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I’ve had reason to pull together some quick evening outfits of late.

I know: First World Problem.

I love colour like the next person but when it comes to a no-fuss, no-fail, no-brainer evening outfit, I’ll reach for black on any occasion.

I don’t find black boring it at all.

I find it an instant solution and blank canvas for some evening bling.

I refuse to accept the fashion myth that it’s a colour that ages you. For me, it’s a classic option that will always be in style.

And it always, ALWAYS looks dressed up.

In today’s post I’m featuring a relaxed LBD from Sydney-based label, Mossee. I’ve featured Mossee here before on the blog.

I’m a fan of this label’s classic styling with a twist.

And this dress is no exception (I featured the red version in this post last week).

The model

Mossee Classic Shift dress

Mossee Classic Shift $159.95 

and me

Mossee dress | Samantha Wills necklace | Nicole Fendel earrings | Nine West heels | Pavo Real ring | pineapple clutch | Michael Kors watch

Mossee dress* (I’m wearing size 14) | Samantha Wills necklace | Nicole Fendel earrings* | Nine West heels | Pavo Real ring* | pineapple clutch from Green Tangerine | Michael Kors watch 

This is so my kind of LBD.

It’s relaxed but with panels that give it shape. It has a hemline that tapers and flatters the top of the knee. And it’s made from a soft, stretch combination of polyester and spandex.

It doesn’t need ironing and can easily be washed

It’s the kind of dress with which you can wear regular underwear and not worry about lumps and bumps – but at the same time not feel like you’re wearing a tent. It drapes just how you’d like a dress to drape.

It’s the kind of dress you could add a blazer or jacket for a work outfit; it’s also a dress that you could layer up for cooler months with tights and a coat.

In short, it’s the kind of wardrobe basic that would be a friend for a very long time.

The Model and Me Mossee SS14-15

What’s your go-to outfit for an evening out? Are you a fan of the LBD?

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration

PS. I’ve just had word from Mossee and that orders for this dress (and the red version – blue is still available but stocks are running low) are coming in thick and fast but the good news is, it will be re-cut and available again late October. You can place your order here.

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  1. My dress arrived today! Squee! I love the taper at the knee and can’t wait to wear it. I’m looking forward to buying necklaces that won’t snag.

  2. Hi Nikki, I’ve just found your blog and wanted to say how inspirational you are with your focus on health. The 5/2 lifestyle is amazing as you only loose body fat and not lean muscle. You are looking fab and it looks to me like you are ready to move down to a size 12. The last few outfits are are lovely, however I believe they are a little too big for you…if you don’t mind me saying.
    Cheers, Heather 🙂

  3. Hi Nikki, love the Model and Me, such a useful idea! I need to know however how tall you are, so I can better evaluate whether this dress would cover my wrinkly knees…thanks!

  4. I’m not sure where my comment went but I adore this dress on you Nikki ,it is chic and would be great for so many occasions and those shoes love!
    I am finding that as I get older and my hair gets “blonder” I can wear black as long as I have a necklace with bling or colour on it,I love your model and me posts x

  5. Nikki , you look fab! and I love how you add the fun touches and one of my long time favs..animal prints. And the clutch with a pineapple design 🙂
    Like others have said before I much prefer the ‘You’ look to the model look.
    Off to start on my wardrobe edit ….;-/

  6. Looking good in the dress! My go-to evening dress is a LPD (purple). Can you tell me what size you are in? And is the dress one that could be shortened or do you think it would lose its shape? The reason I ask is that it’s knee high on you so it would be too long on me.

  7. Looking good in the dress! My go-to evening dress is a LPD (purple). Can you tell me what size you are in? And is the dress one that could be shortened or do you think it would lose its shape? The reason I ask is that it’s knee high on you so it would be too long on me.

  8. Love everything about this must have LBD, Thank goodness for your Model and Me Mondays! Looking gorgeous Nikki, perfect shoes.

    1. I just went to have a look at that dress at The Iconic – it’s a dress I would have flicked past … seeing it on you though … well, then!

    1. Thanks so much Petra. I just love the shoes. Bought them before my book launched as I wanted some shoes to wear that were not too high but had a bit of fun about them. These ones have been perfect. I can stand up in them all night too!

  9. You look gorgeous in this dress Nikki. Leopard print and red lips are the perfect foil for an LBD. I only have a couple of LBDs although I did buy a Sascha Drake convertible dress last summer (after seeing you wear her clothes so well) which provides lots of options. x

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