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We interrupt our regular Nina Proudman style program to bring you some style thoughts from Jane Harber, the actor who plays Zara in Ten’s Offspring.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet and interview Jane when she was on a day trip to Brisbane to talk Offspring with media.

Styling You's Nikki Parkinson and  Jane Harber (who plays Zara on Offspring)

It’s pure coincidence that we’re both wearing the same sunnies – Jane didn’t have any with her. These were borrowed from Channel Ten publicist Lorraine

I only managed to mistakenly call Jane Zara once.

How I only slipped up once I’ll never know. It was quite surreal sitting across the table at Alfred and Constance staring into “Zara’s” eyes.

She is truly as beautiful as she is on screen.

Her voice – that sexy voice – that we’re used to hearing deliver smart quips was exactly the same.

She had, however, swapped Zara’s relaxed boho-mum style for a Melbourne-smart combination of black jacket, blush-coloured cami, black pants and taupe ankle boots.

Jane Harber aka Zara on Ten's Offspring

The question on everyone’s mind at the moment is whether there will be another season of Offspring.

“The producers are literally speaking to the network right now. They definitely want there to be. Everyone wants it,” she said.

Fingers and toes, I say.

Zara Perkich style

Up until this season, we rarely saw Zara out of a nurse’s uniform.

(Now) it’s hard because she’s been pregnant, and at home a lot of the time. If you’re at home and have two children and you’re studying, you’re not about thinking what jewellery you are going to put on. It’s about keeping it real,” says Jane.

“Zara doesn’t care about mixing patterns and mixing colours. She’s worn Nudie jeans, Tigerlily … they pull pieces from a two or three years ago. Or it might be something from Savers.”

Jane says the appeal of Offspring style is its accessibility. “If you talk about iconic shows like Sex and the City being fashion forward in their day … with a lot of what was worn, you’d go ‘that is amazing what you’re wearing, never would I wear it, I don’t understand it and by next week it’s gone anyway’. If it’s basics and accessible it’s got a wider appeal.”

Jane says her own style does include boho but a lot is black and simple.

“I like big jewellery, big earrings, wearing simple stuff and then having one stand-out piece.

“A lot of the time in my own apartment, I don’t have clothing on. It’s a comfortable state for me to be in. Sometimes I’ll put the heaters on, play the piano with no clothing on.

“I do really like a good pair of jeans and a comfortable white t-shirt. I really love dressing up. There’s a time and a place for pyjamas obviously but I like dressing up and I like heels. And I like sunglasses. I have a million pairs of sunglasses. I just forgot them right now because they’re in the car.”

That’s ok, Jane … I was happy to share a sunnies style moment with you by default.

Nina Proudman style

Nina wore three outfits last night – her pyjamas (Scotch and Soda top and silk pants), a maxi skirt and olive leather jacket, and a pale mint top, scarf and jeans outfit. All classic Nina.

The skirt was by Warehouse; the leather jacket by Siricco (don’t you just love the Nina “kick”?).

Offspring S5 Ep 11 Nina wears Warehouse skirt Sirrico leather jacket

I don’t have any intel on the top and scarf in the second outfit but I’ve used this outfit as the basis for this week’s shopping inspiration.

How to dress like Nina Proudman

1. Mavi jeans $139.99 @ Birdsnest | 2. Bandes crochet swing top $44.95 (on sale) @ Birdsnest | 3. Sparrows & Blossoms scarf $39.95 @ The Iconic | 4. Maria Ross boots $299.95 | 5. Nicole Fendel earrings $49

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Did you strap yourself in for last night’s roller coaster ride?

I did.

No choice really but to hang on for the ride that is the last three episodes of Offspring Season 5.

From the 1970s flashback of Geraldine springing Darcy with his pants down to Elvis walking in on Clegg and Cherie, to Nina, Jimmy and Billie’s coloured popcorn, cheezels and creaming soda “pledge of maturity” and the beautiful Clare Bowditch back on stage … boy, oh boy, did we had the highs?

Billie and Mick’s scenes felt like riding the loop of the ride, being spun upside down, emotions all over the shop and ultimately ending on a high.

Offspring S5 Ep 11 Bilie and Mick

The lows? Lawrence. I don’t think I ever accepted that Mick was gone but I really did like having Lawrence and his unicorn sweaters around. He was good for Billie.

The lower than low? The good-for-nothing Thomas. I’ve been on to him from the start. I know many of you sussed out this plot development last week but I still was not prepared for Nina’s devastation. The #offspring Twitter feed went nuts over this last night. How Thomas thinks he has an explanation, I do not know.

I’m #TeamLeo all the way. Always have been but not sure how that will come together in the two remaining episodes.

Zara told me all the cast were getting together last night to watch this episode. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at that de-brief.

Over to you. What do you think the next two episodes will bring? Love Jane Harber/Zara as much as I do?

Photo credit: all images from the show are courtesy of Channel Ten

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  1. Hi there. I was wondering if you had any idea what this top is that Nina is wearing??It featured in the Herald Sun online this week.

  2. Hi really LOVED the top Nina was wearing the layed one in in last nights episode July 30th, What brand is it.

  3. Loved Wednesday’s episode. I haven’t had time to watch it back in detail but was just wondering if the woman having the baby could be Thomas’s sister? It didn’t make sense if they live nearby they had booked into a hospital in Ringwood. Maybe her husband is still on the way but her brother(Thomas) got there first. Maybe kissing too much and too intimate to be siblings?. Or he’s going to pull the old “I’m stuck in a loveless marriage that is really over”. I’m sure I’ve heard him say he is a single dad though. I’m team Leo anyway. He is so lovely and awkward.

  4. Ooh, great interview! I loved Jane in the INXS movie as well. I love that mint green top outfit – thanks for the lookalikes. That scarf is beautiful.

    I was really worried that Billie was going to run all that way to find a heartbroken Mick throwing himself at Rosie. So glad that wasn’t the case! I feel bad for Lawrence but I couldn’t take much more of his calm psychoanalysing of Billie’s feelings for Mick. Get angry! Get passionate!

    I never liked Thomas but I’m not sure Leo’s right either. I’m team Leo as a friend and wait for the right next guy. Which doesn’t make for a catchy hashtag…

  5. Very interested to see what Thomas’s explanation is. The ‘sex on the table’ scene didn’t seem to fit with Nina’s character. it seemed to be awkwardly written in to that episode. Would have expected much more angst and inner-voice questioning from Nina. I reckon she’s going to find out she’s pregnant with Thomas’s baby from that encounter. And Billie may find she’s pregnant with Lawrence’s child. You never know with Offspring!

  6. I absolutely love Patrick Brammall in Offspring. I’ve only seen him in The Moodys and Upper Middleclass Bogan, but am really enjoying his character in Offspring. Thomas was always a little shady, I don’t know where the next two episodes will take us, I feel like there’s another twist regarding him and Nina, and the wife. And while I adore Lawrence and think Billie needed calm and perspective, I think ultimately she and Mick are a better fit. I think. But I hope Lawrence hangs around because he is very easy on the eye!

  7. Offspring hour goes far too quick + then I can’t wait until the following episode! I am anxious for Nina, don’t want to hear Thomas’ explanation – he can just go, happy for Bille + Mick but he has such an angry resting face + sad for Lawrence. We still need his abs in the show 😉 Maybe Lawrence can stay in the cast to counsel Nina through Thomas being such a dick?! Team Leo all the way! I hope that develops over the next two weeks. Leo noticing the ‘drawing’ Nina’s neck was hilarious. Fab that you met Jane/Zara. Melbourne smart attire suits her.

  8. This episode sure had everything. They were classic funny scenes with the 3 siblings playing pranks. My siblings and I used to do the same thing – even the same pranks! (except for the drawing of the penis on Ninas neck!)Loved the scene with Billie running back to Mick and when he saw her in the crowd (although I loved Lawrence; you cant give up on ‘the love of your life’) Thomas – what a lying conniving sleaze!! At least it looks like Nina will have Leo waiting in the wings. I so don’t want this show to end, it seems like they may be kinda wrapping everyones lives up in case? Zara is gorgeous – you move in the right circles Nikki!

  9. If I could ask one question of the Costume Designers, it would be, where do they find such gorgeous scarves? I’m yet to see one I haven’t liked, and mysteriously have never found one! That beautiful floral one she wore, the neon one, and that sweet one from last night, does anyone have a clue!

    1. Where do you look for scarves Dee? Similar versions of these scarves are everywhere. No point just looking in April to August though as most are summer weight scarves. Stores like Witchery, Sussan, Zara, Topshop, Blue Illusion, David Jones own brand have heaps. Most of the scarves are inexpensive – search boohoo, asos & the iconic if you really want to find them. Where have you been looking?

  10. Hi Nikki, I was wondering if you or anyone else noticed a really nice throw rug on Nina’s couch when Billie, Jimmy and Nina were being naughty children! It was blue, yellow and maybe mint coloured with triangles? If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

  11. Yes I do love Zara/Jane she is truly a stunning looking girl and does have a lovely sexy voice ,I am glad she was lovely in real life Nikki,she looks like a babe!
    I was onto Thomas too,do not like him at all,and now I know why!!!love Leo though I do think he has a little crush on Nina just quietly.
    That scarf Nina was wearing was beautiful…I will miss looking at Laurence though he is very easy on the eye,great Nina post,thank you Nikki x

  12. I was hoping you’d know where that scarf was. At first I seriously thought it was a baby wrap from The Little Linen Co but nope, its a proper scarf lol

    And my jaw literally dropped last night. I was gobsmacked. Thomas is a dick & needs to leave quick smart!

      1. Yes it’s an original! My daughter bought a shorter version a few years ago from an oppy and I was amazed there was any around still! The original wrap around skirts, oh how I loved them in the 70s!

  13. Love the 1st photo you have added of Nina kicking her leg up when she was saying to Thomas…. “or maybe just having some fun”!

    Also Mick stopping halfway through the song & mouthing “Are you OK”…. talk about a moment – its still giving me goosebumps. Of course Billie has to be with Mick and Team Leo coming home in the last 2 episodes, fingers crossed.

  14. I’m still not over last night’s episode. For some reason I was #Teamthomas even though I knew I shouldn’t be because I was suspicious of him from the start. 🙁 I don’t even want to hear his explanation!
    I love reading your posts Nikki. Do you know where I could find a long sleeve maxi dress ‘Nina style’ but on the cheaper side? I’m a SAHM so don’t have a great amount to spend!

  15. hahahah, birdsnest is all sold out of the tops! that was quite a shock the Thomas bit. The explanation will be interesting! Doesn’t matter what it is, he lied. goodbye.

  16. Zara is so grounding, loved her stopping short of saying she didn’t want the end up like… them ! Every episode is awesome but last night was sensational, Mick stopping mid song – oh my heart ! As for Thomas, well good riddance I say, but what if his wife has left him for her ‘sister’ ??? just sayin…

  17. The top is Lee Matthews – “Raggedy” from last summer. She has worn it in 3 episodes – also season 4 episode10 & season 5 episode 5. Confirmed last night by fashion page Style into Action. It’s not very flattering on Nina. Makes her look large. Do you think it’s flattering Nikki?

    1. Yes it is Lee Mathews but in a different colour this time – it is flattering because it’s a contrast to the skinny legs/jeans/boots combo. If it were worn without that contrast it wouldn’t work. The white top is at least two summer’s old too – when it was on the show last year it was already out of season.

      1. Raggedy was on the David Jones site last year in black. I bought it & returned it. It was like a tent. – no shape. Nina would look better in a more fitted style, contrast or no contrast. The white was on the show in season 4 & 5.

        1. Yes it was but it was on sale from the previous season – I featured it here on my my blog Sarah – many people like to wear things with a more flowing style and that’s the beauty of fashion you can make those choices.

  18. Great story, Nikki! Are you able to tell us where Jane’s black blazer is from? Looking for a work suit and it would be perfect!

    1. You can not go past a blazer from Marcs. I had a session with a personal stylist given to me s a birthday gift and she put me onto the blazer. I have a 3/4 sleeve one as i am very short and anything to long swamps me. They have a couple of sales each year. The blazer is usually about $280 I think but i picked mine up for $120

  19. Yes, last night’s ep was totally devo. I am actually sad that Lawrence has been dumped. I really liked Billie when she was with him although of course I love Mick too. Tipped about Thomas too. Very disappointing. I agree – all Nina’s outfits were classic Nina last night. I really love her in green too. She is so beautiful. Fab that you met Jane too. It’s great that her character has had some interesting development this season too. x

  20. Great interview w Jane. Thanks! Very interesting, she always comes across and pretty cool.
    Nice detective work on the pyjamas, Nikki! I loved that mint top and scarf last night, gorgeous colours.
    It was indeed a big night last night and I really didn’t see Billie and Mick getting back together as a foregone conclusion but wow! Writer, Michael Lucas did a great job on that. Poor Nina, I think her radar has been off with men, as often happens after separations and deaths. The good thing is that the genuinely kind and trustworthy Leo may have a chance now. Yay for awkward boys!

  21. hi nikki! I’m always captivated by zara’s beautiful voice! … interesant for you!
    billie looked gorgeous and her one liner to nina … “you’ve been middle aged since you were fourteen!” cracked me up!
    lots of bumps last night and some frustrating moments I found!
    how didn’t nina find out anything about the mother of Thomas’s child?!? …
    totally far-fetched … what woman would not ask that question!
    poor nina! … off spring always hooks me in! yes we’d like more! cheers m:)X

  22. I thought that mint top was a mint version of the white (Lee Matthews??) she wore while pregnant, then again one an earlier ep this season. Could be very wrong. Loved the first outfit on Nina, she looked stunning. I do admire Zara as well.

    1. Oh my god, I am now loving that ‘warehouse’ brand. Thanks for sharing it… All the clothes look stunning, and my style!

  23. I have been looking for a mint tank (plus size, longline) for months. The search is making me slightly crazed. I have serious envy for Nina’s mint top.

    1. You can get so something very similar at
      I just grabbed a couple. There are 3 colors there at the moment for $35 each 🙂

    2. You can get a similar mint shirt to that at
      They are $35 dollars at the moment and come in 3 colors (I just picked 2!) but are on sale so guess they won’t last long 🙂 good luck!

    3. Target has the best tanks. Dont buy the Hot Options versions – get the main line Target label ones. I bought a mint one last week & they have aqua as well. $9.

  24. That ‘cockandballs’ on Nina’s neck, I nearly wet myself haha! And, ‘is this Nina Proudman’ – hahaha! Love that Billie went and found Mick, is it just me (and I came into watching this show late) but does anyone else think he looks a bit like Chris Issac? I’m team Leo too, think they would make a lovely couple. Loved everything Nina wore last night!

  25. Thanks a million Nikki. Just grabbed 2 of those shirts from Birdsnest at $35 each in the aqua/teal and white as well! (Thinking of coming into the warmer weather) Can’t wait for you to do a spring styling blog as I have got through winter with your advice and no ideas for summer. Will be buying your book the day it hits the stands! Thanks again.

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