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I’ve had a few requests for a look inside my wardrobe.

Mostly these have come via my Facebook page or Instagram and are usually in the context of “where on earth do you fit all your clothes?”.

Fair question.

Just don’t ask Mr SY. He will spin some crazy story about how I’ve left him barely enough room to hang two suits.

Which is a total fabrication. I can see at least three hanging on his side.

This whole walk-in wardrobe thing is still a bit of a novelty six months after moving into our Brisbane home.

It may be compact but the high ceilings mean that the storage space is extensive. I’ve also managed to fit a separate set of wire drawers in there too.

Here’s how it looks (I know, I’m not coping with the mis-matched hangers either!).

Inside my wardrobe | Styling You

But wait, there’s more.

I’m very lucky to have a room dedicated to my office – and the storage in this room means that I can house my opposite season clothes and special occasion pieces in that cupboard.

I also store most of my shoes there too. My accessories are now back in my bedroom as there is now a sofa bed in my office, space was tight and I used that opportunity to move the Retrojan piece to serve as a bedside table arrangement.

Book update

Have a mentioned lately that I have a book coming out?

In three weeks … thanks for asking.

Unlock Your Style Hachette July 29 2014

{Helping me stay on track is my favourite new aromatherapy synergy blend pictured and created by my girlfriend Kim at Twenty8 … Focus and Clarity and is a blend of grapefruit, rosemary, myrtle and spearmint.}


Nobody panic.

The book may be written and printed but there is a lot to do in the lead up to when it launches on July 29.

I’ll be in Sydney that first week.

Then it will be home for events on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Here are some “save the dates” for you if you’d like to attend an Unlock Your Style book event. I’ll add in booking details when I have them.

Tuesday, July 29 evening: Berkelouw Books, Paddington

Thursday, July 31 lunch and evening: The Future of Retail event, Westfield Sydney CBD

Wednesday, August 6 evening: Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

Thursday, August 7 lunch: Berado’s, Noosa Heads

Friday, August 8 evening: State Library of Queensland, Brisbane

I’d really love to meet you if you’re able to attend.

Stay tuned for next week’s book update. It will be chance for you to win a copy of Unlock Your Style plus a specially designed Unlock Your Style pendant designed by the amazing Uberkate.

So, tell me … what does your wardrobe look like? How do you organise your clothes?

PS. Don’t forget to enter the #iDiscovered competition to win Dr.Lewinn’s products and if you tag @stylingyou with your photo entry you have a chance to win a $100 Westfield voucher. Details here.

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  1. I’m keeping in touch as i’d love to go to either event here on the Sunshine Coast just to meet you in person and get you to sign a copy for me.I love your blog and have followed you since you started.

  2. I would of loved to come along to berardos, but i’ll be in the UK, of course it will be a huge success and you’re such a talented lady! good luck with the launch xox

  3. What a fun couple of weeks you will have! Two weeks of joyous celebrations and champagne. Disappointed I can’t make the Brisbane event, but have great fun with it. I’ll have a glass of champers for you on August 8!

  4. Ooo think I might have to come to the gig at the State Library! My wardrobe is looking a lot better (and fitting a lot more in) since hubster did some renos on it just last week. Of course it was in the middle of my 7 Day Denim Challenge which made it even more challenging, as I couldn’t find half my clothes at the time due to the renos!

  5. Yours looks a little neater than mine, but mine is a similar size I think – could do with a bit of a cleanout! I have put your Sydney dates in my diary, hope to make one of them! Looking forward to seeing the book and meeting you.

  6. Hubby and I are lucky enough to have our own walk in wardrobe each. It was part of the design of our house. My hubby sometimes complains about all the boxes and bags of presents for the girls birthday and Christmas presents that get stored in his wardrobe. The thing is there is space and it needs to be used! 🙂 The book launch is coming quickly! I’d love to come to one of the Brisbane ones.

  7. I registered to be notified of launch dates but haven’t seen anything come through… Was I supposed to have registered by now? Don’t want to miss the launch, been following u so long now…

  8. Congratulations Nikki and it’s so exciting to watch you work your way up to the launch – the marketer/writer/wannabe-blogger in me is loving your updates and process (geek!). Can’t wait to see the book as well.

  9. I can’t believe I won’t be able to make it to any of those book launches. Thanks a lot Clare Bowditch for being in concert on 8 August! 🙂 I’m currently working two built in wardrobes,until recently one was housing Ms E’s surplus clothing. But nature abhors a vacum and as soon as her clothes were carted out, my jackets and rarely-worn good clothes went in . It’s left me a lovely space for my other clothes. My husband still complains that he can’t find room/hangers to put everything away but he just has to learn to deal with these things.

  10. Planning on investing some time and $$ in September to make a concerted effort to tame my wardrobe!!! You have so influenced me over the last 15mths or so to think and plan my purchases and outfits!!! I’m looking forward to your book and think I should try to come to one of your events on the Sunshine Coast 🙂

  11. It’s always fun to look into people’s wardrobe, yours is as stylish and colorful as I’d imagined 🙂 I like to organize my wardrobe by types of clothes and colors too although sometimes things get a bit messy in there….

    ps. Congratulations on your upcoming book!!!!!!

  12. I am really hoping to re-do our walk in robe soon (though I have been waiting a while so far). It is builders standard single rail and shelf … not the most effective use of space but I have another 3 bedrooms I can (and do) use to handle the excess. There is of course plenty of excess!!

  13. So excited for you Nikki about your book ,can’t wait to read it!!
    Now don’t be jealous but I now have 2 wardrobes since our ensuite and bedroom Reno we have 2 new wardrobes in the walkway on the way to the bathroom and I have one whole side as does hubby and the old mirrored wardrobe is all mine,yes you heard that right ,no sharing.
    I have not had time or the inclination to clean them both out but do have the winter one sorted I just need more storage ideas,those baskets seem like a great idea as ours both go to the ceiling,but it it so much easier to get dressed in the morning when you can see everything in there,I even have a shoe rack my husband built me 🙂

  14. I like to keep my clothes in sections eg tops, trousers, dresses then in colour. I use black plastic hangers as I feel they take up less room but Mr D uses the wooden ones. Ideally everything would be hung up with room so that they never get creased !!

    1. Yes, in an ideal world! I actually like the idea of colour coding our hangers so that my stuff is one colour and his another. And I’m looking at the flocked hangers at Howards Storage World!

  15. My wardrobe looks like that except a bit more stuffed I think. too much stuff and shoes!!!!!! Plus I have tall boy and bedside and dressing table storage phew!!!!! Hubby has his own smaller wardrobe on his side of the room. You must get yourself to Howard’s storage world and get their non slip flocked hangers, they’re slimline and I promise you will fit Sooooooooooo much more in! or you’ll have more room for your clothes to ‘breathe’ I swear I must have 400 hangers!

  16. morning nikki! … my w/i robe looks similar to yours with mr m always threatening to reclaim space … buckley’s … he has another wardrobe now ;D
    mind you I have wayyy too many things! shh!
    my step stool lives in there and it is the dumping ground but can still manoeuvre to reach higher storage which needs sorting … more wire baskets! … yes I forgot … thanks for the jog hun! all good love m:)X

  17. Haha our spare bedroom is called “the Wardrobe” in our house….. but at least Dean then gets the whole wardrobe in our bedroom!
    3 wardrobes, a big chest of draws and a hanging rack! oh, and that doesn’t include the 4th wardrobe in the office that houses my coats…… ok I see now I have a problem……. 😉 Can I claim it as a job hazard??

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