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Fabulous blogger and author and crafter and all-round good person Pip Lincolne started this idea of “taking stock” way back at the start of the year. She’s even including the below list in her upcoming book.

I joined in then and really did mean to do this once a quarter but, you know … life … and … LIFE.

I really wanted to do it this week as we’re a third of the way through our road trip, I’ve had a super exciting and busy couple of months with Unlock Your Style launch and the next two months is also booked solid with book and speaking events and blog work.

I still pinch myself every day that this is my job. It can get fabulously hectic and easily tip into overwhelm but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whenever the overwhelm knocks at the door, I do try and take time out and take stock. It’s not always possible but it’s worth a try.

Here’s where I’m at now.

Making: Memories. We are Day 4 on our road/fly trip to Adelaide. It’s the first we’ve done with Master SY. It’s the first we’ve done together as a couple. We’re seeing more of Australia. We’re meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.
Cooking: Pulled-pork tacos. Before we went away we had friends and their kids over for dinner. Is there any better way to feed a tribe?
Drinking: Champagne. Because life’s too short not to celebrate with Champagne.
Reading:  Gone Girl. Need to finish it before the movie comes out. I’m making Mr SY read it too … so we can discuss it. Gripping.
Wanting:  For nothing. Life is good. Spending time on the road, throwing out the routine is a good thing.
Looking:  Forward to meeting SY readers at the Adelaide launch of my book, Unlock Your Style.
Playing: At each stop on our trip, Master SY has kids to play with. It amazes me how it only takes kids all of 2.5 seconds to either become best friends or pick up where they left off last time they met.


Deciding: Not to drive all the way to Adelaide was a VERY GOOD IDEA. Mr SY and I sat down over dinner just over a week ago and really broke down our “idea” of this trip and realised that that would be a strettchhhhhh in such a limited time. Instead we decided to drive to Canberra and fly to Adelaide from there.
Wishing: That we’d done this sooner. I guess I was always scared that Mr SY and I would end up killing each other about an hour into the journey. So far, so good … except that bit where the GPS sent us through an industrial area to do a u-turn on to the motorway. Still don’t know why that happened.
Enjoying: The simple things. Good conversations. Smiling faces. And special morning teas (below was at Your Vintage Occasion Tea Salon, inside Dirty Jane’s in Bowral).

Your Vintage Occasion Tea Salon

Waiting:  To see what today will bring. We’re heading to the Nation’s Capital. I want to see the flowers; Mr SY the War Memorial. Life’s about contrasts, yes?
Liking: Seeing parts of Australia that I’ve never seen – or haven’t seen for a very long time.
Wondering: About the end of the year. It’s coming so fast. So much is booked in. I’ll be taking one day and one week at a time.
Loving: BabyMac‘s house filled with light and love.

BabyMac house

BabyMac house guest room

Pondering: How different life has been for us this year. Moving to Brisbane has been a good thing. There is more time for US without hours sucked up by commuting.
Considering: 2015. Is it too early? I don’t think so. We are planning a trip to Europe to visit my parents, Mr SY’s extended UK family and our good friends who are living in Italy for a year.
Watching: We are “between” TV shows at the moment and looking for a new show to binge on. This is how we watch our favourite shows. Episode after episode. Lying on the couch at 11pm on a Saturday night, ewaiting for the other to say … “just one more episode”.
Hoping: That Asher Keddie’s new TV show, Party Tricks, will help fill the void Offspring left in my heart and my wardrobe.
Marvelling: That tulips aren’t just found in florist shops. They grow in public gardens. And that people don’t cut them and take them home.


Needing: To slow time, to savour more of all of this.
Smelling: All the fresh flowers. Tulips, bluebells, daffodils, freesias, camellias.


Wearing: I’ve mostly packed Mela Purdie clothes and flat shoes (these Frankie4 Footwear slides are my faves) for this trip. I love being able to pull out any piece and know that it doesn’t matter that it’s been in a suitcase all week.

Mela Purdie top and pants  | Metalicus tank Zoe Kratzmann sandals

Following: Miss Chardy. I met Miss Chardy at last month’s Problogger Training Event. She lives hours from nowhere in the Northern Territory, wears a strand of pearls like nobody’s business and as her name suggests, loves a Chardy or two.
Noticing: The change of seasons. I love this. I especially love it when you can see spring evolving before your eyes. Trees budding, flowers blooming. At home it’s the frangipani trees that are welcoming us with new foliage. Down south, new growth and the renewal that comes post-winter is every where.
Knowing: Life is good. Right now, in this moment. Life is very good.
Thinking: About friends who don’t have it so good right now. Friends who have been hit hard by sick family members and tragedy.
Admiring: Those same friends for their honesty, strength and courage.
Sorting: Through last summer’s clothes … a big job I’d planned to do the Sunday before we left on our road trip but the small matter of the shower door falling off its hinges and landing in glass shards on me put paid to that idea. It’s first on the list when I return. It stresses me not to have my wardrobe organised and ready for the warm weather.
Buying: Hostess gifts. I love searching for and hunting down just the right gift for our hosts whenever we stay at a friend’s home.

BabyMac House

Getting: My fill of family time.
Bookmarking: Accommodation and sight-seeing options along this road trip. Can highly recommend Yamba and Angourie as great places to stop for sangas beside the beach … and as far as motels go, Kempsey Powerhouse rates a very good mention. Very clean, awesome bed and sheets – and the food at the restaurant was superb.

Blue pool Angourie

Angourie NSW

Kempsey Powerhouse

Disliking: I’m drawing a blank. When life is good, the niggling dislikes fade into the distance, don’t they?
Opening: A bottle of Champagne. Because it’s Monday afternoon.
Giggling: At how Mr SY captures our holiday moments compared with my photos.

Mr SY and Mrs SY ... same but different

Feeling: Content.
Snacking: On too much cheese, dips and chips … buy hey, it’s the holidays.

Chips and chilli tuna dip

Coveting: Colin Munro’s timber products. Have you ever? Don’t think we’re not leaving the Southern Highlands without a board or two. Colin is just one of many local artisans and designers exhibiting at the inaugural DNA Festival in Burrawang this weekend.

Mr Munro wood boards

Oh and Colin’s wife, Mrs Munro goes ok too. I’m taking home one of her pieces next time. You can find out more about the Munros here.

Helping: Drive and navigate. Mr SY did all the driving on the first day. He didn’t trust me, I don’t think. He came to his senses the next day and we split the shifts.
Hearing: The sounds of kids laughing under a hose on the trampoline. Is there a sweeter sound?

Where are you at? Perhaps you’d like to complete Pip’s list? Perhaps you’d like to answer just three or four of the prompts in the comments below?

A blank list for you…


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  1. Lovely post, one of those getting to know you ones, and your sense of right place right time and contentment. I’d love to read your coping strategies for overwhelm one day. You’ve had such a huge year and deal with it all so well, your tips would be so welcome here at Casa Chaos.

    1. Thanks Seana and when the overwhelm factor slows down yes, I’ll do that post. Some days are better than others. But I do take a one day at a time approach with an overview of the week and month ahead.

  2. This is great – sounds like a super happy time for you and yours! Having Mr SY read Gone Girl is genius, it completely requires a debrief at the end! I too am following Miss Chardy after having the great pleasure of meeting her at Problogger – wicked sense of humour and plenty of fun to share with everyone!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip x

  3. You know what I love about you Nikki? Is that you’re down to earth and are so caring of your family and friends. I hope the trip home is just as fun. X

  4. You were positively glowing yesterday and I couldn’t help but be swept up in the sparkly magic that was the Unlock Your Style event. You’re such a special soul and I always gain so much just by being in your presence. Keep shining, beautiful friend. x

  5. This is just a LOVELY post that encourages us to reflect…always a good thing. Thank you Nikki. My sister lives in the southern highlands – how GOOD is it foodie wise?? and Floriade is gorgeous too. Thanks for elegantly lifting a curtain on your life x

  6. Hi Nikki, thanks a gazillion for mentioning me, you are an absolute champ. I think I might give that list a whirl….one day. Loving those tulips, please don’t tell me they are in Beth’s garden…that would kill me….. and go Mr & Mrs Munro!!!

    1. You’re very welcome! The tulips were in a public park! Beth has some in her garden that will bloom in the next week or so, watch Instagram, I’ve told her I want a photo! And you’d love Mr and Mrs Munro!

  7. LOVE THIS post Nikki, and will be copying and pasting that list to make a post of my own too! Thank you!
    My hubby and I did a roadtrip to Melbourne {from Brisbane} before the kids were born and it was not what I expected – I was picturing the magic of romantic, slow, freedom-rich adventuring – but he just wanted to get to our destination and pretty much drove the whole 24hours straight with only the occasional fuel stop – UGH! Hence to say, we’ve never been on one since! I love that you added a stay at Beth’s house – so lovely to have friendships that just work, no matter the geographical distance between.
    Again, Great list! Great post!
    Safe travels x

    1. LOL … no wonder you haven’t done one since. It’s always tempting to just keep driving but there are so many things to see along the way. And yes, I’m so lucky to have these friendships – on to Bianca in Adelaide tonight and staying with Mrs Woog on the way home.

  8. Road trips really are the best. We’ve done so many of them. So glad you’re enjoying yours, and thanks for sharing all those fab photos too! I’m thinking of 2015 too! 2014 has been life-changing for us so I’m sure 2015 will follow through! I was in Coles the other day and saw Christmas pud’s for sale, and I thought ooooh I’d like one of those and thinking at the same time, how lovely to have this in the middle of the year – stop! – it’s nearly Christmas – where did the time go?!

  9. Hi Nikki, not exactly hootintootin at the moment. It’s been a really rough 4-6 weeks so I’m really wishing I could crawl into bed and not get up until all’s well in my world again. I’m wondering how long it will be before everything is ok and I’m loving my DH who organised for 12 long stemmed pink roses to be delivered to me yesterday with the message – just to brighten your Monday.

  10. What an amazing adventure you’re having, not just in the car, but in life, in general! I love reading and doing these taking stock posts. I’m still on holidays in Bali so wishing holidays could last forever, drinking lots of cocktails and thinking how hard it is going to be to adjust to real life after 6 weeks away! And how good is binge-TV? There’s nothing like watching back to back episodes, watching one at a time, week by week is torturous! Happy trippin’!

  11. I love this I will do some of these Nikki when I have time and aren’t Mrs and Mr Munro very clever people ,enjoy the next leg of your trip Xx

  12. Love this!
    Especially that when you are enjoying life and family, any feeling or thing you’re “disliking” becomes harder to consider, let alone articulate. Isn’t that what we’re all striving for, when we are in pursuit of happiness?
    My Mum had a minor stroke last week. She’s recovering well, but a scare like that puts a lot of things into perspective.

  13. What a great list ! Your road trip sounds wonderful ! We have just spent 3 weeks in Florida making memories of our last holiday as a family of 6. Our eldest moved out on Saturday to share an apartment with his girlfriend. A wee bit sad but they were so excited !! Life moves on

  14. glad you are enjoying your trip nikki and family … yes! … memories of Europe on the other side of the road pre GPS … help!!! exciting times to say the least! … many close encounters of killing the lover/sig other en route!
    still together after many more road trips! however I’m liking the plane, bus, boat or train these days … getting too neurotic and phobic! lol m:)X

      1. welcome to SA … I think a bit of a rough landing today in Adelaide nikki!
        shocker weather down here where we live!
        i would love to have met you, but unfortunately too far to drive at that time of the day ie. to the city then back again 3-4 hour round trip … don’t enjoy that drive into the city these days. love m:)X

  15. Thats lovely Nikki. So great when life is in such a great place. Champas on a monday night is always a good thing. I was also inspired by pip and mrs woog and recently took stock for sept. Such a cool thing to do and look back on at a later time. http://my2morrows.com/

  16. How lucky are you Nikki? Beautiful memories. Beautiful people and fun times. Road trips are the best. My family and I had a lot of those when we were little. Driving to Sydney from the a small country town to spend time with family and fun with all the cousins. Enjoy the rest of your trip. V x

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