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It’s two weeks until my first book, Unlock Your Style, launches.


Double and triple eek.

Hot on the heels of last week’s “save the date” announcements, I’ve got some ticketing/booking info. Tickets are limited so do jump on board if you can make it.

(Please don’t panic Melbourne, I am coming your way. I promise. And same to you Adelaide and Perth and Canberra and hopefully as many places in between.)

I’ve also been asked where Unlock Your Style will be sold. The short answer is in all book stores. You’ll find some links here to buy online as well.

You’ll also find it in Big W, Target and Kmart.

Unlock Your Style in store July 29  | Win a copy plus Uberkate necklace.



Tuesday, July 29, 6.30pm: Berkelouw Books, Paddington. Book here

Thursday, July 31, 1pm and 6pm: The Future of Retail, Level 30, Westfield Shopping Centre, Sydney CBD. Book here.

Sunshine Coast

Wednesday, August 6, 5.30pm: Hello Harry, Ocean St, Maroochydore. Book here.

Thursday, August 7, 12noon: Berardo’s, Hastings St, Noosa. Book here.


Friday, August 8, 6pm: The Design Library, Queensland State Library. Book here.

Wednesday, August 20 (PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE), 5.45pm: Black Cat Books, Paddington. Book here.


To celebrate the launch of Unlock Your Style in two weeks’ time I’ve got an exclusive giveaway for Styling You readers.

My very lovely friend, the talented Kate Sutton from Uberkate has created special silver (sorry if the colour isn’t showing so well!) Unlock Your Style necklaces.

Win an Uberkate Unlock Your Style pendant

I’m going to be giving away an Unlock Your Style necklace at each book event I host but I thought I’d give the first three away here – with a copy of my book, Unlock Your Style.

To enter, simply share a photo of or describe:

Your most embarrassing/memorable/tragic style moment

We’ve all got them. I share some of mine in Unlock Your Style. I say we should own those moments, laugh and move on. And if we can collectively bond over our ’80s perms disasters, then that’s got to be a good thing, yes?

Entries open on Tuesday, July 15 at 5am (AEST) and close on Tuesday, July 21 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

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  1. Hi Nikki, love your book and I am lucky enough to have had an ah ah moment reading it. I am a very private person and I don’t like sharing things on line so I know I will never win a pendant. However, is it for sale because I would love to buy one?

  2. The outfit I thought I looked my hottest in many moons ago was when I was strutting my stuff in a pair of flurousent orange bike pants teamed with a aqua t’shirt with a pic of jason donovan & kylie Minogue imprinted on it bordered in massive love hearts. 🙂

  3. I’d say either the matching leotards, skirts and flower hats that I wore with my best friend in the 90’s or that time I went to free dress day in high school wearing a black LBD over top of zebra print tights and a badly shaped pleather (read: looked more like plastic) trenchcoat-length jacket.

  4. I just realised at this very moment how many tragic style moments I have had…jeepers! However…which one to share…gosh, I don’t know.
    Well, the one that has photographic evidence would have to be my wedding, unfortunately. It was only a couple of years ago, we went to New York & got married in Central Park. I’m a fair-skinned girl, it is not uncommon for bystanders to reach for their sunnies to shield them from the glare of my legs if wearing shorts. I did what most pale girls do prior to kitting ourself in head-to-toe white – I got a spray tan (by a recommended professional). Long story short – as I walked towards my husband-to-be through beautiful Central Park, I heard him say “I didn’t realise I was marrying Kamal”. Just what every bride wants to hear.
    I regret the dress, shoes…most of it, really. Nevertheless, I was still able to have a good laugh on the day as the last photo shows.
    I’m probably too late to enter…but wanted to share anyway xo

  5. well according to my sister the short horizontally striped bike pants I wore under a baby doll dress in the nineties was so not right! fashion moment – not! well I thought they looked good!

  6. It was 1985 and I was just 14. I had the cutest guy in the school ask me out to the end of year formal, but I looked so awful, he didn’t even sit with me or talk to me all night. It might have been the black eyeliner, the slicked back short (permed) hair, the black lace see through shirt (nope, no singlet!) with a skinny white belt, white mid-length flared skirt, black lace socks, white pumps and matching white lace finglerless gloves. It was Madonna, but oh so wrong! I can’t find a picture, but when I do… you’ll be the first (and last) to see it!

  7. This story dates back to the late fifties when your dad and our group of teenage friends used to go to a church youth group of a Friday night in Maryborough. Under sufferance, we girls had to learn sewing at school . I tackled the “uniform” that the church encouraged us to wear to these get-togethers and somehow, hopeless seamstress, yours truly, managed to finish the bright yellow short-skirted sports dress. How proud I was to wear it that first night!

    But pride goes before a fall. It took only one tug on the skirt in a chasing game for the skirt to separate itself from the top half. There is no worse embarrassment than that which a 13 year old can feel!

  8. Like some others here, I also had the disastrous perm in 1990. I went with my nan to the hairdressing school in the city where she went every week to have her hair “set”. I thought I was so grown-up! I had a picture of a loose, flowing perm I wanted. Needless to say, I ended up with the tightest, almost dread lock curls, plus a straight fringe. I would often touch my hair and find a pen, or a key, or something lost in there! It took two years to grow out and I have never had another perm since 🙂

  9. Nikki, I have so many , I wore the short minis when I was a first year teacher and our older and wiser school secretary told me the students could see my underpants when I wrote on the blackboard. I also lived in Indian maxi dresses during my hippie days at uni. Then when I was pregnant instead of looking beautiful and stylish as the girls do one I had some Kingee Overalls which I wore a bright stripey jumper underneath. I could go on. This is why I need your guidance!!

  10. Wow, there is some amazing lessons here, but all I can say is I was a teenager living in the eighties…… Oh yes, we thought we were “HOT”. Good luck to everyone

  11. Actually it’s my sister’s glorious moment in a red taffeta bridesmaid dress with red lace inserts in the sleeves and décolletage for a cousin’s wedding, she thought she looked beautiful and I was so thankful I didn’t get asked, she had matching red taffeta shoes and mum paid for a frizzy perm for the occasion. The joy I get bringing out the photos for our daughters… I cannot post it publicly , I love her too much

  12. Wearing knee high socks teamed with a dress and spiked fringe – I was a child of the 80’s what more can I say!

  13. OMG…what was I thinking. Was it that ridiculous jumper? Was it the spiral perm or the large rubber earrings? Actually the biggest embarrassment I think was how I pulled it altogether with frost pink lipstick… live and learn girl, live and learn .

  14. I have all the usual 80s (big baggy clothing in horrible colours) and 90s (my ‘alternative’ period where I seemed to go out of my way to find unflattering clothes), but one of my most searing memories is when I did work experience at the long-defunct Hero magazine in Sydney in the 80s, which was way hipper than Dolly mag at the time. I helped with a photo shoot for a Coke commercial, and everyone was painfully hip, thin and good looking. On the other hand, I wore a red jumper my grandmother had knitted me, a long black pleated skirt that belonged to my mother, red opaque stockings and black patent leather shoes. I must have looked like something from Dr Seuss. I was very glad to get away from the photo shoot, and I don’t think I wore any of those clothes ever again! Can’t wait to read the book as I’ve decided my hodge podge wardrobe has to go, and I’m going to start from the ground up with a new wardrobe, as finances allow of course!

  15. Congratulations on the book. Can’t wait to read it! My most embarrassing moment would have to be going to the haidressers to get my then permed hair pinned up for my first year Uni ball. The hairdresser in question teased the life out of my hair (which it did not need) before pinning it with a million pins. It looked terrible & to this day my husband (then boyfriend) still laughs about that hair. I guess it was 1990, but still, not the look I was going for!

  16. Nola D… I shared the most embarrassing moment with a friend when we worked in a secondary school. She had been to the toilets and came out with the the toilet roll stuck in her tights….She had walked down a flight of stairs and along the corridor with the roll unwinding behind her, and of course half the school pupils in stitches watching her..You can imagine the scene. Every time I think of it I cannot stop laughing.

  17. Like in most things, I was behind the times even when it came to being a fashion tragic. My tragic moment was actually the 3 years I was at uni down in Meelbourne in 1991-1993. I used to wear skivvies/turtlenecks with this big old Aran cardigan that Mum knitted for my dad in the 70s that even he wouldn’t wear any more, with my Levi’s 501s and loafers with socks. This was my daily uniform and I had dozens of skivvies in all different colours. I have since discovered that with my rowers shoulders they’re the last thing I should wear, and now I don’t have any high necks at all. Don’t remember what happened to the cardigan!

  18. So, so many to choose from. It was 1988 and I had a spiral perm put into my over-streaked, chin length bob. This was NEVER going to end well. Lucky we lived next door to a retirement village, my tight curls fit in perfectly around the Cribbage board.

  19. Would have to be the double acid wash denim ensemble that took my breath away upon purchase. I was only 11 but fell for the stiff, acid wash ra-ra skirt that emphasized my lower half and added extra lumps teamed with a bow bedecked crop style jacket that allowed for full concentration on unfavorable lower half. Teamed with kitten heels and whatever neon top I loved most, this was my go-to party outfit. So much love for such tragic fashion. I need your help Nikki! Your gentle suggestions have helped me emerged from this disaster but I definitely need regular reassurance with finding my style.

  20. It is bad that my wedding day in 1987 is my most embarrassing moment . Just picture this …..
    white taffeta dress with big puffy sleeves and a big massive hat . Wait that’s only the start . Fingerless gloves yep that’s right fingerless !! Then to top it all off white eyeshadow and white fake nails as big as claws .
    Oh my what the hell was I thinking ???

  21. It was my formal in 1987 – a white lace and taffeta creation that a dressmaker had made for me with puffed sleeves to match my very 80s permed hair – but the ultimate cringe was the giant white bow I had on the side of my head. I have no idea what I was thinking …. I cringe even now when I look at those photos. At least the photos are good for a laugh.

    All the best for your launches Nikki!

  22. Why is it that weddings are often the ‘tragic’ moment? I was a bridesmaid for my sister in the late 1980’s…I think I was just finished Year 12 ( I am the one on the right). I was allowed to have my hair streaked (and boy did I have it streaked!) and I got to wear a beautiful royal blue taffeta dress – puffy sleeves and all. But I do think it was topped off spectacularly by the fascinator – with beads and net.

    Luckily in the early 1990’s I moved to Maryborough and met some very stylish people who I hope influenced my ‘stylishness’.

    Hi Nikki! You have been stylish forever! I know the book will go well. Congratulations.

  23. The Ensemble: Purple and black satin dress with power shoulder pads (a la Dynasty) complete with V neck slashed to God knows where and pulled in with wide elastic belt – add black fishnet stockings with WHITE court shoes (think Minnie Mouse) the necessary spiral permed hair with so much gel and firm hold hairspray that we used to come with a warning to guys to try not to be tempted to run their fingers through our hair … or do so at your own peril! Oh ….. rainbow coloured eyeshadow, deep pink blush and oh so glossy purple pout! This just to go to local pub. Took more time to frock up than we spent at the pub. Good times! Fiona.

  24. Parachute material tracksuit, yep matching top and pants, with fluoro colours, need I say more? In my early teens it was what we were wearing.

  25. It was Auckland in 1984 and I bought a peach coloured jumpsuit thinking I was the height of fashion, which it pretty much was in NZ at the time. Shortly after said purchase I moved to Sydney and wore my “fashionable” jumpsuit on the flight. I was totally mortified when I stepped on to Australian soil to see I looked so unfashionable it wasn’t funny. The real funny thing is I really wish I’d kept it, along with my leotards and tights, for my daughter to see how tragic I was. She has heard the stories but didn’t quite believe it.

  26. Let’s rewind to Yr 7 when I was uber cool in my home bleached jeans with a strategically placed tear above the left knee – this look alone was not quite cool enough so I would top it off with my Mum’s bandana tied around my leg above the tear! And no, I am not lying!!!!!

  27. I wanted to be ‘cool” for the school fete, all the girls were wearing skinny jeans, it was the 80’s. I didn’t know that corduroy was wrong, oh it was so,so,so wrong, and these pants were wrong in more ways then one.

      1. I realised when I refreshed the page that it was there three times! I think I got rid of two of them now!

  28. I grew up in the 80s so I had a plethora of cringe-worthy style choices to choose from…these two are probably the ones which stick in my mind the most. The matching yellow skivvy and tights? Oh my gosh. And look at those glasses! How I LOVED those glasses at the time!
    The pink body suit and the happy pants were like a uniform for me for a good couple of months that year too.

    (not sure if you can access my email through Disqus but kimbodavies at the gmail will get me)

  29. Luckily I don’t have a photo but when I was 10 years old I had a netball presentation up on stage. I wore a white see through skirt with bright red undies underneath. I only found out about after I was on stage when my mum told me that she could see what colour undies I was wearing. How embarrassing!!!

  30. I don’t have a photo of it – thanks God…I would actually hate to see what I looked like through someone else’s’ eyes… Anyway…when I was 23, I commuted to Artarmon from The Entrance every day, this meant up at 4.30am every morning. This sometimes butted heads with my partying lifestyle. One night I went out and was partying all night and got home about 3.30am…giving myself an hour to sleep before my Mum picked me up. At 4.30 my Mum was beeping the car horn and I was throwing on my clothes, shoving my hair up and slapping on some makeup as I walked out the door slipping my shoes on.
    In the car on the way to Gosford Station I slept…then got out and ran to get my train ticket. I got my ticket, waited for the train, hopped on the train and started to relax. We left Gosford Station and I was looking out the window at the water, when I happened to look down at my feet….it was then that I prayed for the Earth to open and swallow me whole…I had 2 completely different shoes on – one was a black matte mid heel, a plain slip on heel….the other shoe was my black shiny ankle boot with a higher heel. How the hell did I get that so wrong! The train was pulling in to Woy Woy, so I got off and went to ring my Mum to tell her to pick me up and take me home again. I stood as we neared the station…trying to hold my bag as far to the ground as possible to hide my feet. I got off the train and was walking lopsided because of the different heel heights. I was so embarrassed. My feet stood out as you could see the top of one foot in the mid heel and then the other covered to the ankle. I hopped on the train and went back to Gosford where Mum was waiting for me…all I could see was her shaking with laughter as I approached, almost tripping over my bag trying to get to the car…..

  31. Ready for a night out to bring in the New Year back in the 80’s, matching mullets, what was I thinking LOL

  32. When I was 16 my best friend Gabrielle G and I went see see The Angels play at Cloudland in Brisbane. Being very sophisticated 16 year olds we wore green garbage bags, fishnet stocking, lots of eyeliner and green food dye in our hair. As we were leaving the house ( my mum was away) my eldest brother told me that one day we would look back and realised how ridiculous we looked…..what would he know! 34 years later it turns out he was right. Gabrielle G and I are still close friends although sporting a better sense of style!

  33. I am the oneon the right! LOL oh dear 🙁 i don’t know any fashion era when that would’ve been the trend, LOL!

  34. Perhaps the years I rocked a mullet, worn with such stylish outfits as Doc Marten shoes, white socks, stonewashed rolled up high waisted jeans and a vintage men’s PJ top. Yes, really.

    One of my most tragic style moments was realising that my 90s bodysuit (totes rocking with my paperbag waisted jeans) had come undone and was dangling outside my jeans. This happened in a nightclub. With my ex-boyfriend with a new girlfriend. I strutted past them pretending I didn’t see them. Then wished the ground would open up and swallow me as I fervently hoped they didn’t see me!*

    My only saving grace is that this was so long ago that social media had not yet been invented and there is no photographic evidence!

    *fat chance

  35. I was 16 years old and new better than my mother. I wanted a perm, she said no because my hair was already wavy with some curls. I had a part time job after school and was going to get that perm by paying for it myself.

    Complete disaster! I looked hideous. My mother hauled me down to the hairdressers the next morning before they opened so my hair could be FIXED. If you’ve ever seen one of those really bad Toni Perms from the 1950’s with lots of deep waves with the hair sitting pretty flat on the head – that was my perm only worse. They couldn’t do anything to fix it, it would have to grow out.

    Complete embarrassment and humiliation waited at school for me. I was late and had to walk into a silent classroom looking like the poor relation of Mae West. Everyone was staring at me, I just wanted to run. Recess and lunch were hell for me that day, because that’s when the rest of the school saw what I looked like.

  36. I was wearing the most beautiful gorgeous black dress with the most adorable stocking to a wedding when of course stockings ripped I attended a wedding looking like a trashed hooker

  37. Hmmmm, just one hey? Tough choice. The world’s shortest linen skirt, tie-dyed t-shirt and Doc Martens I wore for most of the late 90s? The years of not realising that white is the WORST choice of underwear colour for wearing under white pants? The permanent frizz ball on top of my head before hair straighteners came along? Or going to breakfast in my pyjamas at college for two years? Like I said, tough choice!
    I’ll grant the winner to the boyleg swimwear I wore for years despite having a super-long torso and stumpy legs. Not so surprisingly, it did me NO favours whatsoever.
    Congrats again, Nikki. Thanks for hosting the competition.

  38. The 90’s…For me defined by Grunge, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose, Levi’s 501’s, midriff tops, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, School Days, 21st’s, house parties and the birds nest fringe! (That’s me on the right!)

  39. I was born with mousey brown hair so after having my first baby I decided to go blonde. I mean really blond. My husband was to pick me up from the hairdresser and as I stood on the footpath he drove past me six times. Eventually my father drove by and I flagged him down and assured him it was me.He said he thought I was a lost hooker! When I got home there was absolute silence from the whole family as they stared. My teenage brother got the giggles and had to leave the room. My silent husband passed me the baby who took one look and screamed. There was no way she would be pacified in my arms. That was it. Next day I was back at the hairdresser to get it died brown.

  40. Ooooh the memories! I don’t have a photo, but what immediately springs to mind is an outfit I loved when I was 15 or so. Oversized light denim jeans (ripped knees, of course) and an oversized jumper of my mum’s from the 80s which was magenta wool with huge black handprints all over. Plus I hadn’t discovered hair product yet so my hair was a frizzy mushroom. I was a bad 80s look transported into the late 90s. Not good!

  41. Back in 1989 ( Aged 16), I cut my hair very short and regretted it immediately – so bought a long permed extension of hair from a wig boutique ( Attatched to a banana clip). I thought i looked amazing with it on and it was attached by putting what hair i had up in two tight pig tails on the back of my head. I went out with a new boyfriend to the drive-ins and at interval i decided to go to the candy bar and get an icecream. As I left the car I began to flick my hair from side to side Charlie’s Angels style ( as my new boyfriend thought it was my real hair) – only no hair was touching my shoulders this time. In horror I reeled around to discover that I had lost my hair extension in the car door and on the other side of my mane of fake hair was the bf’s face staring at my pig-tailed head in shock!! Most embarrassing style moment of my life so far!!

  42. My most shocking fashion moment would have to be my year 12 formal in 1997 – long black dress, chunky silver heels, long string of fake pearls and elbow length black gloves. Topped off with too much makeup and a terrible fringe! But the ultimate crime of the outfit was the fake tan that my mum applied earlier that day. As the evening wore on and the gloves came off it was horribly apparent just how big a mistake the fake tan was – it had turned a deep shade of orange and you could clearly see where it ended – along the sides of my forearms and between my fingers! The horribly wrinkly elbows were icing on the cake!! Needless to say the gloves went back on but by then it was too late and the whole grade talked about it for weeks after!!

  43. For this disaster I have no excuses. This is my current around the house winter style. Embarrassing when the delivery man rings the door bell and I have to front the REAL world. Embarrassing because I love these pants. Embarrassing because I made them. No excuses.

  44. It was in the 80’s … of course … me, a teenager, I had a huge permed mullety thing going on, and those banana clips were the thing to pop into the back of that big perm and foof it out bigger, like a mane. Well I thought I was so cool cos I used to actually wear my banana clip side ways in the back of the permed mullet, spreading that huge hair across my head aarrgghhhh! I also managed to be a mulleted bridesmaid several times in the late 80’s … some horrific huge satin, taffeta, bowed, peplumed dresses too!

  45. For this disaster I have no excuses. It’s my current around the house winter style. Embarrassing when the delivery man rings the door bell and I have to front the REAL world. Embarrassing because I just love these pants. Embarrassing because I made them so I have no excuses.

  46. Pretty much any one of my photos from uni would do the trick. But high waisted jeans with a pale blue long sleeved body suit was one particularly grim effort (that I wore to my own birthday party no less).

  47. It was 1988, a hot summers day, Cross St Double Bay. I had an interview to join the wholesale team at George Gross and Harry Who – I would be working in their office, but the interview was at their retail store. I had actually made my outfit – a tan suede pencil skirt (pretty short) and a white linen high neck cut away sleeveless shirt, low slung tan belt and tan pumps. Kathy Gross even commeneted that she loved my outfit and she gave me the job – a few gorgeous, Double Bay store girls watching on – I kinda felt like they were amused by something….. Anyway, I walked out pretty chuffed, then suddenly in a florist store window caught my reflection and realised that the Mansize tissues I had carefully placed around my white linen collar when I had done my makeup were still there!!! I grabbed the florist and said “Oh My God I just went to a job interview like this!!”. I was SO mortified but this story always gets a good laugh at dinner parties!

  48. Strapless lemon taffeta formal dress, lace stockings and white high heels…my hair in a French roll with babies breath…HELP!!! I need a treat x

  49. It was 1988, a hot summers day, Cross St Double Bay. I had an interview to join the wholesale team at George Gross and Harry Who – I would be working in their office, but the interview was at their retail store. I had actually made my outfit – a tan suede pencil skirt (pretty short) and a white linen high neck cut away sleeveless shirt, low slung tan belt and tan pumps. Kathy Gross even commented that she loved my outfit and she gave me the job – a few gorgeous, Double Bay store girls watching on – I kinda felt like they were amused by something….. Anyway, I walked out pretty chuffed, then suddenly in a florist store window caught my reflection and realised that the Mansize tissues I had carefully placed around my white linen collar when I had done my makeup were still there!!! I grabbed the florist and said “Oh My God I just went to a job interview like this!!”. I was SO mortified but this story always gets a good laugh at dinner parties!

  50. Yay! I’ve booked. Okay, it’s not entirely a style thing, but the very first time I shaved my legs I only shaved the fronts, because that’s all I could see and that seemed sensible. Yes, I gave my legs a mullet hair cut. My friends *kindly* pointed out the error of my ways x

  51. I was bridesmaid for a friend in the 80’s – we wore bright yellow satin dresses. Looking back now, the bridal party looked a bit like scrambled eggs!

  52. I’d say when I was about 16, being in the local newspaper and my mum made me wear a jumper than my gran knitted. It was awful, I looked like a scarecrow and my friends laughed!

  53. Remembering the 80’s…I was 17, had a mullet cut, dyed orange (think orange as in fruit), and permed…and this is when I met my husband (!).

    Talking about your book, cannot wait to get my copy – it will probably be a little “style bible” for a lots of women, myself included.

  54. Stuffing my bra with extra padding to make my boobs look bigger. Someone did not want to know me when they found out my boobs weren’t as big as they thought they were.

  55. I was going out for dinner with my intended and his parents. We were going out to a “nice” restaurant, so I dressed up, including stockings. (Horrible things!!) Little did I know that my leg stubble was so long it poked through & was VERY noticeable. Quelle horreur !

  56. I was in my early 20’s in the early 90’s. Chiffon and lace cami’s seemed to be the thing. I was walking to work one morning along Queen Street (the bit before the mall) wearing what I thought was a stunning purple chiffon blouse, black lace cami, matching purple wrap skirt, stockings and heels. I can remember feeling at that time quite confident with my look! I then had a strange feeling of extra breeze in my nether regions and looked down to see that my wrap skirt had failed me and unwrapped itself and was hanging by one little button that was caught on my stockings on the left hand side. Leaving EVERYTHING exposed front and back (gstring included). I may as well have just been wearing my chiffon blouse and nothing else. I have no idea how long it had been like that but the folks on the bus that drove by me would have been able to tell me no doubt. I promptly threw the entire outfit in the bin that evening and have had a lasting fear of chiffon and wrap skirts ever since.

  57. It was my first day of work experience in PR at an awesome tourism venue and having been a poor uni student I had bought some new clothes so I could dress appropriately. The day before I had scored a black Cue jacket at less than half price so I was pretty pleased with myself and feeling all grown up and posh on my first day of work experience in my new clothes. HALFWAY through the day, someone tapped me on the shoulder and politely pointed out that the huge tag (with big, red, price reduction) was still hanging off the back of my jacket. I was mortified!! (It has a happy ending though – I was eventually offered a job there)

  58. I have a multitude of embarassing style fails but a memorable moment was at my husband’s cousin’s wedding when we were engaged. My future father-in-law asked me to dance & swung me round with both arms over my head. I was wearing a strapless dress which came down to my waist & no bra underneath! My mother-in-law was very unforgiving of this moment & took many years to warm to me! My father-in-law always loved me though!

  59. Argh where do I begin! The first story that popped into my head was when I was 22 and going to the local shopping centre in the middle of winter. I had a fluro pink jacket, a rainbow scarf and rainbow (in different colours from the other rainbow!) hand-warmers/finger long sleeve gloves. I took a glance at myself halfway through in a shop mirror an went “oh my gosh I look ridiculous – everything’s clashing!” and my partner replied that of course I did! Well thanks for telling me before we left the house! And I never wore the hand-warmers again – which were a faux pas in themselves!

  60. OMG your book and Uberkate – that’s an amazing prize! I have loads of tragic outfits, but they were awesome fun at the time. It does seem a lot fo us tried the spiral perm – I sooo wanted to look like Elaine from Seinfeld – oh her dancing was so great (what was I thinking?!?) Lol thanks for all the laughs these posts are too funny

  61. Am loving reading all these comments! Am so excited for you Nikki and even more excited that I can bring my mum and sister along to the Paddington event, (I’m getting married on the 8th and they’re out here from the UK)
    I’ve had many a tragic wardrobe moment but probably my most memorable is when I was at uni (didn’t we all want to make big changes when we went to uni?!) I had been dying my hair various shades of red for some time but decided I wanted to go blonde. My friend convinced me it would work if I bought a pre-lightener kit (to strip the red) and then a blonde kit which she would help me apply. Well, after the pre-lightener turned my hair a nice shade of orange, my friend told me not to panic as the blonde kit would fix it. It did not and my hair turned the brightest shade of orange you can imagine, I would not have looked out of place on Sesame Street! Needless to say I have been scarred from home dying hair kits!
    Looking forward to meeting you on the 13th. 🙂

  62. I’m on the left and don’t even know where to start. Maybe if I’d done my hair, my dress fit, I wasn’t wearing pants underneath it (???) and had a strapless bra on rather than just dropping the straps on a regular (badly fitting) bra this could have been somewhat saved? This was mid 2008 too so I can’t even use the era as an excuse.

  63. probably too many to mention but on leaving a job interview in such a rush to leave ripped my dress on the door…mortified! and also a perm horror story because I have such thick hair (e.g. I still get it undercut) when I got my first perm I ended up with a super super super afro and was so scared by it because it was so big went home and stayed in the shower till I turned crinkly trying to get rid of the perm

  64. I’m loving reading these stories! One of my embarrassing fashion moments was when I was fresh out of Year 12 at the end of 1984, and had just got a job with a medical specialist so I got a “lovely” perm to celebrate, and on my first day at the job, everyone was sniffing the air around me because the perm stunk so badly. I was mortified!

  65. I’m thrilled for you Nikki and how stunning is that necklace?! My most memorable and tragic style moment was a hair style i had in primary school. My Barbie had a permed fringe and I remember taking the barbie with me to the hairdresser and telling her that I wanted my fringe to be permed too. It took a long time to grow out. I still shudder looking at primary school pictures with puffy fringe!

  66. Wow where do I begin? I think the most shocking and memorable (mind you I thought I was rocking it at the time) was my fake tan in the 90’s. Let’s just say bottle tans have come a very long way since then!! My skin was patchy and orange and those dreaded palms all teamed with a brow pluck to almost nil brows and pencilled back on. Why? I ask why? Yikes!! I have blocked tags on my fb page as I’m mortified of the day that some shocking pics will haunt me again!!

  67. Oh my gosh, so embarrassed about the multiple postings! I thought the pic wasn’t posting… Congrats on the book Nikki, looking forward to meeting you in Melbourne eventually! x

  68. Yay, I am so pleased that you have two events in Brisbane (lucky us), I am bridesmaid at a wedding on Sat 9 August and really didn’t want to turn up in processing fake tan etc he hee! I am very keen to come along! In terms of fashion memories – there are a few. But I would like to share my most memorable. It was my formal dress – thank the lord I found the one I ended up wearing because looking back mid 90’s fashion in formal wear is not the greatest in styling. It was a perfect fit, style and colour for me. A lesson at an early age (which I have forgotten more times than I care to remember) how taking the time to find the right thing that suits you rather than following the trends will result in you feeling a million bucks! It is still something I remember almost 20 years on.

  69. I guess this one falls under the memorable and tragic category! It was
    around 1987, I was working for a cosmetic company that ran a competition
    to discover the ‘Face of Australia’. We had a special launch night for
    the winner Peta Toppano. So, here’s a photo of me with Peta… Huge
    shoulders! (they’re falling off Peta!) Vertically blow-waved hair!
    Ack… But I did love that suit, it was royal blue and the shirt was
    orange. If I could get away with it I’d wear it now 😉 xx

  70. I guess this one falls under the memorable and tragic category! It was around 1987, I was working for a cosmetic company that ran a competition to discover the ‘Face of Australia’. We had a special launch night for the winner Peta Toppano. So, here’s a photo of me with Peta… Huge shoulders! (they’re falling off Peta!) Vertically blow-waved hair! Ack… But I did love that suit, it was royal blue and the shirt was orange. 😉 xx

  71. I have had WAY too many mishaps over the years. Amongst the most memorable:
    When I got married, as I got up from a kneeling position during the church ceremony I got my shoe caught in my dress, which then snapped a thread, which then caused the skirt part to lose the tucks on one side…I walked back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony and everytime someone hugged me to congratulate me, they pulled on my dress and made things worse. Thread, needle and safety pins were required for the recdption. Very funny now when I think back.
    I went to work once with no shirt on under my suit. I had a really important meeting to attend and nothing boosts my confidence more than great underwear. So i was wearing a leather and lace corset. When I looked down I could see a little splash of colour, like you do when you wear a buttoned up suit jacket. It wasn’t until the day warmed up and I went to take my jacket off that I realised I had forgotten to put a shirt on over the corset..

  72. As an avid fan of Styling you I am so excited about your book being released!! Fashion disasters where do I start, would it be the time that I wore pyjamas to work because I thought they were trendy or would it be the fact that I wore my dads old tuxedo with boufouned hair and winkle picker shoes or maybe it was the perm that I wanted big curls but walked out with an Afro!! Need I say more!! Nikki I am your number one fan and look forward to seeing and reading your blog and Facebook page everyday!! Good luck I will be the first to purchase when it is released!!

  73. As an avid fan of Styling you I am so excited about your book being released!! Fashion disasters where do I start, would it be the time that I wore pyjamas to work because I thought they were trendy or would it be the fact that I wore my dads old tuxedo with boufouned hair and winkle picker shoes or maybe it was the perm that I wanted big curls but walked out with an Afro!! Need I say more!! Nikki I am your number one fan and look forward to seeing and reading your blog and Facebook page everyday!! Good luck I will be the first to purchase when it is released!!

  74. Congratulations on your upcoming launch! I was a teenager in the 80’s which means – spiral perms, purple eyeshadow, and clothes that I cannot believe I wore! There is also the bridesmaid dress I wore when I was 12 weeks pregnant. It was made of some awful synthetic material and it was 42 degrees that day……cue a very red face and itchy stomach!

  75. please, I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, I can name them ALL. Although hand on heart, I can say I NEVER owned a bubble skirt. Even then I knew that one did not need to make ones arse look bigger than it already was.

    I think by biggest blunder was wearing PJ’s in public. Back before wearing a “onsie” was the fashion. My parents, bless them, bought me a “tracksuit”. Bright yellow. I wore it to a class excursion, and much to my dismay, kids were, as they are want to do, paying me out for wearing pi’s to school. I never wore it again. Not even as pyjamas.

    I probably had my Lady Di flicks going on at the same time.

  76. This is so exciting! I’m definitely saving the date for August 8 🙂 As for a memorable /tragic style moment…well, that would have to be my Ginger Megs Hair Disaster of 2010. I’d asked the hairdresser to dye my blonde locks brown, which she did, but unfortunately she didn’t apply the colour correctly. The end result was hair that was a very bright shade of patchy plum! Her solution to the problem was to strip the colour out, which left me with a head of very brittle, very fluro orange hair for 6 long weeks. It was not my finest fashion moment!! And no, you definitely can not see a photo 😉

  77. I could write a multi volumed book about my fashion misdemeanours but one that stands out is an outfit I wore to the Thomson Twins concert circa 1988. After finally convincing my brother to let us tag along, my friends and I set about finding the perfect outfits. At the 11th hour I found out that a female friend of my brothers was also going who was immediately identified as stiff competition for the affections of my brothers hot friend (the real reason we wanted to go to the concert!) I decided to make a skirt ( a very, very short skirt) out of a Satin type material to boost my chances. I had no time to add a waist band or hem so I stapled the hem and coloured the staples in black and wore a wide, tight belt to hold it up. I felt the business and was suitably chuffed when I saw said hot friend staring at me (probably not for the reasons I was hoping). Things were going well until we started to dance. The skirt kept slipping down to my ankles and the staples ripped my stockings to shreds. After assessing the damage in the bathroom it was clear my night was over. I excused myself at intermission and, with my coat wrapped tightly around my waist and one hand trying to secure my skirt, I went home – with out the boy or my dignity. Very glad I do not have photos.

  78. I have had many embarrassing moments in my life but came across this pic that was used in a sideshow at mums funeral,a triangle perm and high waisted jeans and a very cranky faced little sister! The 90s I believe.
    I am sure your book will sell like hot cakes Nikki all the best of luck for the tour Xx

  79. Oh dear Nikki…I have too many to mention…in my defence…I was a teenager in the 1970’s ;)…hope to see you at the Brisbane launch of your book x

  80. For my leavers dinner at high school, I decided to wear a pajama top with my black pants, as well as a wristband that my boyfriend at the time had given me. Everyone else was beautifully dressed up and I was in half of my sleepwear! The only logical explanation I can give is that I really loved chickens in high school and that was my nickname, so I was trying to make a statement. Lauren from SAHM I am.

  81. exciting times for you nikki!
    I always have my standard black outfits but we were in Budapest and the weather had been very hot and on a whim we decided to go to their opera house for a symphony concert … the weather suddenly changed to stormy and cold and I only had a linen pant suit … 90’s … well everyone was dressed to the nines … all frocked up as they do in Europe … I was freezing and I felt very underdone even though I err on the side of minimalism … the beauty of being anonymous reigns supreme when travelling! … there was a very arty looking guy also in a linen suit so we tried to stand near him in the interval I put my head up and went with the flow and sipped the champagne with glee! … at least I had a scarf which I zjooched up and a new pair of italian shoes and bag! … felt better after the champagne! lol m:)X

  82. To a mid-80s high school dance I wore authentic army pants, a white lace top and white volleys. Permed hair of course, set off by hot pink accessories – brooch, belt, hair combs and big plastic earrings. However, I refuse to be embarrassed and laugh at my teenage self. I spent ages planning and shopping that outfit, felt fantastic and had the best fun night. And that’s what it’s all about, right?!

  83. I honestly can’t wait for you to come to Perth. We have Perth Fashion Festival here in September (hint, hint). I’ve had several fashion disasters over the years but lucky most were in the days before smart phones and social media. So I’m choosing to take the approach photos or it didn’t happen. Which means I’m going to recall my latest fashion disaster, although it’s almost more like a comedy of errors. It was last night for the Scandinavian Film Festival media night.

    I’d decided to try and fit exercise in before I went, which left me with just 30 minutes to get ready. Getting ready involved hair straightening and makeup. Luckily my outfit was already selected so it was a matter of just jumping into it BUT in my rush I mistook my illumination cream from foundation and covered my face in the stuff with all my makeup over the top before I realised. If anyone asked I was calling it a new trend “glowing”.

    Nobody asked because basically on arriving within 50 meters of the event, there was a massive downpour and almost tornado conditions and the hair that I’d straightened together with my makeup were left lying in a massive puddle which just about ruined my new suede boots.

    I’ve included a photo but not sure if it loaded correctly.

      1. Thanks Nikki. You’ve certainly inspired me to come out of hibernation mode and get in front of the camera. Still working on my best angle and Miss 13 my photographer is giving me more time to practice.

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