Beauty favourites July 2014

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We’re more than half way through a beauty year Stylers. So many products have been released on to the market. So many more to come.

These monthly posts are meant to help you choose new products that might fit your beauty regime, lifestyle and budget.

Each month I choose five that I’ve been trialling over the previous month to feature here.

Not all might suit you but one or two of them could be just what you’re looking for in your beauty kit.

At this time of year, I’m always on the lookout for products that help my dry skin, make my mornings easier and maximise my time. I also like getting my glow on even though summer days are but a distant memory.

This month’s five beauty favourites fit those criteria.

Beauty Favourites July 2014

1. Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion $45:  You know my love of a glowing, shimmery product, yes? Well, this is my current fave. I feel like I’m cheating on Nars Illuminator in Orgasm but this one is a more subtle sheen. It’s something you could just use to get some glow on your cheeks but also as winter turns to spring to bring a rosey glow to any exposed skin. It’s also chockers with antioxidants so will actually give your skin more than a cosmetic boost. (Cruelty free)

2. The Gloss Bar Glowing Global eyeshadow palette $40: I’m a big fan of a nude eye – it’s my go-to eye makeup that can be ramped up as required. This palette from a Brisbane-based makeup company and it’s become the first palette I reach for this winter. The neutrals are slightly deeper in shade than what I usually wear but the combination works to contour more of a winter eye. I like that.

3. Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil $11.95: I’m an absolute shocker during winter for ignoring the bits of my skin that are covered by clothes. As soon as I shower I cover up as quickly as possible to avoid any guilt associated with not dealing with the scale build up on my legs. This product, however, is destroying my winter hibernation technique. It contains argan, macadamia, rose and almond oils but is not greasy to touch when applied. Winning – because you can get dressed immediately. Available from supermarkets, pharmacies, variety and independent stores.

4. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Concealer $19.45: Concealer is the makeup friend I’ll never break up with. If Napoleon Perdis’ The One Concealer is out of your makeup price range then check out this one. It’s got a great creamy consistency and staying power that will see those tired under eyes covered all day. I like the small stick applicator – easy to apply then I just carefully dab in using my pinky finger.

5. NIVEA Pure Effect BB Cream $9.95: New to BB creams? Check out this post and then come on back. I love NIVEA products and am pleased to see them jump on the BB train. This one is aimed at those with oily and combination skin but it also worked on my ageing/dry skin. The NIVEA CC Cream is most probably best for my skin but this one with included magnolia extract works to reduce inflammation and prevent impurities.

Now, it’s your turn … have you come across a beauty product this month we all need to hear about? Or share one fave from your beauty kit you can’t ever imagine not buying.

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  1. Yes, that oil and the Nivea facial has been my favorite too. It’s great 🙂 And Nikki, I would love to buy your book…Im in India, I wish I was in Australia and I am really wondering how. A signed copy for a fan in India maybe?

          1. I need this body oil in my life! but Im having trouble finding it in little old Adelaide, is anyone having any luck?

          2. I need this body oil in my life! but Im having trouble finding it in little old Adelaide, is anyone having any luck?

  2. I bought some Darshana hair oil after reading about it on Hair Romance – it is more a treatment product and after the first try I didn’t think it was amazing but after using it for a few times I have noticed my hair has improved dramatically. Now I just need to sort out my dry skin!

  3. I’ve been using ASAP Revitalising BodyMoist over the winter and it’s really helped keep my skin non-lizard like! ALSO coconut oil is a total winner and just to note that our Marina Prior uses it as a masque at night and a cleanser !

  4. I am on a quest to find all natural organic products now nikki!
    in the past I have put too many nasties onto my body and life is too short so I need natural now! … all in the choices! cheers m:)X

  5. I am loving Burts Bees Shea butter hand repair cream it is quite pricey about $30 but is great.I too have very dry skin Nikki and will be trying the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil,though I always mouistrize after a shower or I resemble a lizard,great post Nikki ,thank you for sharing x

  6. My daughter and I have just tried MAC foundation and powder for the first time and we love them. I have yet to buy my eldest the right one for her.
    V x

  7. Highly recommend Dermalogica Microfoliant.
    Its a gentle, tiny grain exfoliant suitable on all skins and for daily use. It doesn’t scratch, keeps the skin clean and smooth, simultaneously clearing pores and smoothing surface lines. It lasts for ages as a small amount does the whole face and neck, doesn’t take long to use – just quick massage over face with wet hands while in the shower, doesn’t smell or scratch, and keeps your skin fresh looking. Ideal for mornings so make up goes on smooth skin 🙂
    I’m an ex Beauty Therapist and this is my favourite product.

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