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When my blogging friend Emily announced that she was starting her own online clothing store, I took immediate notice.

See, Em has a natural way with relaxed style. The kind of effortless, casual style that suits anyone with even a hint of boho love in their wardrobe.

If you follow along with my #everydaystyle outfit posts on Instagram or Facebook then you will have seenย a number of key Bohemian Traders pieces on high rotation this past winter.

Those pieces were sourced from across the globe and curated by Em for her store, which has a focus on the bespoke.

I was eagerly awaiting the launch of her spring 2014 collection. And I was not disappointed. This is just one of the outfits that I’ve fallen for.

The model

Bohemian Traders Dusty Linen Dress and Falling Flowers Kimono

Bohemian Traders Dusty Linen Dressย $169 and Falling Flowers Kimono $119

and me

Bohemian Traders dress and kimono| Metalicus slip dress (worn under) | Samantha Wills bracelets | Zoe Kratzmann sandals

Bohemian Traders dress (I’m wearing size L) and kimono*| Metalicus slip dress (worn under) | Samantha Wills bracelets | Zoe Kratzmann rose gold sandals*

This kind of relaxed, over-sized styling is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s all right.

Me? I love it. I love that I can throw on two pieces like this even on a stinky hot and humid Queensland day and still feel cool and comfortable. The kimono is free-size and I could probably wear down another size in the dress but I do like an over-sized look. It’s a personal thing.

This isย a shorter dress than some may prefer. For a summer look, it works for me (and I had my first spray tan of the season last week so was happy to get the legs out). As with most of my light summer frocks, I’ve layered it over a Metalicus slip dress for modesty.

I’ve been asked if that makes the outfit stickier to wear. To me, it doesn’t. The slip actually acts as a barrier between my skin and the dress on top – but that layer is still breathable. If this fabric doesn’t work for you in a slip, then look for one in a bamboo or modal fabric.

This is also the kind of dress that I’d wear on its own – even just throwing over a swimsuit. I’ve turned the top buttons under to better suit my bust but I do love the buttoned up look on the model as well.

It is a machine-washable linen but does need ironing, so something to factor in if you’re a non-iron kind of girl.

As for the kimono – I’ve got one in this style from last summer’s Bohemian Traders’ collection. The cotton is light and I’d wear it over a white tank or tee and jeans. And you’ll probably see just that before the week is out!

Let’s talk about the sandals. I’m in love with the rose gold as a fresh take on a neutral/metallic trend. It’s a colour that suits my skin tone and something I could wear with just about any outfit this spring-summer.

Zoe Kratzmann designs comfortable, flat sandals. There is cushioning – not as much as you’d get in a podiatrist-prescribed shoe but enough to make them wearable all day.

Who loves a little boho for spring … or any time of the year?

The Model and Me Bohemian Traders SS14-15

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. This post also contains affiliate commission links.

Comments 48

  1. So gorgeous! I’m totally obsessed with collecting capes and kimonos at the moment. I’ll be wearing a couple at Problogger this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m off to checkout this shop now, thanks.

  2. Love this look Nikki, I have actually been trying to determine which Bohemian Traders pieces are going to make it to my checkout.

  3. You look so summery, Nikki! Summer is the season for me when I am on holidays and can break out a bit of boho. Just had a look at the BT website for the first time in a long time, and I absolutely love some of the pieces. I can see a BT dress or two in my future… ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  4. I think I’d be too scared to wear a white dress! I’m slowly adding white to my wardrobe though. I’m LOVING that kimono and yay for it being nice enough weather to get your legs out! I think I may even try a spray tan this year, my legs are whiter then white!

  5. Looooove! I’ve already got 3 pieces from the Bohemian Traders spring 2014 collection and I can only imagine there will be many more pieces being added in the months to come. I’ve gone all Boho, Nikki – who’d have thunk it?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I love this outfit on you Nikki and yes I’m a big fan of a boho dress and kimono jackets and those sandals are stunning and I agree gold is like a nude and goes with everything,bring on spring please Xx

  7. You look beautiful in boho Nikki. Fresh as a daisy! Loving the rose gold sandals. Are ZK true to size? I need a pair!

  8. Love it all! Though I probably love the shoes the most. I have my eye on the Dreamer dress from BT … Boho is not really my style but I can’t stop thinking about it.

  9. Love this look. Could you please find out about the models shoes? I’m on the hunt for Fab flats that might be Orthotic friendly & don’t look like granny shoes. Thanks

    1. Hi Hannah, these shoes were bought to the shoot by our Stylist sot I’m sot sure of the extant brand though I have seen some very similar at Country Road xx

  10. Perfect timing Nikki, checked out their site over the weekend & marked a dozen pieces I could see myself in. Now to edit that down to meet my budget.

    1. I think that’s the sign of a store that understands our lifestyle/wardrobe needs Sharon! Now to cut that list down … look at what you’ve already got similar and only buy things that are different to what you already own.

  11. Love the blue and white on you Nikki. I have a kimono from Bohemian Traders and live the trim around the sleeves.
    I generally find kimonos can be a bit overwhelming, but I use a cinch clip on the back to give a little more shape, and that works well for me.

  12. Looking lovely Nikki. Just wondering what brand of spray tan you have as I’m fair like you and you look ver natural thanks

    1. This is my first time at a salon in Brisbane and they use Naked Tan … I opted for the Light (as I always do) and very happy with the results. Will also let you know how it wears off. Have been moisturising like a mad woman to make it last.

  13. Lovely and fresh , you look fab Nikki !
    Btw your book arrived at last and ivd been devouring it , whilst away this weekend visiting hubby . Loved reading your story too , there is so much I wanted to say to you … ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  14. Well, I am just loving this blue and white on you Nikki. The whole outfit is very special looking, and looks incredibly comfortable. You look fab ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I love boho for Spring but I’ve found Kimonos do my figure no favours. If I want the kimono look I look for a tailored cape which suits me so much better. I love so many items from the Bohemian Traders new collection. I bought the dreamer dress in cream and love it. All good styles for a busy mum to chuck on and look effortlessly stylish.

  16. Love this look. I have bought one from her recently. I now have three pieces from her store. She is a pleasure to deal with to. I will be buying more as well.

  17. Love boho! But then I was born in the sixties. You look so cool and summery, beautiful. It’s rained here from last Friday until yesterday, can’t wait for Spring!

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