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Last week I ended up with some strange eye condition. I don’t know what it was or what caused it but the result was a very sore, very red and very puffy eye, out of which I could see very little.

The receptionist at the doctor’s surgery paid me a compliment about my hair.

Immediately I was lifted from my pity party for one and felt about ten feet taller, albeit a tall woman with a wonky, watery eye.

This lovely young woman had looked past the only thing I was focussing on (pun intended as I couldn’t focus on anything) and zoomed straight in on my blow dry.

It reminded me why I prioritise my hair.

On a vanity scale of one to 10, spending time on my hair probably rates a 9.5. Even if I’ve got the minimum of makeup going on, if my hair colour and cut is up to date and it’s been blow dried and styled, then I’m good to take on just about anything.

The eye is better now thanks to some magic steroid drops but this encounter prompted me to share five of the home hair care products that are helping me right now in my quest for good hair days.

They might help your hair along too.

good hair days

1. ghd aura hair dryer ($250)

When I heard that ghd had a new hair dryer on the market, I was a little perplexed. I mean how could they possibly improve on the ghd air (released in 2012). The air changed my hair-styling life, cutting down the time it took to dry my hair by half. If I’m travelling, I take it with me. Most hotel-supplied hair dryers do not cut it. Now I’ve fallen big time for the new dryer on the hair styling block, the ghd aura. The aura includes new technology that allows a more evenly distributed heat stream which aligns the hair in one direction while drying, creating shine and an ultra-smooth finish. It also includes technology that creates a ring of cool air around the hot air. This allows you to dry closer to the scalp for greater volume and lift. The weight of the dryer is lessened by the power supply unit which sits on the ground near the plug. I like this when using at home but it makes for a bulky unit to take travelling. Buy online here or find a salon near you.

2. Hair Romance by Christina Butcher (Murdoch Books $24.99)

Christina is a friend and the blogger behind the hugely successful blog, Hair Romance. Her book of the same name has just been released in Australia, after first being released in the UK last year.  Christina isn’t a hairdresser, she’s a everyday woman with tricky hair. Her blog grew because of her ability to create a different look for her hair every day. In this book, she shared 82 tutorials for hairstyles you can create at home. Think braids, twists, top knots and pony tails … but not has you might know them. More in a way that, if mastered, will turn heads. This is my inspiration whenever I feel like I’m falling into a hair-styling rut. Buy here or in all good book stores.

3. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair BB 11 In 1 Hair Beautifier ($10.99)

This budget tube of goodness (it’s on sale at Priceline at the moment for $7.69)  – some of the lucky attendees of my book events have received it in the gift bag. I hope they’ve given it a try. I have and my hair just loves it. I know it seems gimmicky that a hair product is jumping on the BB Cream train but stick with me here. This formula is applied in one step to towel-dried or fully dry hair from mid-lengths to tips. One step that will bring 11 benefits, from split ends protection to softness, shine, frizz control, repair, volume and more. It’s for that reason that you’ll love this product. It’s all about the no-fuss, just like the BB Creams for our face.

4. EZ Bobble hair ties ($5.95 pack of 3)

I’m a big fan of the professional blow dry. And by big fan, I mean addicted. With tender loving care I can stretch out a blow dry to last almost a week. It helps that my hair is dry and not prone to the grease factory of my youth. I protect it with a shower cap in the shower. I even had a facial wearing a shower cap a couple of weeks ago. When it comes to exercising, I don’t let the blow dry stop me either. I’ve long been a fan of Craybands for wearing my hear back and not creating indents in my hair but now I’ve jumped on the EZ Bobble bandwagon. Remember old-school telephones? And the spiral cord attached to them? These are miniature versions of the cord. Pop one in, hair is secure but not tugged at. Pop it out and there is no sign that you ever had your hair tied back. Buy online here.

5. Kerastase Paris Discipline Baine Fluidealiste ($42)

This shampoo is part of a new range from Kerastase that works in conjunction with a salon treatment for smoothing hair for up to 10 washes. I haven’t had this salon treatment but I’ve been using this shampoo and its accompanying mask ($60) and my hair, which is suffering from blonde “flu”, aka over-processing, has been loving it. It contains cosmetic qualities in the formula that protect the surface of hair weakened by colour treatments. I’ve found this combination to be amazing on my hair – it even masks some of the damage. The only negative (and the positive far outweighs the negative) is that your hair does feel heavier and more filled with product. I get away with it as I have so much hair but if you have thinner hair then I’d swap the mask for the light conditioner – the Fondant. To find a salon near you that stocks Kerastase, head here.

So tell me, how’s your hair travelling? What’s your secret hair weapon for a good hair day?

These products were sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. Hey Nikki, I’m thinking of purchasing Hair Romance as part of Miss A’s Christmas hamper, do you think it is suited to her age group (10.5yrs)? xKP

  2. The BB treatment sounds interesting, I love this time of year but my hair hates it as the warmer weather makes it go all frizzy!

  3. Oh how I would love the GHD hair dryer. I will be giving the BB treatment a go as well and purchasing for my daughters also. Love Hair Romance and may just have to buy the book. V x

  4. A good hair day is a very good day indeed. More than any product, I think good communication with your hairdresser is the key. And probably realistic expectations of which I have none!

  5. I have curly hair and follow the ‘Curly Girl’ philosophy – no sulphates, parabens or silicones. I love MooGoo shampoo and conditioner (also very kind to my psoriasis-prone scalp) and when my hair starts looking ‘fluffy’ I give it a protein treatment – about a tablespoon of gelatine powder, few drops of coconut oil, and put this through my hair after shampooing – light rinse then condition. Instant definition! Have to say my hair is in much better condition now; it’s worth the transition. x

  6. I read this and I miss my hair! I shaved it off to the Great Aussie Shave back in April and it’s now short / short – but styled!! Everyone says it makes me look younger (luckily) so I won’t grow it again … but I sometimes miss my long, curly mess x

  7. Your hair always looks awesome Nikki. I rarely have a “good hair day”. Perhaps because I lack the patience to spend time on it and I seem not ot have the knack of styling it. But for the last 10 months I have been using vinegar instead of conditioner on my hair. It is awesome. My hair is much softer than it used to be. Still using a salon shampoo but hoping to change to a natural one if I can get my hands on the one I’m after.

  8. Good tips Nikki I’m the same my hair is important to how I feel and I just love it when I’ve just had my colour redone ,my worst enemy is rain or humidity cause my hair is curly it is no use straightening it I just have to embrace my curls.I am loving the Aldi range of argan oil shampoos and conditioners and the yes to tomatoes volumising shampoo for fine hair ,though I think they have discontinued it.
    I must say I am loving your hair a bit shorter with the up flick,you have gorgeous hair Nikki x

  9. Love the good Hair Day tips. Sadly I am breaking up with my hairdresser, there is a problem with communication. I have trouble finding a hairdresser who is a good cutter and will listen to me. I am in my early 50’s, and consider myself a groovy Nana and want to be stylish. Sick of my hair evolving into a boring Bob after starting with a good cut. Please some tips on finding a good cutter and how to keep them keen on doing a good job.

    1. Oh Esther that is sad. I do believe the key is being able to have someone who does listen to you. I would ask around your area for recommendations – especially from people whose hair cut you admire. Good luck!

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