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Which spring 2014 fashion trends are for you? Part 1

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Spring has sprung in my part of the world.

It did take its time to reach the forecast 27 degrees yesterday and today is forecast at only 22 but there is a distinct seasonal change in the air.

Whenever that happens, I get a sudden urge to re-organise and re-edit my wardrobe.

I know this is not necessarily something that comes naturally to all but it’s something I’ve been doing for some time. Even before telling others to do so became my professional gig.

Today, I’m going to give a brief run-down of some of the key spring 2014 fashion trends in colour that have already landed in our stores.

It’s essential, however, that you’ve covered off on two things before you get seduced by any spring show-pony clothes shopping:

1. Edit your wardrobe.

2. Make sure you have the basics covered.

This is very much the foundation of my book, Unlock Your Style (shameless but essential plug). In the book I take you through the step-by-step process that works for me when I’m doing the edit and I’ve got a checklist that will help you get clear on what basics you need.

Basics may equal boring when it comes to shopping but, trust me, with basics that fit and flatter in your wardrobe, you’ll always have something to wear.

Now, let’s get into those trends.

Each fashion season brings with it so many, many trends. Instead of being bamboozled by this, break it down. Or read on as I’ve broken it down for you.

Trends can either come under the umbrella of colour, pattern, texture, styles or era.

The thing is, you don’t have to adopt every trend. For that matter, you don’t have to adopt any of them if you don’t want. But if you do want to inject a seasonal update into your wardrobe then I suggest that you seek out and play with the trends that you most identify with and the ones that fit in with your lifestyle.

This season there are more than a few trends that you might just have pieces to suit already in your wardrobe.

Pull them out, play and re-invent them.

Here are five of the colour trends we’re seeing in store now. I’ll share more of pattern trends tomorrow. And on Friday, trends in garment and accessory shapes.


spring 2014 fashion trends white

1. Bohemian Traders boyfriend linen shirtmaker $229 | 2. Sachi block heels $129.95 | 3. Seed jacket $199.95


Spring 2014 fashion trends navy

1. Country Road dress $149 | 2. Blue Illusion scarf $79.95 | 3. Living Doll shirt $59.95 @ Birdsnest


Spring 2014 fashion trends - monochrome

1. Blue Illusion dress $149.95 | 2. Peter Morrissey for Big W dress $39 | 3. Target flats $25


Spring 2014 fashion trends pastels

1. Sportscraft jacket $269.95 | 2. Country Road shirt $129 | 3. Walnut shoes $49.95 @ Birdsnest


Spring 2014 fashion trends metallics

1. Saba skirt $230 | 2. Seed knit $149.95 | 3. Louenhide bag $109.95 @ Birdsnest

Do any of these colour trends “speak” to you? What’s on your clothes shopping list for spring?  Come back tomorrow for a look at print trends.

PS. My blogging friends Kimba Likes and Redcliffe Style are helping us get motivated in our wardrobes for spring with the #springfling hashtag on Instagram – it’s a great addition to my #everydaystyle challenge and will help us re-focus on what we wear when it’s warmer.

* Some of these links are affiliate links – you don’t pay any more but I’ll receive a small commission should you buy the garment featured.

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  1. Hi Nikki, I discovered the Peter Morrissey collection in Big W and was pleasantly surprised. In fact I have been back 3 days in a row to get more! The items are really bold and gorgeous and so inexpensive. I got the monochrome zebra skirt and yellow crew neck blouse yesterday for $40 (total) as they are currently on sale. What a great outfit for under $50 and it looks very upmarket. I’m going back today to get the zebra cami and pants! I love it when designers collaborate with mass merchants.

      1. I spoke to the Big W staff when I was there today (buying more) and they said he had some more stock coming soon for summer. Can’t wait! I even bought a few pieces from them online since they didn’t have my size in store. They are on-sale at the moment, so I got 2 pairs of his shoes, a pair of pants and another skirt for under $75. Very happy!

  2. hmmmm navy the pick of these I think… though I like those tarjay ballet flats in black + white! Thanks for the heads up. I always get something out of your posts Nikki though haven’t commented in eons 🙂

      1. I’m sure your publicist is all over this but if you need any help this end just let me know. 🙂 Pretty sure Big W stock your books and my local Big W is at Karrinyup Shopping Centre. They have just hosted a style session with They All Hate Us which was impressive but more suited to the younger generation. Would love to see you do something similar targeted at the generation that probably spends more money in the store 😉

  3. The monochrome dress by Peter Morrissey, I bought the shirt in that print and wear it open for breastfeeding access. I love that monochrome is staying around. I love pastels too but have to wear cool coloured ones or I look too blah. Love Navy and White. Gosh I’m loving everything!! I need to hold my purse strings!!

  4. I’m so glad monochrome is sticking around because I was late to the party! And I’m sitting here in navy stripes and a navy vest patting myself on the back, haha. Love that Living Doll shirt. There’s an outlet near me – might wander down there tomorrow!

  5. Yay navy!! I have for some time been trying to transition my mostly black wardrobe to more navy and grey, but have struggled to find good foundation pieces that aren’t black. Perhaps this season I can have some success.

    Am also loving the metallics. If anyone knows where I can get a nice pair of silver metallic Oxfords or similar lace ups that won’t break the bank, I’d love to know!

  6. Our blog is a lifestyle blog where we write about our passion for everything ‘home’ and it always fascinates me how the trends for our wardrobe are exactly the same as the trends for our home…white, navy, monochrome, pastels and metallics.

  7. I am all set for the monochrome already with three black and white dresses and one pair of ankle pants. Plus lots of plain black seperates!! I love the white and navy too. I wonder about metallics – I tend to prefer them at night, done wrong they can look cheap…however done right they can be fun. I am considering dipping my toes into pastels with a couple of tees, but not sure about that one yet.

  8. Great post! Love the white, and the navy. Also love the black/white shoes, and the little yellow sneakers! Fashions this summer are looking great! Maybe I’ll have to buy a little bit of red lippie!!!

  9. Yes they do Nikki I bought a gorgeous white jacket from Liz Jordan last week in a silk fabric and a pair of black and white pants with pink piping and a jumpsuit and a Trenery dress so I’m on it!I just have to do a wardrobe edit of my spring /summer wardrobe.It is freezing in Sydney we have icy winds today.Great post Nikki x

  10. Navy – yay!
    I bought a white jacket in a stretchy heavier jersey that I loved wearing in Asia over work style dresses during their summer, and also over jeans and a navy silk shirt last week at home for a date night.
    I think I’ll be sticking to accessories for my metallic fix.

        1. Is that the one in your what to wear to a conference blog, Nikki? I bookmarked to have a look for it now that Blue Illusion are in Myer Sydney a City store.

  11. I’ve been wearing navy day-in, day-out lately, it’s a really easy way for me to transition from Winter heavier pieces to Spring styles!

  12. Love navy and just bought a white jacket from David Lawrence. I’m so in love! Just have to keep it clean. Loving the yellow sandshoes from Walnut. Time to work my way through my wardrobe with my copy of your book! 🙂

  13. I’ll pretty much be channelling all those trends/colours this Spring as they all feature rather heavily in my wardrobe. Don’t you love it when that happens! I particularly like metallic accessories in summer to dress up neutral outfits. x

  14. Thanks for this post Nikki. Navy! Hooray – I love it. The monochrome look is pleasing me more than I thought it would too. I usually look for colour at this time of year, but picked up a few lovely black/white tops in Sussan last weekend. I particularly like how some of their fabrics have a smooth/silky backing that means the top falls really nicely.

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