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A new fashion season is a dawning.

I know it never makes any sense. It’s something that happens twice a year so you’d think I’d be used to it by now but coming off a week when we experienced some of the coldest temperatures in more than 100 years it really does make it tricky to think about a spring wardrobe.

But walk past any store this week and that’s what you’ll see.

I say, don’t be alarmed. Be alert.

Be alert to potential wardrobe additions that will serve you well throughout most of year.

This is a time of year when I’m mostly likely to pick up lighter and more colourful jackets/blazers, lightweight scarves and lighter layering pieces.

Once the fashion season turns to high summer, these wardrobe building block pieces disappear from stores.

That’s why I keep an eye on early season releases and I suggest you do too.

Today I’m featuring a new-season tunic dress/top from one of my favourite lifestyle brands, Metalicus.

The model

Metalicus Chrysler long-sleeve tunic

Metalicus Chrysler long-sleeve tunic $149.95

and me

Metalicus tunic dress | Metalicus skirt  | Metalicus tights | Ballina accessories scarf | Gypsy Dreamers necklace | Gasperre Cashmere knit | Zoe Kratzmann boots | Dinosaur Designs ring

Metalicus tunic dress* | Metalicus skirt (winter 2014 – featured here as a snood)  | Metalicus tights* | Ballina accessories scarf* | Gypsy Dreamers necklace | Gasperre Cashmere knit* | Zoe Kratzmann boots | Dinosaur Designs ring

Metalicus tunic dress | Metalicus skirt  | Metalicus tights | Ballina accessories scarf | Gypsy Dreamers necklace | Gasperre Cashmere knit | Zoe Kratzmann boots | Dinosaur Designs ring

Ok, so you can see very clearly that this tunic style does not flow in the same way as it does on the model.

And that’s ok. That’s why I love this label. You can work with pieces and incorporate them into a styling that suits you.

For me, I like this piece as a long top. Scrunching up the bottom enables the top part to blouse nicely.

If you’re smaller than me (I’m a 14-16), then this is going to drape more like the model image.

The fabric is a fabulous one for layering – it’s 48% merino so has a breathable warmth factor but it’s thin enough to wear under other layers.

The colour is a perfect winter-into-spring colour. When you pop it with a few citrus accents and close your eyes, you might really start to think that spring temperatures are possible.

Model and Me Metalicus SS 14-15

Are you ready for a new fashion season? 

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration

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  1. Oh love the colouring. I was in the shop just yesterday and saw this top but it’s not for me… the new very long line cardi certainly is for me though, but I had to restrain myself yesterday and resist. But next time!

  2. No I’m not ready for another season, although I’m glad the cool weather has hit Brisbane so I can wear different clothes from my wardrobe. It’s all about breast feeding friendly tops and dresses now that I’ve had my baby. I love the way you’ve styled this dress/top. You look fab in both pictures. 🙂

  3. I must be one of the few that is loving the new spring additions. Living in QLD I’m always looking out for versatile layers that will suit the inevitable warmer conditions. I love the yellow pop, so much so I scoured the stores for yellow today to go with my Metalicus dress in the same shade! You are so clever with the colour combo’s Nikki!

  4. I did not need to see this today, living where there are no physical stockists of the brand, I have been oblivious for many years, but via your model & me posts I’ve finally popped my Metalicus cork, with three orders this past month…i think i need to wait a bit longer before buying the fourth but this tunic is oh so tempting!! 🙂 🙂 You are looking stunning in this outfit Nikki. Love that they have so many wool blend fabrics to add much needed warmth for a Victorian winter!

  5. P.S. I’m not ready for Spring clothes – I’ve only just arrived in Melbourne so am getting my head around winter gear!!! Oh dear! Confusion begins!

  6. Firstly, I noticed your hair – wow! What a great cut/style on you Nikki. Secondly, yep that tunic is great on you – you have layered it so interestingly, you are very talented!

  7. Great colours together and love the idea of scrunching the dress up to make a top. Versatile with a capital V.

  8. I find Metalicus endlessly versatile from season to season and from pregnancy, breast feeding through to now. Loving the grey and the pops of citrus on you Nikki – so fresh and flattering.

  9. I’m already shivering my way through the new season…pretty much in the same way I sweated my way through summer…one of the hazards of working retail I suppose!. Love this tunic – it’s a piece I wouldn’t hesitate to buy. I adore anything that gives me more than one look xx

  10. I love how you have styled this tunic Nikki and love the citrus accents….beautiful!
    It sure has been cold minus 3 or 4 in the mornings and nights I’m not really ready for spring clothes but will keep a lookout for new pieces,thank you for another lovely model and me post x

    1. It has been ridiculously cold Lisa! I keep an eye out for jackets in particular. The type of early spring jackets that come out are more the kind I can wear all year round here (well in aircon in summer).

  11. They need to use your styling tip on their website Nikki, it looks great scrunched up. Looks great on you, not so good on the model I’m afraid.

  12. I love the layered look of this perfect transeasonal piece. You have style your perfectly Nikki. I love how you have pulled the top up exposing ore of the skirt. Just perfect. Have a fabulous Monday. V x

  13. I love Metalicus too! You look fantastic, love seeing how you style your clothes. I’ve been wanting one of their slip dresses, the one called ‘A girls best friend’ but they only have it in the smaller size at the moment. Looks so versatile. Keep warm! Kathryn 🙂

  14. yes ready if it will transport me out of out winter!
    I love metalicus it is soo versatile … looking great nikki! and yes I prefer the skirt with the top version on you especially love the grey and chartreuse … I’ve got a thing for that combination at the mo! have a good one <3 m:)X

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