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One of the most common style questions that lands in my inbox is: “what should I wear to my/my girlfriend’s/my sister’s milestone birthday?”.

Obviously it depends on the venue, time of day and whether any dress code is expected but, for my money, options generally come down to a frock or a pants and top scenario. With or without jacket depending on the time of year.

Now a well cut pair of jeans (denim or black) will get you a long way but, as a spring alternative, there is a pant that’d definitely worth a look in.

The relaxed silk pant.

They feel like you’re wearing a pair of luxe pjs and that’s a very big win in my book.

Think about it?

If you’re out somewhere special, you want to feel your best. I say if you can get that feeling from comfort despite being dressed up with some place to go, then I say, you’re on an outfit winner.

Phyllis and Mimosa – a Byron Bay-based label, store and online retailer – has released a new-season pant that definitely fits the comfort-and-special-occasion style criteria.

The model

Phyllis and Mimosa Zoe Top and Frankie pant

Phyllis and Mimosa Zoe top | Frankie pant

and me

Phyllis and Mimosa top and pants | Mix Apparel clutch | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings | Mimco bracelet | Dinosaur Designs ring | Wayne by Wayne Cooper heels

Phyllis and Mimosa top* (I’m wearing size 14) and pant* (I’m wearing the Sapphire in size 16) | Mix Apparel clutch* | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings | Mimco bracelet | Dinosaur Designs ring | Wayne by Wayne Cooper heels

This is an outfit that I would wear on a date night, a night out with girlfriends or with a jacket as an outfit suitable of speaking at an event.

I’ve gone with the size 16 pant – as my experience with any soft pant is that the drape needs to be happening for it to work over my hips and tummy and still keep the line of the pant.

This fabric is a beautiful sand-washed silk, which feels beyond luxe to wear. This top is one that I’d also wear with denim jeans, white, stone or black pants. The texture of the satin embroidered applique gives it timeless interest.

A note on my wearing navy and black together. I know for some it’s a no-no but you know what I think of so-called rules? Not much.

Navy and black worn together is a fresh take on wearing all black. And I like it.

Add a little sparkle (always a good idea) and you’re good to go.

The Model and Me Phyllis and Mimosa SS15-16

What say you re a fancy soft pant? Got a milestone birthday event coming up?

* These items were gifted to me for editorial consideration

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  1. Oh I love this on you Nikki.
    Can I ask a question re the soft pant? Ive got a butt and a bit of a belly too, (II really like structured fabrics to hold it in) – do you have any thoughts on soft pants for a flubber like me?

  2. I would love a fancy soft pant. I love navy and black too. You look lovely! What is your take on revealing bra straps? 🙂

  3. You look beautiful as always, and I prefer how you have styled the outfit, as always. Much prefer your shoes to the models. What a gorgeous top!

  4. I just love the outfit – I have just ordered the pants – and a black top from Phyllis & Mimosa – not the one you have on – but the long sleeve silk one – can’t wait to receive them – they look amazing.

  5. Gorgeous outfit Nikki! Love the black and navy combo – just a little bit more interesting isn’t it? Loved your other outfit too with the white jacket and tee! I may or may not have copied it with similar pieces from my wardrobe.

  6. I really want to get on board with the soft pant, but I find that while I love the look from front on, the loose-ness from my bum hanging down my legs makes me look like my legs are little tree trunks! Is it just the quality of the cut of pants that I;m trying or are they generally unflattering from the side view?

    1. I could be the cut and fabric, Tara. I do buy bigger to get the drape thing happening. My bottom is wide and flat so if no drape just a stretched out tree trunk. Is an individual thing though and don’t force it if you don’t think it’s for you.

  7. I love navy and black together and this outfit is stunning Nikki,so femine and beautiful and being silk the pants would work in summer as well.
    I do have an important event coming up my son and his girlfriend got engaged on Saturday night so we will be having an engagement party for them in the near future and I would totally wear that outfit,great post Nikki x

  8. I love the navy and black together- lots more interest than just an all black outfit, I think. Those soft navy pants will be lovely into spring and summer with a white top and/or jacket too- somewhat fresher than with black pants.
    Nikki, the question I really have is, did you get to go out in that lovely outfit?

    1. Not as yet Johanne … mostly I do these shoots specifically for these posts and the integrate the pieces later. The pants? I was wearing them when I met you with the white Mela Purdie jacket and sass and bide tee!

  9. a good morning to you nikki! …
    love this outfit on you and the model … especially love her shoes/boots!
    I’m good with black and navy and black and brown together too!
    love a soft pant! have a good week nikki! love m:)X

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