3 Unlock Your Style events, 3 days, 1 car

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Hello. My name is Nikki. I write a blog. I wrote a book.

Call me old fashioned, it’s lovely connecting with everyone in the online world and I’ve built a business on doing just that but nothing beats meeting the people from behind the screen.

Which is why I made the decision to get out and meet as many readers of the book and blog as possible (UYS event updates here).

Doing that has involved a little flying and a lot of driving.

The glamorous bit only happens at the end – at each event – when the hair and makeup is done, the room set up and the champagne poured.

In between, it’s about making it all happen.

I’ve been lucky enough over the past few weeks to have the driving and delivering and event set-up part made a whole lot easier by having access to a brand spanking new Ford Kuga Titanium TDCI.

3 events 3 days 1 car Ford Kuga Titanium #unlockyourstyle

You know, the car from the TV ads where you can do the thing with your foot while your arms are piled high with stuff? Yep, that’s the one.

Can I just say? That foot-swipe-boot thingie it’s saved me big time – especially during the week I did three Unlock Your Style book events in three days.

Here’s a little video I made from behind the scenes. Enjoy

My take on the Ford Kuga

We are down to three of us living at home. A medium-sized SUV is an ideal sized car for our needs. It’s easy and fuel efficient for me to manoeuvre around during the week and big enough for all of us to escape in at the weekend. When it comes to buying a new car, there are three essential things I look for in a new car: boot space; comfort; and geekery.

Boot space

The first one is a pretty obvious one. Not just for getting 80 gift bags to a book event. When we go away for a weekend, it’s not a travelling light affair. We need options. I need options in the clothing department. Mr SY needs options in the surfing department and Master SY needs options in the technical and electrical department. Do you know how many cars in similar size that don’t have a decent boot space? A lot. It’s the first thing I look at.  It’s the reason we bought our current car (a Ford Mondeo) and it’s a key-deciding factor in our next car purchase.


Our current car is a sedan and has served us very well. The Kuga’s higher road position definitely helps this old girl’s lower back and the design of the leather seats in this model would outdo most lounge chairs. The same applies in the back seat too. Just quietly, I’m a little too in love with the seat warming function – very welcoming on those chilly winter mornings – yes, Queensland does have them. Stop laughing now.


A lot has changed since we last went car shopping four years ago. The kind of things that are now standard with most cars of this class blow me away. I’ve already mentioned the boot (number one feature for me) but this model of the Kuga also includes in-built sat-nav, park assist (I had to let go of my trust issues here and let the car do a parallel park without me), reverse camera (I needed Mr SY to explain how the warning lines worked), Bluetooth phone syncing (we have that in our current car but the SYNC system in this car is so much more advanced), USB connection (also in our current car but in a much better position in the centre console of this model).


What’s the one “extra” you look for in a car?

Entries open on Tuesday, August 19 at 5am (AEST) and close on Tuesday, August 26 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

I’m honoured to be a Kidspot Hall of Fame blogger. Thanks so much to Kidspot and Ford Australia for this opportunity. 

PS. The week 3 winner of the #unlockyourstyle uberkate necklace is Ella Spurling. There is just one week left to share your Unlock You Style book purchase on Instagram (don’t forget to tag it with @stylingyou and #unlockyourstyle and #uys).

  • Charlotte

    it comes to cars, I’m a strange creature

    With a focus on a rather unusual feature…

    Forget the sound system, suspension and speed

    The thing I’m interested in is peculiar indeed!

    The first thing I look at, with a discerning eye,

    Is whether the arm rest is too low or too high –

    It has a very special purpose, so it must be just right

    The perfect dog chin-resting height!!!!!

    My fur babies love their trips in the car,

    Whether nipping down to the shops or journeying far,

    They’re not fussy, just one thing is required –

    A comfy headrest for when they get tired!

  • J Maree Miller

    My mum taught me that life is about the journey, so the extra I look for is holistic approach, I want it all, I want to be connected, I want to be comfortable, I want to feel safe, I want special compartments and loads of room …what I don’t want is a compromise! I want to enjoy the ride!

  • Natasha Andrews

    I know it makes me seem a little vain, but I just want a mirror big enough to see my whole face. Honestly most mornings in our house are a desperate scramble to get out the door so I rarely get a chance to look in a real mirror until morning tea – often it is not a happy first glance! I’d just love the chance to quickly “unlock my style” every morning in the comfort of my car rather than the work toilets (with their very harsh fluorescent lighting)
    Just love the book Nikki it is everything (and more) that I hoped it would be – I hope it is a huge success!

  • Belinda Ban

    Generous boot space! where else can I hide my kids Chrissy presents? they’ve exhausted all my hiding spots and this is the one place they haven’t thought to look yet!

  • Beksmum

    My “extra” is the capacity to extend to hold more people, our car goes from a 5 to an 8 seater and even though we are a family of 4, the amount of times we have needed 8 sets for kids friends, visiting family etc. I can even fit most of the girls from my touch team in!

  • Wilma Brbot

    It’s always BEAN there for me. It keeps me STRONG, GROUNDED and prevents me from getting BITTER. This CAFFEINE addict needs COFFEE CUP holders built ROBUST.

  • Elizabeth Davey

    I love wiper blades and the pattern that they make when the swish swosh across the screen front and back
    meandmum [@] bigpond .com

  • Cassidy Logue

    With four kids I would love dirt resistant seats, floors, walls you name it and a sound proof divider in the back. Plus a navigator style voice (Preferably the super Nanny’s voice) programmed to answer essential questions. Ie. Almost there and that behaviour is not acceptable. Maybe then I could enjoy a car ride with the kids.

  • Laura Scriven

    Pockets to store little stuff,
    Holding a drink would be tough!
    Chewing gum, lipstick and some sweets,
    Put away so it’s neat!

  • Samantha Fyfe

    Call me vain but I look for an extra mirror on the sun shades…one on the passengers side is just not enough!

  • Cam W

    An ‘extra’ seatbelt.

  • Guest

    An ‘extra’ seatbelt sash.

  • KatrinaP

    An ‘EXTRA’ ‘AUDIO’NARY sound system – I love listening to music at every oppor’TUNE’ity so this would be my number one consideration!

  • Justine Liane

    A seat warmer would be my ideal as I work night shift and hate jumping into my cold car at 4am!

  • Alison

    Well, considering my car is over ten years old, I think my one extra would be “Kuga”!

  • Summer Hinaki McDade

    Adequate drink/cup holders! with children I take water with me wherever we travel so being able to access it and store them safely is a must

  • VandaB

    Easy Bluetooth connectivity. Seriously has to be as simple as possible for me or I walk! LOL

  • Faysie

    Of course I need lots of air bags and all the safety equipment known to mankind. Then comes a great sound system for my Jimmy Barnes CDs and a soft backseat for ‘you know what?’ lol

  • Mariannabean

    I need stylish & nifty little storage spots. Things like: a neat little spot to slide an umbrella or two so I don’t need to hop out of the car & get rained on while retrieving brolly from boot!

  • mavrick5

    An espresso machine in the dash for those early morning drives to work. I keep waiting in hope but no luck so far.

  • Micaela Tomalin

    An Anti-glare window screen, so no more squinting when i am driving along even when i am wearing sunglasses, would be such a great safety feature and not detract from the already great features of the car


  • Nancee Maginness Biviano

    A chauffeur (preferably cute, defiantly with an English accent).

  • Tracey Francis

    My extra is playing my music from my iPhone as I have an old car. I also would love the feature of the boot opening by itself via pressing a button on car key-just a great feature when you have your hands loaded with shopping etc ! My email address is yecart31@gmail.com should I be lucky enough to win.

  • nicole larsen

    a place to pop my handbag as it always seems to get in the way

  • My extra, would be one of those clear glass screens you get in taxi cabs, the ones that separate the passengers from the driver. Just so I can slide it shut and not listen to my kids going crazy in the back of my car!

  • Olivia J

    Despite all the modern-day ‘geekery’, I’m still a bit old school.
    My essential ‘extras’ are still the practical ones 1) coffee cup holder (insert school Mum aka working woman aka need a 3pm pick-me-up aka had a rough day) and 2) a place to safely store my sunnies when I’m not wearing them!

  • Sharon Joy

    My most desired extra would be a removable interior liner so that you can empty the back seat of sand and rubbish with one quick movement ;). it would have to be disposable, cheap and super easy to put in and take out…that’s not asking too much is it? 🙂

  • joburkey

    a comfy seat for me who has short legs and a shorter body, so many cars are built for taller, people which is uncomfortable for me

  • Lisa Walsh

    Safety for our little passengers

  • Skye

    Width! With three young children, there are so many newer cars that don’t fit three car seats across the back (even with the most compact seats). We’ve gone for a Ford Territory for that reason.

  • austhome

    Bluetooth connectivity that’s easy to use and you don’t need a universty degree to operate as some Bluetooths are so difficult to use.

  • Fiona Rowlands

    Safety, nothing but the best when I’m carrying the most precious cargo…. My precious kiddies!! 🙂

  • Sharon M

    I would like a neverending “New Car Smell”. With three young boys, new car smell lasts about a day otherwise!!! 🙂 🙂

  • Julie

    I’d really love a head up speedo display on the windscreen. Glancing down to check speed can take eyes off the road a moment too long in crazy traffic, particularly in bad weather. Coping with speed cameras, school zones and multiple speed limit changes on short stretches of road would be a lot easier.

  • Lisa

    CLEANABILITY – a word only a Mother could use. I don’t even know (or want to) what some of the marks, blobs and gooby bits are, I just need to know they will come off.

  • cat

    A plug in for my mobile that runs through the radio console making it fully hands free, PLUS all heating, cooling features, radio/stereo controls, window controls and plug in mobile controls to be fully voice activated, ensuring both hands are always on the steering wheel and my eyes are on the road.

  • laureneve

    Seats that can clean easily. Permanent texta, muddy shoes on the back of the seat, toliet accidents.. it has to be kid friendly.

  • Becky Downey

    Colour, fuel efficiency, style, and auto-hold!

  • clackers30

    Without a doubt a Sat Nav I hate getting lost

  • Andrea

    Definitely the ability to answer the phone when it’s in the boot in my handbag! I just press a button on the steering wheel and I can have a safe, hands-free conversation, then a press of a button to end the call. It’s now a must-have for me!

  • Blythe

    Well positioned cup holders. Somehow, they just do it for me!

  • Kim Brekelmans

    Park Assist. I cannot reverse park to save my life. This feature would save me from having to park miles away from the shops!

  • lovelyloves

    Feels comfortable which I know sounds silly.

  • Michelle Geyer

    Dual climate control! My partner is always hot and I’m always cold so it’s nice to be able to change the temperature on your own side of the car. Heated/cooling seats would be welcome also!

  • Marie Gardner

    I would sooo love one of those cars that reverse park themselves – so clever! I have reversing sensors already but don’t entirely trust them!

  • Maria

    Definitely a sat nav. I get lost going around the block!

  • Lizzy Archer

    A centre console with a power outlet so you can charge your phone and hide it out of sight so it’s out of temptation’s way!

  • kippeth

    Keyless entry into the boot. I always multi-task and have my hands full. This is a real handy feature!

  • Julia Sz

    I love the idea of the *automatic boot* We moved to the USA in 1990. We needed a car and spent a weekend trying to find something just to get us started. We were looking at some ol’ American type car. (we’d been told that our credit rating in Australia didn’t count in the USA so we had to use some savings, which meant down grading big time) Anyway. We’d found something, or so we thought, and I asked the salesman, *Does this car have an automatic boot?* He looked down at his shoes, and gave me a quizzical look and said *uhm, no ma’am, I don’t believe it does*. I realised my error and changed *boot* to *trunk*. And yes, it had a little lever by the drivers side door that opened the *trunk*, but I just love the idea of swiping my foot. 🙂

  • Joanne Emery

    Being able to answer my phone from the car steering wheel! I love this feature for safety reasons but it means I will avoid fines as well!

  • JanelleR

    A great stereo and sound.. My Current car I bought new 3 years ago, and still remembering the salesman standing there explaining all these things and what they do…at the end he said “here’s your keys, it’s all yours, off you go” and I replied, “hold on you haven’t shown me how to use the most important feature-THE STEREO”…(needless to say I don’t think he thought I was serious, but I was)

  • Emma B

    A helpful, non-judgemental sat nav…

  • Linda C

    Bluetooth! An absolute must. Keeps me entertained and handfree.

  • lisadiano

    The extra thing I look for is lots spacious room. love my car to be comfortable

  • Sharon Markwell

    My “must have” is having the radio controls on my steering wheel. It is such a safety issue & I use it all the time.

  • Kathryn Jenkins

    Self Cleaning seats would be awesome, As sometimes with kids things can get quite gruesome. Voice activated music player that only responds to my voice. No more channel switching no more I don’t like this.

  • Melissa

    I’d love a built in air freshener, because between the dog and ‘various others’, I need a scent that doesn’t resemble dirty socks!

  • Roberto Colombi

    The Wow factor – I like a ‘Vroom with a Phew’!


  • Guest

    The Wow factor – i like a ‘Vroom with a Phew’!

  • Dowto

    Power steering

  • Rachel K

    My next car must have air conditioning. I hate the heat and I’m sick of trying to create inventive ways of staying cool in my little hot box!

  • Anita Black

    The comfort of the headrest on the front seats, most are awful!!

  • Alarna

    A button I could push to mute my hubby when he attempts to passenger seat drive!!

  • bjg

    I bought my first brand new car about a month before our first son was born – almost 16 years ago. Can you believe I thought I needed cup holders more than electric unlock – yep 16 years ago you had to pay extra for a button to unlock the car ($400) from memory. You also had to pay for cup holders!! I regretted that decision with a tiny new baby and for many, many years after. I love all the compartments in cars now – a place for everything. And of course all the mod cons – my car doesn’t have much of your Ford’s geekery Nikki so that’s probably where I’d look for extras theses days!

  • Vija Leitis

    Besides the safety features that rate number one, an inbuilt fridge would be great to keep everything cold, whether it be getting the frozen peas home thaw free to keeping food properly stored when out and about, such as a picnic or day at the beach

  • Wendy Hatton

    My current car is on the elderly side so I still have to open it with a key and wind my windows down using elbow grease. Actually not to bothered about changing that except for the novelty factor of pressing buttons to see what happens. However, it does not have a cup holder or in fact anywhere at all to sit the oh so essential, after shopping trip, cup of perk me up coffee. Who designed this car? What were they thinking?

  • Karina Lee

    Good sound system to make being stuck in traffic fun!

  • Cass Heal

    My current car is keyless entry which is fantastic, I no longer have to spend ages rummaging in my large handbag to find a key. When I get my next car I would love the same.

  • bek

    I have a bad lower back so I look for a car with a seat which has adjustable lumbar support. You twist the knob on the seat and the lower area contours to your back, it makes a much more comfortable drive for me.

  • Kara

    Cup holder for sure. You need style and functionality in everything in life!

  • Isnt in funny in your 20s it’s all about the style & colour. Now in my 30s with 2 kiddie winks is all about bootspace for prams, air con in the back & somewhere to set up the ipad to run peppa pig on repeat 🙂 my ‘extra’ definately would be built in head phones or maybe a big sound proof screen that comes up…. So I can actually fall asleep, while my hubby drives : -)

  • Laura Powers

    A toaster, but I haven’t found one yet 🙁

  • Kara

    Sat Nav! Gone are the days of driving around with a Melways (did I mention I’m from Melbourne?) on my lap! These days I like to punch it in and be reminded ahead of time when I am turning left…not 3 blocks later! Ahhh the serenity…

  • Ei Nyo

    Whether having a coffee cup holder of not is a deal breaker for me. Driving everyone to school/daycare and work while making sure nobody gets hurt in the morning requires a large flat white.

  • Maggie

    I love a car that is slightly wider across the backseat. Carseats are so wide and to get that third passenger across the seat seems impossible or at least uncomfortable in most cars these days.

  • Lisa Yelverton

    My dream car would be spacious so no kids could kick my seat. An automatic cleaner whenever there was mess. Plus the car would have to be Sliver Glitter sparkly !

  • exophora

    My dream car would have a giant cookie holder, for those days when you just really need to eat a giant cookie and drive at the same time.

  • jayla1987
  • HLJ

    In car entertainment and big back seat! Sometimes I need to sit between the booster seats on long trips and it’s not very comfortable, squished like sardines with the three of us back there. In car dvd with wireless headphones to keep the noise down too!

  • carolyn

    The automatic tailgate. I am currently looking for a new car & this extra is not an extra in my mind, it is non-negotiable! The foot swipe on the Kuga well that just takes it to another level. Only thing better would be a hottie driver behind the wheel everyday ferrying me around in style!

  • Mrs Mackie

    My tween and teenage daughters have somehow bestowed on me the title of ‘Taxi Driver’ for them and their friends, so the extra I am currently looking for in a car is extra seating. Who doesn’t love driving around town with a car full of noisy teenage girls, right!

  • Cheryl Moulton

    My one extra is a car which is easy to get in and out of, I am getting older and as I live in a retirement village many of my friends and neighbours are already elderly. Many cars are too low which makes for difficult access for older people

  • Angela Saldias

    The one extra that makes me really happy my carv has is the little ‘chest’ as I call it, between the two front seats, where I keep all my secret survival weapons, like spare hair ties, tampons and some hidden cash for an emergency 🙂

  • StyledbyBec

    When we bought our recent car my biggest thing was finding a car that would comfortably fit 3 car seats in the back. Having extra seats was also something I wanted to factor in picking up kids to and from schools on the future.

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    Excellent smart interface device s and safety features are my concern buying a car because it’s a matter of convenience and common sense. Besides it’s just not me that I’m responsible for….after this I’ll indulge in some aesthetics.

  • Lesleigh

    Parking assist. That is one skill I really need help with

  • Lesleigh

    Parking assist. That is one skill I really need help with

  • Amy

    Reversing camera – with a very active one year old, not to mention being married to a MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) it’s a non-negotiable!

  • jody buhagiar

    It has to have 4 doors. I had a little car with 2 doors for so long and there was no room!! Especially trying to put the kids in their safety seats, a nightmare !

  • Cleo Sids

    That wow factor- a car is a statement about who you are , it’s like the shoes you buy or the coat your wear. It’s how people perceive you. Most people who buy a car for economy reasons go back to driving what they really prefer when finances allow. It’s human nature.

  • Claudine

    Room….between my 2 children’s booster seats for an extra person. The amount of times we have to refuse a lift for a friend because we just fit in our family of 4 is an embarrassment. Also, more leg space for the toddler so I don’t constantly get kicked in the back 🙂

  • Chris Jardine

    Music!! Nothing good vibes to make the drive less boring

  • Julie Staley

    Air bags, and lots of them, especially side impact ones, to protect those most precious to me. I consider myself a good, cautious driver, but never take right of way at stop signs or traffic lights for granted.

  • valdaree

    When getting into and out of a car I need it to be EASY, with short legs
    and sore knees,,but I love to drive.

  • Meagan Rowe

    cup holders for my coffee

  • Soni

    It needs lots of storage places so all the junk I need to cart around for the kids can be hidden away until needed rather than flung wildly over the car as it currently is!

  • Judy

    I love my reversing camera, makes parking so much easier and safer!

  • kermatt

    Sat Nav. I’m the kinda girl who gets lost as soon as she steps out the door. I’m not stupid, I just seemed to have missed the queue when god was handing out internal compasses.
    Sat nav is to be thanked for saving countless relationships, and self drive holidays. My vows should have read, ” in sickness and in health, in happiness and in Melways dispute, I solemnly do declare…”

  • Melissa O

    The Quality of the seats and fabric. I like a good quality fabric that wears well.

  • Melissa O

    The Quality of the seats and fabric. I like a good quality fabric that wears well.

  • Jo Craze

    Because I am a merchandiser boot space is the main thing I need. Back seats need to collapse to allow large large and long items

  • Dimity Carey

    The one things I look for is- does it make me happy and smile when I drive it?

  • Jill-Anne

    Definitely, decidedly bountiful boot space… When in the market for a new car I front up with two large suitcases to check out boot space. A spacious boot was the thing that “sold” me my current car.

  • Juanita Thorn

    The main factor I look for in a car is Air-Conditioning. I have multiple health problems but one of my most debilitating and isolating problems is that my body’s thermostat doesn’t work…so I spend 97% of my life in a perpetual state of near-combustion. Completely drenched from head to toe in sweat and moody and anxious because my blood feels like it’s boiling….so wherever I go I have to have air-con….

  • Alicia

    My first car was an ancient, but luxurious, Toyota Crown – and it came with an inbuilt esky! Still waiting to see one of those in a modern car!

  • Jo

    I look for the extra boot space as we have 4 children and lug all sorts of large and bulky items around not to mention the huge weekly shop I do!

  • For me, the must have car accessory, Is the ability, To stow things easily, with ease of accessibility, upfront for the driver there has to be, A place for coins for the meter and my lippie !

  • kathy clark

    A mirror, under the sun visor

  • Tarnya Cook

    Has to have cup holders, I can’t live without a cup holder and heated seats (it gets chilly in Melbourne)

  • Micaela

    Bluetooth! Makes for safer driving, and great for blasting tunes on a long road trip!

  • johanna rees

    Definitely a reversing camera with an alarm when I’m getting too close to another car or lamp post……..not only from a safety angle, especially in car parks where people, including children walk behind you without thinking….(where they’re distracted by being ‘plugged into’ their ipod or mobile, but also it saves me from having ‘bingles’ in the car park with other cars and having to explain to my husband that it ‘wasn’t my fault’.

  • Carol Ferrone

    The one extra I look for in a car (which I don’t think exists yet!) is the ability to get into the drivers seat and the seat senses the driver (me!) and automatically adjusts the size, spacing and pressure in the seat to my body as well as the correct distance from steering wheel, height of the seat as well as temperature of the seat. It could also add a ‘Good morning/afternoon/evening Carol’ as well! – wishful thinking or perhaps soon-to-be reality!

  • Debbi

    Reverse mirrors to help me park better and watch out for all the toys that have been left right behind the car!

  • Kellie Anderson

    Reverse sensors… I’m really crap at reverse parking! Oh and gadgets are a plus, the geek in me loves bells and whistles.

  • Sheree

    Drink holders that are large enough to hold a mug, not just a small bottle of water!

  • Kathy Staples

    The “one extra” I look for in a car is a” flat surface” somewhere on the dash where I can sit a cup of coffee while I get organised. If there was also a cupholder of the correct diameter to securely hold said coffee that would be fantastic! My current car’s dashboard has a lovely, smooth, curvy design but not a single flat surface to rest a cup (or anything else for that matter) on. My car does actually have a cup holder which is rendered useless by the fat that it is too small to fit a cup or can into. What were the designers thinking?? So yes, my “one extra” is a flat surface – simple but so practical!

  • Christina Lungo

    Def has to be the air conditioning… Summer weather would be horrible it. Life is simple with a little air

  • Christina Lungo

    Def has to be the air conditioning… Summer weather would be horrible it. Life is simple with a little air

  • Narelle Rock

    The backseat has to be wide enough to fit 2 booster seats as well as the extra child!

  • Natalie

    I have one simple request when buying a new car, can I play my music?

  • Gina Katsoulis

    Comfortable seats, love taking long drives, would be nice to be comfy.

  • growalot

    German Shepherd leg room! And, enough room for a bale of lucerne in the back. My animals are part of my family!

  • Our car needs to have bluetooth and USB ports – my techy husband doesnt do well without being connected.

  • Nicole Gibson

    I would love to have a car that had the reversing camera in it so I can be sure when reversing out of driveways that there are no little people crossing the driveway.

  • we are looking at new cars for the family right now. The biggy for me is the reversing camera. Reversing, especially at school I flip my head around so much, it could look like I had a condition! Love this post Nikki, the video is fab. I haven’t been to an event, hoping to make the Adelaide event when you make it to our parts.

  • Di Hester

    Heated seats – its cold down here in Melbourne and early starts stuck in traffic are that bit nicer with some warmth

  • lyndal kearney

    I want the hands free power tailgate in my next car – it means i can shop more and not fumble with my keys with all my heavy bags:)

  • Heather Hopley

    An under passenger-seat-“drawer” that I can stash extra bits and pieces. Else it all ends up on the floor or on the seat.

  • Toni Crawford

    I would love Active Park assist, I can say in all honesty I have not done a reverse park since I went for my license. I quite often will walk kms to save myself the stress, this would give me confidence.

  • Kalindi

    When choosing a new car I always look for extra boot space as we go on a lot of family outings and my mother in law is not a small woman!!

    The above sentence is for entertainment purposes only. The mother in law in the above sentence is purely fictional and the transport method is not intended as a guide on how to travel with mother in laws. NO mother in laws were harmed during the writing of the above sentence.

  • sharyn

    My one extra on a new car would have to be the safety factor of a reversing camera, as we live on a street close to a school where kids ride their bikes across the driveway. This would make it alot easier to see them.

  • May

    A good head rest. These days, it’s probably over looked but something comfortable to cushion the head never goes astray.

  • Kerrie

    My one extra is “keyless entry”!
    To be able to walk up to the car and not have to fumble aimlessly for what seems like 10mins searching for keys that have made their way to the bottom of your bag, with bags of shopping wrapped around your wrists would be wonderful. Just imagine too on a rainy day running back to the car and just jumping straight in and not fumbling around. That would be my loved extra.

  • Kingy

    Blue tooth conectivity for my phone and music! At the flick of a button I can call whoever hands free and play my selection of music with a voice prompt!

  • Kate


  • Voula

    The one feature I look for in a car is fantastic visibility. I like to be able to have a wide and tall view of the outside whilst sitting at the front. It makes the driving experience better for me.

  • Tam083

    A good stereo system to accompany my ever so daggy singing!

  • TLee

    Reverse camera – makes reverse parking a breeze and reversing in general much safer. I would be lost without it.

  • Carmel King

    The one extra I look for in a car is very simple; it has to have style!! There are so many cars on the market and they all have loads of features but when it is all said and done a car has to look great!! As you wiz past a shop window and see your reflection if your perched in a stylish car it always makes you smile!! 🙂

  • melissa

    Being a mum with two young boys, I’m astonished how much I have to carry to get our day underway.
    The KUGA -boot thing-(technological name?) would be something I would consider because, one day……I had to take out the scooters; footy bag; backpack to get to the youngest boys’ backpack for his daycare day.Of course, running late then put it all back in AND LEFT MY BAG BEHIND IN THE PARKING SPACE. Why? ….because I had to put it all down to open the stupid boot! If I’d had it all still in my hands, I wouldn’t have to return, heart in mouth to hope that the bag was still there and that no one was using my phone to tell their mates about the dumb Mother who just drove away with her bag in the carpark…Aaagghh ‘Serenity NOW!’

  • I look for ‘James’ as an extra… although I think some may know this particular extra as a ‘wishful thinking’….

    It truly is a necessity for parents, especially little ones at school. This amazing extra can pick-up your children in the chaos that is school traffic, whilst you sit on the couch sipping your G&T and catch up your important reading of Unlock Your Style.

  • nourishnation

    Oh I would love the foot swipe boot. Great for when your hands are full and for keeping out those golf clubs when going on a weekend away!!

  • Bridge

    Our needs in a car have changed, it used to be how to fit in 3 car seats comfortably and easy access in and out of the car with 3 small kids. Now with bigger kids my top 3’s are boot space, decent cup holders and blue tooth pairing, oh and easy to clean inside from the truckload of sand that gets back into the car after the beach, it all about the car mats on that one.

  • mary_j_j

    Seat warmers would have to be in our next car – I don’t think I could ever go back to a life without them! So luxurious! Everything else you can work around but they are integral!! I also never thought I would love a car til we got our Odyssey – but love it I do! Is this what motherhood and a decent vehicle does to you?

  • Connectivity! I need to feel connected at all times as a blogger, so hopping into a car and instantly being connected via bluetooth is essential for me.

  • 26 Years & Counting

    My husband & I have been debating buying a bigger car. So far, our requirement is to have more room in the backseat for fake banjo playing. You’d probably assume I’m joking, but I’m really not.

  • Tracy Martens

    I look for a Car that I feel safe in and that I can view out of all angles of my car.

  • Susan Hood

    I look for seating as I have a back that is highly uncooperative and for style to make me look good. 🙂 Bugger. That’s two…

  • Jo H

    Reverse cameras! These ensure us Mammas can have eyes in the back of our heads so we can keep an eye out for little ones who might have gone behind the car. Also useful assisting a terrible reverse-parker such as myself 😉

  • Dianne Lines

    the extra i cant do without – built in sat Nav,( that you cant play with while the car is in motion). Means I dont have to listen to my hubbies directions on how to get lost!

  • Catherine

    Reversing sensors. With three children those little beeps have helped me focus many times

  • Tash W

    I think it would have to be bluetooth pairing so I can sync my phone. It makes everything soooo much easier!! Pairing music so I don’t have to listen to the radio, answering calls hands free and even voice activation for google maps are all essentials in this day and age for a safer and more chic experience.

  • Brian N Joanne Morris

    To this day I am useless at reverse parking so a car that can park itself? MAGIC!

  • Before we got my current car it was cupholders – now it’s seat warmers. We have them and not only are they amazing for helping someone say, warm up after doing Tough Mudder while the other car occupants want the aircon on and awesome for winter but you can also use them to keep your takeaway warm on the drive home!

  • Nicole

    If it were available, a cone of silence so I can drive in peace! Seriously though, extra vroooom! I’ve had close calls with a car that couldn’t get going quickly enough so to us it’s vital our car has good talk?, torque?…power!

  • Kirby mcgrory

    Flat boot space in a SUV type car…. So good for changing kids…. We’ve even used ours for nap times while at sporting events!

  • Joyce

    reversing camera for sure

  • Kelly

    It is hard to limit the feature to one – it really is the whole package isn’t it. I agree boot space is important but the clincher for me now is leather seats. I have only just got them for the first time in my current car and I don’t know that I will ever be able to go back to cloth. They just smell so good – like a brand new leather handbag.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    It’s got to be a good cup holder for coffee or water or both my current car does not have a good one and the cup falls over sometimes and it’s annoying especially when on the freeway as I’m lactose intolerant I often bring my own coffee with me.Nikki your book is fantastic,very well written and great to refer back to,A big thank you from me for writing it Xx

  • Emma

    For practicality I need plenty of seats. I only have 2 girls but when picking up from dancing and other activities this number can swell to 4 or more! For me I just can’t go past heated seats. So cosy and much more civilised than hot air blowing in your already parched winter face! I am a comfort girl :).

  • Rebecca Anzellotti

    This sounds especially boring, but car mats are super important to me( converted by clean-car-crazed husband)… We have a Nissan patrol which is great for strollers, bikes, anything you can possible try and squeeze in, that includes the buckets of sand, dirt, leaves, kids muck & the constant vaccuming the car got a little boring so we got some fab car mats made to fit the truck nice and snug & all you do is pop them out give them a shake & your carpets are saved from any nasties( and great to if you have a little leak, they catch the water 🙂

  • Tanith Sayer

    A sunroof! Its a MUST for me. On a sunny day there is nothing quite like having the roof open and feeling the breeze and warmth of the sun on your face.

  • jennyo

    I look for a sound proof barrier between the front seats and the back seats ….coincidentally where the children sit. Still haven’t found what I’m looking for!!

  • Tracey

    Boot space, room for coffee cups, integrated phone and music system with controls on steering wheel, stability when driving on country roads and not being too affected by the Victorian country buffeting winds and heated seats after a hard day at work and going out on wintry nights to pick up my daughter and her mates from “gatherings” which are technically a smaller party! Only 1 more year and I hope she can buy a Ford Kuga and I can be the passenger!

  • I like a great stereo – if you’re hitting the road for a day trip or just wanting to get through peak hour with a smile, a stereo I can easily connect my phone to is a must!

  • Katharine

    Extra boot space. Will it fit a walking frame in easily? I used to ask ‘Will it fit a double bass?’ and would take my bass around car yards to check. But I don’t have time to play now and instead need to be able to throw my sister’s large walking frame in.

  • Janice Burton

    I really need a car with park assist so I don’t have to try several times to park while passer-bys are shaking their head at me and there’s a line of 50 cars wanting to get past me!

  • Stephanie Buckle

    Loads of boot space for the camping trips we haven’t been able to do since having a second bub!

  • I always like the back seats and passenger seat to fold down so that I can have a ‘ute’ to carry home some of my larger than average purchases.

  • boy0hboy

    Leg Room & Space across the back seat – I have 3 boys who are going to be tall so we’re looking at the future and want to make sure their knees aren’t going to be up around their ears when they’re in the car together!

  • merliyn

    thank you nikki … hope all is going well!
    the kluga looks good with that handy foot waving device!
    I think an SUV and an essential feature for me would be a large boot space with fold down back seats and economical to run! … have a good day m:)X

  • Boda

    Reverse car parking sensor…I always admired people, who just slide in reverse. I’m definitely not one of them and my “(dis)ability” is less apparent with a little “extra” help.

  • Allison Belavy

    I’m going out on a limb — my extra was ‘fun’. Last time I went car shopping, I drove a lot of cars and, quite seriously, some of them almost put me to sleep they were so boring. And then I found my Mini Countryman. Hello revolving-coloured disco lights on the doors and ceiling! Hello little sport seats! Hello go kart handling! Hello my kids can actually spot me in the pick up queue at school! Spending two hours per day in the car is actually fun now. It probably also helped that a pair of hot, identical Venezuelan car-selling twins told me it was the car for me. Sold!

  • NZborn

    Boot space – push the back seats down so you can put in your big Ikea purchases without the need for a trailer.

  • Natalie

    The one thing I look for in a car is definantly boot space. I have 2 children 2 and 4, so any trip in the car with them usually entails bringing along a pram and needing extra room for shopping etc.

  • Kathryn

    Hi Nikki, the one thing I look for in a car is ease of parking, I guess size! Being a shortie, I need to be able to manage the thing! I’ve got a Honda, it’s just over three years old and I can reverse park it easily. Anyway, enough about cars. I have been wanting a denim jacket, and think I have found one that will fit the bill. I was driving to work yesterday morning at 6.30am mentally going through my wardrobe ticking off all the things I could wear it with, clearly one of your avid followers! Could you please give me some suggestions for a tote bag that I could take on planes? I want something that I can find a book in, passports, scarf etc. I’ve been re-reading your book in bed at night, so much great information, and positive affirmation that it’s okay to be ourselves. Love it! Thankyou, Kathryn