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One of the many things that the costume designers on Offspring get very right is the fact that a normal woman would re-wear a large proportion of their wardrobe.

I love that we see Nina and Billie wearing designs that they’ve worn over the past few seasons.

It gives us permission to the same.

It also inspires us to buy well in the first place – in keeping with our personality and lifestyle – to ensure that we do get good wear out of our clothes.

In last night’s penultimate episode (hopefully just penultimate for season 5 not forever … I have to hold out hope!) Billie was seen in an orange cropped trench that she’s worn in previous series.

How to dress like Billie Proudman | Offspring |

And Nina Proudman was wearing a cream top and floral cami combination we saw earlier this season.

How to dress like Nina Proudman | Offspring

At the beginning of the show Nina was wearing the same outfit as last week – a jeans and Lee Mathews pale mint shirt. We hadn’t seen that colour before but it was the same style as the cream one she’s worn earlier this series and last series.

I’ve been asked many a time whether I think this style of shirt is flattering. If by flattering you mean does it show Nina’s shape, then no, but it is flattering as part of a whole outfit ensemble that contrasts the streamlined look of skinny jeans and knee-high boots with something floaty.

For me, an outfit with contrasts – whether that’s contrasts in volume or texture – is an outfit that has greater interest.

Nina Proudman style

Because I’ve covered off on this particular Nina style before I thought I’d do something different here and share with you some Nina-inspired style finds that are available right now.

The key if you’re very much a fan of this style is to keep an eye out in store over the next couple of months. Early spring is the time when you’ll see more of the trans-seasonal, luxe-boho pieces Nina favours.

And you’ve already nabbed your skinny jeans and boots, right?

Good, you’re set to shop.

How to dress like Nina Proudman

1. Blue Bungalow tunic $59 | 2. Tigerlily top $149.95 | 3. Just Jeans top $59.95 | 4. Johnny Was top $359 | 5. ASOS maxi dress $411.77 | 6. Tigerlily skirt $189.95 | 7. Decjuba jacket $349.95 | 8. Jeanswest jacket $79.99 | 9. ASOS kimono $78.43 | 10. Lee Mathews cami $169 | 11. Seed Heritage cami $79.95

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

This was a highly emotional episode, yes? Plenty of heartbreak and anger. Plenty of strength of character and many, many more reasons to be on #TeamLeo.

Wasn’t he amazing? A rock for Nina – clearly in love with her – but a rock all the same.

“You deserve someone who respects you and is good to you and makes your life better. You deserve someone who adores you.”

He didn’t want to be the rebound guy after Thomas and rightly so. I still thought that kiss would end differently than it did. Maybe if Geraldine hadn’t walked in?

As for his line to Thomas? I punched the air after he delivered that one: “For my money, no matter how complicated it is, you’re a dick!”

And Lawrence? Oh my. So much devastation. Thankfully he finally dropped the pschyobabble and let fly at Billie.

I get what Billie is doing in returning to Mick but I worry that it’s not right for her. She was just getting her stuff in a row. She had a major project to do for Jimmy. She was fending for herself.

Thank goodness for Clegg and his communal living idea. We needed some comic relief. To Kim: “You’re looking at me like a sperm-making lesbian woman”.

Will Nina actually leave the hospital? Will Billie got to London? I can’t see it, unless there isn’t another season in the works.

It’s all too much.

Leo Taylor and Nina Proudman | Offspring

How will we survive next week?

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  1. I finally watched it last night (I still have the finale to go so am not reading that post just yet) but wow – GO Leo!!! He’s so in love with her and it’s beautiful!

  2. Did you know they knocked the bowling alley that was used in offspring and are putting up apartments. I just found out. OMG how sad is that.

  3. Does any know where the print is from its like elephant that was hanging in Micks first flat. It was shown in the epidose when Billie and Mick brought their house and was waiting a call from Andrew about loaning the money, Thanks

  4. Does anyone know where I can get Nina’s scarf that she wore when at the hospital and saw Thomas with his wife. Thanks

  5. Hi,
    Love the blog!
    I have been trying to find out about the PJ pants Nina was wearing in the last few episodes. They are Aztec print leggings/pants of some kind.
    Can anyone enlighten me as to where I could buy these?

    1. Post
  6. Sorry of this has been asked before but where oh where can I get that cream layered top from the last episode I loooooooooooove it !!!!

  7. I think I spied that maxi dress on Princess Mary during their Graasten photoshoot this week. I didn’t like it much on her. She doesn’t do boho as well as Nina Proudman!

  8. Absolutely loving this season of Offspring – and your wrap-up rocks. Loving the outfits too, but I’m not sure I can pull it off!

  9. I read an article saying the producers are in talks with channel 10 about season 6. Also Asher Keddie said in one article she would love to return as Nina and in another Not keen on returning as Nina. Who knows really. Hope there is another season.

  10. OMG when Lawrence let loose a F-you to Billie, I was like YESSSSSSSSSS!

    I’m definitely Team Leo all the way. First time I laid eyes on Thomas, I thought nope, not this one. Shifty eyes. 😛

  11. Hi Nikki, wow, what can I say? I’m sooooo in love with your blog and hang out to read it each Thursday morning! It’s become my bible! I even ordered your book online last night which I can’t wait to get. As I’m a ‘first’ season Offspring watcher, I’ve even bought seasons 1-4 off eBay to see what I have missed out on over all these years. I just love this show. Tigerlily was always my label of choice so I get a big thrill each and every time I’ve seen Nina wearing it.
    Quick question? Where can I find some nice tan/camel heeled suede boots? I’m desperate for a pair.. Can’t find anywhere. Thanks for your help and going to try and make your book launch inMelbourne. All the best!!!

        1. Tiffany, if Nikki doesn’t get back to you, type in “boots” or “Nina Proudman” in the search field, top right of the website page.
          All the posts where she discusses these come up, plenty of info !
          Enjoy watching all the old episodes x

          1. Hi Kaz, thanks so much for your advice.. I love the vince camuto boots but they’re all long gone.. Will do a search. Cheers Tiffany

  12. Loved it all BUT what really caught my eye last night was the interior accessories as Nina was trying to jump Leo… those foot stools! (round and square), those lounge cushions! that throw!!

    Anyone point me in the right direction??

  13. THANK GOODNESS you’ve put your post up already. I’m ready to debrief about last night’s episode. So absolutely involved in last night’s episode! (So sad really!) Loved the green suede boot with that layered cream top/s. Such a beautiful look. And for the men in the show? Yes, we have guts, we have Eff words from Lawrence (finally!) and I love how Theo actually loves Nina that much that he continues to respect her. Hello, where can we get a few million real life versions of him??? I couldn’t stop laughing about Kiss Chasey. Hilarious! How they do fantastic comedy. Scriptwriters are genius!

  14. I agree about the emotional roller coaster and I do so hope there is another season of offspring and do like very much that Billie and Nina wear things more than once to me it makes the show more “real” because like us they can’t have a new outfit every 5 seconds.I agree with you Nikki about Nina’s floaty cream top over the floral I like it!
    I have seen some very nice looking kimono jackets on eBay ATM from Asia and I might have bought an orange and cream one,for $16 with postage it is a good way to try a trend and not spend big bucks on It,I thought other SY Nina fans might want to know Xx

  15. I love that Asos maxi. Not for me without a lot more under coverage, but would be worried that would spoil that marvelous floaty effect.Definitely one for the courageous and lovely!
    I’m Team Mick, but I thought the plan was just to go back to the UK for a few months- surely they could return mid next series? Fingers crossed for that outcome.
    I’m not sure Nina will leave the hospital. While the hours may be better at the other job, really St Francis is her family too. I think she may be starting to change how she sees Leo and he may yet escape the friend zone with his kind and caring behaviour to Nina- if only real life worked that way too!

  16. hi nikki! … go leo and billie … is going with her heart!?! … many game changers and Geraldine offering to move in with nina … that’s what every woman wants … not! …
    I’m consistently impressed with you to come up with the goods even in the midst of your uber busy life at the moment! … btw, a super b&w photo of you
    at your launch! have another great day! m:)X

    1. It looked like a floral pant in a dark background, a navy spaghetti strap cami & a watermelon ribbon knit top. Good enough to eat.

  17. Best parts of the episode…..’kiss chasey’, Clegg and Kim, Lawrence telling Billie ‘F**k you’ and breaking out of his calm self. Love Clegg he must be the best character ever made 🙂

  18. I’m starting to worry that this is the last season, ever since I saw the preview for the new show with Asher Keddie as a politician. My first reaction when I saw it was, it would be so difficult seeing her as any other character than Nina, but now I’m wondering if that is exactly why she has done it. To break the mould and make us see her as something other than Nina. What do you think?

    1. Louise T have you ever seen Love My Way? It was the first time I saw Asher and she was such a Princes in it – its a Claudia Karvan series and I highly rate it – very wonky family. Need lots of tissues.

  19. It was a roller coaster. I am a bit torn by the Billie situation. I don’t know what the right thing is.
    I hope Nina and Leo get together.
    I am having a finale party and commissioning some baked goods for the occasion.

  20. Love your many different options this week. I fell asleep and missed it last night. I’m not internet savvy, so does anyone know how I can re watch it on normal TV? Does it show again during the week?

    I must say, I’m new to commenting, but read you blog multiple times during the week. And thank yu for your ‘get the nina look’, I’ve managed to find my own pieces that suit my style. I was a fashion loser, now I’m happy and more confident in how I dress. Nikki, you get the message across in laymens terms and the pieces you display are quiet achievable for the average earner’s pocket . – thank you!

    I am going to brag slightly and got a lovely Elk sheer top during the week similar to the one pictured on nina above, but with short sleeve, not as mullet-y and a bit darker. Love it! I also got a beautiful linen Country Road waterfall cropped jacket from their outlet website for $30 reduced from $150. Again, I envision it’d be a Nina jacket hiding in her wardrobe somewhere.

  21. Like the look of that Blue Bungalow tunic. Not sure that it would work on my short curvy frame? I’ve looked boxy and 10kgs heavier in every tunic I’ve tried to date.
    P.S. It was lovely to meet you at your book launch 🙂

    1. Lovely to meet you too – there’s a sneaky photo of you in the album on my FB Page. The tunic could work as it looks a bit streamlined. That’s the key to you finding this style for you I think. Tricky as it’s an online buy.

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