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I do love wearing jeans and long pants in winter and I’ll freely admit that this is easily my fallback outfit option.

But the frock girl in me is never too far away. Given that I work from home so don’t need to do an office-type frock all that often, it’s more a tunic style of frock that I reach for during the winter months.

This style works particularly well for me in Queensland as they are generally light so can be layered – and de-layered – to suit the changing temps throughout the day.

The one I’m featuring today is from Queensland-based label, Solito. I’ve been wearing this label’s fringed cardi for my #everydaystyle posts of late for a bit of Nina-esque styling.

This is the label’s second season and it continues to please me in the way they offer a range of wearable, on-trend pieces that really do suit a casual lifestyle.

The label is stocked in boutiques throughout Australia – I’ve linked to where you can buy it online at Blue Bungalow – but do contact the label via its Facebook page if you want to find a store near you and try on first.

The model

Solito Mod Dress Rani

Solito Mod dress – Rani print $119

and me

Solito dress | Country Road scarf | wYse lifestyle leggings | Zoe Kratzmann boots

Solito dress* (I’m wearing size M) | Country Road scarf | wYse lifestyle leggings (I’m wearing size M) | Zoe Kratzmann boots (similar here) | Metalicus cardi (below)

Solito dress | Country Road scarf | wYse lifestyle leggings | Zoe Kratzmann boots | Metalicus Cardi

Blame it on my formative years, that treasured time known as the ’80s, but I love me a splash of neon in an outfit. This is one of my fave neons too – not quite a pink, not quite an orange. Just right.

I’m not a huge printed pattern lover (stripes and animal print excluded as I consider them neutrals) but when I do go a pattern, it tends to be a modern, geometric pattern and this one very much fits my style.

This shift style of tunic is also a fave of mine. I buy down a size so the fabric bulk is reduced. It’s a good style for me as it skims over the tummy/hip region and brings attention to my legs, legs I’m very happy to encase in leggings at this time of year.

Without leggings this dress would be borderline too short for me to wear. My legs aren’t bad for my age but they don’t need that much close-up scrutiny except if I’m at the beach.

Being able to throw on (or off) a long cardi like this one means that this outfit qualifies as a layering winner for a Queensland winter. If you are somewhere where it’s colder, I’d also wear a long-sleeve top underneath – something like this one at Metalicus – thicker ponte pants and long boots.

The Model and Me Solito AW14

Let’s talk tunic dresses, neon and winter alternatives to jeans … go!

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  1. I love your Model and Me posts, always so nice to see how an item can be adapted with suitable layers. Thank you!

  2. I do like a tunic or long shirt with ponte pants in winter and I found some cheaper ones for the weekend, to supplement the Mela Purdie ones I wear to work.
    They are the ‘City Slim Pant’ or the ‘Weekender Pant’ (if you want a front seam down the leg) by Levante, so in the hosiery section of Myer & DJs. The 30% off hosiery (!) applied to these items, so pretty good for $56 on sale. They are pretty true to size, if perhaps a little on the small size, which you’ll want to check because they’re boxed so you can’t try them on.

  3. tunics are a good idea nikki … always with leggings for me, as they hide my chicken legs and I nearly always wear them with boots of any length.
    we need waterproof thick coats and scarves here today … I’m staying in … yay! enjoy your last few days with your parents … a lovely story on f/b <3

  4. That print and style of the tunic is gorgeous, you look fantastic. I am a serious neon fan at the moment. Can’t get enough neon scarves in particular! I am definitely in a jeans rut at this stage of winter so thank you for the tunic inspiration. Sometimes even putting on some soft cargo pants can make a welcome change to jeans for me.

  5. That is probably my favourite neon colour too! And the tunic is such a great idea especially around these parts where a knit is required in the morning and late afternoon but certainly not in the middle of the day.

  6. Wowser! You look fab. I have some ponte pants that I have been wearing with ballet flats but was unsure of wearing them with an ankle boot because of the small gap. But you have convinced me Nikki! Although our winter in Brissie seems to have disappeared again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love this tunic!! I am having a winter without jeans so my tunics and dresses are getting a hard workout! I love the pops of neon! Might need to check this out…

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