How to create a simple red lip look

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Do you use YouTube tutorials for makeup application tips?

I do.

Especially when the women delivering those tips into my computer or tablet screen are relatable to me and my lifestyle.

As you know I’m all about the simple beauty routine.

I’m not a young, single woman with time on her hands. I need quick makeup looks and I need them to be in place in minutes.

Last weekend at the Problogger Training Event, I got to meet the gorgeous Aleesa from Glam Me Up.

Aleesa is a makeup artist in her fabulous 40s and one of the most common questions she’s asked is: “how do I apply makeup in my 40s?” Quickly followed by: “how do I look younger?”.

“Many believe that outdated adage ‘you have to wear less makeup as you age’ and are so fear-stricken they wear nearly no make-up at all,” says Aleesa.

I love that Aleesa does not believe we have to pull back our makeup routines based on a number.

how to create a simple red lip look | Aleesa Hall | Glam Me Up

This video tutorial below about how to create a simple red lip look with a really glamorous after 5pm makeup is testimony to that.

If you like Aleesa’s tutorial, subscribe to her YouTube channel for more great tips.

My fave red lip colours

5 fave red lip colours | How to create a simple red lip look

(From top)

Illamasqua Lipstick in Sangers $30 : Like a deep, matte red that sticks in place? This is your va-va-voom lippy. It’s highly pigmented and makes a very powerful lip statement.

Napoleon Perdis Lady in Red (N/A): It will be a very sad day indeed when my supply of this lip gloss/stain runs out. I stockpiled three years ago when I first came across it as at the time it was the first red lip colour I’d successfully worn. It has staying power but is soft and glossy on the lips. Plus, the deep pink/red shade was just right for me. Unfortunately it was limited edition and no longer available. Mr Perdis, please bring it back!

Maybelline NY Color Elixir Color Sensational Creamy Lip Lacquer in Signature Scarlet $17.95:  This is a new Maybelline lip product and is similar to the L’Oreal Paris’ Shine Caresse range. Both are budget-friendly version of the YSL Rouge Pur Couture glossy stain. The leaf-tip angled brush is also similar. The lacquer itself doesn’t have the same staying power as YSL but it is a good result for the price. The appeal of this formulation is also in the way it sits so comfortably on your lips.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick in Resolution Red $29.95: When I really don’t want to worry about re-applying my red lippy, this colour and gloss two-in-one is my go-to red lip colour. It’s great for events or long lunches where a normal lip colour would disappear more quickly than the first glass of champers. This deep red is the right shade for me and the colour really does stick. You do need to have the gloss on hand though as without it on, it feels too dry.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Collector in No.9 in Rouge Laque $52:  To celebrate 50 years of beauty, YSL has released my fave glossy stain in a limited edition collector’s gold casing. I have three colours in this formula and this red (No.9) is one of my faves. It has a touch more orange than the others but enough deep red to work with my skin tone. It’s a luxe buy, yes, but one that comes with a full glam effect.

So tell me, do you pop a red lip on occasion? Every day? Still scared? And if you have any questions for Aleesa, make sure you leave them too.

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  1. I’m blonde, in my mid 40s, bit of a beach girl, full lips and just can’t pull off red lipstick! It feels too much and too out there. Wish I could but it does scare me!

  2. Gosh, I rarely wear a red lip. I’m a gloss girl, but I do know that my red lip has to have more brown in it to suit my complexion. Fire Engine red does me no favours.

  3. It is very very rare to see me wear anything but red lipstick! I started wearing it only on the weekends just on five years ago when I first learnt the vintage/pin-up hair & makeup; eventually it became the only colour that I wear!

  4. I adore a red lip but never ever wear one. I’m afraid it looks ” too much” on me & that everyone is staring ( I know they aren’t but still…). I actually hardly ever wear a lipstick because I have full lips & I think they stand out too much so prefer a really light gloss. Just once I’d love to go out wearing red lipstick. Just once 🙂

    1. I hear you Reannon.
      I’d like to be able to go confidently out with red lipstick but also wonder I just look too “try hard”. maybe we should set up a national wear red lipstick day so people like us can have a go without standing out too much….

  5. Nikki and Elsa and all the other ladies!!!
    I sure do agree, a red lip looks bold, polished and old world glamorous
    I love, luv, lurve red lipstick and have since my early twenties. I have warm brown/ caramel skintone due my Indian background and find people always comment on how fresh and healthy I look with red lippy.
    What a boost to my self-confidence- and my ego !!!.. 😉
    I do wear deep neutrals too but then will go back to the reds….
    These are my favoured reds….Estée Lauder,no.62 “Scarlett” ; Guerlain no122 ; Revlon no.040 “red velvet”….. She: “love”. The brightest and boldest red is Nutrimetics “ultimate red”….
    Thanks for putting the spotlight on make-up for those in our 40s ( and the soon to be 50! )

  6. I love wearing a red lippy to add some colour if I’m in my charcoal grey and navy suits. Current favourite is a Clinique crayon ‘Two Ton Tomato’.
    Not sure about wearing it when I’m in my brightly coloured clothes. With my coloured blue spec frames it may be a little too OTT??

  7. I’m certainly no expert in the makeup department but find a bit of slap does wonders to even my mid 40’s complexion. Although I do concede that I have gone a little more subtle in the eye department during the day though than I used to rock as a sweet young thing! My lips are never without something on them and have long been a bold lip girl (when I’m not neutral 🙂 – red and a bright fuchsia pink are my go to colours. The brighter the better! Love them! I’m always a revlon red girl but happily flirt with other brands too.

  8. After listening to Elsa speak at the L’Oreal evening at PB I’ve been inspired to wear lippy, and red one at that! It still feels a bit funny but I figure what have I got to lose! But before going nuts I’ll take her advice and just smudge on a bit for a few weeks before going full blown RED!

  9. Yes I’m in the too scared category Nikki and I do have a question for Aleesa I have bought so many red lipsticks and still can’t find the red that suits me,I look like a drag queen or I think I do when I wear it,I am 50 and have blonde hair (I’m natural grey with some dark thrown in ) and have a warm,pale olive complexion,thank you in advance!
    Nikki I love this girl Aleesa you are just so real and we need more makeup people like you and also understanding what suits an over 40 year old,thank you Nikki for introducing us to Alessa ,great post x

  10. Wearing bright lip colours is something I’ve only done for a couple of years, but wow the compliments you get! I have fallen head over heels for lip crayons. So easy to wear (no bleeding even with the brightest red), and I can “almost” put them on without a mirror- my dancer aunt always did that and I thought it was so glamourous.

    I love Nars, but also Revlon in the different finishes.

    My tip to finding a colour that works: hit the makeup counter somewhere in your budget and ask for help. I think they’re so used to ladies avoiding them that they love the challenge to show what they can do. I like Mecca because they have multiple ranges to choose from, and once you have built that confidence trying other brands and colours seems easier.

  11. Love a red lip. If people saw my face without makeup they’d run screaming and crying from the room. My favourite red lippy is a mac one whose name I’ve forgotten x

  12. Gosh, all through my 20’s I wore a matte red lipstick (my lips are biggish so I loved the look). At 47 I’m not bold enough now – feel it would bring attention to other imperfections on my old skin!

  13. If you enjoy the wisdom of make up artists and want another rec, try Lisa Eldridge. She is in her 40’s, and is incredibly talented. I have learnt a heap of useful techniques from her.

  14. I LOVE RED LIPPIE. For me it’s a go anywhere, any day, any time colour. I have 3 of the 5 that you’ve shown – Illamasqua, Napoleon and YSL. Will be checking out the other 2! thanks

  15. YSL Rouge pur couture all the way.
    Love it as much as I love Chanel Rouge Noir.
    I left my little make up purse in the staff bathroom, my staff new instantly that it was mine when they saw that lipstick and iPhone cable in it!

        1. Oh dear, so OTT with comments, but I am addicted this morning to Aleesa’s tutorials, what fabulous advice for this 40+ lady. I have bookmarked it too.

    1. I have a rosy complexion. I don’t mind too much if a lippy clashes but when I’m after a polished look I use a CC cream on my face. This tones down the pinkness and enables me to wear any lippy colour.

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