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I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again – my multiple wardrobe personalities often sway nicely between the style of both Proudman sisters.

Billie Proudman speaks to my classic-corporate style personality; Nina Proudman speaks to my romantic-casual style personality.

Many of you are either one or the other. And that’s ok too. Probably more ok than my swinging.

Billie Proudman style

Billie Proudman’s style is really speaking to me this season.

I like how that as she’s got it together then so has her style come together.

There is boldness without the brass. It’s chic but wearable.

The shift dress she wore at the start of last night’s episode is by US designer label, Theory. You can shop the label from Australia via Shopbop or Saks Fifth Avenue.

It’s the kind of style that looks polished, has a point of difference in its graphic print but can also work with an added blazer.

How to dress like Billie Proudman | Theory dress

Here’s a little shopping inspiration:

How to dress like Billie Proudman

1. Seed dress $129.95 | 2. Pastiche bangle $180 | 3. Adorne earrings $22.95 | 4. Ko Fashion heels $59.95 @ Styletread | 5. Renee Blackwell Design ring $340 | 6. Dinosaur Designs bangle $105

How to dress like Nina Proudman

Nina must have bought up big at Tigerlily last season as here is another from the collection. Offspring’s costume designers did say that the weight of the fabric just seemed to work on Nina, falling beautifully.

I see this particularly in their maxi dresses. The designs are not voluminous – they drape and skim the body without adding any bulk that you can find in a maxi dress. The tan plaid belt and shoulder bag are very Nina.

As is the addition of a draped jacket over the top.

How to dress like Nina Proudman | Tigerlily dress

Here’s a little shopping inspiration:

How to dress like Nina Proudman

1. Tigerlily dress $229.95 | 2. Decjuba leather jacket $349.95 @ The Iconic | 3.  Nicole Fendel necklace $99 | 4. Maria Rossi boots $299.95 @ Styletread | 5. Bohemian Traders bag $129 | 6. Harmony Ball pendant $38 @ Oh My Giddy Aunt |  7. Birdnest belt $59.95

How to dress like Nina Proudman | Tigerlily dress and draped jacket

I suspect that Zara’s printed pants were also Tigerlily. Anyone own these? Buy similar here.

How to dress like Zara | Offspring | Tigerlily pants

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

You can tell we’re getting near the end of the season, can’t you? (I’m really hopeful there will be another season – this article gives some hope but it’s still not a definite, I don’t think.)

So much happened in last night’s episode. Funny stuff, awkward stuff, pivotal stuff.

We had the Clegg- Cherie addict-dependent situation.

Nina confessing to Clegg that she’s not sure if she shouldn’t be thinking of another career path – for Zoe’s sake. “I think you should know where my head is,” she told Clegg. To which he replied, “still in vaginas?”.  (LOL)

Mick arriving back in town, having broken up with Mimi after realising he didn’t love her as much as loved Billie, not confessing that to Billie, Billie only finding out via Nina “changing everything”. All this coming after introducing Lawrence to Mick and being all ok with everything.

Darcy covering baby Zoe’s ears (Zoe’s grown up a bit and now being played by a new baby actor, Isabella) after realising that Nina and Thomas were downstairs *inspecting* the strength of the kitchen table in a loud and vigorous way.

Offspring S5 Ep10 Baby Zoe played by Isabella

Leo basically giving away that he has a thing for Nina. Thank GOD. Enough with Thomas and his sneaky, wooden ways. He’s no Proudman. And where is his baby’s mother?

Kim arriving at the pub for the Proudman reunion with her date, delivering the my line of the night: “This family is like a bath plug. They suck you in … before too long you’re having one of their babies.”

True that Kim – and if you’re not prepared to be sucked in to the madness, move on I say.

Over to you. Thoughts on how the storyline is coming together? Billie or Nina more your style?

Photo credit: all images from the show are courtesy of Channel Ten

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  1. I prefer Nina’s casual yet pulled together looks. I guess it suits her sort of loopy personality (haha). Not sure where it’s going this season yet, don’t know what the scandal could possibly be?

      1. Woolworths supermarket. I got them a matching mug and bowl as a breakfast set last year. Only a few dollars each. Not sure if they’re still around.

        1. I think they are still available at Woolworths. I was watching Neighbours and Toadie had the same breakfast bowl as my mum brought me a few months before. It made me smile.

  2. Billie’s look is definitely more polished than previous series. She looks/acts happier too. Clegg is such a dag + Kim’s line was the best of the night. I do hope that there is at least one more season of Offspring, but it would make sense if it finished up this season – before it gets too sad/unbelievable/awkward again. I read this which made sense to me:

    As much as I liked Thomas the towel man, he needs to go now. Leo is a much more interesting character. Initially, I thought Thomas might still be with his baby’s Mumma {who/where is she anyway?} they’ve already used that storyline {similar} with Dr Chris Havell… Next week will be interesting, to say the least. Can’t wait!

  3. This was such a good episode!! Kim’s line was the best, also Clegg’s vagina quip. Billie is is looking so good these days. I felt sorry for Mick watching her and Lawrence, but I do like Lawrence; he’s gorgeous and adores Billie. Not sure wether I want her to get back with Mick or make a new life with Lawrence?? I also thought Nina was in that dress a bit too long; especially after her dalliance with Tom, she could have changed!? He was very shady last night, and it looks like he may be married; oh well bye bye Tom and Hello Leo! ….. Please don’t leave us Offspring!

  4. Another great wrap-up, Nikki! This season I’m definitely more Billie than Nina – I can’t remember in the past being that interested in Billie’s clothes, and I don’t do maxis that well – just too much material at the bottom! Love Nina’s jewellery though, and also her jacket last night – such an interesting collar!
    I’ve been team Leo and last night he really seemed so in love with her in a very quiet way. He’s so lovely, to Thomas’ shadiness (why wouldn’t you know about the mother of his child by the 2nd date?!). xx

  5. Last night’s ep was another cracker although I am bracing myself for next week. I am rather fond of Thomas still and last week’s ep did nothing to diminish this (hello kitchen table). I did love Leo’s hilarious Nina impersonation though and he is quite the catch. I am def more Nina now I am at home most days although I do channel a bit of Billie in the office although she is more corporate rock star than I will ever be. Fingers crossed for another season! x

  6. I believe the donkey that Darcy was looking for might have been from Wonky Donkey Book by Craig smith gift set. i brought the book for my son and received a a similar donkey with the book. My son loves the book, reads it every night before bed.

  7. Do you know where I can get the wall decal on Zoes wall that is featured on the photo you posted with Darcy. I think they are adorable.

  8. I think Thomas turns up at the hospital next week with his wife who is in labour, according to this weeks tv week that’s what is sounds like. Thomas is looking for a fling while still being married. I think Leo was hoping that Nina was asking him out instead for Ange.

    1. Ooh, that would be a juicy turn of events! I don’t like Thomas, he seems shady and a bit wooden. Why wouldn’t you know about his child’s mother by now? As for Leo, he’s clearly got a thing for Nina, and seems so lovely.

  9. Love both Billie and Nina’s style but I could not pull of that sort of maxi dress on me but I probably could do Billie’s shift style.
    I missed some of last nights show again as I was emotionally and physically exhausted. My Dad went to hospital in an ambulance so we spent all day at Westmead hospital,they thought he’d had another heart attack but he didn’t but not sure what is wrong either,hopefully just a panic/emotional episode and he is back home now thank fully Nikki.I do not like spending time there and will catch up on 10 play later when I have a nana nap Xx

  10. How real the sex scene was had me gob-smacked and laughing at the same time!
    I couldn’t get over how white and withdrawn Mick was, is that what London does to you?!
    I also would like to know how to get this look while staying toasty warm.
    I’m getting a bit sad that the season is ending… I may have to get a life after Nina!

  11. Hi there, just a suggestion. It’s freezing cold here in Victoria and I can’t help but wonder what Nina’s winter wardrobe would be like. We see her in a different season and never rugged up. Love to see your ideas on this site to give us Nina obsessives some winter inspiration. Jules

    1. Brilliant idea!! Nikki any chance of a winter special! I am finding it very difficult to get out of my track pants and hoodies. I am from rural SA and the weather is either freezing cold or stinking hot! Only a very small window of weather suitable to Nina’s layered style. Would love see your take on rugging up Nina Proudman style!

  12. Hmmmm Thomas. What are you up to there mate? Where is the Babymama? What does Leo know that he wish he told? Is that a reference to Thomas?? Any idea Nikki?

  13. I have to hand it to the actor playing Leo, he is extremely talented and I am convinced that is what he is like in real life. The casting on this show is amazing, and yes, I wish Thomas would go away…
    On a fashion note, I adore Nina’s skinny jean/boots/scarf look but on numerous blogs and sites they say us pear shapes should stay well away. I’ve tried it and don’t think it looks that bad? Hey, I wish I had a slim figure, but, but am I just kidding myself??!

  14. If there is not another season I will be DEVESTATED!!! That said I am praying the big shock is not something sad, I couldn’t take it.

    I want Billie & Mick back together. I want Thomas to piss off. I want no more dying. Is that too much to ask.

    I was talking some friends of mine about clothes last week & was explaining how you say it’s ok to have different style personalities. It’s helped me a lot that theory but sometimes I think my friends think I’m nuts talking about you bloggers like I actually know you in real life lol

  15. I’m loving Billie’s style this season too. She’s not so unhinged, and it shows in her clothes. I’d love to see a bit of equilibrium for both girls, but it’s not likely with the writers being so bloody good at the out of left field gut punches. Long live the Proudmans!

  16. Hi Nikki

    Love this blog, and only ever read, but just wondering do you have any ‘cheaper alternatives’ to help get the look? I know it’s good to have a few good quality/brand peices, but this year, we are a bit hard up for cash. I’ve found a kimono in cotton on, which I love, got for about $20.

    On another note, was Billie hiding a belly do you think?


    1. If you track back – I’ve actually shared lots of cheaper alternatives – the problem is at the moment there is not a lot around online as we’re between seasons. So much will be available for both Billie and Nina’s style in a month or so as the spring lines come into store.

      1. Hi, I notices you’d done some good cheaper alternatives. Much appreciated! I’ve had some luck with some well shaped maxi skirts and a slim line maxi dress from Paul Dane in the summer. Some lovely patterns in the fabric as well (I can be a bit fussy!) I’ve not been back this winter but worth a look. 🙂

  17. I think I’m probably more Nina but gosh I love Billie’s looks!

    I still don’t think I’m Team Leo but I’m a little less Team Thomas than I have been previously – he’s starting to seem a bit shady. I was also feeling really sorry for Mick last night but at the same time am pretty Team Laurence.

  18. I love Tigerlily. This dress looks lovely on Asher. I was in the Tigerlily store at Carindale earlier this week and tried on too many frocks – they drape beautifully and the colours and feel of the fabric are beautiful. Thomas is a cad.

  19. Great round up as usual Nikki ! I love the way this stretches our enjoyment of the show over to Thursday… The start made me think of Lucille Ball 🙂 Anyway.. if you are talking to anyone involved in the show, can you please tell them if Mick needs a should to cry on… I’m here.. waiting

  20. I am a late Offspring bloomer/fan…. recently started watching after the Masterchef segue … just gwaffed out loud when Kim delivered that line
    “This family is like a bath plug. They suck you in … before too long you’re having one of their babies.”

    Loving Billie’s style and totally amazed at how quickly you do this Nina roundups and find all the products Nikki!

  21. Hi. Wasn’t the show full of aah moments – Leo’s giveaway face, Mick’s big puppy sad eyes. Love Leo’s jacket that gets a repeat wear. Gives a sense of who he is. Lawrence is good but his wardrobe a bit predictable. Loved Billie’s style last night. And as always Nina’s. So many moments, with real show stealers by Klegg. And Kym. So dreading season’s end.

      1. I’m pretty sure Leo’s jacket is from yd. as my husband has the exact same one in the grey colour with grey hoodie attached! And yep he looks hot in it too 😉

  22. Hi Nikki, I watched last nights episode, I keep feeling like I’m missing out haha! I love the actress who plays Billie, she was fantastic in the first Underbelly. Hasn’t she got the most beautiful skin! I liked what she was wearing too. I liked the green dress Nina wore, love a bit of boho. Great show!

  23. morning nikki! loved how nina was “disturbingly happy” playing out her own pantomime in her head! lol … billy looked beautiful and ofcourse her one liners always crack me up! glad you heard what clegg said to nina about her “head stuck in vagina’s” so I could laugh this morning too!
    I don’t watch soaps but this one hooked me right in and I hope it goes on and on … with humour, no violence and plenty of real life scenarios to relate to good bad and some ugly! don’t know where it’s headed! cheers m:)X

  24. Loved the show last night, especially Leo “doing Nina”. Thomas is creepy, he doesn’t love Nina. Billie looked stunning in that dress. I am a bit over Tigerlily although it suits Nina and I can see that wardrobe altered the dress to suit her. I just wish she had worn something different to the pub, she just kind of lived in that dress for too long.

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