60’s, still enjoying each other and our shared history …
    I had just come out of a 24 year marriage … deciding I didn’t need to marry again! … a leap of faith! … must be LOVE … cheers m:)X

  27. Happy anniversary Nikki & Mr SY! It’s lovely (and a bit emo!) to share in your special day even ten years after the fact. Thank you for sharing today and here’s to the next ten and beyond! x

  28. Happy Anniversary Nikki! Thanks for sharing some of your day with us! Hubs and I celebrate 9 years in a couple of weeks and are off to Byron for a few days of magic (and sun!) I love taking the time to stop and reflect every year (though normally we don’t get the extra break attached with it). Very special indeed! x

    1. We have stopped each year too – some years it was a lovely dinner at home – but always make the time to reflect. This year’s trip to Whitsundays might set a little trend for us – would love to go back every year. Enjoy Byron!

  29. What a gorgeous bride! I just love your cake.

    We had a surprise wedding. Threw a beach engagement party and surprised everyone by getting married. The surprise kind of backfired though, the minute we sent out invites a month prior to the event, hubby to be was posted to for a month and I was left to do all the work myself.

    19 years in November and with my favourite photographer about to relocate to the UK, I had planned on surprising hubby by renewing our vows and having a ‘proper’ ceremony (although he isn’t getting out of the cooking, cleaning and slaving after me vows he already took) but we found out this week, he will be at sea.

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