How to get the Nina Proudman new-mum hairstyle

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Tonight is the night that we potentially say goodbye to Nina Proudman and Offspring for good.

I’m not sure I’m ready. I really do hope they sign on for another season. You?

This season has all been about Nina’s grief after losing Patrick and joy at giving birth to baby Zoe. Oh and she also returned to work.

Many people have contacted me or commented about her hairstyle this season.

She has worn it pulled back in EVERY episode.

I know this has been a polarising First World issue. You either love it or just want to jump through the TV screen, pull out that hair tie and let her locks roam free.

Anyone who’s ever been a new mum, however, will understand that that hair tie represents a saving of valuable morning “get out the door” time.

It’s a lifeline to a few more precious minutes of sleep, making it to work on time or just ensuring that you have time for more than just a takeaway coffee for breakfast.

I get that. I do.

I now have only one kid to get out the door these days and I still look for any possible short cuts to make that work for me – ensuring that I still look vaguely presentable. Some days the emphasis is very much on the vague.

To help me from straying into the vague, I turned to ghd ambassador Jayne Wild for some tips for how to get the Nina Proudman new-mum hairstyle – plus some tips for busy mums to speed up their hair styling routine.

The key tool in all of the tips below is the ghd eclipse hair styler.

Keep on reading for a special trade-in offer that will save you $40 (ends August 31) should you have been umming and ahhing about making the switch. Oh and get excited, I’ve got one to give away to a busy woman in need.

The Nina Proudman new-mum hairstyle

If you have naturally curvy or wavy shoulder-length hair then Nina Proudman’s hair style is as easy as scrunching it back with your fingers and securing it with a hair band, letting front sections fall loose.

If you don’t – like me – then it will take a little bit of effort to achieve a similar look.

How to get Nina Proudman mum-style hair

These simple steps from ghd ambassador Jayne Wild below will help you play at home to create the Nina Proudman new-mum hairstyle.

Take note of Step 1 – the addition of foam at the beginning of your styling is crucial to achieving an end look that will stay in place.

How to get Nina Proudman's hair style

  1. Prep damp hair with ghd total volume foam ($22) from roots to ends and comb through using the ghd detangling comb ($12).
  2. Create volume and texture with the ghd ceramic radial bristle brush ($32-$34) while drying with the ghd aura professional hairdryer ($250). Lift the hair away from the head to give extra volume at the roots.
  3. Section the hair starting at the nape of the neck. Using the ghd eclipse styler ($260 until August 31 with the styler exchange offer – see below), take vertical parts and rotate the styler 180 degrees gliding through the hair from mid lengths to ends to create a soft natural movement.
  4. When you’ve reached the front section, part the hair where desired (Nina’s falls in the middle) and use the ghd eclipse to direct the hair as required.
  5. Apply a small amount of ghd smooth and finish serum($22) to the hair focusing on the mid-lengths to ends and then brush your hair with the ghd oval dressing brush ($34) to create a relaxed look.
  6. Gather the hair into a ponytail at the centre of the back of the head and secure with an elastic.
  7. Gently pull at the hair surrounding the elastic to soften and relax the look, giving it an ‘undone’ affect.
  8. Glide the ghd eclipse using the same 180 degrees motion over any pieces of hair around the face or in the ponytail that might look too straight.
  9. Finish with ghd final fix hairspray ($20) to encourage texture and set the look.

Hair styling tips for busy women

Jayne also has some fantastic hair-styling tips for busy women who want their hair look as good as possible but who don’t have a lot of time to fuss.

  • Using the ghd eclipse will no doubt speed up your styling routine – the innovative tri-zone technology allows you to take larger sections of hair when styling. Six quick thinking sensors in each of the plates mean that outstanding results are achieved from the first stroke.
  • Rather than using a brush when drying your hair, try finger drying instead – flip your head upside down and use ghd air or ghd aura (this is ghd’s newest hair dryer – it combines styling and drying) to blow dry. This will help to create volume in a fast and effective way.
  • A great hair cut that works well with your natural hair texture will also work wonders in helping to reduce your styling time.

ghd eclipse exchange

Exchange your old styler for the ghd eclipse styler and save $40

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your old styler, listen up. Until August 31 2014, you have the chance to do so and save $40.

It’s as simple as exchanging your old hair styler (any brand) at a participating ghd salon – use the salon locater to find one near you or phone 1300 880 209.

Or buy online with the discount code, GHD40.

It’s the first time ever this offer has been made in Australia in respect to the eclipse styler.

I first blogged about the eclipse as it launched here 18 months ago.  It’s still a crucial part of my hair styling tool kit because the patented tri-zone technology used in the styling plates ensures that hair is styled at a consistent temperature from roots to tips. This means a greater ease of styling as well as a better result for your overall hair health.

Hair is heated at 185 degrees Celsius throughout each stroke and you do really get good results from that first stroke. For me, that means my hair is exposed to heat for less time. Over time that’s a very good thing.

More information:


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Photo credit: Nina Proudman Offspring image courtesy Channel 10

Comments 190

  1. I went out with my two daughters this weekend. They were embarassed at their mum’s hairstyle. Apparently it looks like teh return of the mullet! It so does not!

  2. My old straightener is falling apart,
    my hair needs a fresh start,
    a ghd is exactly what’ll work,
    to hide my split ends which are going berserk!

  3. Oh I hope you’ll still accept this – had some kid let emergencies this arvo!

    Here goes

    From Styling You to Styling Me,
    my hair could use a GHD,
    2 kids, no time and lifeless hair,
    Save me from my styling dispair!

    Fingers crossed x

  4. My Straightener is about a million years old.. In the past 8 years I have been to buys looking after my 5 ids but its time to STOP and get sexy back.. How I would rock my new GHD eclipse styer!

  5. I wanted oomph, I chose a perm.. a sheep shaggy style you’ll see
    But it’s not the look I coveted… need hair rescue from ghd!

  6. I am WAY overdue for a new hair styler! I haven’t had a change in style for….almost 15 years (and Im only 31). My hairstyle can be described as lank, frizzy, and dull from years of supermarket dyes due to being time and money poor after 2 kids. I long to have gorgeous flowing hair, but settle for a top knot and a brush once a week.

  7. When I go to a hairdresser they usually accidently slip out innaprioate comments as my hair is not a preety site. I literally have thick wavy frizzy lion kings mane! My current old styler takes me at least an hour for me statighnen myself as I have that much hair and i have to go over and over each piece as the technology is not as good as it is now. I’m a busy mum of three and don’t have the time for that and I’m sick of chucking it up in a bun to hide the mane! Please consider me and help me out with a new improved look that won’t scare people!

  8. I have medium length layered hair which is dead straight. I love the windswept up-turned look which i used to wear previously, but sadly my current straightener just makes it go frizzy and gives me split ends.

  9. My hair is not straight, not curly but annoyingly kinky that can only currently be tamed by gluing it down with gel.

    I’m in the process of growing out an ultra pixie cut that is just long enough to ditch the lazy gelled ‘sleek’ look in favour of a softer, super short straight bob.

  10. Because my miniature straightener tugs at my hair and can’t even straighten, let alone curl. I would love to reinvent my current boring ponytail by channeling my inner Nina Proudman. I personally love her messy up do and think it would really suit my lifestyle as a busy mum.

  11. I bought my straightener years ago when they were newly out on the market so its pretty old. I’ll be sad to see it go because it’s been faithful but it does take some time warming up and is a wee bit slow. It would be nice to get an upgrade 🙂

  12. My mum “borrowed” my straightner when I moved out but I let her have it because due to a cheap & nasty brand and too much colour in her hair, all the “ceramic” plating was coming off.

  13. Dear Nikki,

    I thought I would be ok continuing on with my old GHD – it’s a first generation pink limited edition breast cancer GHD (circa 2004). That is, I was ok until yesterday morning, when I tried to straighten my hair and ended up with little pieces of melted pink plastic in my fringe… So I was inspired to write you a little song. Audio available upon request 😉

    From Sha (aka. Please pick me!)

    Bella the Old Pink Straightener
    (to the tune of ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

    Bella the old pink straightener
    Used to have two hot ceramic plates
    And if my hair ever touched them
    It would turn out glossy and straight.

    All of the other styling tools
    Were relegated to the bottom drawer
    Bella the old pink straightener
    Used to leave them all in awe.

    Now there are many hair ties
    That are getting a lot more use
    ‘Cause Bella the old pink straightener
    Doesn’t have quite as much juice.

    Then one windy August eve
    Nikki came to say
    ‘Ladies with my blog so fab
    I’ve got one GHD up for grabs.’

    So I was completely overjoyed
    And did a little happy dance
    For a brand new GHD Eclipse Straightener
    I would take every chance!

  14. My daughter ‘borrowed’ my straightener some years ago…I haven’t replaced it, I’ve been managing with my mousse and fingers ever since, I’d love to try a new one (but we won’t tell my daughter, ok?) lol

  15. I’m so retro, I still have plastic curlers in my bathroom cupboards. And a hairdryer stuck on “hot”. I’d love to throw away my collection of retro (aka stained and misshapen) hats and embrace sleek, shiny, ghd hair.

  16. I wear the ” libraian bun ” as my husband calls it, just about daily, my current styler are my hands and they arent terribly adequate haha

  17. I am long overdue for a new styler because I’m currently using a set of 10 year old straighteners that I’m pretty sure are doing more harm than good – their ceramic coating has all rubbed off! Plus, I just got me a new colour job – a fierce red, would be pretty awesome to style this colour with the new ghd eclipse…

  18. I’m still carrying the “Pregnant Mum for the first time” look 4 years after my last child and 9 years after commencing that look! Definitely time for a change and uplift!

  19. All I want for this Christmas is a new styler to make me feel fabulous and give me a good hair day, it isn’t a big ask, is it?

  20. I’m overdue for a styler because mine pulls my hair and smells of burning sometimes! I’m also just in need of a new style!!

  21. People often “yawn” BUT I “roar” the moment I awake,

    My misbehaved mane needs a sturdy steel rake!

    Combs! Brushes! A waste of time,

    I’ve tried Curling Wands! Straighteners and fruitlessly
    spent every single dime!

    Plentiful complimented with a misbehaved kink!

    I stomp out of the bathroom and I’m on the BRINK!

    The kids are quietly eating their breakfast and don’t dare
    say a word,

    Getting so emotional over “hair” is truly absurd!

    “Control” I’ve yearned for far too long!

    “GHD40” my bathroom this sizzling friend does belong!

    Less time on my disobedient mane,

    Confidence! Calmness! Time to gain!

    I’m exhausted of Hair Ties! Mouse! Lacquers! Gel!

    Please present this mummy with a magical spell!

  22. I can’t even remember how long ago I bought my last styler ! It doesn’t have any fancy buttons or dials like the current versions and when I recently tried my mum’s modern device I noticed a massive difference in the quality of styling

  23. Realised my style needs urgent attention when I went to an ’80s party and nobody thought I had dressed up! Apparently I’m stuck in retro purgatory and can’t escape. Would attach photo but too many friends are on this forum!!

  24. my style needs updating so badly, i was told the other day how great my “OMBRE” style was and it must have cost me a fortune, was to ashamed to tell her i was a tired mum who was growing out out her colour and this was just pure chance LOL – bring on the gorgeous Nina Ponytail

    [email protected]

  25. Great post, in the market for a new straightener mine is cheap and old doesn’t even have ceramic plates! The ghd eclipse, could be just what I’m looking for and with your easy to follow instructions will have this style down in no time, thank you!

  26. Apparently the pony tail is a definate sign that you are a Mum. Well if my pony tail looked like Nina Proudman’s I would be delighted but it is a boof of curls that won’t be tamed. I am definately in a style rut and a GHD straightener would enable me to actually do some the sleek hair styles that I have swooned over at pinterest in a fraction of the time. Here is to less frizz and more glam for work and play!

  27. My straightener has gotten to the point where it pulls out more hair than it straightens and probably (definitely) should be replaced! Preferably by a certain (amazing) GHD! 😉

  28. I’ve just been taught by a hairdresser friend how to get soft waves with a flat iron! Would love a ghd eclipse to practice with before my unco-ness kicks back in…

  29. I’m growing my hair long,
    So it’s frizzy and wrong.
    It was too short for gadgets before,
    So I’m now experimenting galore.

  30. Engineer by day, mum by night,
    My hair is looking quite a fright.
    Worn out mummy combined with geek,
    Need this styler to make me chic!

  31. My daughter was using our styler when it malfunctioned and overheated, taking half the hair she had in the styler, straight off and she has long hair! Bobby pins are her friend of late 🙁

  32. I hate going to the hairdresser with the kids so I either avoid it or its a quick cut so I really need the help of a styler to create some great styles for me.

  33. It’s not so much that I need a new one it’s that I need one all together I’ve recently moved out and my sisters got all my hair tools so I have to try and get some somehow.

  34. I am in DESPERATE need of a Good. Hair. Day (GHD) – you know I only just realised that’s what GHD stood for?! That’s how desperate I really am.

  35. Always restricted on price,
    a comb and hair-dryer suffice.
    But a ghd eclipse is what I’m craving,
    sleek fast easy styling would be amazing.

  36. My hair is fine and limp. It burns and frizzes with my conventional styler which isn’t temperature adjustable. I injured my back 2 1/2 years ago, have had 2 surgeries and am awaiting a 3rd to finally fix the problems. My style is non existent at the moment apart from the back brace I wear full time. My sister gave me a copy of Unlock Your Style for my birthday and I know I must make changes for my own sake. I am 43. The GHD Eclipse would make a huge difference for me. Thank you.

  37. A change is as good as a holiday while I love my long wavy hair sometimes it would be nice if it was just straight and long

  38. A cheap nasty straightener is what I own
    And it’s results are clearly shown
    Hair that’s still more curly than straight
    Cold, ineffective plates, makes me late
    With a GHD Eclipse, I could perfect Nina’s style
    So I wouldn’t just look decent, once in a while
    As a busy working mum, with little me time,
    No more leaving the house looking like a victim of crime.

  39. Mine takes twenty minutes to heat up.
    Is only just warm, and
    takes five minutes on each hair strand.
    It takes ages and ages to get ready.
    I spend half the night,
    while my friends are partying watching a band.

  40. Recently i’ve went from having long and quite straight hair to cutting it into a short bob. As a result my hair has gone pretty frizzy and it takes a lot to manage it. A new, better styler is just what i need to rock this new hair do.

  41. Since having my offsprings my hair has changed to frizzy unmanageable hair, I don’t own a straightener so normally sport a pony but I’d live to have my hair out more often n look respectable!

  42. Well to be perfectly straight with you, my old iron is as burnt out as I am and a new one wouldn’t go astray just like my hair wouldn’t with a GHD Eclipse!

  43. With 3 little OFFSPRING of my own,
    Trips to the salon I’ve now had to postpone,
    And Nina Proudman hair eptomises pure bliss,
    To have her GHD hairstyle, an opportunity I wouldn’t miss,
    As I’m super envious of her gorgeous hair,
    Often Googling pictures of “new mum hairstyles” a secret I’ll share,
    So to own a GHD Eclipse from Styling You,
    Each and every day I’d have a Nina Proudman hair-do!

  44. When I attempted the Nina Proudman new mum flick sides earlier this week from the styling you blog, my old metal plate straightener took some ends of my long fringe with the down stroke and the ones left were in a frizz…now a not so long fringe 🙁 I need a better result for my hair health, I need the GHD eclipse 🙂

  45. GHDs reputation for being amazing has meant that I’ve always admired them but sadly, never owned a GHD styler.

  46. I only have a basic styler and the GHD’s six sensors and ability to take on larger sections of hair will help me get ready quicker; with three kids, a job and a blogging life this is essential!

  47. Now that my children are older and I supposedly have more time for ME, I need a hair makeover.. I hope a new GHD could help me improve on THIS….

  48. I’ve had my trusty GHD for 16 years, the cord is slowly fraying and it’s time for a new one. This has been a well used appliance and certainly worth the money time to upgrade to a new one that I’m hoping outlasts my 16 year GHD.

  49. Great timely tips for me here. I have the wavy curly hair type and I straighten my hair after washing so it’s easier to manage! Maybe I need to not straighten it and channel a bit of Nina?

  50. My 7 year old fashionista god daughter has hijacked my styler, I can’t deprive her of what her mummy won’t indulge 🙂 GHD = Goddaughter Hair Design xxx

  51. As a busy mum to three including a 10 month old I have to save time at every opportunity! I’m back at work full time hours in four days and also undertaking aajor renovation/rebuild of my house. The only way to feel a little bit human when every one else’s needs seem to come first is to feel like I look good. A new GHD would be a long way towards a little luxury and more me time in every day 🙂 xx

  52. A few months ago I visited a new hair salon. I’ve been gradually getting more and more greys but I was at one with them and them with me! However, my new stylist waved his hands in the air at the sight of them announcing to the world, “Oh Darling, you’re too young for those signs of wisdom!” and convinced me to colour my hair.
    I HATE IT! It’s the wrong colour (although it has lightened – thank God),
    it feels dry and when I wake up in the morning every strand is separated from the other and they’re all sticking up and out in all directions, like I’ve been electrocuted during my sleep! I’m even too scared to use the hair dryer in case I make it even more brittle. I’m thinking of finding a new use for my hair dryer to cheer myself up by sitting in my parked car and pointing the hairdryer at passing cars to see if they slow down!! Ha, ha! Of course I’d need a new styler to replace it and the ghd eclipse styler would be just the ticket to smooth, straight and lovable hair!

  53. I have never owned a straightener that could tame my thick and strong-willed hair. It takes me a long time to get through straightening (or if I’m brave, curling) even half my hair, and by that time, I’m sweating, my arms are tired and I am frustrated. Obviously, I can’t walk out of the house with half-straightened/curled hair so I try to finish it off, but most of the time, I’m forced to a) shower, washing out my hard work so I can tie it up and look half-presentable, or b) just tie it up, put on my sunnies and ignore any sideways glances.

    That was before kids. Now, I don’t have the time to stand there hoping it’ll turn out right this time around, so my hair is always up in a ponytail, often with the ends splaying in random directions. If that ghd works as well as you says it does, it would be an absolute miracle for me!

  54. had my same straightner for 8 years & as a busy working mum not much time to spend on me, so need all the help I can get

  55. Oh god, this made me realise I’m even worse. Not a pony-tail, I rock a BUN every day. Not a sleek elegant Emma Watson bun. A scruffy, piled-up-on-top-of-my-head bun to hide the fact that my hair hasn’t seen a brush (or a shampoo bottle) for either hours or weeks (what day is it again?).

    I’m busy with a baby, with a household, with getting my masters degree, with researching the best way to set up my new business. Somehow comfort, ease and corner cutting eclipsed the old me; the one who wore matching underwear, who used a handbag rather than chucking her purse into a nappy bag, who remembered to put her wedding ring back on after doing the dishes.

    I’ve just started going to the gym to get back my pre-baby body (or a better version of it) and this has prompted me to challenge myself to a week of no bun. I’d love a GHD Eclipse to give me the kind of hair I want to wear down and show off! See how much I need it?!

  56. Having just started a new job I need to GAIN some style. The mornings are crazy with school one direction, creche the other. A GHD Eclipse would could me a stylish yet simple head start.

  57. I always give to myself last, I don’t mind at all but sometimes I look in the mirror and feel sad that I’m looking run down. Then I remember I’m healthy and there are much more people worse off than me. Just seem to have forgotten what cute feels like!

  58. Not being able to afford a styler and working 2 jobs, I would love to pamper myself and feel special. I have never owned a ghd and would love to have a go!

  59. My hair straightener I got when I lived in the UK, so since I moved back in 2009 I have to use a converter to even be able to use it!! The screen has started going black so the only way I know how hot it is, is by counting how many clicks I give it!!!

  60. I have an ancient Remington that doesn’t heat up properly and is encrusted with makeup on the outside. I think I really need one of these newfangled GHDs to replace it 🙂

  61. I have one of the original GHDs that is well past its prime but can’t bear the thought of buying a lesser model to replace it. My hair is so different from ten years ago and I would love a new model for my new hair!

  62. I would love to be able to give my beautiful daughter a GHD to celebrate her finishing 5 1/2 years of study and starting her career as she ventures out into the workforce. To be beautifully styled and looking polished will add to her professionalism and give her an edge in the job market.

  63. My styler is about 10 years old and I think it is actually now damaging my poor hair, and seeing as I colour it as well, I am really due for a new one.

  64. The styler I have burnt off my hair, so after the horror of that happening and the fact that I had short stumpy hair on one side, I threw that styler out. Obviously, not very good quality and not tested thoroughly, so gimme a GHD please.

  65. Like most Mums, I struggle in the morning with any kind of beauty/hair routine. It’s a matter of prioritising the 2 kids and then slap on the quickest/most effective BB cream I can get my hands on whilst pulling my hair back and trying to assemble some ponytail do that kinda looks different each day to feel like a women and not just a mother. I bought a cheap flat styling iron years ago that now lies in the bottom of a drawer, sadly it just didn’t do the job and I gave up. I have gazed from afar how effective & quick those GHD stylers are, something a frizzled haired mother could only dream of.

  66. I have one of those other brand “straighteners” and no matter how long I keep it applied for, what temperature I use, or what products I apply – before or after my hair doesn’t get very straight and if it does, it doesn’t stay straight for very long. So I hardly ever bother using it! I’d rather blow dry my hair than use that straightener to straighten it – because it gets straighter and stays straighter that way.

  67. My daughter had beautiful hair, long, blonde and healthy until she bought a cheap hair straightener (I couldn’t afford a GHD) to use and now after daily use, her hair has completely split, you can see the dead ends go half way up the length of her hair. I try to advise her and let her know it’s not worth it but all she can see as a teen, is getting her hair how she wants it when she wants it…..please if I get any luck this year it will be this…I don’t want my daughter to lose all her hair!

  68. Change of styler?? I NEED one first!!! I have had the Mums pulled back pony tail for five LONG years – That rare fleeting feeling of walking out of the hairdresser with flawless hair and that illusive well groomed look…could it be possible everyday with a GHD….shall we find out?

  69. I haven’t had my hair cut, coloured or styled, since before the birth of my beautiful son 9 months ago. It’s a small sacrifice, but it sure would be good to feel like a “yummy mummy” when I walk out of the house sometimes. My sister and I purchased an older style GHD about 10 years ago, but we shared it and since that one broke I haven’t purchased another one. So I’m really without any kind of styling tool at all at the moment, it would be wonderful to have the kind of Good Hair Day that a ‘ GHD eclipse’ would bring to my long, wiry locks!

  70. “Once upon a time there was light in my life
    But now there’s only love in the dark
    Nothing I can say until I get a..” GHD…”total ECLIPSE of the heart.”
    Then maybe I’ll get lucky during the day with sexy tresses.

  71. When I couldn’t afford a straightener, I used to iron my hair. I would like to treat it a bit better than that these days! Mrs Woog has already convinced me not to wash it every day (IT’S SO HARD. ALL THE YUCK.) so now I’d love a GHD eclipse to help me make these unwashed tresses look a bit better!

  72. My hairdresser used a GHD straightener to put gorgeous loose curls in my hair recently and everyone I saw that day commented on how awesome my hair looked. Even the hubby was impressed! I would love to be able to do this at home and have gorgeous hair everyday….not just when I go to the salon.

  73. My current styler makes me look like a Womble I look at my reflection and feel something is missing from my life, then I realise it’s a GHD Styler.

  74. G oodness
    H ayley hair is in
    D esperation…. the potential of having such a tool would
    encourage me to wear another style than
    a ponytail.

  75. As a ex hairdresser I know that ghds are the best straighteners to own as they give the best result
    Only problem is that they are so expensive
    I would love to win so I can do my friends and families hair again with the results of sleek straight or classic curls

  76. I had a new cut last week as I’m trying to grow my hair and of course it looked fabulous when the hairdresser straightened it, but I haven’t been as successful using my daughter’s straightener and would love to conquer the new look with a straightener of my own.

  77. OMG…my GHD is about 13
    yrs old (one of the first) and definitely in need of an update please…it just doesn’t
    straighten my masses of curly hair the way it used to!!!

  78. My hubby purchased my last straightener a couple of years ago and it’s starting to lose it’s heat. He really doesn’t get that it needs replacing.

  79. My uni student daughter actually took her old hair straightener in to Indooroopilly to trade in for the $40 off GHD last week but came home again without having done it, as she decided she just couldn’t afford it. She tells me that whenever she uses a friend’s GHD it is much easier to use than her own.
    While I was at the new Indooroopilly shopping town last week separately to my daughter, I took up the offer of a discount blow dry and style during the first day of trading, I think, at the new Brush Bar. The girl did an amazing job of styling my hair with curls done entirely with a hair straightener. I have only ever used a round brush on my hair to dry and basically straighten it.
    So I already know what the new style would be, as I don’t own a hair straightener, and also who I would share the GHD with!

  80. embarrassed to admit it, but with the 5 plus “styling tools” I think I own, I have only ever used two of them. The others, I never removed from their packaging, so I would be surprised if they were made back when perms were cool!

  81. I’m long overdue for a new styler as my last hair cut was in 2013 and as a busy Stay at Home Mum I generally don’t take the time to sped money on myself

  82. I have had the one style maybe its a little longer or shorter but essentially its the same flicked at the front style for over 40 years and my sons wedding is in a few weeks I think its time

  83. My styler is literally getting rusty! I desperately need something new but can’t buy anything new due to too many bills 🙁

  84. my current styler has been dropped too many times and I don’t think it heats up properly anymore to handle my long thick mop – time for a GHD Eclipse I think (fingers crossed)

  85. I’ve had my original GHD for over ten years and it has been a godsend for the quick hair styling fix! However it is on its last legs, having been put back together a couple of times by my husband after slipping off the bench. One side doesn’t heat properly anymore so it’s becoming harder to get that perfect GHD look each day. I will definitely need a new one before the brisbane humidity hits!! I’m on my knees, please pick me!!

  86. My microscopic styler came in a magazine,
    It’s only good for fringes, suitable for a teen,
    I’m quite mature, with a long unruly mane,
    A GHD Eclipse,
    To manage and maintain, the tresses that are wavy,
    And have plagued me all my life,
    I really need an upgrade to get me out of strife.

  87. Im long overdue for a styler fullstop! I bought a hair straightener 6 years ago my first ever and from a store for a low price and burnt my cheek on the first go! Its been in the cupboard since! Or does my sister have it? Lol who knows! This styler looks like a keeper. Would love the chance to own it. Thanks. [email protected]

  88. I am long overdue for a change of styler as I have had the same style for over two decades whilst I have raised the children. It is now time for me and a new style

  89. I don’t have a styler or any style to speak of. Time for a change on both counts before it’s too late & I reach the point of no return.

  90. I have kept the same gdh through 2 babies, 2 moves of State, 3 change of house, and 3 changes of school for my son! I think it’s time for a new styler to match my new permanent home!!

  91. I still own one of those thick old style flat irons, needless to say it’s heavy and doesn’t quite flatten my thick hair, it does give my arms a good exercise though. The GHD certainly would be an upgrade and then some to what I currently have, loving the reviews on it, many thanks to Jayne for giving us tips on how to get the Nina look, will definitely be trying out her easy to use techniques (but will be using the thick brick one I have lol). Nina hair here I come. Cheers x

  92. I LOVE my ghd! I invested in one when I got back from the UK in 2007 and it’s still going strong. I can’t bear to get rid of it as it still works perfectly but I love all the new features that the Eclipse has over older models! As a brand new mum myself, I’d love to win an eclipse styled and update from my trusty old ghd.
    And if I win, I will donate my older style ghd to Dress for Success so that it can be put to good use by someone else x

  93. I am overdue for a change of styler because my current styler is none 🙂 I have fairly straight but very uncooperative hair that sounds like it would meet its match in the GHD Eclipse!

  94. My current styler has this interesting smokey smell it gives off each time I use it… I am certain it has something to do with it being seven years old! And look at the date this comp closes…the night before my birthday! Most definitely a sign!!!

  95. Because I’m only two months off 40 and still haven’t worked out how to style my own hair! Maybe this will be the miracle cure I’ve been looking for 🙂

  96. I’m still using a wet/dry styler which sizzles and burns as it dries… Many, many years overdue for a new styler!

  97. I have severe GHD envy… I used a girlfriend’s when we shared a hotel room a few years ago but money always seems better spent on other things… Would just love to win one! I dream of GHD curls & slick straight styles. 🙂

  98. How ironic – I have recently had my hair clipped (not by choice mind you!), and I’m suffering from severe hair envy but I am dreaming of the day when I can style my new locks with a GHD! All my previous stylers were hand-me-downs from my sisters once they bought their own GHDs – and the swear by them!!

  99. I’m long overdue for a change of styler as the first one I bought was a cheap Remington from Coles that cost $25! I thought I’d practice and get things right before I invested in a new one but them came a child, no time to practice and now lots of bad mum hair 🙂 maybe I should practice with a ghd that will actually work!

  100. im long overdue for a styler as my first and only GHD was purchased in the UK while we were travelling 6 years ago, saving myself some coin. I actually got my electrician brother to change the plug to an australian plug so i could use it. Its worked a treat ever since, but i do have really think long hair, and im a mum of 2 young ones under 4 and working so any time saving tools i can get will make my mornings that little bit easier. Im even considering the bhave hair treatment you blogged about a few months ago, but im a little warry of the cost. might be a good birthday present for myself though.

  101. I have never owned a styler and have not had a haircut for about a year. Just could never afford it! Now, I have to get a lot cut off and am so worried about what the heck I am going to do with it every day APART from put it up! I have fine hair and need help with the styling, desperately. My hair seems to be half wavy and half straight these days. What on earth do you DO with that?!

  102. I must be the only women who doesnt own a GHD so I have no idea and could do with this kind of styler, I loved watching you do this hairstyle but will have to try it with my genetic brand. My kids are a little older but would like to be that trendy mum they would be proud of one day!

  103. Im a mum of 4 under 5. Surprise twins in there as a surprise 3rd pregnancy. My eldest started kindy this year. I would love this super tool to help me add 5 mins to me in the morning instead of rocking up to school day after day with a messy bun . My hair is gorgeous and long but unfortunately I have no time to invest in doing it with my current styler as it takes too long to do. Something for me would be awesome 🙂

  104. My GHD is nearly as old as me ….kidding but I have had it for about 6years and am long overdue a new model !

  105. I have been a very loyal fan of ghd since its launch in Australia more than 12 years ago. Since then, I have had four ghd stylers in my life: first it was a Gold Classic Styler that I handed down to my sister when they launched the pink version to support Breast Cancer many years ago, then when that one met its end I went back to the Gold Classic Styler which is also now close to its end, caked in makeup on the handle and showing signs of product build up on the edges around the plates. At Christmas time I bought myself a gift of the Air hairdryer and it’s the best thing in the world. I love having body and volume in my hair, and my Air and Gold Classic are the perfect combination to achieve it. People often ask where I get my hair done and I don’t got to the hairdresser all that frequently these days, so I tell them it’s all thanks to my ghd stylers. After all, ghd stands for GREAT HAIR DAY!

  106. I really hope(toes and fingers all crossed) that this is not the last ever episode of Offspring. It would be terrible if a great show that gives work to Aussie actors and writers was not renewed.

    No straightener for me! I have plenty of natural “texture” and for work I don’t bother with fighting that nowadays. I do however like to let my hair dry naturally with some product to keep the curls in some sort of semblance of a style when I’m going somewhere special otherwise I am happy to keep the economy going by paying for a professional to dry it if I just want smooth waves.

  107. My vintage curling iron tongs, so ancient,

    Styling takes hours, me, no longer patient,

    A GHD styler will create beautiful styles with ease, a pleasure,

    So efficient, a moment I will treasure.

  108. Because my GHD keeps beeping at me at random intervals when using it! I am pretty sure it is on it’s last legs! Halp!!

  109. With very straight shoulder length hair I would love to be able to give it some movement and texture. As I am single and dating in my mid 30’s a new look achieved quickly after work is always appreciated.

  110. I turned my 10 year old straightener on last week and it was dead 🙁 I love trying new hairstyles but it’s a bit hard without the right tools! And with a spending budget of $200 per month, it’s going to be a LONG time before I can save up enough money to get a new one – nothing is cheap anymore!

  111. Please save me…….I’m not a new mum but a mum of three under five. My hair straightener is a big black clunky brick from the nineties. I have shoulder length wavy hair and would love to do the styled waves using a proper ghd!

  112. Can’t wait to watch the finale tonight! I look forward to the Thursday FB posts & reading the Blog about Nina’s outfits throughout the season. I have purchased a few key pieces along the way, thank you for the inspiration! I would love a ghd to try out your tips for the nina doo. I have never had a ghd & would love one. Who wouldn’t right?

  113. I desperately need a new hairstyler as I have been growing out my hair for quite a while but it’s still at the mullet stage and my husband has been calling me Rod Stewart. That IS bad. Agree?

  114. Hey Nikki. After reading your book and purging my wardrobe and investing in some key pieces, the one area I need to ‘polish’ is my hair! Going from corporate world to staying home part time I still tend to be caught in the formal hair styles and would love to be able to ‘relax’ my look a little but still look stylish! It would get double use in our house as Miss 14 deals with finding her style whilst possessing thick, fly away strands. We would certainly utilize it efficiently ! Thanks for giving us this chance in the comp 🙂

  115. Im desperate for a new styler and have never been able to afford a GHD 🙁 im a mumma with two boys under 5 and work part time. My beauty regime is a quick one, but for the first time since I was a teenager my hair is beautiful and long. Its taken me years to grow –

  116. I really need a new styler as I’m using a very cheap and dogdgy one at the moment when my beloved old ghd stopped working – Rip hot pink ghd! So unfortunately my hair just does not look the same plus it takes me much longer to do and I just don’t have the time with my two toddlers keeping me on my toes! So would looovvvve a fancy new one!

  117. hi nikki, hope your week is going well!
    nina looks good with hair up or down!
    practicality is a good thing with babies … my hair was long then … mainly up!
    mmm! … wishing off spring wasn’t finishing!
    my wand is a vintage piece! I wear my hair short, but sometime a bit of lift is needed! I loved beth’s hair at your launch!
    you are always great with your tips … thankyou nikki! <3 m:)X

  118. I am long long overdue as I don’t own a Styler – but thanks to you showing me how and how easy it is to use & transform hair in a matter of minutes to a stylish “do” …. I wish I had one years ago…..

  119. I am way overdue for a change of styler as my current one has white tape wrapped around the power cord due to the wires being exposed, also it has a UK power plug and I can never find my power adapter to switch it to Australian plug so my hair goes unstyled, especially having no time looking after my 2 year old

  120. My only current straightener is a tiny travel one which I have had for many years & it goes everywhere with me! It gets the job done eventually but takes much longer than it should due to it’s size. I have to go over my hair several times & do tiny sections. I have never owned a GHD which of course are the best & have longed for one for years!

  121. My current straightener is about 8yrs old and has stood the test of time (hot pink ghd) but I am long overdue for an upgrade. With three kids it takes ages with my thick hair to achieve the looks I want. The new eclipse looks lovely and lightweight which is great for my aching arms after carrying toddlers around.

  122. I’m not just long overdue for a change in styler, I don’t even have one! And now with a new Bub, things have gone from bad to worse. Please, help!

  123. Oh gosh. The absolute finale of Offspring. Such a shame. It is a funny, touching, quirky, heartwarming show that proved a great midweek oasis. I have a solution though. Go back to beginning where it all started. I was a belated Offspring fan and so I will be acquainting myself with Nina and her antics from earlier episodes thanks to the magic of Apple TV!

    I am personally overdue a new GHD styler because (a) my current styler is reaching the end of its lifespan after serving me well for many years (merci beaucoup GHD#1) and (b) my life has changed considerably in the seven years that have lapsed since the purchase of my initial styler – my home life, my work life and correspondingly my hairstyle – indeed my general style – thanks, in part, to you Nikki at Styling You : ) – so it would be terrific to upgrade the styling tools in the bathroom too.

  124. Why I am long overdue for a change of styler is because my current one switches on and off while I attempt to style my hair like Nina Proudman; frustrating at times when it’s not hot enough :/

  125. Why I am long overdue for a change of styler is because my current one switches on and off while I attempt to style my hair like Nina Proudman; frustrating at times when it’s not hot enough :/

  126. I have long hair but with four kids and regular trips to the city for my sons cancer treatment all I seem to do is the bun!!
    And on the slight chance I may have had time to straighten my hair it still ends up in a pony tail as by the second day it’s starting to friz and wave again.

    I love my long shiny hair and would love to be able to quickly style it with some curls or wave or even a nice sleek straight look!

  127. I always had straight hair, I culd get away with a natural dry or a quick blast with a hair dryer and I was out the door. After my daugter was born in 2009 I had this one section that I could guarantee would get a kink in it, & new to the world of just what power a straightener had, I ‘invested’ in a cheapy to see how it would go & what I could achieve. And until now its done okay. My son was born in February this year. My kink has turned into an all over frizz – when I blast it post shower before crawling into bed it leaves me with a triangle of hair – flat on the top but as wide as my shoulders at the bottom. The ghd eclipse sounds like the ultimae tool that I need – able to straighten or curl large sections quickly – so that when I have 5 minites between getting everyone ready to head out & a grumpy baby, I might just be able to leave the house with good hair.

  128. I am overdue a new styler because… I’ve never owned one! I have exactly the hair described but it’s always yanked back into a dull ponytail (see avatar). My resolution at 40 was to smarten up and get out from under the BLAH radar. Subscribing to your blog has helped enormously – my wardrobe is actually starting to look interesting again! But the ol’ birds nest needs professional and serious help! It doesn’t get more serious and professional than the ghd!

  129. I actually, have never owned or used a ghd before, I’m still using “ye ole” Remington straightener and I think it’s time to park it up as the smell of burning hair and the hour it’s taking me to style is all getting a little much

  130. I am so overdue for a new hair styler because…. I have just grown out a pixie crop and have hair longer than my shoulders for the first time in ten years. Unfortunately all my old styling gear is just not cutting it, would love love love a nw ghd!!

  131. Just planned my night. Partner is away (yay I can actually command the remote) so will have my bum parked on the couch to watch Nina 🙂

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