The real women of #everydaystyle wearing ripped jeans

Should you wear ripped jeans?

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If anyone had told me six months ago that I’d not only be wearing ripped jeans but actually loving wearing them, I would have laughed quite loudly at the suggestion.

I did the ripped thing back in the day – when the early ’90s were leveraging themselves out of the ’80s and into the grunge for which the era would be known.

When I say I did the ripped thing, I should clarify it. I did it with one garment – a pair of denim boyfriend shorts.

Boy did I love those shorts. Until the rip got too big and I thought my legs didn’t need quite that much ventilation.

This year I pulled on these jeans from Bohemian Traders and it was instant love. Recently I was also sent a pair from Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (this Kadyn style will be available in Australia in September, stockist info here). I fell in love again.

Should you wear ripped jeans?

I’ve tried to analyse the appeal.

Is it the anti-fashion nature of the garment? The contrast factor of wearing something ripped or distressed alongside something pristine.

Do they make me feel tough? Or young? Nostalgic?

Possibly all of the above, if I really think about it.

Given that my criteria (and it should be your criteria too) for deciding what takes up my valuable wardrobe real estate is highly dependent on how I feel in a garment, then these two pairs of jeans are very much here to stay.

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Ripped jeans style tips

1. Rips or no rips – your jeans need to fit you well. Take the time to try on lots of pairs to find ones that fit your legs, are firm enough that you struggle to put two fingers between your tummy and the waistline and are cut to off your shape to your best advantage. If comfort is a primary factor for your jeans wearing, then opt for a pair that have stretch in the fabric. Remember the more stretch in the fabric, the more the jeans are likely to “give”, so the more you need to buy them firm to start with. Conversely, jeans without stretch will give very little on wearing, so buy to feel good on first try.

2. It’s all about the contrast. The very fact that your jeans are ripped means that you are contrasting a streamlined garment with something less fussy. Contrast that even further buy opting for shape and structure in the rest of your outfit. It’s about mixing the “tough” with the soft. Any time you achieve that contrast you’re creating an outfit with greater interest and appeal.

3. Don’t worry that you think you’re too old to wear ripped jeans. The moment we start to pigeon-hole our style into a number, our thoughts get distorted. Instead, think objectively as to whether this is a style that you feel confident wearing or it’s a style that fits part or all of your lifestyle. There’s no use forcing it. Maybe the holes would drive you crazy and you’d want to mend them? Only wear if you feel confident doing so.

4. Worried about flashing skin? Look for designs that have a layer of cotton fabric under the rip or rips that aren’t completely open.

5. Do the rips yourself. As one follower pointed out on Instagram, she struggles with the thought of buying a pair of jeans that are ripped. The way around this is to work either with an old pair that you own and could do with a fresh take or buy a cheaper pair and DIY rip. Either way, you’ll reduce the financial risk of trying a trend that you may not be sure is for you. Try Kmart, Big W or Target for a cheap basic denim jean. Google for help but this video clip is a good starting place.

#everydaystyle ripped jeans

The real women of #everydaystyle know how to rock a ripped denim. Here’s a pick of the outfits some have created in recent weeks.

The real women of #everydaystyle wearing ripped jeans

Left column (from top): @chasingcait | @lifeastyled

Middle column: @styleonv | @ louisa__g | @irismaystyle 

Right column: @howcaniwearthat | @soniastyling

Shop the look

Where to shop for ripped jeans

1. Embody Denim jeans $249.95  | 2. Mavi jeans at Birdsnest $99.95 (on sale) | 3. Atmos&Here jeans $59.95 @ The Iconic | 4. Seed jeans $89.95 | 5. Bohemian Traders jeans $100

Have fun with it. Like any trend, embracing ripped jeans won’t solve world peace but if by doing so, they make you smile, stand a little taller and feel a bit more fabulous, then I say go for it.

Do you wear ripped jeans? Thoughts?

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Comments 69

  1. I love the ripped boyfriend jean look. However, I’m still yet to buy some this season. I have been eyeing off those Atmos & Here ones on Iconic – at such a fab price, I don’t know what’s taking me so long to just click BUY! I love how you’ve styled your jeans in each of your shots Nikki, especially that first {top left} outfit.
    Mwah x

  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve worn ripped jeans (I had a little grunge moment in the 90’s 🙂 but I’m happy that they’re back in fashion. I love all the looks you’ve shared above so i think it might be time I pick up a pair too!

  3. I actually love all the ripped jeans looks too but I’ve never embraced the trend until now. I fell over after I had Magdalene last year and tore a rip in my maternity jeans. I still wore them this time round while pregnant with Phoebe as the rip was at the right part of my knee. I can’t wait to get some new jeans once I’ve got rid a bit of baby weight.

  4. Yourself and all the Ladies featured look great. I just can’t muster the urge to buy ripped jeans…but I might just try distressing an old pair and see how I go.

  5. The only time I had authentically ripped jeans was worn out knees from changing babies nappies on the floor because we couldn’t afford a change table. How cool and rebellious! I have a pair of slightly worn/ ripped boyfriend style jeans handed down from a young friend and I love to wear them. If you like it, go for it!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring me lovely lady. I am certainly included with very stylish ladies. I am contemplating a white pair at the moment. Mwah. V x

  7. I have no problem with people wearing ripped jeans, they can look great. I will not buy pre-ripped jeans myself, any rips need to have been created by me through genuine wear and tear.

  8. Thanks for including my photo Nikki. I love all of the looks especially @lifeastyled with the long scarf it looks fab. There is something really cool about wearing ripped jeans and they are so easy to customise for every body shape, age and lifestyle. Love them!

  9. I was totally into grunge back in the day and remember it fondly though probably not one of the greatest fashion looks of my life. It took me a long time to find a pair of distressed jeans I liked because most of them were boyfriend styles and they didn’t suit. I was just about to DIY a pair of skinnies because I love the look … then I found a pair in Cotton On of all places. Wash was good, fit was good and they were nicely distressed. Yay!

  10. I’ve always loved a ripped jean but I do not like hole-y jeans & there is a difference. I also prefer my rips in the front of the jeans although back in the mid 90’s a young teen I did wear jeans with rips just under my butt- what was I thinking?!!!

  11. Buying jeans has always been one of those depressing of events in my life. Anyone got any suggestions for small waist (about size 10), medium hips (about size 12) and large thigh (about size 14) body types? The waists are always way to big and the thighs always too tight and if I go for low rise types to avoid the waist completely they fall down! I’ve had better luck with ones with more stretch but still an unpleasant experience.

    1. Check out the curve id range from Levis at Just Jeans – or the Jeanswest curvy range. They are designed to work with this waist/hip/thigh difference. And the Levis range even has different degrees of curve.

    2. Check out the curve id range from Levis at Just Jeans – or the Jeanswest curvy range. They are designed to work with this waist/hip/thigh difference. And the Levis range even has different degrees of curve.

  12. Yay! thanks for including me Nikki, you have mad my day, and with so many stylish lovelies! I’m new to the ripped denim trend, and I’m loving it. Teaming with my white label noba shirt for the pristine. I’m a libra, always with the contradictions, so this look suits me to a tee!

  13. I can’t get around the issue that I think the jeans would look better without the rips and for me rips mean I could not wear them to work.
    Besides that, to me they scream “Look at my thighs!” when I spend most of the time attempting to dress so people look up at my face and away from my thighs.

  14. Yay, thanks for including me in this week’s roundup! I too am only a recent ripped jeans lover – and it’s all thanks to THOSE jeans from Bohemian Traders.
    Question: I quite like the look of those Atmos&Here jeans. If you are a lass like me whose legs resemble meaty chicken drumsticks (hello thighs!), can you get away with such a light wash denim?

  15. My kids like to poke my knees if I wear my ripped jeans so I might have to look at some that do have a layer under them. I feel so underdressed in them so at the moment I only wear them around home, but I think I need to push out of my comfort zone a bit and try them as you have styled above. Lauren from SAHM I am.

  16. Love them Nikki though I only go with minimally distressed and ripped jeans ,loving Sonia ,Bev and @chasingcait’s looks they rock them!
    Have a lovely weekend Nikki getting ready for your book tour Xx

  17. Love ’em love ’em love ’em. Wore them in the early 90’s in my late teens / early 20’s and have been back in for the past couple of years. I wear them with something pretty or sleek up top which I think creates the perfect juxtaposition. On a side note, Kalgoorlie WA where I live isn’t particularly fashion forward, don’t get me wrong some of the women who live here dress incredibly well and as a mining town we get all sorts from every part of the world here. Ripped jeans – no one bats an eyelid, if I wear my fur vest though, OMG

  18. I LOVE ripped jeans and wear my Bohemian Traders Boyfriend jeans (pictured) or my Disdressed Skinnies (that Sonia is wearing in your spread) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    I find them super flattering on my ‘pear’ shape – they do anders to distract the eye from my heavier set legs


  19. I would definitely try it. I am thinking about buying the jeans I normally go for and giving it the DIY.

  20. Aaah…I tried doing the ripped jeans but I think it messed up with my psyche somehow. Hahaha ok maybe not that drastic but I tried wearing a pair and I think it’s more about getting used to the idea really. Good thing it was an old pair that I got Miss 12 to distress for me. She’s good at doing that! I saw one of her cut off denim shorts with the distressed effect and loved it so asked her to do it for me. Now to try and wear it more often.

  21. I’m with Merilyn on the ripped jeans, and I know age shouldn’t matter but I ‘d feel like I’m wearing my teen daughters jeans. I did however venture into boyfriend jeans , without the rips. My husband was horrified at the holes in my daughters, he couldn’t understand why you’d buy brand new clothes with holes. I did giggle as he has no idea they are a hot fashion trend at moment!

  22. Thanks for featuring me Nikki – I’m not normally a massive fan on jeans, but there’s something about the distressed denim that appeals to me! (maybe it creates a great distraction haha!) xx

      1. Sorry, distraction from my upper legs haha! Normally I don’t like jeans because of the shape of my legs (but trying not to be negative – gotta practice what I preach!)

  23. thanks for this challenge! … i’ll be the difference today nikki! …
    is it a reaction to being perfect? or a rebel without a cause? or grunge factor thing! or a tease thing! … what is it! … totally daggy!
    as you’d gather, ripped jeans leave me cold! … pun unintentional! I think they look crap on anyone … I hate them! … they are only good for the recycling aspect which I am totally for! I won’t say never but close to it!
    “we’re sexy and we know it!” don’t have to have holes in the jeans to prove it! … it’s a good leveller I suppose! if everyone’s wearing them where is the difference! … have a good day! lol m:)X …

  24. I’m so glad you’ve covered this because I’ve been eyeing off a pair but haven’t been game to go there. I think you almost have me convinced. Of course puffer vests and shredded jeans are still very much a no go zone.

  25. Well I am 63 next month and these are definitely not for me but I don’t think they ever were. I think this fashion trend really links to your personality and personal style. I love denim though and wear it nearly every day in winter.

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