What to wear weekend casual #everydaystyle

What wear for winter weekend casual

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Last week we looked to the real women of #everydaystyle for some inspiration on what to wear to the office.

This week we’re all about the casual.

For me, most days call for a casual outfit. I work from home. There’s usually a school and post office run involved. Occasionally there is a meeting or networking event but mostly it’s all about the casual.

For others it’s a weekend thing. No matter which side of the casual equation you fall – full or part-time – this post is for you.

Blue Bungalow top | Seed scarf | NYDJ jeans | Country Road boots | Nicole Fendell necklace | Uberkate necklace

Blue Bungalow top* $49 (I’m wearing M) | Seed scarf (two or three years ago) | NYDJ jeans $219| Country Road boots (five years ago)|  Uberkate necklace

This outfit of mine was actually from a Saturday but it would equally work most days for my #everydaystyle.

It would be so easy for me to wear this kind of casual outfit every day but I see it as a bit of a personal style challenge to mix things up.

Jeans are definitely my failsafe winter casual outfit base but I like to change up what I wear with them – or ditch them all together for tights and a tunic or dress.

Here are some tips for you if, like me, you have to come up with a fresh take on casual every day, or if you nail the office look all week but struggle at weekends to relax into a casual look.

What to wear for winter weekend casual

1. Make sure you have the basics covered in your wardrobe. I’m always on about those basics, aren’t I? Without the basics – and for winter casual those basics are jeans, leggings (preferably ponte), cardis and layering tees. Buy to suit your budget but only buy well-made garments as these are the ones that you’ll call on most regularly and should last more than one season.

2. Invest in boots. There are plenty of cheap boot options out there, so by all means go for those, but if you can stretch to investing in a pair of flat boots (knee-high or ankle) then do so. Those boots will serve you well for many a winter to come if you buy in a more classic style. More tips on boots here and here.

3. Have fun with scarves. A scarf has the wardrobe super power of being able to pull an outfit together in three seconds flat. I am not game to add up the number of scarves I own but much like my cushion collection, there is always room for one more ;). A scarf can take the most basic outfit and lift it several notches, it can add a pop of colour to a neutral outfit or it can add a contrasting winter texture for interest. Get some tips on how to wear one here.

4. Keep working on your layering skills. We covered off on some tips here but the important thing to remember is that you need to make your base layer acceptable enough to be on show. I used to make it all about the show-pony top layer but that layer quickly becomes redundant on a Queensland winter’s day. De-layering can render an outfit incomplete so think about that first layer – it could be as simple as a tee and a scarf with jeans.

5. Don’t just pull on your jeans. I can easily fall into the jeans rut so I get that it might be an easy option for you too. These days I consciously opt to mix it up a little. Jeans one or two days, ponte pants another and leggings and tunic or dress another. Yes, it takes a little more effort but it is worth it. The variety keeps my mood fresh and the depths of my wardrobe well visited and utilised.

Your #everydaystyle for winter weekend casual

I love watching the #everydaystyle feed every day but there is something about the vibe of everyone’s weekend outfits that really gets me excited.

It’s that challenge of putting an outfit together that is put together but is not over the top for a relaxing day out. And the real women of #everydaystyle nail it. Every. Time.

What’s the common denominator below?

A scarf or a draped-vest-type-situation. Clever pieces that don’t necessarily add bulk or too much warmth but definitely add interest.

What to wear weekend casual #everydaystyle

Left column (from top): @lucietrinco | @stylelovingyou

Middle column: @theplumbette | @morgs71 | @irismaystyle

Right column: @creatingcontentment | @melissasdressupbox

Shop the look

I’m going to try and add a little shopping suggestion here each week with these posts. As with all the shopping suggestions I ever include on Styling You, I want you to use these as inspiration.

Maybe you have similar pieces in your wardrobe that you’d never thought to combine? Maybe you could use the ideas to find similar pieces in a store you like to shop in or at a price that better fits your clothing budget or personal preference.

That’s why I try to mix up the what I feature – I aim to include budget, mid-range and a few investment pieces. Then it’s up to you what you do with the information and suggestions.

What to wear for winter weekend casual

1. Mix Apparel dress $29 |  2. Jendi scarf $24.95 | 3. Metalicus long cardi $199.95 | 4. Bohemian Traders bag $139 | 5. Diana Ferrari boots $249.95  | 6. Metalicus tights $19.95

What’s your winter style uniform?

Join in

Want to join in? Simply upload a photo of yourself showing your everyday style to Instagram or Facebook, use the #everydaystyle and tag @stylingyou so I can find you. Don’t feel you have to post every day. Post when you can. For consideration in my outfit of the week round up, I look first for clear, in-focus photos without text or borders on them. These work in best with the montage layout.

More inspiration

Check out Wardrobe Wednesday with Kim-Marie on Kimba Likes.

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* This garment was sent to me for editorial consideration

Comments 43

  1. You know I love a scarf but I find them really hard to wear while Breastfeeding – they just get in the way. Even though I’m not wearing them much I still managed to buy two this week 😉

    And that dress is really cute & so cheap!

  2. Silly me! I didn’t realise you used these same images on your blog! And with links!! Thank you. And oh my. I’m not sure if I’m flattered or just embarrassed. Amazing! Thank you for thinking me worthy enough to include. Repeatedly. xS

  3. I do love winter weekend casual – a great excuse to layer up with our favourite pieces. Love the outfit you’ve put together and of course the gorgeous group of girls you’ve selected for this week’s roundup!

  4. Ooh I just returned that dress to Mix; as I thought I was to old to wear it
    (I am in my 40’s). I love how you have put it together. Could you wear a tee under it? I live in cold Melbourne!

  5. Ooh I like the look of that scarf Nikki – more than a little Missoni-ish! This is my everyday uniform, the jeans, long boots, long cardi or jacket and scarf look. Must try to mix it up a bit and wear my dresses before I get bored! Happy weekend xx

  6. Yes I was thinking those exact words as I pressed ‘buy now’… Lol. Must hang around your blog a bit I think:)

  7. I’m planning on addressing my weekend wardrobe next, so this post is just brilliant. I don’t necessarily have the legs for leggings but I might invest in a pair of ponte pants. Hopefully I can find some in short size so I don’t need to have them taken up.

      1. Great tip. Never say never as far as the leggings go. Puffer vests, well that’s a whole different story. Tried one on last weekend and my three girls threatened to disown me. I almost disowned myself.

  8. Love that Mix Apparel dress… would be a great breastfeeding dress for me this winter and I can roll up the sleeves if I get too hot. 🙂 Thank you for including my outfit in your post too Nikki. Hope you have a lovely weekend. x

  9. Love this post Nikki. As a teacher in the NSW Southern Highlands, it’s all about layering and boots, boots and more boots. Must admit I do love the layering look. We are heading to Victoria tomorrow for 10 days so have been using your ideas to plan a wardrobe, rather than just always in jeans!!! Thank you

  10. This is great – I almost bought that dress from Mix when it first showed up in my email about a week or so ago then had a change of heart as I didn’t think it would work for me. I love the look you’ve put together and have just ordered the dress after all. Nothing like a visual inspiration to get the shopping juices flowing! 🙂

  11. Just ordered that dress- thanks Nikki- love a shirt dress as a base!
    Such a great article- I am so sick of buying fashion magazines with photoshopped women wearing totally impractical outfits- just love getting inspiration from real women!

  12. My casual outfits depend a lot on whether I’m in Sydney, or travelling for work or pleasure. I seem to have no problem with putting together casual outfits on holidays or even when travelling for work as I plan what I’m packing to take account of wearing everything that’s pack, but by the end of a week in the office I just reach for jeans, a tee or jumper and a scarf.

  13. So I’m a little bit excited… Just bought those DF boots on Iconic for $159… Were on sale for $199 then a further 20% off… Thanks for posting them Nikki, I’ve been hunting for the perfect Nina boot…

      1. Oh great… It’s always a worry when ordering online… & I’m glad they go with everything, I thought they’d do casual through to dressy… Now I’m even more excited, thanks Nat 🙂

  14. Thanks for the tips!! My go-to on weekends is nearly always jeans and boots! This a
    Weekend I am going to try your idea of leggings and tunic!! And just went and bought the Blue Bungalow top – love it!! Thanks!

  15. I want your boots please nikki! … I live in that outfit here … I need thermals though and woollen jumpers … target have great basic thermals which look like a beautiful fine knit in polo neck or scoop they also have leggings stocked up at sales last year!;0 … essentials!
    layer those with whatever takes your fancy … one of my thousands of jackets or coats scarves and boots … good to go! …
    I found 300 denier fleecy tights with or without feet $16 at woollies … excellent for tunic! … pop them in the food trolley! yum! … lol m:)X

    1. Target woollen thermals are the best! Look like metallicus tops at a fraction of the price. In southern NSW I wear one very day from May to September.

      1. yes they’re the ones at about $30,00 … I’ve been buying them for a few years and the older ones are still like new … quality is the key for me! m:)

  16. Love, love, love this NIkki.. Thank-you, I seem to always struggle on weekends. And I have SO MANY clothes in my wardrobe. I have seen the mix demin dress around a lot in the last few months. Thinking I might get on board with one, I’m a size 16 with a tummy… What do you think?

    1. Mela Purdie if you have cash to splash, otherwise the sales mean their are great prices at the moment at Metallicus or Levante in the hosiery section of Myer and DJs.

  17. One of my favourite looks on you Nikki – Love the whole outfit.
    That Mix Apparel dress is perfection, just wish I could get my hands on it…it’s definitely not for the want of trying though!
    Also, thanks for including me – my BF jeans have been my biggest fashion test so far xx

  18. Love your suggestions! I definitely fall into the category of those who struggle to relax into weekend casual – or at least stylish weekend casual. I go from looking stylish corporate to super daggy.
    Your point about working on making the base layer acceptable is something I need to work on. Hadn’t ever thought of it quite that way.
    Every time I shop for basics I walk away with either colour (usually red) or a shoe pony 🙂
    Any suggestions for how to shop for those much needed basics without thinking ‘meh’?

    1. It’s a mindset thing really – when you have those basics in place everything else in your wardrobe works – you can add whatever top, accessory, scarf, shoe and it works. So I don’t think of them as meh, I think of them as yeah!

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