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The year was 1986.

I was a fresh-faced 19-year-old uni student travelling in the UK.

My obsession with fashion and beauty shopping had well and truly kicked in, fuelled in this moment by the fact that I had access to shops and brands I’d only ever read about.

The Body Shop was one of them.

I couldn’t believe you could walk into a sweet-smelling store with pretty jars all in a row and actually try out the product. I would while away hours doing just that, walking out with one prized item.

My first purchase? A honey and oat scrub/mask. The 2014 version looks like Honey & Oats 3-in1 Scrub Mask. In 1986 it was a black jar and I thought I was “It And A Bit” owning it.

I used it sparingly because I didn’t want it to run out. I didn’t know when I’d be able to re-stock.

Back then The Body Shop had opened in Australia but had not at that time reached Queensland.

Now, it’s a different story. I don’t have to travel far to find a store and I can buy products online or through independent distributors in the comfort of my own home.

Yet, the appeal of the concept begun by the late Anita Roddick in the UK in 1976 still remains.

The products are good for your skin and good for the world. They may no longer be hand-mixed but packaging is still minimal and ingredients used are sourced with a commitment to trading fairly. Twenty years ago, it was the first international cosmetics brand to be awarded the Humane Cosmetics Standard for its Against Animal Testing policy. It’s also a company that has long highlighted and supported campaigns against human rights abuse and has actively worked to protect the planet and boost the self-esteem of its people.

The Body Shop Australia is a fully Australian-owned company. The same family has owned it since its first store opening in 1983 in Melbourne.

The same big heart that was behind the first store is still there today in all 90 stores across Australia.

And if you step into one of those stores, or head online, you’ll also find that The Body Shop has matched its big heart with new smaller prices.

Yes, that’s right. Your favourite products are now cheaper. 

3 of my faves

I’m going to share with you today three of my current fave The Body Shop products. To be honest, I had trouble bringing it down to three but I think each of these makes a really useful addition to your beauty kit.

Coconut Body Scrub (was $27.95, now $23.95)

The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub

It’s the time of year that I remove my jeans, tights and leggings with a degree of trepidation. The effects of hibernating all winter will very much be evident and there is no escaping some much-needed body exfoliation.

I love this scrub because it’s effective, moisturising and gentle enough to use a few times a week in the shower or bath. Plus, it will transport you immediately back to your last tropical holiday and have you dreaming of your next.

Ingredients-wise, it contains Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil from the Samoan Islands, Community Fair Trade marula oil from Namibia, and Community Fair Trade organically grown soya oil from Brazil – so more than your skin will thank-you.

Shimmer Cubes Palette 06 Warm (was $40, now $29.95)

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette in Warm

These four eye colours sit in a small palette and will serve you very well. The size is great for travelling and the colour mix is one that suits pretty much any one. It’s the type of colour mix I most reach for – using at least two at a time; four if I really want to contour the eye.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t shimmer over a certain age. You can if you want to. And I want to.

I start with the lightest shade and cover most of the lid with that, creating a base. For a simple eye look, I then apply the copper or taupe over the lower lid. Often, instead of an eyeliner, I’ll use an angled brush and the darkest colour in a palette to line the eyes. I find this is softer and great for a day-time look.

One of the essential ingredients these eye shimmer cubes is Community Fair Trade marula oil. Extracted from the marula tree, marula oil is rich in oleic acid, which is a fatty acid that helps to restore the skin’s moisture levels. In this case it gives the eyes a creamy finish and allows the colour to glide on smoothly. It ensures the colour lasts and is creasing is almost non-existent, even after a day.

These eye colours are dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, so suitable for contact-lens wearers, and anyone with sensitive eyes. 

All-In-One-Instablur (was $29.95, now $21.95)

The Body Shop All-in-one InstaBlur

Blur creams are so hot right now. So what are they? Essentially they’re souped-up makeup primers, SO soup-ed up that even wearing them on their own can be enough.

The formulation smooths out the skin and blurs it like a soft-focus filter on a camera would. It controls shine, helps your makeup stay on longer, reduces the appearance of pores, evens skin tone and hides blemishes.

The Body Shop InstaBlur contains mattifying spherical powders with smart-filling properties, moisturising Vitamin E, and Community Fair Trade marula oil. 

Apply it after your normal cleansing and moisturising routine and then makeup or tinted moisturiser/BB Cream on top.


The Body Shop is all about “doing good” so I want to spread some love and celebrate that prices are now lower by giving four SY readers the chance to receive their own The Body Shop package (each pack is valued at $234.55). To enter, answer this question in the comments below:

What good thing have you done lately that made YOU feel good for doing so?

Entries open on Thursday, August 21 at 5am (AEST) and close on Thursday, August 28 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

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  1. Just bought the body shop cube eyeshadows and the instant blur after reading your recommendation. I had a gala ball to attend so wanted a youthful gow and long lasting makeup. Wow i am so impressed how great these products performed. Best buys for the makeup bag in a while!!!

  2. My Kindy daughter’s best friend comes over a couple of times a week to practise on our piano, because she doesn’t have one at home. They plonk away together and have a grand time. Who knows, maybe she will turn out to be a future virtuoso!

  3. Fresh colouful flowers to give to a sick friend. To me it was a small gesture, but in her eyes, they brightened her day and gave her smiles everytime she saw them.

  4. Won beautiful Body Shop products in a raffle at the footy club and gave them to my daughter-in-law who was admiring them!!! 🙂

  5. I looked in the mirror and told myself I looked good. It gave me such a boost as it is something we as women are not conditioned to do.

  6. I gave away a fruit and vegetable delivery box that was delivered to me in error after the company said I could keep it.

  7. I do this all the time, but everytime I do it it makes me feel good. Volunteer at the local school to help out kids with disabilities with their schooling. Everyone deserves an education.

  8. Stood up to the unions to help a disabled man retain his job, it may mean less work for me in the future but sometimes you have to stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves.

  9. Wardrobe clean out and a trip to the salvos… it feels amazing! Nikki, thank you. Unlock Your Style has totally inspired me. I cannot put the book down!

  10. Wardrobe clean out and a trip to the salvos… it feels amazing! Nikki, thank you. Unlock Your Style has totally inspired me. I cannot put the book down!

  11. I volunteered at Fareshare (a soup kitchen) where I helped prepare over 1000 meals. I found it so rewarding being able to help and make so many meals in a small shift. Definitely going to do it again!

  12. My best friend’s husband is currently undergoing cancer treatment, things are very tight for them financially at the moment and I wanted to help. As we ourselves don’t have much money, I thought it might help them if I did some baking of meals for them, not only helping them with food but helping them have more time with not having to worry about what’s for dinner.

  13. Sewn some outfits for my tiny granddaughter – It’s really true when they say “Made with Love” – I’m looking forward to teaching her to sew one day – I love the idea of passing on skills to the next generation!

  14. Three times now I have donated a large supply of food to the local homeless soup kitchen. They don’t often get sweet treats, so I’ve delivery them 10 litres of ice cream and 250 mini easter eggs

  15. I was recently in South Africa and a poor man asked if he could watch our car whilst shopping in a high risk area of capetown. I asked what he wanted for doing this, he said milk for his toddler, I bought him the milk and gave him some rand to buy food, the look on his face made my day, sad that we couldn’t do more.

  16. I went food shopping for my elderly neighbour last week,
    Her health is bleak.
    So it’s a simple chore,
    She was thanks galore!

  17. Instead of buying our new puppy from a store we rescued one from ‘doggy death row’. It felt so great that we were saving the life of such a gorgeous creature.

  18. I won an apple slinky in a competition and donated it to a community group to use in their school holiday program. The children will have a lot of fun with it and eat healthy snacks at the same time. Feel good moment. 🙂

  19. I began organising to host a Jewelery Party with Destiny Rescue Australia who rescue children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The party will sell jewelery handmade by girls rescued from sexual exploitation, to give an income to these girls as well as to raise awareness for the plight of children still needing rescuing. It feels good to be doing something worthwhile for other people in the world

  20. My recent lifestyle change, exercising 6 days a week and eating healthier, a massive change to what I’m used to and it’s slowly paying off, already lost 28kgs 😀

  21. My recent lifestyle change, exercising 6 days a week and eating healthier, a massive change to what I’m used to and it’s slowly paying off, already lost 28kgs 😀

  22. I was in the supermarket the other day and the lady in front of me was a tad flustered. She had two young kids with her who we’re getting a bit bored and her cards kept saying declined… She was getting more and more upset by the minute, so I had a look to see how much her bill was and as it was only $23.00 I offered to pay for it, she was a bit embarrassed at first but then oh so grateful! To me it’s only small change but it meant a lot to her…. 🙂

  23. My 94 year old mum still lives at home, so I go round after my full time job and cook for her, wash up, tea and chocky, and arrange all her bill payments, and appointments. It seems to bring her back from the brink each time she has a serious downturn. I love how she appreciates my help.

  24. Stopped to help and elderly gentleman that seemed lost and confused. it appears he was from a local nursing home and suffered dementia. I would like to think someone is looking out for my elderly relatives and would stop and help too. Take the time out of your day to help others everyone. Not only does it help those people but many around them

  25. I gave up my seat on the bus,
    Did it without even making a fuss,
    To an elderly man who was in despair,
    How could I not give up my chair,
    It was a long trip, it made me feel good,
    Just like receiving a Body Shop Package would!

  26. I lost contact with my Dad over 14 years ago, due to a lot of different circumstances, then i heard he was unwell, i pushed through alot of painful memories and gave him a phone call, I am so glad i did, not only do i have my dad back, my daughter has a pop and he has someone to be with him through a series of life threatening surgeries, you never know how long you have with some-one, every memory is precious, i have never felt happier, even in a time of sadness

    [email protected]

  27. when im cooking my dinner or a sweet treat (cakes, bickies) i always make extra and take them to my neighbor.She thinks this is wonderful as she lives by herself and feels abit lonely sometimes.

  28. I’m a busy Mum of three but when my friend had a bad accident on her book and became incapable of cooking, I could not stand back and do nothing, so that is what I did for her … cooked!

  29. Just returned from a cruise to Dravuni Island where we took pens, paper and lolly pops to the local school. They were overjoyed.

  30. Paying it back through donating some care packages to deployed ADF members. Through this, I have had the opportunity to give people a reason to smile.

  31. I don’t save doing something good for an occasional day, I live by the philosophy ‘practice random acts of kindness’ and I volunteer 3 days a week, and as I live in a retirement village where many of the residents are quite elderly, they know that they can call on me anytime to help in what ever way they are in need

  32. Cooked a good friend and her hubby a home cooked meal and delivered it to PMH hospital in Perth as their son is in the ICU very sick and they cant leave him. So easy for me to do and they were so thankful. Its the simple things that you need in times like this

  33. When my children participated in book week last week I packed extra costumes for those kids that may have forgotten. Luckily two little boys in my twins class didn’t have to feel left out that day and it was a lovely feeling not only for me but a great lesson in thinking of others for my twins.

  34. Last week, a person in front of me in the supermarket checkout line couldn’t get his smartphone payment thingy to work – it wouldn’t let him pay and he didn’t have any other way to pay for the $10 worth of items he needed. He looked soooo gutted, so I offered to pay for them (I’ve always wanted to do that for someone). He looked happy but a bit embarrassed, too – and quickly thanked me and promptly disappeared. Later, I had a bit of a laugh thinking maybe he thought I had an ulterior motive – perhaps a desperate cougar trying to pick him up?!
    It made me feel good though, helping someone without wanting anything in return.

  35. I ran 7km’s. That was huge and it almost killed me but afterwards I was like woooohooo I’m gonna climb Everest next!! LOL

  36. By me choosing to take the time care for me, by committing to a practice of yoga and meditation everyday as way of coping with the early onslaught of menapause. It’s been so powerful and life changing, I can now be there for family, friends and more importantly me from a whole lot happier more balanced place:-)

  37. I love to walk. Every walk I take I make it my mission to give a smile and a hello to everyone I meet along the way – whether they avoid the eye contact or not. You never know who may be struggling or carrying a heavy burden…and the best part is the smiles I get back brighten my day too!

  38. This is honestly a tough question given I just got of spending 16 days in hospital in acute pain and felt like a lab rat with doctors testing/trialling the right pain meds etc. Since getting out of hospital, still recovering(will be for several weeks), the one thing I did the other night for myself is to light my candles in my unit. It made me feel good. I love Body Shop products & have run out of my shower gel & unfortunately I’m housebound so can’t get to a body shop store. I can’t put moisturiser on my body yet-I tried one day in hospital to put my body shop moisturiser(the dual pink container one) trying for so,d normality but ended up in acute pain a 1hr later. I would love to win this prize as I’m hoping by the time it’s drawn, I’ll be well enough to use their great products! Trying to stay positive-I have too

  39. My grandma is turning 102 this week, and until a few weeks ago she was living independently with the support of my fabulous Aunts. Grandma had a fall and was admitted to hospital, with just bruising, however after many years of support from my Aunties it became clear that Grandma would have to go into an aged-care facility, something she was always opposed to. But she accepted it with grace, and said she was going to make a real effort to be happy there. The first week she went to karaoke, the gym (twice), the theatre, a couple of bus trips and won the trophy at lawn bowls… as the oldest resident. She is an absolute inspiration! Ironically though, she had a fall in her new home last week, broke her pelvis and needed a hip replacement. We all thought that perhaps this might be the end… however, within a couple of days she was up and walking, and is now back in her new home. My aunts have worked tirelessly to organise and settle grandma into her new place, and to get through this last fall. They desperately need some time away so are coming to visit us this weekend, for some girl time. I’d love to give them this package as they really deserve it! My email is [email protected]. (The pic is of me and my gran at her 95th birthday. She hasn’t aged much since!). x

  40. I love movies. Having recently ‘won’ some in a school raffle (in which I spent more than what might’ve been the total of ALL the prizes), I now have to work six weeks straight. Yep, Six. Weeks (including weekends). So, somewhat reluctantly, I gave my ‘movie-me-time’ away to a very grateful elderly couple next door. And I actually feel good about doing it.

  41. I love movies. Having recently ‘won’ some in a school raffle (in which I spent more than what might’ve been the total of ALL the prizes), I now have to work six weeks straight. Yep, Six. Weeks (including weekends). So, somewhat reluctantly, I gave my ‘movie-me-time’ away to a very grateful elderly couple next door. And I actually feel good about doing it.

  42. I have a friend who has had all sorts of health dramas in the last 5 years. IVF failures, then a success, then a natural pregnancy that resulted in her suffering a long term rare thyroid disorder, all while her first bub had tonsilitis almost continuously for 2 years. Finally last year things were looking up – tonsils were out, thyroid had seemed to be sorting itself out. Now just in the last 4 months she’s back on the thyroid wheel plus had to have major abdominal surgery right when her thyroid surgery was booked. She’s had such a bad run health wise that I recently bought her a gorgeous yellow summery floral mug, to brighten even her gloomiest days. I posted it anonymously, and noticed her joy on receiving it when she guessed it was me and sent me back a card thanking me for being a friend. I love being there to help a friend out, but sometimes there’s really nothing you can do but let them know you are thinking of them.

  43. I planned and organised a 90th birthday Party (about 70 guests) for 3 friends who were turning, or had just turned 90 years old. Their pleasure delighted me.

  44. I cleared out my wardrobe, it’s refreshing to rid yourself of things you will never wear again or are falling apart only to be renewed with something new and stylish

  45. A friend of mine just had twins (and already has a 1 year old), so instead of buying more clothes, I handed over the hand-me downs and spent my gift money on a professional clean for her house. At least it’s one less thing for her to worry about!

  46. A friend of mine just had twins (and already has a 1 year old), so instead of buying more clothes, I handed over the hand-me downs and spent my gift money on a professional clean for her house. At least it’s one less thing for her to worry about!

  47. I won a 5 day holiday to New York for a hair cut (YEP you read right) and hubby and I decided it would be lovely if Mum and I had a bit of “girly” time together. So off we went and made memories that will last a lifetime 🙂

  48. My daughter and I bake treats for my family whom we are very close too but dont get to see more then once/twice a week. We surprise them by drop treats round its such a lovely feeling getting to see my parents and how happy they are to see us. Family is the biggest love you will receive in life. treasure it :)♡

  49. Baby has come down with hand foot and mouth. Our parents live 200km away and they offered to drive down and care for him. Little things like hand made presents, and photos that they treasure as thank you.

  50. I’m a competition junkie…yes true. But I never keep any of my prizes. I absolutely love handing them out. It’s a such a buzz and friends, family and work colleagues really appreciate receiving.

  51. I came home 4 weeks early from a 6 week holiday when my friend hurt herself from a fall. Her health was more important than my dream European adventure

  52. My friend was stressing about her rego and she received a letter with the exact amount of cash required to pay it. She hasn’t said anything about it and I haven’t asked. I don’t think she suspects I sent her the money, but my happy carefree friend is back.

  53. My neighbour’s son has fallen ill. The outlook’s not great. I took her for a facial and massage and for a short while at least, she felt really refreshed and alive.

  54. I gave someone tickets to attend an important event that they would not have had the chance to do at this point in time without the gift of the tickets. It made me feel good to see the photos of them enjoying the event.
    [email protected]

  55. I’m a make-up artist and recently did make-up for a lovely lady going through her last round of chemotherapy before she had surgery. She wanted to have professional photos taken at her last session. It was so rewarding making her feel special whilst she is going through such a hard time. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

  56. I volunteer for a local charity and have been doing do for two days a week for the past 5 years. I come home tired but happy!

  57. Leaving everything and everyone I know to relocate to the other side of Australia so that my partner can be with his children. It makes me feel good to make him happy and to wake up in beautiful Queensland everyday!

  58. I took the day off this week to spend time with my partner on his milestone 30th birthday. He works graveyard shift so being able to see him for a few precious hours during the week was a real treat for the both of us. [email protected]

  59. I love surprising my colleagues at work with a homemade baked cheesecake or buying pizza, garlic bread and drinks for lunch. Little things.

  60. After months of planning and waiting I finally built my up cycled risen vegie patches so now I can give my family and friends super fresh super yummy food that is not making them very sick and massively unhealthy.

  61. After being so busy with work I took a week off and had a girls week away with my 2 yo daughter. No rushing to go anywhere no interruptions to do work, and plenty of time for milkshakes puzzles swings and cuddles!! [email protected]

  62. Recently my dad helped me move house because we couldn’t afford a removalist and he wouldn’t accept any form of payment so I went to his work and surprised him with a visit from myself and my 8 month old daughter and a chocolate cake with sprinkles (his fave). It made him happy which made me feel good. [email protected]

  63. I decided to do something nice for myself (not in a selfish way – more like an intervention). I bought your book and decided it was high time I took charge of my wardrobe mood swings and I am now inspired to inject some feel good moments into it. Very excited for the months to follow but especially today in culling those items that have weighed me down.
    [email protected]

  64. I comforted a man who was very sick on the bus. He was crying whilst waiting for the ambulance. He calmed down when I told him that he would be alright and he’ll be looked after by the paramedics. I think he was also embarrassed because he held up the bus. I told him, ‘not to worry’.

  65. Hi..there are lot of good things which will spread happiness and love..i like to share my personal experience thing which i cant forget in my whole.lifetime is, i am from india and when i was doing college there we did some service in a place meant for mentally challenged people it was calked as paradise home..i had a really great time there ,they are a wonderful gesture of God creation..after that day i went back to my routine life..then something happened that changed my life all along..i was waiting for a train in a station,it was a crowded place there i saw a boy from that home roaming in the station.i was shocked, i saw him get into a train.i wasnt sure what to do..i called and checked with that home and found that the boy is missing from there..i got another train to track him..but lost him literally, i broke down..felt really bad,..then i came back to that station where i saw him first..then like a miracle i saw him get down from a train which just arrived..i ran and got him..i was really happy,,he was hungry i got him food and waited for the authorities to get him..i cant forget this incident in my whole life..the people from the home told me this boy became unstable because his parents had tortured him to get good grades in school …then i understood how important are our parents to us..this was really a life changing experience….my email is [email protected]

  66. Last Friday night my friend was feeling down after a long day of university classes and was planning to go home by herself, but I insisted on taking her to a trendy cocktail bar. I bought her drinks, cheered her up, we talked and laughed all night, and she hit it off with a cute bartender. Planning to go again next Friday!

  67. Surprising a colleague with a Latte and just leaving it on her desk while she was busy. A small cost to me but apparently brightened her day considerably.

  68. Walking in the Mothers Day walk for Breast Cancer this year with my baby girl (16), not only did this make me feel good but made be feel proud at the same time.

  69. Organizing a birthday surprise for my mother who lives overseas and is the sort that tells us off for wasting money when we buy her gifts or take her out. My brother and I got her a new mobile phone, we made her open it on Skype, the look on her face is just the reason we do it again and again.

  70. On a recent trip overseas, for our 10yr wedding vow renewal. I had given our 4 guests (who where close family friends) a thank you gift. It was an amazing feeling for me to have our closest friends there, and to say thank you, I supplied them with a little bit of heaven with The Body Shop Massage oils and Wooden Massager.

  71. I fundraised $10,000 for The Hunger Project Australia and travelled with them to India this year to inspire (and be inspired) by women in the developing world. I also visited my World Vision sponsor child on this trip. It felt soo great!,

  72. I bought my Mumma some clothes. After raising me alone, she’s too proud to accept help, so I did it anyway! She’s my best friend!

  73. I stopped my children from tipping icy cold water over their 22 year old hockey coach at the end of season. It was 5 degrees. You’re welcome, Megan.

  74. Mum passed away at the end of last year and so when Mothers Day came around it was my first Mothers Day with no Mum to call. I decided to call my favorite Auntie instead. I dialed overseas and when she answered I informed her that as it was Mothers Day and I no longer had Mum to call I was declaring it Favorite Aunties Day and so i was calling My Favorite Auntie. She was so pleased that she started to cry. She told me over and over how I had made her day and her happiness over such an easy thing for me to do made me feel amazing.
    It is now going to be my new tradition and i will phone her every year on Favorite Aunties Day.

  75. Went to the goodbye evening for one of the ladies at church who is moving, even though it’s been a tiring week. I wanted her to feel loved and appreciated, and ended up having some wonderful conversations and feeling loved myself.

  76. My husband and I have decided to change to an Animal Cruelty free and Environmentally friendlyhome. It’s amazing how many simple things you can do to be more environmentally friendly and how many great companies (like The Body Shop) that offer products that aren’t tested on animals!

  77. Having a mother daughter day yesterday with mum. We have both been having a rough time and enjoyed getting together to eat lunch,talk, laugh and shop and feel happy and positive !!!

  78. I treated myself to a long overdue guilt-free day off work to rest, reflect, and replenish. It was a day of renewal and I felt so much better for this small indulgence.

  79. I finally but myself first and have begun to invest time into my health losng 6.3kg.. now to keep going and get a wardrobe and makeup to match

  80. Took on extra work to help out my colleague who had been unwell during the week so she wouldn’t come back to a to-do list as long as the Game of Thrones series

  81. I am a sick old chook and am doing my bit by staying indoors and not infecting my buddies. Wish everyone would do this when they are sick.

  82. The Ice Bucket Challenge – raising money for ALS – it was freezing but it kicked ‘Ice’ knowing it was for such a good cause!

  83. I try to do this everyday as it always makes me feel great. I always try to smile at people and say hello. Especially to people that look a little down or stressed. The smile on there face that someone seemed to care enough to smile at them always makes me feel awesome.

  84. I joined a local ‘pay it forward’ club and am enjoying going into cafe’s to buy a coffee for myself the I purchase one for the next person and leave a special card with a ‘pay it forward’ moto. I am also trying to get our local cafes to adopt an American thing where you purchase a meal and a homeless person can come to the café/restaurant and get a warm meal for free. So far I’m not having much luck but I’m positive one day the wheels will start rolling for that idea.

  85. I was walking past a mother at the shops who was struggling trying to get two kids in the car while also trying to fold up her stroller. I came over a helped with the pram while she took care of the kids. We had a lovely chat afterwards and she was very grateful. [email protected]

  86. I have taken a new approach to my children and their constant fighting and yelling… how simple it is to listen the them and offer support instead of the ‘yelling’ cycle. So much more peaceful.

  87. I have a new baby, so of course that means ALOT of sleepless nights, no going out to movies, etc and no dinner dates with hubby. When the 3 of us went food shopping (our new “hot date” hahaha) I put a little mascara and some lip balm on and it made me feel good again. It’s the simple things really. 🙂
    [email protected]

  88. I finally started exercising and eating healthy again after recently having a baby. It feels so good to be taking care of my body again. It feels good to be getting my old body back, and it’s raising my self-confidence too 🙂
    [email protected]

  89. I take my three daughters once a month to a local nursing home, we take baked goods and spend time with the residents who do not have family locally, the kids love it and we always walk away with smiles, feeling loved and appreciated.

      1. Hi Guys,
        My apologies, I obvisiously replied back to the wrong email, I’m ever so excited about the body shop prize, many thanks My address:
        Alarna Walton
        7 Tyson CRT
        Buderim QLD
        Cheers and thanks again.

        Subject: Re: New comment posted on The Body Shop is falling for you

  90. I just started my first teaching position in a greater western sydney school, I saw how many kids were coming to school hungry and started a breakfast club. It means coming to work an hour early but I’m not ashamed to say I feel really good knowing I’m making a small difference every day.

  91. Sat on the floor with my 21 year old daughter and finished the jigsaw puzzle I have been playing with for the last month. Talked about life, the universe and everything until the wee hours. I love the relationship I have with my kids!

  92. I recently went Vegan after being a Vegetarian for 17 years, I feel so fantastic and healthy and happy. I have a weight off my shoulders knowing I’m living a cruelty free lifestyle and helping the earth and the animals.

  93. I have two special needs teenage girls, I try to teach them positive thinking and respect other people’s options. Recently, teachers and neighbors told me that my kids are polities and respectful,if not difficult to understand. I feel good about this small thing,which to me isn’t so small.We are constantly being bombarded by negativity, but if everyone to treated each other respectfully there would be less conflicts around us. I do try my best to help my kids .

  94. One of my dad’s bee keeping friends has just undergone major surgery to remove cancer and numerous bouts of chemotherapy he’s 72 . When dad visited him at his little home he noticed it was freezing and he was sick and under a torn ripped blanket( well not much of blanket) so we went to homeart and purchased him a king size thick fleecy blanket so thick and warm and gave it to him he’s eyes just glowed he was so grateful. And it made me feel warm and like I was more alive then ever I love giving especially where people need it the most [email protected]

  95. The main road i live on does not endear itself to death defying actions however the wallet i saw with what looked like 20 bucks hanging out called to me …. with wallet salvaged and ID stating an abode across said main road i did run the gauntlet to deliver as a postman would … into the letterbox!!

  96. I weeded the elderly lady next doors front and back garden for her. She just had back surgery and was fretting about it becoming over grown.

  97. Driving past a park I saw a little boy being bullied by a group of bigger kids. I pulled over, went over and asked him if he was alright and made the big bullies leave him alone. I ended up driving the little boy home, then gave him a lecture for getting in the car with me, as did his mother who was ever so thankful.

  98. I try to live by the philosphy ‘practice random acts of kindness’ every single day, I volunteer 3x weekly, I am president/security/dogs body in my retirement village, and I offer my services regularly to elderly neighbours

  99. My father was recently going through cancer treatment and moving house at the same time they were down sizing I arranged the sale of goods he couldn’t take with him including a full size tractor took a little while to do but it took the stress and worry from him so he could concentrate on himself

  100. I provided a child with disabilities with a way of communicating his needs without needing to speak as he is nonverbal.

  101. What good thing have you done lately that made YOU feel good for doing so?

    I recently went to The Body Shop to buy a present-pack for a friend, and ended up buying two of each so I could enjoy it as well 🙂

  102. As a young, curvy female it has been hard to grow up in todays society. The other day I put my foot down and have decided that I will stop putting myself down, that I will stop looking at other females and saying…I wish that I was like you. I am me. Unique, amazing and ready to live life. I will start and end the day with a smile. There is honestly absolutely no way to feel better than to start looking at everything through a filter in which you try to only see the good.

    Also it makes me feel amazing when I am able to use money that I have worked for to buy presents for my friends and family. It is one of my best friends birthdays in a couple of weeks and so I bought her (and also may have treated myself) to a new gorgeous necklace.

    All in all I am a happy person at the moment 🙂

  103. Buying babies footsies and using them as hair accessories!
    Saving the circulation of babies feet – one pair of footsies at a time!

  104. I helped an elderly man in the supermarket who was distressed because his wife was in hospital and he never shopped and was panicking over not finding what he needed

  105. I stopped to help a teenager who had been in a fight. It was a bit of a scary thing to do but eventually the look of gratitude on his face and the softer look that came over his hard exterior made me know that I had affected him and maybe he could look back and recognize the softer things in his life and look forward to a better future.

  106. I work from home as well. Since the cold weather has hit I became a hermit and found I was staying in my pj’s (I know, I know) until 5pm. Hubby gets home at 6pm and I would find myself getting in my trackies five minutes before he got home and back into PJs within an hour of him returning. I have recently started to restore old furniture and a few weekends ago sanding away – I thought what am I doing? I’m restoring this old furniture, giving it a makeover – what about me? I stumbled across your blog, read your book, got a facial and a gym membership (too cold to walk outside) – I am that old furniture – time to restore myself!

  107. I’m a rover (eldest section of the scouting movement 18-26 year olds). Our motto is service and we volunteer our time to the community though out the year. Our latest service project was helping a man in the community demolish his house because he couldn’t afford to hire help. It was a very long and hard days work full of blood sweat and tears but it felt amazing to help out this man by doing more in one day then what he would be able to do in more than two weeks by himself. He even told us that his faith in young people had been restored. It was one of the most rewarding days I’ve had this year 🙂

  108. Well I have almost done my tax but while it makes me feel joyous I’m sure it’s not what you had in mind. I am the chair of a not for profit fair trade company The Trading Circle which helps women trade out of poverty with dignity. It is time consuming and unpaid but I know it’s worthwhile. The ‘good’ that in all honesty gives me the greatest pleasure is however having a chat to the little old ladies in my neighbourhood up at the shops. I might be the only person who really acknowledges them that day and I think it important to connect with these older people whenever possible. It makes my kids cringe with embarrassment that I talk to ‘strangers’ but I bet they do the same thing when they are older.

  109. I have blood for the first time then treated myself to a pedicure! Lovely way to have a break from my nursing studies and to help save a life 🙂

  110. 20 hours after my baby was born she developed an infection and had to stay in hospital for a week. I stayed in with her so that I could continue to breast feed her and comfort her while she was getting poked and prodded at all times of the day and night (including a lumbar puncture).
    I could have gone home and been more comfortable, but I stayed with her, sleeping on a thin mattress in the boarders room that was almost impossible to sleep properly on given that I also have 3 slipped discs in my spine.

  111. I work in a RSL and I had a man come in and ask how much our roast dinner was I told him and he said oh ok and walked off and sat down in the bar he did not come in and order I realised he could not afford the roast so I ordered a roast and paid with it out of my own money I took it out to the gentlemen and said it was a wrong order and if he would like it he smiled and said thank you I think he knew it was not a wrong order as he came up and thanked me again later and said you are a very sweet person good karma will come to you I just smiled and said you are so very welcome now that made me feel AMAZING XXX thank you

  112. Last week I donated our old washing machine. The Top loader was around 5 years old & so we bought a new one & donated the old one on Tues. Avo via email to an organization, by Wed. Morning, it had been claimed! The family came to pick it up the next day & they were very appreciative, made us think (with dad) what else we could do for them, as they were going through a tough patch. Dad suggested we also offer them our old dryer, as we don’t ever use it. They were really happy and we were also really happy to have given them a helping hand 🙂

  113. Last week I donated our old washing machine. The Top loader was around 5 years old & so we bought a new one & donated the old one on Tues. Avo via email to an organization, by Wed. Morning, it had been claimed! The family came to pick it up the next day & they were very appreciative, made us think (with dad) what else we could do for them, as they were going through a tough patch. Dad suggested we also offer them our old dryer, as we don’t ever use it. They were really happy and we were also really happy to have given them a helping hand 🙂

  114. My Mum left my family when I was twelve. I was at the awkward teenage stage where I was just hitting puberty and a girl only wanted her mum. I held a certain resentment against her for a long time. Now, at 20 years old, I made the decision to rekindle the relationship I once had with my mum. I’ve never been happier the past few weeks. I feel like my life is near flawless.

  115. Getting out in the sunshine for a walk with my little boy when he is feeling grizzly, instead of getting grizzly right back at him.

  116. Had a pamper day with my 8 year old daughter we did facials, foot sock and I rubbed body butter on her back, arms and legs she loved the Brazil nut body butter, turned a rainy day in to a perfect day
    E-mail [email protected]

  117. Making my colleague smile from my engagement news (: she was feeling tired and down from work but perked up immediately, & for the rest of the day!

  118. At the age of 12 I had just started high school ( as you do ) and got stuck into my studies with 4 OP Subjects, an apprentiship and 2 jobs. Then both my parents started working full time and my family started to fall apart. This left me to become the full time care-giver of my two younger siblings. I’d wake them up, make their breakfast and school lunches, get them and myself ready for school, take them
    To school, pick them up from school, walk them home, get their afternoon tea, and make them dinner before my parents got home. I don’t regret a moment of it and would definitely do it again if life were to rewind. If I’m having a bad day I like to make other people smile, their contagious 🙂

  119. I’m going to get a 30 minute massage today! Can’t wait – it’s been more than 5 years since I’ve had a massage!

  120. Selling daffodils today made me feel good, not only because people can be incredibly generous but I felt I truly was making a difference.

  121. Helping my elderly neighbours. For the past 21 years they are like family. Not being able to get to the shops and clean properly, I pop over everyday just to see how they are going , have a chat and get them some goodies.

  122. Did a heap of ironing for my cousin, she is having cancer treatment and everyday life is hard, even little things make such a big difference:)

  123. I was diagnosed with cancer earlier on in the year. Since then my life has turned around for the better and I now appreciate everything as it were my last day on earth.
    The good thing I have done recently would be passing on my wisdom and the knowledge I have of how important life is and how much we need to cherish it and everyone in it.
    Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and live like it’s your last day everyday as then you will get the best out of life.. After all.. You only live once!

  124. Volunteering at my local cat adoption centre is a win-win. I give time and cuddles, and I get cuddles and happy cats, in return xxxx

  125. Volunteering at my local cat adoption centre is a win-win. I give time and cuddles, and I get cuddles and happy cats, in return xxxx

  126. Becoming a volunteer at my local act adoption centre. I give time, love and physical manpower, and I get endless purrs and snuggles, in return

  127. Becoming a volunteer at my local act adoption centre. I give time, love and physical manpower, and I get endless purrs and snuggles, in return

  128. just taking the time to actually spend alone and use some moisturises and pamper myself a little, even if it is only one day a week!

  129. Lately the good thing I have done is for myself, this is when I was in hospital with a drip leading to my heart. I was born with CF, it’s hard at times and at times I don’t want to take my medication just to feel normal. But lately I’ve been doing my best to stay healthy and on top of things, and it leaves me looking and feeling 100 times better when I do! Always smiling. 🙂

  130. Being a good neighbour not only makes me feel good about myself, but tends to have a “pass it forward” effect. Neighbours greeting & helping out neighbours. Makes our part of the world friendlier & safer.

  131. I like to call family and friends can’t get to visit as they are all over Australia,
    and I always feel good after speaking with them ,not texting.

  132. Finding Assist a Sista to assist! An amazing organisation that provides practical items to set up a house for families escaping domestic violence. I LOVE seeing my practical donation used in such a wonderful way!

  133. Taking the pressure off my boss by taking up a lot more of his work. He isn’t as stressed and my days go a lot quicker 🙂

  134. To call my parents
    To smile at strangers
    To help a grandma cross the road
    To visit a friend
    To forgive a foe
    To hand out chocolates
    To bake a cake
    To share it with the homeless folk
    To hug my children
    To make them feel special
    To volunteer and teach them to
    Takes almost nothing from me
    But it sure feels good.

    Have a great day everybody. Hope this day brings you happiness and peace!

  135. I am 27 y/old I have recently made some big life changing decisions. I have quit a high paying job working for the WA Government due to suffering from anxiety and depression. I took some time out to get better. Once I got better I started studying Social Work. My previous job really stopped me from looking after myself especially when it came to beauty regimes. I’ve recently embarked on learning about cruelty free makeup and beauty therapy as a hobby, my skin thanks me for it! I won’t let my depression stop me from making differences to myself, the environment or others big or small. I feel great! It certainly has been a long time since I could say that! Life is too short to waste it doing things that don’t make you feel good 🙂 Rosie x

  136. Donating and helping out at my local animal rescue. There is almost nothing as rewarding as seeing a scared timid animal become joyful again and watching their eyes light up and tails wag 🙂

  137. Donating and helping out at my local animal rescue. There is almost nothing as rewarding as seeing a scared timid animal become joyful again and watching their eyes light up and tails wag 🙂

  138. I finally went to see a grief concellor about my grief I’m having with the passing of my mum and that’s made me so happy as I’ve taken the first step.

  139. I decluttered and gave away lots of children’s toys and clothes as well as left over plants and building materials on Freecycle as well as home grown produce to neighbours and friends. It was a great feeling!!

  140. Being a student mentor at uni has made me feel good over the last few weeks. I really try to put a lot of effort into what I do as I know how much I would have appreciated it when I first started at uni, and it makes me feel happy to think that what I am doing might be making the transition just a little bit easier for new students who might be feeling lost and unsure of where to get help.

  141. Being a student mentor at uni has made me feel good over the last few weeks. I really try to put a lot of effort into what I do as I know how much I would have appreciated it when I first started at uni, and it makes me feel happy to think that what I am doing might be making the transition just a little bit easier for new students who might be feeling lost and unsure of where to get help.

  142. I feel like I try and do a good deed everyday but one which is close to my heart is holding or standing by a trolley when a mum is trying to unload, just for peace of mind that it doesn’t role away. I’ve done it a few times and it makes me happy to know I did something to help a mum feel safer in difficult situations. I wish someone was there to stand by my trolley. You will be surprised where they store their babies to unload shopping. All trolley’s should have baby and shopping safety breaks on them

  143. An old lady in front of me at the supermarket checkout didn’t have enough money to pay for her groceries. She didn’t have much for herself, but she seemed to have a lot of cat food. I stepped in and paid for the difference in the bill. Anyone who puts the needs of animals in their life before themselves shows how compassionate and caring they really are. (But while she wasn’t looking, and a wink to the check out girl, I threw a couple of chocolate bars in her basket from the checkout and paid for them as well). It was a ‘feel good moment’ for everyone.

  144. By giving a Friend presents as a thankyou for taking me to hospital for day surgery and then picking me up when family would not

  145. I finally went to the osteo after weeks (months??) of taking care of everyone else with winter lurgies/school dramas/work/house plan debates! So good just to lie there and have someone else take care of my niggles x

  146. Starting doing more volunteer work – on Friday nights I assist a local outreach program giving food nd blankets to homeless people. I also volunteer as a visitor with terminally ill people and their families.

  147. Listen to your heart
    Follow your dreams
    Pursue for your passion
    Look after yourself and those who live you
    Stop wasting time for those who dobt care for you and put you in trouble
    Life is given once enjoy the most

  148. Listen to your heart
    Follow your dreams
    Pursue for your passion
    Look after yourself and those who live you
    Stop wasting time for those who dobt care for you and put you in trouble
    Life is given once enjoy the most

  149. I co-ordinated a op-shop fashion event and raised $4,375 to help underprivelged australian kids buy books, uniforms and afford school fees. It was great to hold an even everyone enjoyed as well as helping out kids the just need a kick-start in life.

  150. I own the whole Body Shop Peppermint Foot Range but have never used it, my mum uses it all the time and tells me it’s amazing (so amazing she’s nearly emptied my entire stock) so yesterday we were sitting outside in the sun and I decided to try it for the first time. My feet feel so soft and healthy and I’ve never felt so confident wearing strap on shoes or flip flops before. It also made me feel good knowing that by buying products from The Body Shop At Home Australia and The Body Shop Australia I am supporting local businesses, the Community Fair Trade Programs and the campaigns they run to establish their 5 core values.

  151. I went horse riding with my sister, the first time I have been in over 20yrs, I felt so sore for days later, but my mind and soul were fresh and clear.

  152. I got a pack of 10 ‘kindness cards’, it’s like a pay it forward kind gesture thing – was ordering a coffee to take-away, gave the cashier in front of me $10 and a ‘kindness card’ to give to the elderly couple behind me, I didn’t get to see their reaction as I left quickly, but it felt AMAZING. Maybe they might ‘pay it forward’ one day with the card left with them 🙂

  153. I don’t have a very strong story like others here, but I took a more natural turn with my beauty regime and started using fresh produce on myself.

    I lather all kinds of fruits, vegetable and oils all over my skin now. Just don’t look at me between the hours of 5:30 and 6!!

  154. I took my Dad out for Chocolate tapas- had a great Daddy-Daughter time, and we took Mum home some truffles with red hearts on top too.

  155. I completed the annual RSPCA Cupcake Day for the very first time and managed to raise over $750 to help support the fight against animal cruelty! It was such a wonderful feeling to bring people together and help the RSPCA to keep protecting all creatures great and small.

  156. Recently a friend of a friend committed suicide. It made me realise how common and real depression is. I decided that perhaps I can change a person’s day. Everyday I now give a compliments such as ‘just letting you know, you look beautiful today’ etc. to random strangers, despite their age, looks or size. Perhaps one positive comment may change someone’s mind and stop someone committing such an act. This has made me feel good because whether a person has depression or not, it gives others who are battling with weight, confidence and other battles a reason to smile.

    Email: [email protected]

  157. This morning I made a decision to turn down a dream job to spend more time with my children. A position that doesn’t come along often for a single mum and a choice that made me feel uncomfortable inside to the point where I lost sleep, leaving less time to be with me kids. I cried over this because it’s something I really wanted to do but my children are my life and the way I see it is, another opportunity will come knocking at the right time. Once I made that decision I felt good and relieved. It may have been a dream job for me, but having children is something you cannot put a price on! 🙂

  158. This year I pledged my birthday (turning 50!) to Charity:Water. I feel like I’m aging pretty well, due to the good food and clean water I have in abundance and don’t need anything at all, so this year I really want to use my big birthday to do some good for people who don’t have the abundance i do – providing clean water in a sustainable and ongoing way for people who don’t have it. My daughter was so inspired by it that she’s also donating her next birthday, and so hopefully we can start a domino effect of doing good (and wasting less).

  159. I took my son to bookweek book sale at his school this morning and he had such a good time choosing two books and was so happy, I havent been able to afford treats jn such a long time. Just seeing him happy made my day. 🙂

  160. I Joined Fashion Designing field which i wanted to join all the time as i had the passion and this made me feel good and having such a awesome experience.

  161. Finishing the city to surf even though I hadn’t trained and my feet were blistered and disgusting, and I could only hobble for a week.

    But I felt good on the inside, I swear!

  162. Collected my sister, who was just recently diagnosed with depression, from her home, packed her up and had her stay with me for a “girls week”. Movies, long lunches, long walks and plenty of cups of tea. We both felt better for it!

  163. After 19 years of marriage (and 3 children) , I put my needs first. For my health, for my dreams and for my sanity. I’ve never had the courage to say what I need out of life, and boy was it cathartic. Each day is a brand new day, with a hope of a brighter NOW. A healthy mind, body and soul. It sure does feel good.

  164. Felling happy The Body Shop I had found
    Putting myself first after feeling the worst
    Beautiful products lovely smells
    So affordable no need to feel guilty at all!!

  165. This week I helped a friend of mine who is a few weeks away from her life’s dream of opening a cafe. It was just running stuff through the dishwasher for her, and re-wrapping it so it wouldn’t get dirty.

    At the last minute another friend of mine ended up coming over too (pretty riverside locale) and we sat in a cafe for a while and I let her tell me about the crap time she has been having.

    So it was just going to be a simple thing, menial even, but both girls were really encouraged by my being available, so it really perked me up too!

  166. After looking after my family for the past 20 years I decided to do something for myself which was to enrol in a Phlebotomy course. I have completed the course and really enjoyed it, I am now doing work experience with the hope of employment. I must be the oldest work experience person ever!!

  167. I have two things that I have made me feel good.

    The first has been coaching 2 junior soccer teams of which my children play in, although this is for the children it makes me feel good knowing that they enjoy themselves and to know I am helping them with this part of their growing up.

    A good friend recently lost her husband in an accident, I have been helping out any way possible. It makes me feel good to know that by being here for her it helps a lot. If I was to win I am sure she would love to share in this prize, although it won’t make things better or any easier it is always nice to have new products. (Maybe her daughters would like some also, I know my daughter loves the lip glosses)

  168. I have been supporting a friend and her three kids after the sudden death of her husband. It has been overwhelmingly sad but we’ve had some beautiful moments too which has made us all smile.

  169. I gave my daughter’s house a good spring clean so that when she returned from her holiday she could put her feet up, get over the jet lag and feel rested and ready for work again.

  170. I don’t need to do anything special except go to work. I look after the elderly in a small nursing home. I feel their love, trust and appreciation every day. We treat each other like family, we are family. I get hugs and kisses every shift and seeing big smiles makes me feel good inside.

  171. I’ve finally decided that enough is enough. I will no longer tolerate anyone’s racial slurs against others. I now ask them to reconsider what they have said.

  172. I finally sat down and calculated my online businesses’ profits for the financial year and donated some of the profits to and NGO which helps to build wells and clean water facilities for the impoverished and persecuted in Asia. Loved that my small businesses can help people I will probably never meet but who will have much better lives because of the work of NGOs in their countries. 🙂

  173. I have been shopping around salvos for things to give to my son’s carers at day care when he goes up one class which is going to happen sometime soon. It’s small tokens of appreciations to them for providing good care to my son and supporting our local salvos at the same time.

  174. I’ve been donating clothes and other items to people in the community 🙂 it’s not much but I hope it makes a difference to others

  175. I have been drinking coconut water to help hydrate over winter and kick startong my metabolism with a smoothie for breakfast. I invested in a mix’n’go and feel so much better for it.
    Next step is sorting out my skin. It needs better care now that im 30 🙂

  176. My good thing was something I did for myself. I finally took the jump back into studying and finishing my double degree in early childhood teaching/psychology. Now when my little humans leave the nest, I will have the continued joy of helping other little people find their way in this great big ever changing world in which we find ourselves.

  177. After about a year finally got my eyebrows done. Major improvement!! Love body shop products, rediscovered them about a week ago after several years. Liking the Shea butter.

  178. My friends with three kids were moving house so I whipped up a dinner, took it around with a disposable foil try to cook it in, disposable plates to eat them off, napkins, pop tops for the kids & champagne fit the adults. At least after a long day they didn’t have to find dinner!

  179. I have recently started cooking a meal for a new mum, a friend in need, and others. Even though it’s small gesture, it really helps.

  180. How do I enter to win this fabulous prize?
    been connecting with old friends and family too
    leaning new skills as feel time to do something new
    never to old to start over again, with this beauty gift could use and share with a friend

  181. I’m a SAHM to 4 kids & rarely so anything for myself anymore. So have decided to change that. I’m on a healthy me mission. Eating right, exercising & having a girls night out once a month to rejuvenate myself & just be me. A healthy mind is very important.

  182. Well I am on maternity leave ATM so I am full time mommy so I thought of using this precious time helping or doing some kind work so I started volunteer work at my son’s school and love helping now and then plus I volunteer take care of friends kids who cannot afford Childcare ATM but honestly I admit that I too love doing that !!

  183. I love the Body Shop. It closed down about 4 years ago in my local Westfield (and the next closest store was 30 mins away!) and has just re-opened again this year so I’m excited!
    What good thing have you done lately that made YOU feel good for doing so?
    I’ve been taking some me time, and haven’t felt guilty about it. I’ve told, not asked my husband to take our daughter out of the house and I’ve run a bath with a bath bomb and soaked for close to an hour then treated my skin to some much needed oil. I’ve only done it once but I will be doing it again! It sure did make me feel good for doing so 🙂

  184. Exercising and going back to weight watchers after having a baby! Loosing the weight again for me and fitting in my pre preggie jeans after three months ( even if there is still muffin top!)

  185. What has made me feel good for doing so lately?

    well, I have been on a winter mission of desexing colony cats. I love cats, but don’t love finding stray sick kittens growing up outdoors. they are usually struck down with cat flu and some have eye infections so severe, they become blind.
    This winter I have desexed 6 females and 3 males so far and I hope to see that this will make a difference to the street cat population free roaming in my neighbourhood.
    Recently, 2 of the male cats also had wounds which needed attending to, so while they were being desexed, the wounds were cleaned and stitched up.
    One male was released again after his wound healed quickly with a shot of antibiotics, and I have another in care now with a deeper wound. He has also had his antibiotics and will rest at my place for a while instead of having to scavenge as he usually does.
    Even though I am on a low income with concession card status, I am still trying to factor in my budget for this mission.
    The fact that the wound treatments lately have healed so nicely has really made me feel good, and worthwhile spending money at the vet for services and medication.
    They are not my ‘owned’ cats, as I have enough living with me, but if I can help their plight or make a slight difference to their daily hunger, I will.

  186. I am probably boring my FB friends silly by continually sharing posts and videos regarding the #icebucketchallenge, as well as on Twitter, but I lost my Mum to Motor Neurone Disease 13 years ago and this challenge really seems to be helping raise awareness of and funds for MND (known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease in the States). So even though I can’t be at Etihad Stadium tomorrow to help try to set a world record for the ice bucket challenge, I can keep informing people of this disease and promoting awareness which is the least I can do, in honour of those who have passed, those who are currently battling this insidious disease and the families and friends affected by MND.

    On a cheerier note, I absolutely LOVE The Body Shop and am so thrilled to see you working with them, I have used their products for 28 years! Brazil Nut Body Butter is my fave, White Musk perfume and their new product, Vitamin C skin boost serum. Sorry I’ll stop, I could rave about their products all day!

  187. This is more of a story of someone doing something nice for me, and as I don’t wear a lot of make up id like to win the pack for my god daughter. My husband and I have three children, 2 and under, the youngest just a few weeks old. My god daughter has one day off a week, she spends it with me and the three girls, I have a long shower, wash my hair, pay bills, catch up on washing while she watches Disney movies, makes snacks, colours in, cuddle baby and generally just gives me a break…. I so look forward to having her company and help every week, heaven sent.

  188. My husband just bought me a Noosa Amsterdam city handbag. Love it, but too small for everyday use so I just bought myself the classic! Since having kids I have not spent that much on myself let alone a handbag. So excited, can’t wait for it to arrive.

  189. I offered to mind my 2 year old nephew while his mum went in to have her new baby. I got to spend a delightful two days with this gorgeous little boy, playing, bathing, reading, walking and cuddling. Then I got to take him to the hospital to meet his new little sister and I even got a cuddle! My children are now 11 & 13 and it was lovely to remember this special time.

  190. Yesterday I picked up some second hand baby goods from a family friend, which I am delivering, along with some of our second hand baby goods, to a fantastic charity called mums and babies in need. It is such a little thing to do, but this organisation makes such a big difference in local families lives at a time when they really need it. Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference.

  191. Had seen the same family on my afternoon bus ride home quite a few times. Obviously mum pushes baby in pram and catches public transport to collect kids from school. Family consisted of mum and 4 boys. Guessing ages to be 9, 7, 5 and 18 months. Children are very well behaved. Mum interacts with all 4 children beautifully – multitasking where necessary. And from conversations mum is single mum with children having access visits with dad. A very good example of parenting. On leaving the bus I felt that I should compliment her – told her that she had a beautiful family and was a wonderful mum. This is so out of character for me.. but her smile (and that of her eldest son ) and her thanks for the comment made me feel so glad that i did it.

  192. We bought two bunnies week before last for my daughters 11th birthday present. She had been nagging us for 12 months and finally gave in. Here we are nearly two weeks later and guess who feeds the bunnies, cleans their cage, nurses the bunnies etc. Yep good old mum, who once again was told “No mum, I WILL look after them, the dogs were different” lol. But secretly I love cuddling them, they are so cute

  193. Since Mum passed away I have been taking more time out for myself wether it be meditating ,reading,napping or just doing something I want to do,life is to SHORT to Not do something nice for ourselves!

  194. Okay so I’m a Mum…’s my job to make others feel good by my actions and my dilemma is I often get so caught up I forget to take the time to notice how that made me feel. I think most recently though I have peeked outside of my comfort zone and slowly pursuing my dreams of turning my art into touchable goods…….first phase is a run of shirts that are being printed…….that makes me feel incredible. Finally I am focussing a little on me and that’s a good thing that makes me feel great!!

  195. My best mate has had a tough year, losing his mum a few months ago. He’s a tremendously giving soul himself – he mentors cadets in the Air Force, has a pretty demanding job with an airline and is the type of soul to so everything for others at the expense of himself, so I’ve been cooking for him. Every day he has at least two healthy home cooked meals an he makes my day each day by messaging me what he is eating and how much he enjoys it. It’s such a win/win.

  196. The beautician I go to has a collection every few months were clients can donate unused beauty products they have in their bathrooms cupboards which then go to a women’s refuge so these lovely ladies get to enjoy a little pampering .. Given most of them have been thru alot (&most have children with them) I’m donating lots this time & it would be great to give them the Body Shop hamper.

  197. I have said no more times recently than ever before. Deciding on things just for me and not what I “should be” doing. A huge weight has been lifted and I’m feeling happier for it. Now I’ve found more time to paint my nails and even shave my legs after way too long just wearing pants 😉

  198. Recently donated half a dozen garbage bags full of clothes and shoes to the less fortunate. Biggest donation I’ve ever done. Made me feel good. 🙂

  199. I have been trying to loose a few kilos lately so Ive been getting dirty working hard in the garden. After Im done Ive been using my Body Shop Body Butter after my shower. I just love the smell and how my skin feels afterwards.

  200. My little toddlers are finally at an age where I can squeeze in some extra tiime for myself – without feeling guilty! I bought myself a pair of roller skates and am planning on joining a SkateFit class (all by myself!!) tomorrow night 🙂 Can’t wait! Look out for Roller Mum on your way to school very soon!

  201. A couple of weeks ago I took a day off work and flew to the Gold Coast to surprise my mum, who is going through chemotherapy at the moment, with a day of pampering. We got our hair, nails and eyebrows done together and then I took mum out for lunch. It was so lovely to have that quality time together and mum loved getting pampered and feeling nice about herself for the first time in weeks. It’s amazing how much of a difference a little bit of indulgence & spoiling can make! Absolutely love The Body Shop and would love to share this prize with mum!

  202. Like many others Volunteering makes me feel good. I’m currently organising a Favours Auction in aid of the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation and when I look at the Favours that have been kindly donated by friends and local businesses I feel very happy and I know on the night as I see the total raised for ACCF I’ll be thrilled.

  203. My son & I have been baking cupcakes throughout August to raise money for the RSPCA cupcake Day which we also did last year, instead of just doing it for one day! Think last year’s total was around $700 because my son sells them at work & doesn’t set price for cupcakes so people can pay whatever they wish to donate – this approach seems to make people even more generous! I also cleaned out my cupboards & donated heaps of new products that I hadn’t used to local “No-kill” animal rescue shelter for their silent auction. Obviously we are all animal lovers in my family!

  204. I remember my Grandmother telling me that a man was without some money and my Grandfather was also down on his luck and gave the man his last dollar so needless to say since I lost both my Grandparents I feel an empathy for the elderly and try and do small random acts of kindness. My last was just paying for an elderly man’s milk at Aldi standing in the line behind me, another time I saw an elderly couple sharing a custard pie and I went and paid for the pie and coffee for them. Small acts change the world. Do good work where you can x

  205. Who doesn’t love The Body Shop products? I work as a volunteer at an inner city mental health agency and last Friday I travelled to Toowoomba with the agency manager to spend a day training other potential volunteers.

  206. Instead of meeting my girlfriend for our normal coffee, we gave blood first, then enjoyed our coffees. Great way to catch up while doing something worthwhile.

  207. Yesterday I ‘worked’ in the canteen at my sons school. It was lovely to see all of the happy children and be a part of a wonderful community. The smile on my son’s face when he came to see me made me feel amazing.

  208. I’ve decided to let bygones be bygones with a relative. I am 28weeks pregnant and would like the birth of my second child be surrounded by positive energy, peace and harmony (both within me and the family). The mental and emotional weight that was immediately lifted off me was surprising and I’m glad I forgave and forgot (well, maybe not forget the lesson it served)!

    Email: [email protected]

  209. I live on a busy street and the neighbours puppy had gotten out and was in the middle of the street. She was so happy with herself that as I pulled the car over and ran towards her, she ran towards me and barrelled me over in the street. Lucky there was a break in the traffic. After executing a perfect roll that would rival any action movie, I was able to usher her to safety and reunite her with her family.

  210. hi nikki! I’m looking after ‘franc the cat’ next door as my friend is in hospital
    (and cleaning out her fridge … we won’t say what is growing in there!)
    as when she comes out she is off to noosa! … and she will want me to help her pack!;0
    sunshine plaza here I come, to the body shop … love it!
    I hope your book will be at the airport book shop as I love to buy a book when I travel! it makes it more special! love m:)X

  211. I gave an older woman, at a fashion show, my winning ticket so she could get $25 off the trousers she was buying. Her smile and hug said it all.

  212. It’s the small but kind things that can make a big difference sometimes. My friend and her husband just had a little baby boy, so my friends and I have taken turns making them dinners so they feel supported in this special time in their lives.

  213. One of the las good things I did recently was, I was driving and it was raining and I saw a young woman walking with her little boy, they were getting drenched. So I pulled over and offered them a lift. It turned out that I was only about another 1km to go but they were both so grateful, the little boy offered to share his sherbet straws! It felt good to know that I got the little fella out of the rain and so him and mum didn’t catch a cold 🙂

  214. The last great thing I did was in the last month I have donated about half my wardrobe including shoes and handbags to the needy of Brisbane. Not only to help them out and make sure they are dressed for the winter but to give myself a cleanse of things that I no longer need but would benefit someone else.

  215. I didn’t know that Anita Roddick had passed away. I love the Body Shop as much today as I did years ago. I bought the Coconut Scrub and Body Butter online last month. I love coconut or vanilla smelling anything! I’ve done things at work lately that I can’t put on here because of privacy, but they made me feel good anyway. Spread the love indeed Nikki, makes us all feel better, Kathryn

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