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You know when you try and use a skincare product, you like it but for some reason move on to something else, forgetting just how good that skincare product was for your skin?

That’s what has happened to me over the past few weeks.

I first trialled and used NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream two years ago.

I remember being impressed with the results and the simplicity of incorporating this into my skincare routine but, as is the nature of my job, I moved on to the next product that landed across my desk.

Until last month.

NIVEA asked me to re-visit this product – it’s now SPF 30+ (in July 2013 it was SPF 15) – and I’m very happy I have.

The difference is visible.

Before and after NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+ trial

Don’t you just love a before and after photo?

Of. Someone. Else’s. Face.

You know how I like my makeup but for the greater good I’ve bared my skin for all to see. You’re welcome.

These photos were taken in the Styling You bathroom – a beautiful, natural-lit space that makes it wonderful for applying makeup and for also seeing quite clearly ALL THE THINGS on your face.

I have not digitally altered the photos in any way. There would be no point – otherwise it’s not a warts wrinkles and all unveiling.

What I have done in the past few weeks is have my eyebrows threaded, hence less of the little blonde hairs above and between my eyebrows.

And I’ve had one calming facial. My skin has been under a lot of stress due to me being under stress over the past couple of months but that is finally settling down. The redness in the before photo is far greater than the after.

Where I feel the Q10 has come into play is in the overall plumpness of my skin – particularly around the chin and the cheeks.

The greatest visible improvement to fine lines and wrinkles has been on my neck and chest. I’m a side sleeper so “chinkles” have been a part of my life since my early 30s. I see this cream as both a daily protector (sun damage in this area is worse for me than on my face) as well as a daily restorer to help reduce their appearance.

My neck gets all the same treatment in my skincare routine as my face but responds better to gravity than it does to creams. Until the consistent use of Q10. Yes the lines are still there but I feel they are diminished a little.

As for how my skin FEELS when I apply NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+, my skin feels hydrated from application in the morning through to taking off my makeup at night. I love that it’s a non-greasy formula with sustained hydrating benefits.

I’m also noticing that despite me still not getting as much sleep as I should, my skin looks less tired, which means I look less tired. Winning.

I have the anti-sluggish skin action of Q10 to thank for that. Q10 is a co-enzyme that occurs naturally in our cells. Its job is to give the cells and energy boost, fight off free radicals and protect and regenerate our skin cells.

Just quietly, I love you Q10. Long may you work your magic.

Money-back promise

It’s not too late to give NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+ a try – without any risk to your hard-earned cash (it retails for just under $20).

Simply pick up a tub of NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+ next time you’re doing the groceries or buy online via eBay (where you’ll also get a free NIVEA Daily Essentials Refreshing Face Wash Gel cleanser) or Priceline (where it’s currently available on a buy two NIVEA products, get one free promotion). 

NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+

You have until September 21 to register to be a part of the money-back promotion. Register here when you’ve bought your Q10 moisturiser.

Then commit to applying it every day.

NIVEA would also love to hear your reviews – leave your thoughts here.

Who has already bought this product? Have you noticed a difference in your skin?

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  1. One week into my Nivea test drive and have to say I am so happy with the results. SO many complicated products out there these days and this is really simple and I must say effective…..Thanks for the tip Nikki and the reason us readers follow you. Lookinf forward to your Perth visit 🙂

  2. I saw your previous post on this product, vowed to try it, but only got around to getting it yesterday. I wondered how you fared with it so thanks for the update. Missed the Priceline promo though, boohoo. BTW I was also looking for a lighter SPF30 eye cream too, but couldn’t find one, not even sure if I need a different cream. So was wondering if you had considered doing a post on SPF protection for eyes? I find the heavier SFP face creams seem to find their way into my eyes in summer – think stinging, streaming and panda eyes. So I tend to avoid the SPF on my eyes relying on SPF30 foundation instead which I don’t like wearing all the time. Do need something though as, since moving to Australia, I’m getting lots of squint wrinkles! Oh the dilemmas!

    1. I generally avoid the eye area with SPF products Claire as they do make their way into my eyes. I rely on my sunnies to do that protection. The only ones I suggest you try are ones that are specifically formulated for near eyes.

  3. Ok Nikki you convinced me to try this out. So this morning I went to Priceline and buy three Nivea product for the price of two … Cha-Ching! Armed with my day cream, night cream and eye cream I’ll give it a red hot go, But no make free selfies for me…thanks for being brave.

  4. Whenever I buy a new cream I use it on half my face for about two weeks and see if I can notice any difference- if not I don’t bother buying it again.

  5. I’m going to try this cream – thanks for sharing it! On another note, loving the result of the eyebrow threading – a little change makes a huge difference to your eyes! More info please 🙂

    1. The threading is nothing new for me Petra – I aim for once a month tidy up and the before photo was when it needed a tidy up, the after just after the tidy! Yes, tamed brows make a huge difference. Here’s a post I wrote about threading when I first started getting it. Get Threaded now has trained threaders and also franchises in Sydney and Brisbane.

  6. I like Nivea products I will get some next week as I am nearly finished my Jurlique products ,do they do a night cream in this range Nikki?.
    I like that you have found it good and you show us real pics of a real face,thank you for this review I will get some ASAP .Have a lovely relaxing weekend of you can Nikki Xx

  7. I have tried this product because I’m always on the lookout for high SPF (having had more than my fair share of skin cancer). Unfortunately I’m finding it gets in my eyes over the course of a day and causes stinging. I do wear contacts but don’t normally react to other facial creams. Not really sure why it’s happening, but I do keep using it every now and then, attempting to keep it away from my eye-zone (including today). Will reassess by this evening!

  8. I read the earlier post (has it really been a month???) and really thought long and hard about giving the Niv a go. My skin is a sensitive beast – reacting to products that it shouldn’t, and perfectly happy with some that it probably should … so I’m nervous about trying anything new. What have I got to lose though? (Apart from a few days of red & scaly if I do react). So I’ll pick up a tub and let you know in a month! (Which, like this one, will be gone in the blink of an eye). Thanks for the road test 🙂 x

      1. Thanks Nikki. Good idea … Currently using Clinique (never causes me grief), Dermalogica and rosehip without problem … but something a little more cost effective would be great if it works. (PS loving the rosehip as a serum – best thing I’ve tried in years and absolutely NO reaction).

  9. I have started using both the day and night Q10 creams and I just live how hydrated they keep my skin. I am also noticing little changes and I have those fabulous lines on my chest also. Loving your review. V x

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