Whose TV style do you like?

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It’s less than a week since Nina Proudman left our screens – leaving our wardrobes floating in limbo land, unsure we’ll ever get a new Nina-inspired fashion moment again.

Apart from working your way back through four years of Nina posts here, what’s a girl to do?

Look elsewhere for a little on-screen inspiration?

Are you interested in the wardrobe of characters on Ten’s Wonderland? Season 2 starts tonight.

Wonderland's Miranda raided Nina Proudman's Tigerlily collection?

Did Wonderland’s Miranda raid Nina Proudman’s Tigerlily collection?

Last year the good people at Ten included fashion notes for each episode with photos here. Hopefully they will again.

Is this a show you watch?

Is there another show you watch and love the style the characters wear?

So many questions … I thought I’d ask whose TV style you like because if you’re interested I could bring you a bit of inspiration from those shows on the blog.

I’ve also been hunting around and you may not know that Channel 7 and 9 also share a little style info from their TV presenters.

Channel 7’s Sunrise program posts short videos each day – in these videos the Sunrise women share what they’re wearing that day.  Check them out here.

Sunrise Couture - Natalie Barr and Monique Wright

Natalie Barr wears Cue top and Scanlan and Theodore leather skirt (current season) | Monique Wright wears Camilla and Marc dress (past season)

Channel 9 posts outfits from its team to a Facebook page called Channel 9 Style. It’s also a great insight into the labels and styles that its stars are wearing.

Channel 9 Sylvia Jeffreys wearing Zara

Channel 9’s Sylvia Jeffreys wearing Zara (Ben Fordham’s photobomb an optional accessory)

Over to you … whose TV style do you like? Anyone you’d be keen for me to follow here on the blog?

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  1. Although not a free to air TV show, has anyone seen House of Cards on HBO and Robin Wright’s wardrobe? Absolutely gorgeous chic simplicity.

  2. Oh YES! ‘the time of our lives’ SO much great style there.

    So many great ideas below Nikki. I can’t wait to see where you take this xx

  3. Hi Nikki. What about you surprise us each week by showcasing the style of someone amazing from TV? There are too many to choose just one.

  4. Hi too like Lisa Wilkinson’s style … Not into Wonderland .. Maybe I’m wrong age demographic (45). I’m new to styling you but love it & even bought Nikki’s book!

  5. Hi Nikki. Thanks for those links. They’ll be a great resource when I see an outfit I like. I like Carrie Bickmore’s style – she always looks good.

    My favourite is Olivia Pope, the main character in the US show, Scandal. She always looks amazing, and sticks to a black, white and grey colour palette (though I like bright colours too).

  6. Tried watching Wonderland – disliked the characters. Sorry – thought it was boring. Am missing Nina & Billie still.
    I am a woeful packer. How about – What did u pack for your trip to Melbourne?

    1. Sorry but I dislike the block and my partner who is builder watched the very first ep when it started and completely hated it, he rather play school with our 3 year old son then to watch that. He commented that it makes out anyone can be renovators and some people should really not be renovators.

  7. I like Sonya’s style from neighbours as she wears some of the same clothes as Nina in offspring but in different colours. 😀 I love the boho look and I find it suits me and my personality as I am not into fashion or wear make up and I am nearly in my 30s.

  8. The Time of our Lives on the ABC Thursday nights is a good Aussie drama and I think some of the girls dress fabulously. I am sure I have spied some Gorman pieces on ‘Bernadette’ (Justine Clarke) and ‘Chai Li’ (Michelle Vergara Moore). ‘Caroline’ (Claudia Karvan) does the chic city look well. Check it out : ).

    1. Don’t ban me from your blog Nikki but I could never get into Offspring, despite multiple attempts..

      The Time of our Lives is an excellent show and I too enjoy the wardrobe choices – especially Justine Clarke’s.

  9. Winners and Losers! Four fabulous women with individually unique styles! A sense of style to cater for most women! A great Australian rom/com show with a splash of great Australian designs

  10. Still hooked on Offspring here 😉 we haven’t had the last series yet, like you have. Ive found some items I was looking for , to wear this Spring, to feel like my eccentric self lol. A long pale blue denim dress,and 3 light colourful kimono jackets in light materials.And some summer rope wedged sandals in several pastel colours, on the wedge and pale gray strappy top part. All in the sales and budget minded as Im and old fashioned, home based girl, with several generations of my family around. ie babies to their great grand parents. I treat my job at home as a life choice but still a job. And like to look nice although Im very mood orientated in my daily choices. I love Nina’s look , even bought some finer necklaces,like hers.
    It took me a long time not to dress for the office , I use to dress up a lot,.
    Will have to see if i get see that show “Time of your Lives” on demand, time to google .

  11. I’d be interested in knowing how the wardrobe departments of tv stations work. Do they buy (borrow?) clothes for particular people? Do they use them again for others, or are they only worn once (or multiple times by the same person?). Do they have a roster to keep track of what was worn, when? Do they monitor what is worn on other stations to avoid duplication? What is done with the clothes once they are retired? Do the stars get to keep any of the clothes? And so on 🙂

  12. I do watch Wonderland and particularly like Colette’s style but probably couldn’t pull off what she wears and I watch Winners And Losers too and like Sophie’s outfits and also some of Becs bohemian pieces.Great post Nikki I will gave to do some thinking,enjoy your Melbourne book launch Xx

    1. How great was Collette’s vow renewal outfit at the end of last season! Don’t know if I could pull it off but it was stunning.

  13. I’m also with those that have nominated ‘Time of Our Lives’, although I’m more inspired by Claudia Karvan’s character wardrobe, as it’s a bit more polished and closer to what I wear to work and play, than Bernadette’s wardrobe.
    If we look internationally, I love Robin Wright’s style on ‘House of Cards’. Absolutely pared back, expensive, beautiful body-conscious cuts and always in neutral. In real life it would take far more discipline than I have to dress this way,but I so admire the restraint of sticking to this style.

    And then there’s the modern power woman’s wardrobe of Maggie Gyllenhaal in BBC series ‘The Honourable Woman’. She is wealthy, strong and sexy, and the wardrobe is to die for!

  14. hi nikki, have seen time of our lives a couple of times … interesting!
    enjoy your Melbourne launch … lived there for a while and love Melbourne attitude and style! … cheers m:)X

  15. Carrie Bickmore. I could never wear the clothes that she wears but I am still fascinated. She has such a distinct style.

  16. I find the newsreaders/presenters have a pretty formal style and I suspect a lot of your readers don’t really need so much advice there. I’m always looking at how to improve my everyday more casual looks, as life has got less dressy over the years. My only really regular watch was Offspring, so am not much help! I would like a few posts on clothing for your more middle aged readers though!!

    1. I’m middle aged Shellbell – don’t believe we should dress to our age – more our attitude! And there are lots of SY readers who need workwear advice so links to Sunrise and Channel 9 style might help them.

  17. I love the girls style in winner & losers – as 4 different women. And can relate to each one of them……
    Also I LOVE the time of our lives on ABC, “bernadette” style is quirky.
    The bird jeans she had on the other night were really unsual. Another great Aussie show, with fabulous actors & believable story lines

    1. Both of these shows would be great – the different styles of the girls in Winners and Losers is great to see some diversity!!!

    2. I love the Time of Our Lives too! I agree that Bernadette’s style is very quirky and quite fabulous. Nikki, maybe you could trial a range of shows and see what the response is.

    3. I’m also with you on Time of Our Lives, although I’m more inspired by Claudia Karvan’s character wardrobe, as it’s a bit more polished and closer to what I wear to work and play.

  18. I like seeing what Lisa from the Today show is wearing, not that I watch the show often. Another menopause moment, I can’t for the life of me remember her last name even though I’ve watched her career and admired her right from the start! I always like Georgie Gardner’s style too. I’m having a pretty stressful week workwise, so tonight I’m planning on parking my bum on the couch, watching The Bachelor and then Wonderland. I watched Winners and Losers last night, the actresses all looked lovely. Kathryn 🙂

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