spring 2014 fashion trends - block heels

Which spring 2014 fashion trends are for you? Part 3

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It’s Day 3 and the final in my spring 2014 fashion trends series. You can catch up with the previous parts here and here.

I’ve left the more tricky bits until last for good reason.

It’s actually very easy to look at trends in colours and patterns and find things that you immediately connect with.

Especially when you realise you don’t have to be all things to all trends. That they are there for the picking and choosing.

The not-so-easy bit is identifying and incorporating new shapes and styles of clothes and accessories.

I use the word “new” rather liberally here as mostly these shapes and styles are not new, they’re reinventions of styles and shapes from previous fashion eras.

These are the more high-fashion aspects of the season. If your wardrobe style is firmly classic then they are not something you should feel you need to embrace.

They are for playing with and adopting if it’s something you feel confident doing so. To help you play, I’ve also included a few style tips for each.

Block heels

I’ve already embraced this shoe style. I wore them back in the ’90s and I’m not afraid to embrace again. A little height plus comfort is very much a motivating shoe factor for me. The modern take on the block heel is the inclusion of an ankle strap. If you’re worried about this chopping your legs off at the ankle then opt for a nude, tan, white or metallic colour and it will lessen the effect. If wearing pants with your ankle-strapped shoes then it won’t matter at all.

spring 2014 fashion trends - block heels

1. Siren heels $149.95 @ The Iconic | 2. Target sandals $40 | 3. Django & Juliette heels $169.95 @ Styletread


I’ve been sitting on the fence with this shoe trend but I’ve tipped over to the yes side, with some conditions. The wearing of slides would not even be considered a trend for my Birkenstock-loving friends but for those of us who have never been on board the Birkenstock train, there are plenty of other similar options around this season. I’m very much giving this one a tick for the comfort offering. I feel they can be worn stylishly with streamlined pants or jeans or shorter shorts and skirts. However, if the skirt or dress length hits below the knees, it misses the mark and ventures into daggy territory … unless you are a supermodel. In which case, as you were.

Spring 2014 fashion trends - slides

1. Frankie4 Footwear Georgie slides $179.95 | 2. Cotton On slides $29.95 | 3. Seed slides $79.95

Midi skirts

Midi skirts look amazing when worn with heels. So if you’re a heel person, by all means get on board. If you are more a flats-wearing girl, then this skirt look will not do anything for you. To keep the proportions on of the long, slim skirt just right, it needs to be balanced out with some height from below. The exception? If you’re already as tall as an average-height woman in heels.

spring 2014 fashion trends - midi skirt

1. Sussan skirt $99.95 | 2. Kardashian Kollection skirt $79.95 | 3. Target skirt $40

’60s tunics

I love a ’60s-style garment and you’ll always find tunics in my wardrobe. The key to finding a style that works for you is to look for ones without excess fabric. Try down a size from your usual to see if the flare of the dress sits better but still looks ok across your bust or shoulders. This look is all about the legs, so get them out or encase them in a pair of skinny-leg pants.

spring 2014 fashion trends - 60s tunic dress

1. Mossee dress $159.95 @ The Iconic | 2. Trenery tunic $149 | 3. Lucciola dress $120 @ Blue Bungalow

Hip-length blazers

I’m a big fan of the spring blazer. This season you’ll find more hip-length styles out there. This length won’t suit everyone. It’s not necessarily a good one for me as the length ends at the widest part of my body. I say not necessarily, as sometimes the drape and cut of the blazer will win out over the length and it will sit beautifully. Play around and opt for a more cropped style if you’re petite. You don’t want to drown under too much fabric.

spring 2014 fashion trends - blazers


1. Sussan blazer $119.95 | 2. Blue Illusion jacket $179.95 | 3. Dorothy Perkins jacket $69.95 @ The Iconic

Do any of these trends in shape and style “speak” to you? 

PS. My blogging friends Kimba Likes and Redcliffe Style are helping us get motivated in our wardrobes for spring with the #springfling hashtag on Instagram – it’s a great addition to my #everydaystyle challenge and will help us re-focus on what we wear when it’s warmer.

* Some of these links are affiliate links – you don’t pay any more but I’ll receive a small commission should you buy the garment featured.

Comments 37

  1. The only treatment that works is Eulactyl cream and you gave to use it every night. I have same problem but wear socks and joggers or sneakers as much as possible. If you let it go the cracks are very hard to treat.
    I like some of these sandals but beware of the sole. They can be slippery and I learnt that when I slipped on my balcony stairs.

  2. Nikki,

    I am happy that weather is warming up but am worried as my feet have been in hibination all winter. What do you do to get your feet ready for the summer season. I find my heels crack easily and get very dry.

  3. Really LOVE that block heels are back in – just gorgeous! Love the tunics too – that’s me! And I don’t mind the slides either – I saw a woman wearing a really pretty pink tunic dress and pink patent slides and she looked fabulous!

    1. Some of these block heels actually flatter your legs. Beside my feet kill me in too high or too thin heels and there’s nothing worse than walking with a pained expression.

  4. At this stage, I think I’ll bypass the slides – there’s just other flat comy shoes that I like more. I am thinking I could venture into block heel territory. I’d really like a pair of clog type sandals. Did love my block heels back in the 90’s!

  5. My ankles (and everything else) are super puffy at the moment and I’m reevaluating my shoe options to disguise this. It’s not exactly going well. I’ve added two tunic tops to my wardrobe, something that I never thought should be in my wardrobe but thanks to yourself and Kimba Likes my style is evolving.

  6. I love a bit of a heel so I’m loving the blocked variety but I just can’t do slides that well unfortunately. They make my legs look so short therefore frumpy in the process. I would love to see how you would wear slides in a stylish way Nikki!

  7. I am really loving the block heel and those animal print ones you have linked to are fab – I think the cross over strap is a good look for me. I can see those shoes in my future. lol
    The other trends – not sure at this stage but I have a feeling the slides and tunics might grow on me!

  8. I won’t be doing any of those. Long flowy dresses, little cardigans, ballet flats and head scarves. Always and forever. Midi skirts (unless they’re SUPER tight and cut in at me knees) make me look really frumpy. I do adore this round up though. The 60s dresses are cute as.

  9. I absolutely adore midi-length pencil skirts! It’s a classic style that’s me all over; I’m so pleased it’s made a return. Really love it with some elegant heels, and a just-over-the-waist-length or Chanel jacket. Just a pity the Kardashian skirt does not go up to my size! Gorgeous colour too…
    Slides are ok on a very limited basis – ok with shorter-length shorts or a short floaty summer dress. Thanks Nikki for another great round-up! x

  10. I am totally loving the sussan skirt and I have a feeling it will be making it’s way into my wardrobe sooner rather than later! I’m a blazer girl year round too.

  11. I love tunics and the block heels are great because I can actually walk in them,but the midi skirt no I would look frumpy in it and the blazer would be ok i think.Nikki I’m loving these blog posts thank you very much I feel like I am on top of the new season fashions Xx
    PsS I’m still on the fence about these slides but would maybe get a cheapie pair and have a try!

  12. Oh Nikki, I have to laugh when I read these things and realise just how clueless I am. Love that length of skirt (think I’ve mentioned I hate my knees) but always wear with flats … and I’m a shorty. Fashion faux pas extraordinaire, that’s me! Love the block heels … they remind me of my mum!! What goes around comes around, eh? x

    1. Oh my god I think we are twins, I was just reading through these comments and wondering is someone would write that they were short… I am to and I to hate my knees!!! Any tips I’ll take them 😉

  13. Tunics are my favourite thing in the world! So glad there will be a lot to choose from this season. As a tall person, I appreciate their versatility, and as a person who has birthed three children, I appreciate their ability to hide a multitude.

  14. I just cannot get over the fact that slides are in this season. I see photos of myself in the 90s wearing slides and I want to die. I will never embrace them! Give me Havaianas any day! 🙂

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