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When I wrote this post a few weeks ago, I didn’t realise how good it would feel to write down those words.

Just stopping, pausing and reflecting is not something I’m in the regular habit of doing but it’s something I realise I should do.

As busy women we are quick to move on to the next thing on our to-do list, we are quick to chastise ourselves for forgetting something she shouldn’t and we are uber quick to judge ourselves when something doesn’t go the way we’d like it to go.

But do you know what?


I am good enough. And so are you.

We all have something to offer the world, even on our micro level within our own home or work place.

I loved reading and seeing all the fabulous #iDiscovered entries (and the comments on that first post) and realising that you too feel the same way.

Discovering that thing that makes us feel fabulous and like we’re contributing to a bigger picture is what life is all about.

I thought I’d share some of the entries here before I announce the overall winner who wins a $100 Westfield gift voucher. A special shout-out goes to Perth blogger The Style Within who blogged about  her personal discoveries.

Read each and every one of the statements below. I’m always so inspired by the women around me and that very much includes you, Styling You readers. You are amazing.

#iDiscovered | Inspiration from Styling You readers for Dr. Lewinn's


#iDiscovered that red lipgloss makes you look fantastic! It’s ok to wear during the day as life is too short to not wear bright and happy colours! @suziewozhere

I’ve got a lot of love to give. It seems a funny thing to “discover” but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. If you are in my life, chances are I love you. It means I am a sensitive old dog and it gets me into trouble sometimes, but I wouldn’t want it any other way either. @kaff_e

I’ve discovered  that I’m blessed beyond words with my beautiful family and that I’m a much stronger woman that I give myself credit for! @antoinetteglamour

Constantly discovering the beauty of motherhood. Once, twice, three times and forever more. @thebeetleshack

I discovered that I love motherhood! I never thought I would have kids. I didn’t think I was the mothering type. Well it turns out I am! My son is my world and he has made me a better person. Even though it’s a tough slog at times I couldn’t imagine life any other way. In fact I love motherhood so much I am doing it again! @mamastylista

Last week I re-discovered my passion for photography. I marvelled at the changing sky, breathed in the crisp air, and felt so blessed to have the time to watch the sunset and snap away with my camera and phone. @styleunearthed

I have discovered that I am resilient and can bounce back after losing my father and a relationship breakdown within weeks of each other. @styleonv

I’ve discovered that being a single mum since my daughter was born, has given me the strength to tackle anything that comes my way. Even though people have tried to knock me down as a mother, I’ve been able to stand strong and proud of the wonderful person, my daughter, as she approaches adulthood, has become. Our journey together is one I’ll never forget and I look forward to what adventures lie ahead. @kippeth

I’ve discovered my passion for fashion, love of colour, silly sense of humour and innate bossiness could lead to a new WAHM career as a personal stylist and blogger. I’ve even inspired others to try new styles and boost their confidence. @kimbalikes

I discovered that life can be fully loved with less, as long as I have my beautiful family, love, and life, then that is all I need to feel happiness. @kookla123

I’m reflecting on what #iDiscovered about myself. Blogging has opened me up to a whole lot of new styles and I love playing around with different looks. A few years ago, I never would have contemplated this outfit, but today, I love it, I discovered my fashion confidence and I love to give new things a try. @icurvy

My chronic pain journey of two years has not been an easy one. Through multiple procedures, drugs and natural therapies it’s been a rough and bumpy road that I can’t see ending any time soon. But enduring this shows how strong I am. How much love I have around me. And I am stronger each day despite the constant hurdles. I am strong! I can control my pain! I’m taking my life back! @breegresty

#iDiscovered that the most beautiful sight I will ever see is my mother’s face. @maalarkin

 I discovered that I’m in charge of my own happiness. I just decided one day to be happy and no one can take it away. @redcliffestyle

I discovered a few years back that life is too short to stress and skimp on sensational sweets! @samillem

I discovered that in order to be truly happy, you’ve got to forge your own path in this life and follow your heart. Those that love you unconditionally will support you and believe in you no matter what – and they are your family, even if they’re no relation at all. @soniastyling

#iDiscovered  that although I’m a raging extrovert, since having children, I really need a moment to myself every day, even it’s just a quiet cup of tea and a favourite mag. @styleandshenanigans

This year #iDiscovered  I was really meant to do this and I can’t wait to start my journey! @norlinm

… and the winner is


I discovered that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 6 surgeries, 32 rounds of radiotherapy, countless complications but I am alive … really alive. Cancer can take a lot from a girl but it’s also a gift. I live harder, love deeper, feel more fully. I follow my dreams, have self-respect and don’t sweat the small stuff … thank you cancer. Jen, Styling Curvy

Discovering Dr. LeWinn’s

Part of my “job” every week is to put my skin on the line and try out new skincare and makeup products. It’s a privilege to be able to do this and then share with you products I find that I think you should consider for yourself.

Everybody has their own priorities when it comes to choosing skincare for their own face – what I hope to do is just open you up to thinking outside the square. Particularly if your current product isn’t delivering what it should be.

Just like in our wardrobes, it’s so easy to get into a rut with our skincare. It’s so easy just to re-purchase the same thing that we’ve used for years.

Except our skin changes. Mine sure has.

It’s become incredibly “thirsty”. Hydration and a little work on those not-so-fine lines is what I want my current skincare regime to do for me.

So I was stoked that I was asked to discover and trial Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream ($69.95, available at Myer, Priceline and leading pharmacies). I tend to concentrate my skin hydration efforts at night. I haven’t stopped that but I have used this cream on my face every morning for the past few weeks.

Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream

The weather over these weeks has been typical of winter in Queensland – cold and dry – the kind of weather that does not help my skin along at all.

This cream has, however, helped to counteract both the environmental factors at play and the natural state of my maturing skin.

I love that the technology behind the formula means that I’m getting the hydration my skin needs without it feeling heavy or greasy on my face. I liken the formula to a slow-release fertiliser because it has the ability to release moisture into your skin throughout the day – not just on application.

I’ve noticed an overall smoothing of my skin but I wouldn’t say that in three weeks it’s been as effective as botox. I think that’s something that would require a longer trial.

It’s dispensed via a push-down mechanism – this is a good thing as it means that what’s inside is not contaminated by bacteria on our hands or in the air.

Those who baulk at fragrances in skin products, take note … this one has a mild fragrance. I can’t do a strong fragrance in skincare but this one has been ok for me.

Price-wise, yes there are cheaper moisturisers out there but for effectiveness I think this one represents value for money for a mid-range skincare budget.


You can still win fabulous Dr. LeWinn’s products. Each week up until Sunday, August 3, Dr. LeWinn’s will be giving 20 lucky fans the chance to WIN a full size Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream or Eternal Youth Cream, valued at $69.95 each.  Share your own discoveries on Instagram with the hashtag #iDiscovered to enter. The 20 most inspiring images will win each week and feature on the Dr. LeWinn’s #iDiscovered Facebook tab.

Have you used a Dr. LeWinn’s product you’d like to share with us? Inspired by any of the #iDiscovered statements above?

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  1. Feeling very humbled, and my eyes leaked a little 🙂
    Was reading all the incredible responses…my lips curling up with each one…my being filled with joy. What a wonderful blogging community, always so inspiring, arty, clever and fun. Thank you Nikki for choosing me, what a wonderful start to the day. Light n love inspiring lady x

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