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One of the wonderful privileges that have in my job as a blogger (and as of tomorrow an author!) is that I can support independent fashion designers.

I know many of you reading have discovered these designers through my blog and that feels like I’m playing a part in supporting a creative industry that needs our support.

I also know that for many of you buying a piece from an independent label is not something your budget allows.

I guess I want to keep opening people’s eyes to what is out there.

If you have an occasion coming up for which they need to buy something new, then please also consider buying from an independent.

Behind each piece is an incredibly talented designer, whose passion bursts through with every garment he or she produces.

Maiocchi’s Deanne Mayocchi has been offering us an insight to that passion for great design for 11 years now.

She started with a market stall and handmade designs and now has three Brisbane retail outlets, a store in Paddington, Sydney and more than 60 stockists throughout Australia.

And all her designs are made in Australia.

That’s no easy feat these days and something I think we should support where possible.

The Maiocchi Spring 2014 Kiss and Tell collection has just been launched – and will show at the Brisbane EKKA Woolmark parades and Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Fashion Festival in August.

This is my pick from the collection.

The model

Maiocchi She's the One dress | SS14-15 Kiss and Tell collection

Maiocchi She’s the One Dress $199

and me

Maiocchi dress and bolero | Ruby Olive bangles | Dinosaur Designs ring | Gorman heels

Maiocchi dress and bolero* | Ruby Olive bangles | Dinosaur Designs ring | Gorman heels

I was lucky to get a little sneak peek at the Kiss and Tell collection before it launched last week. This dress caught my eye from the beginning.

I loved how you could change the look of it by either fastening the button at the front or the back – or not fastening the button at all.

I loved that it’s a garment I can wear now with tights and layers but not feel out of place wearing in a month or so without when spring will hit in Queensland.  I also love that it can be dressed up or down and worn with heels or flats.

For me, the most flattering way to wear it is with the button at the front. This creates shape for me under my bust and complements the lines of the bolero. Maiocchi always offers up shrugs and bolero pieces as part of its spring collections – something those of us who like to cover up very much appreciate.

The fabric is a Japanese cotton – it has good weight without being too heavy. The cloth button feature on the pocket is also a nod to Maiocchi’s design aesthetic which has always included Japanese influences.

I also wore it below with a Gorman trench to the launch in store of Maiocchi’s new collection and branding. The trench is from two years ago – as are the Gorman shoes. I was thrilled that my orange obsession from that time is helping out my outfit planning now.

I can see me wearing this dress nude heels as in the model image above. I’d also wear it open with flat sandals or clogs for a more casual look. Bring on spring. I’m ready.

Maiocchi dress and bolero | Gorman coat and heels

The Model and Me Maiocchi Spring 2014

Would I find a Maiocchi piece in your wardrobe? Love a splash of orange? Or a dress that can worn more than one way?

* These garments were gifted to me for editorial consideration

PS. Please forgive me if I’m not around here as much as you’re used to over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be aiming to log in when I can but there may not be a new post here every day as you’re used to. Launching a book is fun and exciting but there is a lot of other behind-the-scenes stuff that I have to do and that will impact on my time. Hope you can understand and that you will come along for the ride with me.

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  1. Hi Nikki, yes I do love a splash of orange, but you totally rock it! Your trench and shoes coordinate the dress so well – you look really lovely. Good luck with your book launch – I will be buying your book and hoping you come to NZ! xx

  2. That’s one thing independent fashion designers give their customers – unique features, such as the button option on this gorgeous dress. Love both ways you’ve styled it. Best of luck for the launch tomorrow…not that you need it! You will rock it. x

  3. Such a great thing if we can support those local independent labels. So much creativity and passion goes into them and we as the consumer can really benefit from that. Good luck with the book launch Nikki – I am really looking forward to holding your book in my hot little hand and seeing you at the Brisbane one on 20 Aug.

  4. Love the orange touches in the dress and the orange trench and the shoes,it is a lovely outfit Nikki!
    I wish you all the best of luck on your book tour and of course we understand you will be busy….and have fun meeting all the people who will love your book so much Xx

  5. The bolero really does reflect and highlight the design- I love that extra dimension. The outfit with your orange trench and shoes is great for this time of year in Brisbane, too. I wonder if you could get away with a Metallicus top underneath the dress as well in our cooler cities?

  6. Love your blog Nikki, Ive been a lurker for ages and have had your book on order since you told we could do so. All the best for the book launch and have fun 🙂 Love Maria x

      1. Thanks Nikki, this is the first time Ive worked out how to reply lol Ive been inspired by the Nina Proudman series too, I hadn’t watched Offspring until I read about it here .
        You have helped me sort through a few style issues and to feel comfortable being me in what I wear…well it’s a work in progress 😉 Love the outfit above with trench and matching shoes . I like the the “you” versions more than the models.

    wishing you every success with your book launch tomorrow!
    just keep breathing! love m:)X

  8. I really like the bolero with the dress, kind of finishes it doesn’t it?. Exciting times ahead for you Nikki, I will certainly be buying your book!

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