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Last week at an Unlock Your Style book event, a lovely reader told me that these monthly beauty favourite posts were some of her favourites.

They helped her think outside the square and seek out beauty products beyond the ones she normally bought.

This was music to my ears and a kick up the butt to get August’s faves up and happening for you.

If you’re new to SY, then these posts are an edit, if you like, of the dozens of products I receive each month to trial. It’s a tough job. NOT. But someone has to do it.

What makes the cut are products that I’ve found myself not only reaching for more often throughout the month but also products that I know I’ll keep in my beauty kit for months – replacing long after the sample sent to me has run out.

Here are this month’s five fives.

Beauty favourites Styling You August 2014

1. Face of Australia High Definition Primer $13.95:  Primers were the original blur creams and this one from FOA has a quality that belies its budget price. Apply after moisturising to help keep your foundation in place and smooth out fine lines and pores for a better makeup finish. It also hydrates and helps contain the skin’s moisture levels. This one is paraben and fragrance free. You won’t be disappointed. (Australian made and owned and not tested on animals)

2. Napoleon Perdis Creme De La Creme Eye Shadow in Lava $30: I’m not usually a cream shadow girl but this little tube of loveliness has slipped into my get-out-the-door-quick routine. A quick “swipe and pat” with the fingers and I’ve got a shimmer of neutral colour across my eyelids. Not too dark, just right. This colour is brilliant for bringing out a spark in blue eyes. Something I’ve harnessed during this crazy book-launch time. (Not tested on animals)

3. Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Compulsion $56: I’ve had a few professional makeup applications over the past few weeks – a good investment in event confidence in my books. What I’ve gone for each time is a defined, semi-smokey eye and a nude lip. It’s a look that seems fresh in photos – particularly evening photos. Having a lip colour that lasts a champers or two has been an essential. This two-in-one is one of the few non-drying lip stains around. Apply the colour, let dry and then keep lips moist and shimmering with the gloss end. This shade is just the right nude for my lip/skin tone too. (Certified cruelty-free by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program, the leading internationally respected animal protection group for cruelty-free certification)

4. DKNY MYNY Eau de Parfum from $65: This new fragrance had me the heart shape bottle and NYC mood on which its based. Can a fragrance capture such a complex and stunning city? I think yes. It’s spicy, fruity and floral; sexy, sensual and soulful. A mix that wouldn’t work anywhere else but in New York … or in this bottle. The patchouli, vanilla and musk finish sealed the deal for me. Exclusively available at Myer. (Not tested on animals)

5. Maybelline NY Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara $12.95: I walk the brow tinting line very carefully. And by carefully I mean I rarely walk it. It takes a skilled person to put that tint on and wash it off before my brows take on the look of someone who’s thought using Nikko pen to colour on brows is a good idea. Instead I generally prefer to do it myself, as required. This product combines a gel with a mascara-like brush to colour and shape each brow hair as you go. It’s buildable and I find my thinning brows look instantly thicker. **Be quick … this one is half price at Priceline at the moment** (Since March 2013, the L’Oreal Group has taken another decisive step: The Group no longer tests on animal, anywhere in the world, and does not delegate this task to others. An exception could be made if regulatory authorities required it for safety or regulatory purposes. Read more about how that applies to China and changes since November 2013 here)

Now, it’s your turn … have you come across a beauty product this month we all need to hear about? Or share one fave from your beauty kit you can’t ever imagine not buying.

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  1. Hey that reader was me! The primer and the Jane Iredale lip stain are on my to buy list this month. I am *terrible* with lip stick and my sister is always telling me I look like a ghost without it! Maybe the stain will combat my ghostliness?!

  2. I need to get me some of that brow stuff! My fav at the moment is my Estee Lauder La Base. It makes my skin feel oh, so smooth.

  3. Must say I am happy with my new Sally Hansen miracle gel duo polish on my nails.. So far. Staying power seems better than other polishes I’ve used on my flimsy nails.(though I would never last 2 weeks without ‘touching it up) . Raced to Priceline and target today. Brow mascara sold out at both places…damn it!

  4. I oohed over the heart perfume case too. I’m looking for a new fragrance so I might head to Myer and check the scent out. The bottle would look very pretty on my dresser.

  5. Benefit Porefessional is my favourite primer/blur cream at the minute. You’re so right, sometimes the blur creams can just be worn on own (on a weekend etc) to take away the shine and blend the skin tones together. Or I throw some BB cream on the top and I’m good to go. Thanks for the other reco’s – always on the look out for new brow products too, going to give this one a go.

  6. I am often inspired to try new makeup by these beauty posts too. I remember a guest post by Melissa (last year?) where she listed four handbag beauty essentials. One of them was Essence Stays No Matter What eyeliner. I took to it like a duck to water and with it changed my look entirely. People have often commented since that my makeup has become more flattering. It’s a shame that I think they have stopped making it. I can’t find it anywhere now.

    I just picked up Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain this week. I don’t think you can buy it in Australia yet but I purchased it through ASOS. If you’re looking for a stain that stays moist.., I think this is the one for me.

  7. I have recently tried the Sally Hansen Gel duo and although they look great on and I am super happy with the application – in no way does the polish last for up to two weeks. V x

    1. Please review Mrs Woog, I have bought heaps of your rec as well as heaps of Nikki’s, esp the shaver you rec and the Garnier stuff
      Or do a combo review!

  8. I simply cannot live without the Bioelixia skin care range, it’s the bomb. Covergirl exact eye lights mascara (I use the one for blue eyes), Christian Cosmetics eyebrow makeup, Napoleon cream blush and Dermalogica skin perfect primer are my faves at the moment.

  9. I love the Benefit gimme brow in ‘light’ for my very light brown eyebrows – I used to get them tinted but have fallen in love with the brow mascara – it’s so natural and gives them great shape and definition lasting all day. Another beauty product I’d highly recommend is Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta peel wipes – available at Mecca Cosmetica and online they come individually wrapped – they are suitable for sensitive skin (I get dermatitis/ psoriasis) – they are the best gentle exfoliating wipes i’ve ever found – after a few uses my skin glowed and was visibly smoother – they nip the very occasional pimple in the bud and smooth out rough red skin – the online reviews of this product speaks for itself too. I use the wipes once or twice a week. Good to see some info on new products too 🙂

  10. I have been meaning to try the Dermologica primer when the primer I was using ran out … long story short, I couldn’t get the Dermologica one when I needed it or the one I was previously using so ended up with the Rimmel one. And it is fabulous! Thanks for these recommendations Nikki.

  11. Ive been using one of the FOA primers (the one with SPF) as an everyday type one for a couple of years (I think) now. Its a nice light formula so will be good to try this HD one. Love the sound of the DKNY scent and the bottle looks gorgeous! I’m with you on the brows. I have very dark brows so it’s a fine line between them looking filled and groucho marks!

  12. These look like great products I will keep my eyes out for that brow mascara as I need more! I am love with the Garnier cleansing water and their gentle cleansing milk,Aldi’s lacura naturals premium anti aging hand cream is great and a great price I think it was $3 and I’m loving the new Revlon gel envy nail polish range it lasts a good week on my hands and no light to cure and comes off with normal nail polish remover.I love these posts too Nikki x

      1. I love the Revlon gel envy, a colleague rec it, the Ace of Spades is a fab colour. I too love the Garnier cleansing water (Mrs Woog) and not sure who put me onto the Maybelline liquid eyeliner, perhaps Nikki or my teen daughter, that is great too. Also I got a retractable double sided magnified make up mirror suspended from my wall (for the eyeliner application!)

    1. I tried the new Sally Hansen gel duo and meh..not very impressed. Wishing I’d paid extra for the Revlon colour and top coat.

      1. Annie I have tried both ,it seems to depend on the colour and also a fab little tip I pick up on a review it’s better to sit in the sun for 5mins if you can after doing your nails it seems to set harder.

  13. Love this selection! The makeup pages of your book are getting a workout at my place. I have it propped up on my mirror open to the step by step instructions. So helpful! I’ve been skipping the primer step but this foa one looks great. I’ve just bought the benefit gimme brow which I can’t wait to try out but this maybelline one looks like a terrific cheaper option.

    1. Oh I love that Kirralee – the products I featured in the book were from a year ago – so many I still use but there are always new options out there. Definitely the FOA primer is a cost-effective way to try out a primer!!

  14. I had a massive stockup at Priceline on the new Maybelline ranges yesterday – love a half-price sale on beauty products!
    Am looking forward to trying that new DKNY fragrance too!

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