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Let’s talk about Nina Proudman and her style this season.

I know we do just that every Thursday around here but I want to talk specifically about the overall style she’s projecting this season.

There are a few comments on last week’s post from people who think her style has gone a bit off track, that like any new mum she’s still finding her way.

I’d like to know what you think?

For me, I think it’s very much the Nina we knew before she was pregnant … before last season’s Offspring.

There was a big change last season to accommodate her bump and I’m not just talking maternity jeans. The wardrobe designers at the time told me that they pared back her layers because with the bump involved it was too much.

This is why we didn’t see any scarves and that there was a less fussy finish to her overall look.

This season I think she’s gone back to the Nina of old. She’s mixing it up. The extra layers are back and so are the scarves.

I was actually excited by last week’s wearing of printed pants and wedges instead of jeans and boots but maybe for some it was too far removed from her usual?

I think the essence of her luxe boho style was still there – she was just showing it in a different way.

I also think it’s a good thing for all of us to change things up a little with our style, to not get stuck in a rut with one particular look, so maybe that’s what she’s doing too?

As a nod to motherhood, I have, however, noticed that her hair is being worn back all the time.

Nina Proudman style

The first outfit in last night’s episode was classic Nina, wouldn’t you think?

How to dress like Nina Proudman

Thanks to some clever readers I now know that these earrings are by Ayala Bar. This Australian stockist has an extensive collection available online – not these exact ones but plenty similar.

How to dress like Nina Proudman

Lightweight jacket over cream top with long pendant, short necklace and scarf? The earrings were a little longer and more detailed than normal but apart from that, bang on Nina Proudman-style. (And if anyone can tell me why Leo is carrying a watermelon, it would be much appreciated?)

I don’t have leads on the exact match for garments but here is some styling/shopping inspiration from pieces available now.

How to dress like Nina Proudman

1. Mavi jeans $139.99 @ Birdsnest | 2. Wish top $89.95 @ Birdsnest | 3. Decjuba jacket $111.96 @ The Iconic | 4. Nest of Pambula necklace $54.95 @ Birdsneset | 5. Django & Juliette boots $299.95 @ Styletread | 6. Nest of Pambula earrings $34.95 @ Birdsnest | 7. Blue Bungalow scarf $29

The second outfit is up there with one of my faves from Nina. I do love a black jacket to dress up a jeans outfit for evening and I also am completely in love with the lace top. You?

How to dress like Nina Proudman

How to dress like Nina Proudman | TL Wood jacket | Zara top

The shirt is Zara – most probably this time last year. Similar available through the US online store if you have access to shopping there through family and friends.  The satin jacket is by former Melbourne-based label  T.L. Wood.

It’s such a simple and beautiful combination and would work for a date night or night out with the girls.

Billie Proudman style

Billie’s love of a bold yellow never dies and this yellow silk top is a winner. It’s by UK label Warehouse. You can shop the label via ASOS. The necklace has been seen many times before and I believe it’s a Dinosaur Designs creation.

How to dress like Billie Proudman

Baby Zoe style

Could you get a cuter baby? I think not. The interview I did with the mum of the twins who play Zoe is here. Zoe wears a lot of Aussie label Oishi-m and this is one of their pieces. The baby bag details (pictured above with Billie) are here.

Baby Zoe wearing Oishi-M on Offspring

Much of Zoe’s bed and pram linen comes from Australian store The Little Linen Company. I’m particularly in love with the Weegoamigo crochet blanket.

Weego crochet blanket as seen on Offspring

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

How are we feeling on the Team Leo vs Team Thomas front?

I’m still gunning for Team Leo. His efforts to get a skype connection to the mum delivering a baby while her husband served in Afghanistan were nothing short of swoon-worthy in my books. Could he be just a friend? Or could they be friends who become more?

Thomas did redeem himself but is he too good to be true? And a little bit earnest? And still no word on the mum of his baby? Is she in the picture at all? On the plus side, he is tall (insert Nina’s arm movements here to demonstrate) and capable of carrying Nina through a park at night.

Geraldine cracked me up with faking her recovery to have Darcy stick around. Darcy’s arrival with a box of liver-friendly food stuffs would have been enough for me to come clean, especially the mention of cicada shells to grind into her tea. YUCK.

Kim’s suggestion that they all go to a “good old fashioned Lesbian night” and Clegg’s hothousing of baby Zoe before giving up and asking “where does Mummy keep the wine?” provided the sidekick laughs that make Offspring the gold viewing that it is.

But it was perhaps Billie who owned this episode – and rightly so – she’s a smart woman and this episode was yet another in this series in that we see Billie getting her act together. She came up with a business plan for Jimmy to open a restaurant and she opened up to Lawrence … finally.

Lawrence’s “from  now on you run towards me … ” just had me in tears. Good, romantic tears.

Over to you. Share. Which outfits did you like? Which bits did you enjoy most? Thoughts on Nina’s overall style this season?

Photo credit: scene photos are courtesy of Channel Ten.

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  1. Yes, I wondered whether it was a reference to his being kind of wrong place wrong time/third wheel/out of his depth as per Baby at the workers dance.

  2. I’m definitely Team Leo – there doesn’t seem to be any chemistry between Nina and Thomas. As other’s have said, it just seems a bit forced. Unfortunately though, I think Leo’s been friend zoned.

    As for Billie, I love her and Mick together but I do like who she’s becoming this season. It’s great to see her get her shit together. 🙂

      1. I do not think Thomas will last with Nina as I cannot imagine Thomas liking all of Nina’s families with keys to her apartment and popping in when they feel like to. I think her family will compare him to patrick. I do not think Thomas will warm to her family though. I cannot imagine Nina letting Zoe call another man Daddy. I can picture Nina, Leo and Zoe as a family but not Thomas.

  3. Hi Nikki, sorry, I’m checking in a bit late, but is there any chance you can find out where Jimmy’s shirt with the world map was from? I loved it and I think my son would too. I know we don’t normally talk about jimmy but here’s hoping…
    Also I’m team Leo as I think Thomas’ acting is very wooden, hope Nina will realise soon 🙂

  4. I have a feeling that Thomas is going to be like Chris Havel has a ex wife/partner in the picture. Thomas knows Nina’s story but why doesn’t Nina knows Thomas. I wish we would see Nina with Zoe more often like mother and daughter time. I feel like Nina is abandoning Zoe to much. I prefer Leo as he has a softer side like Patrick has and is more caring.

      1. I don’t think Nina is abandoning Zoe but we never see Nina and Zoe spend mother and daughter time without a family member or friend.

  5. Loved the cream embroidered blouse and jacket combo! I’m on team Thomas, but then again, he’s a kiwi, and a fav actor over here for his role in the Almighty Johnsons 🙂

  6. I’m definitely Team Leo and Team Mick, as a Kiwi it is really hard for me to take either Ben Barrington or Ido Drent seriously in these roles. Ben has always played really goofy parts – like the grandfather on the Almighty Johnsons and Ido was a regular on Shortland Street playing a spoilt teenager – to see him now as a love interest for Billie is a bit of a mis match.

    I loved Billie’s bright yellow top – I think she wore it under a jacket a while ago as well. I bought one in a similar tone of Ezibuy at the time as I loved the look so much.

  7. I’m with you Nikki – why the hell is Leo carrying a watermelon?! By the way, you made my day by featuring that gorgeous crochet blanket in your post. I spotted it in last week’s show and have been lusting after it ever since. The next question is who is the artist behind Nina’s bedroom painting? I want one! x

  8. That white lace top had me swooning! Seriously deeeeelish. I loved the locker shot too. Fashion porn!

    I think Nina is back her old self, with an upgrade to Mum-mode. I’m a little sick of the ponytail – but I’m pretty sure that a conscious choice to aid the narrative.

    I’m sitting on the fence; I think Leo might win, but right now I just can’t see them sparking. Tom is lovely, but I smell trouble. To many unknowns and I think Nina’s character arc is heading toward her showing a more assertive side.

  9. Mikes pic has been taken off the intro! I like Thomas only because Leo is a male Nina! I think they will be great friends? I’ve got to say I loved Geraldine this week she just cracks me up!

  10. Loved the lace top & think the producers are playing up to the fashionistas who watch by showing it on a hanger… Just a tease! Team Leo all the way & yep agree with Katherine re Billie getting pregnant to Lawrence & Mick returning!

  11. Not about the style but the plot.
    I suggest Billie gets pregnant to Lawrence, but by the time she finds out mick is back and trying to get her back.
    ( Thinking This is a show called offspring and it’s main theme is messy family tree where everybody ends up related)

    As for the tom and Leo… Always wondered what Thomas background was. The credits have the 3 new guys together so they will all be around for atleast rest of season

  12. Team “Leo” for me. Not sure if it is because Thomas’ lines are so forced or he is just a bad actor…just can’t warm to him. He seems to unnatural, whereas Leo is a lot more warm and fuzzy.

    1. I agree! He seems like a terrible actor, really wooden. But maybe that’s to show he can’t be trusted? hmmm….

  13. I’m finding Nina’s style more sophisticated this season, perhaps with age and motherhood she is dialing it down a little? Personally I love her outfits from the earlier seasons better, they seem more creative and more my style. I am absolutely team Leo!! Nina needs his humor in her life. PS Just loving the Django and Juliette boots Nikki… if only I could afford them!! Waiting in earnest for them to come on sale but I have my doubts!

    1. If you could afford them I just know you’d have them forever. It’s that initial upfront cost that’s tricky. I’m wearing some 5YO Country Road boots today that cost the same amount back then! They have got better with age.

  14. I’m still loving Nina’s style, the grey jacket especially.

    I honestly don’t think either man is really right for Nina but if I had to pick first I was team Thomas but I’m switching to team Leo now.

    What I really want to know is this- is Mick gone for good? I really hope not because I love him! Even if him & Billy don’t get back together bring him back!!!

    I also have stuff from The Little Linen Company & it’s all great – especially the muslin wraps.

  15. I always thought that in the first few seasons (pre-pregnancy) that Nina wore lots of ‘stuff’… jewellery, bags, scarves, all ‘small’ and all together and I always found it a bit OTT. I loved her pregnancy style and her style seems more classic since, but still very Nina!

    I like the evolution of Nina’s style. I dress very differently now after having my babies! My body has changed and there are different parts of me I like to hid, and show off!

    Thanks so much for including our blanket Nikki, we are over the moon!

    Christina –

  16. I have just received in the mail Nina’s artwork from her bedroom. The artist is selling prints of the artwork around $400 to $500. It looks more beautiful in real life than on TV. It is going to cost me an ext a $200 for it to be framed.

        1. Were there only certain prints avail? I have been looking online for prints to no avail, have just emailed Rosetta, her work is gorgeous!

          1. I have no idea, I think only the small prints are available for the offspring painting. I got a quote for a framing gallery and be expected to pay $200 or more for the painting to be framed.

      1. I wish that they would show a scene of Nina watching Zoe rocking on the horse and Nina imaging Patrick there watching.

  17. I loved Nina’s lace top and her black jacket and her gold locket pendant.I also loved Billie’s yellow silk top anything in silk is a winner in my books,though yet again I missed the beginning I think I was asleep!!
    I like Leo better he just seems more kinder and I agree Nikki I think Thomas is a little good to be true!

      1. Not too good today Nikki ,Mum passed away 2 weeks ago today and my Ziggy dog a week ago….I have decided I do NOT like Thursdays.Thank you so much for asking though,it means a lot Xx

  18. I love it when Thomas asked Nina what kind of books are on your bedside table. Nina said I have unfinished books that I start and cannot be bothered finishing. Well I thought that is differently me. And then Nina said anything by Tim Winton as it her favourite author. I got really excited as Tim Winton is my favourite as well. At least I am not the only book worm.

  19. I rewatched season 4 and I was wondering what happen to the rocking horse that Patrick made for Zoe. We haven’t even seen it in the show yet. I thought Zoe would be old enough to ride the horse. At least show it in the apartment.

  20. I’m team Leo as well… we haven’t heard Leo’s story and that worries me a little, and I agree with you Nikki – it all seems a little “forced” somehow? I’m still not convinced by Billie and Lawrence either – maybe with Mick coming back next week it’ll bring a bit of reality back to that storyline. Loved Geraldine’s faking being sick – reminds me of taking sickies back in school days when we (I’m sure it wasn’t just me?!) pretended to be sicker than we actually were so that mum would wait on us hand and foot 😉 And yet again, loved Nina’s style… but how was the style of this pregnant chick in the background?! teeheehee… it was ME!! (sharing on here as I’m sure you will understand how RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED I was to be there!!!!! woohoo!!!)

  21. Those Ayala Bar earrings in the first shot of Nina are gorgeous, but I thought the lace top looked better on the hanger than when she put it on: the lace was a little heavy in my opinion.
    I’m not really feeling “it” for either Leo or Thomas. I think my expectations are set too high after Patrick, but maybe Nina needs less of the high drama she had with Patrick and a good steady relationship.
    I am however very much into Billie this season, and a champion of Team Mick. I want him to want her back, and I want the new more mature Billie to get it together with him again.

  22. I think the watermelon is foreshadowing a future relationship between Nina and Leo. At the moment he is the funny friend (like Baby in Dirty Dancing) but we shouldn’t discount him. Nobody puts Leo in a corner!

  23. I bought a very similar lace top from (US site that ships to Aus) called the baroque lace tee. I purchased in both white and black, although it is available in a range of colours. It had a lot of positive reviews and I had seen it on another blog…it is a flattering fit (not at all tight) and the quality is surprisingly very good!

  24. I fell in love with those blue earrings and the grey jacket you have posted Nikki is divine… I kept laughing at Geraldine laying back in the breeze, would be lovely to see them back together. However .. above all else, YAYYY!!! for Mick coming back.. Im such a sucker for a muso, I may or may not be a little bit in love with Mick.

  25. Ok as a non Offspring watcher…my only contribution is those earrings in first pic look like some Ayala Bar ones I bought recently.
    I do like the characters’ style though.

  26. Nikki – I had that exact same thought about the watermelon…why?! [insert Dirty Dancing quote here] I absolutely love that lace Zara top. Yes I fell a little more for Leo when he arranged the Skype call and I’m still on the fence about Thomas…but Lawrence. Ahhh, Lawrence. BUT! What the heck is going to happen next week?!

  27. I really need the lace top- was wishing I could text you and say “that top!!!!”
    I think Lawrence is coming on too strong. They are both doing a rebound thing.
    I am vacillating between Leo and Thomas. The non date date was very romantic, especially when he swept Nina off her feet. Leo is a sweetheart but I am getting a friend vibe. I want to know Thomas’s story.

  28. I loved Nina’s lace top last night and the spotty scarf from earlier, I’m a sucker for spots ! The standout from last night for me were Billie’s sunglasses – I think I actually drew breath when I saw them. I’m still not sure about Thomas or Leo, but I am really missing Mick and his music this season.

  29. Nina’s had some super going out outfits. Loved the lace top, especially in cream which would suit me better than white. Also love the circle earrings early in the ep. That white Wish top you’ve posted, there’s a few in that style around & I just bought a navy one from Sportscraft.
    Woo hoo! I’m trendy!

    Any tips on Nina’s pyjamas at the end?

    1. Those tops are so good for then adding jewellery and scaves too Anna – and a jacket over the top. Nina’s worn those pyjamas before – just like the Binny silk pants she wore as pjys,these are probably pants we’d wear out too.

  30. Agreed, I’m not sure everyone has watched all the previous seasons, she’s Nina style from way back. I’m really enjoying Billie this season, I feel more interested in her storyline than ever before. Also I’m torn between Leo and Thomas, just as I think team leo, Thomas steps it up again! We must be due for a work dinner or night on the drinks soon 🙂 loved her date night detailed top also, that was lovely.

    1. Tamsin, I too am loving Billie. I think we all love it when people make an effort to improve themselves on some level and that’s what we’re seeing with Billie. She’d hit rock bottom but has shown us you don’t have to stay there.

  31. The watermelon made me snort with laughter last night. He is a midwife after all. Watermelon stories abound.

  32. hi nikki, … I think nina’s styling has changed slightly but that is life and fashion seems to dictate and change everyone’s look each year.
    loved nina’s black satin jacket … my bias is black! the date was different!
    he did some special things! but leo is my pick too! but his ex could be a problem person! cheers m:)X

  33. My favourite outfit was the one zara wore @the end of the show. I think the un tucked t’ shirt was the perfect length …. Something I find hard to get right

  34. I totally agree – prepregnancy Nina style is back. I love that Zara top – it’s beautiful.

    Your right, there’s something about Thomas that’s just a little too good to be true – I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop on that one. The Lawrence/Billy thing I find really puzzling. I love Billy, but I have been getting to know her for years, it seems like Lawrence had a couple of brief encounters with Billy (one of which where she was pretty psychotic and her marriage was breaking down) and he seems to be deeply deeply in love with her…? It just doesn’t seem genuine to me.

    1. It will be a bombshell when it happens Jo I think! I think Lawrence is the perfect match for Billie at the moment – Billie’s getting her life on track finally and maybe Lawrence is helping with that … we shall see!

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