The Model and Me: Sacha Drake

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I wore a jumpsuit.

Something I never thought I would ever write here. Something I thought I’d never wear.

Proves that you should never say never, I say.

Sometimes it’s not the fashion trend you should be afraid of but more who’s designing that trend.

Let me paint the picture.

In the week before my book, Unlock You Style (you may have heard of it … available in all good book stores 😉 ), launched I met with Brisbane-based fashion designer Sacha Drake.

Sacha Drake and I go way back.

Well about a decade …

If you’re a regular here then you already know that. If you’re not, my first interview with Sacha was back in my journo days. That interview gave me an insight into how she designs her garments to fit and flatter, working with both the fall of a fabric and patterning based on both a size 10 and a size 14 shape.

That knowledge explained a lot to me. And it’s helped me understand every day I’ve worn a Sacha Drake garment since just why it works on my shape.

So, when Sacha and I met just before my book launched and I got to “play” and try some designs from her latest collection, I was far from surprised that one of those garments – the Solange jumpsuit – not only worked for me but has been immediately elevated to favourite garment status.

The model

Sacha Drake Solange jumpsuit

Sacha Drake Solange jumpsuit $249

and me

Sacha Drake Solange jumpsuit | Salita Matthews necklace | Nine West heels | Samantha Wills ring

Sacha Drake Solange jumpsuit* (I’m in size 14) | Salita Matthews necklace** | Nine West heels | Samantha Wills ring | and below with Mela Purdie jacket* (from Zambezee Boutique

Sacha Drake Solange jumpsuit | Mela Purdie jacket | Salita Matthews necklace | Nine West heels | Samantha Wills ring

Let me tell you just how comfortable this jumpsuit is to wear.

Think luxe onesie.

Forget soft pants. This is a soft OUTFIT.

Tickety tick, tick, I say.

The jersey is the softest of jerseys, the fabric drapes just so and you can adjust how you wear it as simply as adjusting where you place the belt.

I love a hip tie but I’m happy to trot out a high waist tie with this particular design because of the fabric drape. I need a drape that skims, not clings over my hips.

I decided to wear it for my Brisbane book launch with a white Mela Purdie jacket and Salita Matthews necklace (from Zambezee Boutique). That monochrome trend is here to stay and I’m very happy about that.

It’s a crisp, classic combination that can take you so many places. It helps to take a black outfit into spring and beyond.

Here I am with the designer herself (you can check out more photos taken by Joseph Byford at my Brisbane launch here).

Sacha Drake and Nikki Parkinson at the launch of Unlock Your Style Brisbane

The Model and Me Sacha Drake Solange jumpsuit SS14-15

Would you, could you wear a jumpsuit?

* These garments were gifted to me. ** This accessory is on loan (but may very well become my next Salita purchase).

  • Oh my God Nikki! You look absolutely stunning in this jumpsuit and I mean it:) Your hair make-up and accessories are nothing short of perrrrfect!!
    I’m inspired to pull my jumpsuit (which by the way is black too!) out of the back of my closet now..x

  • Oh my God Nikki! You look absolutely stunning in this jumpsuit and I mean it:) Your hair make-up and accessories are nothing short of perrrrfect!!
    I’m inspired to pull my jumpsuit (which by the way is black too!) out of the back of my closet now..x

  • Oh my God Nikki! You look absolutely stunning in this jumpsuit and I mean it:) Your hair make-up and accessories are nothing short of perrrrfect!!
    I’m inspired to pull my jumpsuit (which by the way is black too!) out of the back of my closet now..x

  • Saraid Dammerel

    I work in the office of a clothing label called Philosophy, and over half the office owns at least one of our jumpsuits! We are all different sizes/shapes and range from age 25 [me] – 60. I am a firm believer in embracing the jumpsuit 😉

  • Janice

    Short and dumpy here…I tried a Katies’s black jumpsuit. Was very surprised how good it looked, not to mention the comfort factor! Been worn several times already with different jackets, lacy over tunics, shawls etc. Love it. Didn’t mention the price….was $39 and now $20!!!

  • Jodie Maree

    I wear them a lot – i’m addicted and i’m not that slim either – you just pick your style

  • Karla Jones

    Nikki, this looks amazing on you! I’ve never tried a jumpsuit on as I could only imagine it would high-light all the unflattering bits but you’ve opened my eyes. I can’t wait to have a little shopping spree at Sacha Drake’s shop. Oh, and I think it’s a must that Salita’s necklace ends up permanently at your house!! 😉

  • barbarabriguglio

    Hi Nikki, I used to wear jumpsuits way back in the disco days of the 70’s! I had the most beautiful pale lilac one that flattered my figure no end.
    I am not sure what style would be good for me these days with a bigger derriere than I had 40 years ago. Please help with any ideas, Barb
    p.s. You look fabulous!

    • Look for one that is cut to drape well – the fabric needs to be a soft jersey like this one too!

  • I am a long time fan of jumpsuits…and I love this one!
    Most of mine are casual but I would love to add a fancy jumpsuit to my collection!
    You look fabulous!
    Looking forward to finally celebrating the book next Wednesday!

  • You looked fab on the night and I think every woman there wanted to steal that jumpsuit!

  • ShadyLady

    Nikki, this might be a little cheeky but the one (fabulous) jumpsuit I own I purchased because of your review a few years back – a Wyse jumpsuit.
    It is drop dead gorgeous with true staying power; it comes out to play each summer and is comfy as pyjamas. Even easier, it simply pulls down when nature calls and no pesky zips or ties.
    I always get compliments and adore its easy glamour. The trick is to find the right style for your shape (mine is drop waisted, like yours was).
    A big congratulations on the book and your recent successes; bravissima!

    • Oh my yes! I remember that one – I got too big for it and gave to charity but damn it would probably fit again! … even in the photo on this post it’s not sitting ideally on me but boy oh boy was it comfortable to wear. Glad yours works for you!

      • ShadyLady

        It did after I recovered from the 2nd post partum belly stretch 🙂 but I’m super glad I kept it (and that I kept at the pilates). Your new jumpsuit is smashing; you look gorgeous.

  • Oh my goodness, we are in fashion sync! I have just very recently acquired a gorgeous jersey-like black jumpsuit (from Katies) and it’s love. Will be featuring it on the blog this Wednesday. You look absolutely stunning in this outfit. x

  • Sharon Coutman

    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. You look absolutely amazing Nikki, that’s some tricky piece of draping Sacha has come up with. Oh and don’t get me started on your leopard print heels….gorgeous.

    • It is … and the heels are perfect … just the right height for some height without pain!

  • The Plumbette

    Yes! I bought a navy jumpsuit 2 seasons ago and it has an orange belt and I wear it every Christmas. I even wore it when pregnant with Magdakene. I love a jumpsuit! Love this one on you too Nikki. I love Sacha Drake dresses so I reckon I’d love this. 🙂

  • Rina

    I’m very tempted to buy one myself! It looks fab on you.


    You look marvellous.

  • Kelly

    I bought a jumpsuit late last year for a fancy dress party … mostly because I wanted to buy it and this was the perfect excuse!! It is drapey but not quite as beautiful as the Sacha Drake one. I am going to try it with a blazer though … it might just make it better.

  • I am not a jumpsuit person at all. But I am totally in awe of women who can carry it fabulously. And you do look amazing in it, Nikki!

  • You just get more and more gorgeous xxx

    • Sharon Coutman

      Doesn’t she, absolutely glowing in these pics.

      • Thanks Sharon – professional hair and makeup go a long way I tell you x

    • Cheque’s in the mail xx

  • Amy

    I clearly remember the day when my mother called me, about two months before my wedding, thrilled that she’d found THE Mother of the Bride outfit for my wedding. “It’s a jumpsuit!” she shared, and I almost died on the spot. My mother, wearing a jumpsuit, to my wedding?? Well, I was wrong. It fell beautifully and was flattering for her (plus-sized) shape. Call me a convert!

  • GoddessMel

    Such a timely post Nikki – I too recently bought a jumpsuit! Admittedly the first reason was to be outfitted for a 70s disco themed night that I’m going to in a few weeks, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I would likely only wear for ‘fancy dress’ events. I found a black crepe-style jumpsuit by Peter Morrisey (for Big W) for $39 and thought I’d give it a go. Well colour me surprised, because it actually looks quite good! It’s a comfortable shape and fit without being baggy; a deep-v front has a discrete press stud closure so you can go daring (or layer over a bright cami or t-shirt) or more demure; and the drawstring belt is versatile for shaping.
    I will be wearing this little number with a homemade gold tassle belt, big earrings and glitter metallic sandals for the party, but I can see myself wearing it numerous ways for other events. Who knows, I might love it so much I splurge on the gorgeous Sacha Drake number you’re modelling so well 🙂

    • There you go – I love a themed party outfit that then can come into your wardrobe. The surprise factor is the added bonus!

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    I’m plus size and LOVE them…but always with a blazer or cape. Yours looks fabulous Nikki x

    • That helps create shape, yes?! x

      • Jenni from Styling Curvy

        Sure does…for me. A blazer defines my waist, adds a pop of colour, creates a faux v neckline and covers my chubby arms…a cape/kimono does the same but in a more unstructured way…covers what I don’t want to show (arse &arms) but adds colour and interest 🙂 a good black jumpsuit is the LBD of pants 🙂

  • Martin Wypych

    Hi Nikki, can I be really cheeky and ask how it falls at the back? I always find jumpsuits accentuate the rear (I feel as if my backside is on display for all and sundry) but that may be just the ones I’m trying on. If it skims over and falls nicely then maybe this is the one for me too. Jumpsuits suit me and are flattering from front, but I feel a bit exposed in the rear! Cheers, Fiona Wypych.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I did own one but it was a cheapie and I just threw it away and it needed ironing 🙁 but I was surprised as you Nikki how good it looked on and how easy it was to wear.I love love love this style of jumpsuit it would work with all different jackets and even a kimono one in summer.Great post Nikki I will be checking the us one out its so chic Xx

    • Definitely a kimono for summer … if you look at the photos on my FB page from the launch, I demonstrated that too. x

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        I will check them out thanks Nikki x

  • merliyn

    the jumpsuit looks great on you nikki! and sooo versatile!
    I would wear one … have had one before when they were in vogue!
    obviously a fantastic launch couldn’t help thinking your youngest was having the best time of all! … adorable! … love m:)X

  • Johanne Taylor

    I’m not a jumpsuit person at all, but have a Sasha Drake dress that I love. I really love your styling with that white jacket I’ve seen you in before (!), the leopard heels and that gorgeous necklace.The light jacket is something I’ve been wearing a bit lately. It really lifts an outfit in a way that a black jacket will never do.

    • Light jackets are such wardrobe friends Johanne – especially as we transition to spring but it’s not quite warm enough to wear without.

  • alison

    Looks great and I am almost tempted – but what we all want to know is – how difficult is the toilet situation?

    • The question of the minute! It’s not so bad. There is a tie at the top of the neck that you release and pull down to where you would if you were wearing jeans.

  • Yup, looks fab in you!!

  • Karen

    Hmmm, sorry I am not a fan of this one. It just looks kind of slouchy/sloppy to me and those are not two words I like to associate with an outfit that costs that much.

  • That is such a good look on you, and what a great way to style a jump suit. I still haven’t worn one but this looks like a great piece. So chic!

  • MarissaBeautifullyOrganised

    Love this Nikki! I’m NOT a jumpsuit person at all but after seeing you make it work so well with that jacket and necklace, I think I’ll be trying a few on next time I go shopping!

    • Got nothing to lose by trying a few on Marissa – if you still don’t like it doesn’t matter – at least you’ve found out for yourself!

  • The jumpsuit looks amazing on you. I have a few jumpsuits and I love the ease of wearing them, except when visiting the bathroom. V x

  • You look fabulous in this Nikki. I officially on the jumpsuit wagon too and like you, was surprised at how flattering they could be. Who knew?! Thanks for sharing and great outfit. xxx

  • At the risk of bringing down the tone, I’ve never considered a jumpsuit because I’m worried about keeping it off the floor when I tinkle.
    The idea of a soft OUTFIT might be encouragement enough to give it a try!

    • Don’t worry, I was concerned too! There is a little tie at the neck on this one that you simply undo and then bring down to pee – the whole garment doesn’t have to go further than you would while wearing a pair of jeans.

  • Angela

    Well I decided to try on the other day , as they ate everywhere. I was surprised how flattering it was . Jumpsuits have come a long way since the late eighties

  • Cheekie

    You look great in the jumpsuit. I adore the heels, the whole look is so chic!
    I found a stockist last week of Sacha Drake local to me in Melbourne One of her dresses would be ideal for a conference I am going to soon too. It all looks so easy and versatile. Best wishes and see you Wed.

    • So great for a conference – packs easily and you’ll feel comfortable all day! See you Wednesday!!

  • HootinTootin

    Hi Nikki, I’d wear a jumpsuit. They’re surprisingly flattering on me. I wish Sacha made it in a colour. Would love to see an option in red! 🙂

    • You never know – it always depends on fabric availability – this jersey is amazing though.

  • Kathryn

    Firstly – you look amazing! I have been looking at all the jumpsuits around and thinking that I’m too chunky and too old. But I love this one. Looks so classy with the jacket. Got me thinking now, Kathryn 🙂

  • Sonya

    I have a Sasha Drake LBD firmly in my sights for a conference in Adelaide later this year. Love her designs so much. Congratulations on your book launch too

    • Great idea for a conference as you know it will not crush and you’ll feel comfortable all day!