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You know how much I love a pair of printed pants, don’t you?

Well it seems that this trend is also appealing to Nina-I-prefer-skinny-jeans-Proudman.

Nina Proudman style

Her second outfit on the show last night featured a pair of printed silk pants from French label Mes Demoiselles (for Australian stockists contact distributors Sharrock), worked back with a black top, pale blue cropped jacket and … wait for it … wedges, not boots.

Do you know how much it pleases me that Nina has shoes other than boots in her wardrobe? A lot.

I also love that this outfit was very wearable and translatable for us all.

how to dress like nina proudman

1. ATMOS&HERE blazer $59.95 @ The Iconic | 2. Seed top $49.95 | 3. Volcom pants $69.99 @ SurfStitch | 4. Misuzi necklace $159 | 5. Top End wedges $69.98 (on sale) @ Styletread

Nina’s third outfit featured one of her favourite labels – Johnny Was – in one of her favourite styles, a kimono top over a tank tucked into belted jeans.

Johnny Was is not a budget label but if you are a lover of silk and beautiful design then it’s worth a look. There is a large and extra large available at Zambezee Boutique. To find a boutique near you that stocks Johnny Was, visit the stockist locater for International Fashion Group.

Johnny Was kimono as seen on Nina Proudman Offspring

Johnny Was kimono $279

Baby Zoe (missed the interview here on SY with the mum of the twins who plays Zoe? Catch up here) featured a lot in last night’s episode – as well as her baby accessories.

The baby bag has now been identified (thanks to blogger A Little Delightful who owns one) as a Lassig Green Label Neckline baby bag in Choco Mix.

The pram itself is a Baby Jogger city mini GT and the extra bag on board is the Noosa Amsterdam mid-brown shopper we first saw in episode 4.

Nina Proudman Baby Jogger City GT stroller | Noosa Amsterdam shopper bag

Nina’s fourth and final outfit was a Nina classic too – loose cream top, skinny belted jeans and a colourful floral scarf. I do love that the scarves are back around Nina’s neckline. You?

Nina Proudman in cream top, jeans and floral scarf

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Words to describe last night’s episode? Gut-wrenching, waterworks-inducing, poignant, humourous, romantic.

Yes, in typical Offspring style we had it all but with an episode underpinned by a very sick little Alfie and his parents’ distress at watching him be so sick and being unable to do anything about it, it was always going to be an episode that had us on the edge of our collective lounges.

Thanks to Geraldine’s “exquisite” liver that the doctor also declared a “medical mystery”, Alfie got a fighting chance at life.

Geraldine’s pending surgery to facilitate this saw Darcy arrive home filled with love and Phillip go the pash until Geraldine reminded him of his marriage and her morals. Her sly humour didn’t suffer at all with her preparing a picnic of liver pate for all the Proudmans waiting for news on her’s and Alfie’s surgery.

Offspring Season 5 Episode 7 - the liver pate picnic

Clegg’s been sleeping behind his desk at the hospital because he’s over-donated to too many causes in a grief-stricken response to Patrick’s death and now has to rent out his house to pay for his “philanthropic outlays”.

Billie stepped up and helped Jimmy out at the Tacorias before serving up a slice of Lawrence that she described as “uncommonly good”!

Offspring - Billie and Lawrence at the Tacoria

As for Nina’s potential beaus, Thomas politely kept in contact but kept his distance during the Alfie crisis but Nina ended the show suggesting to Thomas that maybe dating was worth a try. Meanwhile Leo also showed his potential – just like Nina when under pressure in a work situation he’s got it all together and is incredibly thoughtful and caring.

Time will tell how that all pans out. Time will tell.

Over to you … best/worst bits from last night’s episode? Favourite outfit from the show?

Photo credit: scene photos are courtesy of Channel Ten.

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  1. Hi Nikki,

    I’m an Aussie living in UK. Been binge watching Offspring and noticed a gorgeous gold (plated?) anchor necklace worn by Nina in Season 5, ep 7. Have Googled it to death but no luck. Don’t suppose you know where I could get it/who sells it?


  2. I love the owl pillow that is on nina’s bed for zoe, do you know if Nina uses the owl quilt cover for zoes cot. Do you also know where I can get zoos cot sheets from? Thanks

  3. I have a good excuse as I am a photographer starting my own business and brought one and told my parents it was for a photography prop but instead keeping it away for when I have children.

              1. I was already a fan of the brand and have a cuff with the chunks so knew the quality – for what you get it’s a reasonable price when compared with similar quality leather bags. Nina’s popularity and everything she wears just made it go nuts!!

  4. Nikki, I was so excited to come across your site and other people who love Nina’s style as much as I do! I know the series is wet in the warmer months so doesn’t ever feature any winters clothes but I am wondering if you could do a ‘What Would Nina Wear in Winter’ type story? For those of us living in the colder states and currently shivering through these winter months. Would be great to have some ‘Nina-ish’ inspiration!!

  5. I asked my mother to buy me a harmony necklace for my birthday in a couple of weeks time. My mother said no as harmony necklace is only for pregnant mothers. Is that true and can anyone wear one. I am 19 years old.

  6. Did you know that nina’s johnny was kimono also comes in the same style and print as a scarf by johnny was. The scarf is $110 though a bit pricey for a scarf.

      1. My partner has that clock radio. When we brought a house together I told him that ugly clock radio had to go and my iPod clock was to stay. I lost the argument and he got to keep his clock radio. After noticing patrick has one, I said to my now hubby I love your clock radio. LOL

  7. Hi I just recently brought a kimono from best and less for $7.50 reduced from $40 similar to Nina’s satin one she wore on wednesday and another nina inspired kimono for $5. I had a bargain shopping spree. Best and less has loads of nina inspire loathing at the moment for the upcoming season.

  8. I seem to dislike Nina’s style this season. It seems to me that this isn’t her normal style and with Patrick gone she does not know who she is anymore as she seems to be quite different even with her personality I am finding with each episode.

  9. Has anyone brought the Noosa wallet that matches the bag. I was thinking of but I am curious as to the size and inside compartments.

    1. In my opinion i hate my wallet matching my bag but I am like you a bit weary when buying a wallet as I like my wallets to be spacious.

  10. Ok Nikki, confession: I have not watched ONE episode of Offspring. But, I’m really digging your Nina series and love her groovy style! I love how you tell us where to get her stuff from. xxxx

    PS When is your book out?

    1. Hi Nat, are you referring to the printed pants (according to Nikki’s notes above they were the second outfit and I defer to her knowledge) because I didn’t like them at all. I like printed pants (I’ve got a pair myself) but as soon as I saw these I thought the print was all wrong and very unflattering. They actually make Nina’s thighs look big so god knows what they would do to me, a mere mortal. And looking at the photo above convinces me even more – the print is badly placed. What does everyone else think?

      1. Hi Louise

        Yes sorry for the confusion, I haven’t seen the episode yet I am sitting here waiting for the DL on my ipad. I was referring to the first outfit in this post. I totally agree with you and I didn’t think it was at all “Nina Proudman” If they are trying to “mummy” her up a bit i’m am less than impressed that is for sure. It made her look frumpy and very unflattering to both Asher (who I adore) and the Nina character. I hope there are no more of these!! In the pic they look like a legging gone bad… or something!

    2. Hi Nat, I have to agree with you. I watched offspring and thought the outfit she wore wasn’t quite Nina. I loved the kimono though. Nina wore wedges instead of boots which I thought wasn’t her usual style. The printed pants made her thighs look big as I have a similar pair my mother brought me that I hate wearing as it looks like my thighs are huge even though I have already huge thighs. I know when I had my first child my style and the way I dressed changed. Maybe that is what Nina is doing????

      1. Agreed all round here. I even made that same comment to Louise below about that, maybe they are trying to “mummy her up” a bit, still dont like it and I dont think you need to look like that just because you’re a mother. I have 9 children and I happily share Nina’s style and there is nothing frumpy about me! at least it appears the rest of the episode she wore her usual style 🙂 Im off to watch it now, cant wait 🙂

  11. The Noose Amsterdam bag is back this week. I must say I’ve become a little bit obsessed with it! Mine arrived today after a couple of weeks waiting. I love,love,love it. It looks amazing and the leather is so soft .My favourite outfit this week was the cream top and gorgeous coloured scarf. So much emotion this week but kind of nice to be steering away from Nina’s grief. I’m glad it’s all headed in a new direction and especially pleased that so far Alfie is okay.

  12. I have a question, My friend Ash who is 26 years old is a huge offspring fan and she really loves the baby wrap that nina uses on zoos pram. What is funny about it is my friend is single and still loves at home and wants to buy the wrap and put it away for when she has children as she think it so adorable. Do you think she should buy it now and put it away or wait until she has children as I think she is crazy.

  13. I just enter the comp to win Nina’s bag and I love how her mimico wallet doesn’t match her bag, as my mother says your bag must match your wallet always.

    1. My daughter said last night. I want Nina’s bag and wallet for her birthday in the next couple of weeks. I am not quite sure whether to buy her a nancybird wallet or the mimco wallet that is in the competition. Do you happen to know which wallet would be more nina like as my daughter loves offspring.

        1. Thanks Nikki, I am thinking of a nancybird wallet. I went into Mimco today and thought the wallet looked more Billie’s style than Ninas. The colour and style isn’t quite what I see Nina having. Looking at the nancybird wallet and now I cannot choose one. I am so out of fashion.

  14. I just enter the comp to win Nina’s bag and I love how her mimico wallet doesn’t match her bag, as my mother says your bag must match your wallet always.

  15. I am loving this season as Nina’s wardobe has changed compared to pervious seasons, she has been wearing other shoes besides boots and the style of clothes are amazing.

  16. Ok are you sitting down?
    I have never watched one episode of Offspring. My daughter and son’s girlfriend cannot understand me and are secretly appalled.
    Might have something to do with our tv being permanently set on the abc and we forget there is other channels!
    So I’ll check out your blog for Nina’s wardrobe 🙂

  17. That tiny floral print scarf she wore towards the end was my fave thing. I actually said “I love that scarf, I want it” at least four times during those scenes!
    #TeamLeo 😉

  18. I so needed an early night last night, but there was no way I could miss Offspring – so I watched it in bed!
    The worst bit was seeing the normally ballsy-rock-solid Zara break down in tears watching Alfie and Jimmy sleeping. The best bit was Lawrence appearing at the Tacoria in what I presume to be another Unicorn Fur sweater. Swoon!
    My fave Nina outfit was the black tank, jeans and kimono number – loved that. My fave Billie outfit was in the first scene when she was wearing a black (not lace…what’s the word?) top with a black jacket. It reminded me a lot of the Liza Emanuele top I wore to the Kidspot Voices of 2014 cocktail party in Sydney back in March.

  19. Do you buy kimono’s in the summer or winter like what Mia T said I am having trouble finding one to buy in stores.

  20. Loved the sensitivity and realness of last night’s episode, love seeing Billie and Lawrence’s relationship develop and loved seeing Billie really step up and take charge. I do find, especially since following your blog, that I have been spending WAY too much time online shopping lol. 🙂
    I have to say, I particularly like the yellow cardi that Zara wore last night…any ideas?

  21. Baby sitting my nephew and notice my brother has the exact same pram and baby bag. Never really notice before until now.

      1. Yes my brother is a single parent as his partner worked out on him after their son was born. So my brother had to buy everything for the baby. Good to see my brother has good taste.

  22. Hi has anyone checked out the offspring Facebook page there is a competition to win her bag, wallet and phone. Her wallet is a mimico hemingwat xl wallet. I thought her wallet was a nancy bird. Can anyone conform it is a mimic wallet this season. thanks

      1. When it says you can win her bag, wallet and phone. I presume she has a mimci wallet this season as pervious season it was nancybird. I love the wallet and wouldn’t even think Nina would like it as it is completely different from nancy bird.

  23. Do you know what brand of necklace she was wearing in her second outfit? The long one with the discs? It didn’t look to be the Misuzi necklace you have linked to.

        1. Actually now that I see a photo of the long length I am guessing it isn’t because the discs aren’t spread evenly.

  24. Do you know what brand of necklace she was wearing in her second outfit? The long one with the discs? It didn’t look to be the Misuzi necklace you have linked to.

  25. I agree with you Nikki, great to see Nina in a wedge (which can be a mum’s best friend along with comfy waisted printed pants!). So looking forward to this series when it finally airs here! xx

  26. Nikki do you know what brand of earrings Nina has been wearing this season? I suspect some of her jewellery may come from Kerry Rocks (a Sydney brand – they also have a website). Many of their current styles are very Nina-like.

  27. For those not aware, the Tenplay website is currently running a comp to win Nina’s handbag & wallet – get in! Love reading these posts, somehow it prolongs each week’s episode just a little 🙂

    Anyway, my question: do you know of any particular Binny stockists (I’m in Melb), as their website has no details, and I really need to ‘try before I buy’ with my weird multi-sized body shape :/

  28. The Clegg Monster- he’s an old softy really and it’s so nice to see the impact of Patrick’s death on his friend as well as Nina.

    I really love that Noosa Amsterdam bag and have found one on-line but I’m still tossing up about buying without trying, because even bags need to be ‘right’- especially given the significant financial outlay required for this one. I may have added to cart 3 or 4 times already without purchasing!

    I’m also continuing to stalk that chunky necklace. I think it’s either a little perfume bottle or one of those lockets that unfolds to show multiple photos, but the chain detail and heft is lovely, too…

        1. Your welcome. My hubby brought one for my when I was pregnant with my daughter Lily who is now 4 years and I also worn it with my son Nathan who is 6 months. I liked there Facebook page and that is how I found out.

  29. Wednesday can not come quick enough. Love this show.Bit of heartstring pull last night. I feel for anyparent that faces something like a transplant for a child.
    Nikki do you know where the scarf and cream top are from?. I can’t wear too much white being quite fair so im keen to know where I can get vanilla/cream tops from. The scarf too where would I find that. Its beautiful.

  30. Hi Nikki, what I loved was her pyjama pants ! The second pair not the ones right at the beginning when she is having the bad dream. Any ideas on those ?? My favourite part was the sensitive Leo… and the liver transplant picnic/pate !

  31. Big thumbs up for the City Mini Pram shown on the show. For all those would-be parents or grandparents, note the thing folds in half by pulling a strap in the middle – in one movement! It’s also reasonably light weight and is small enough to fit into the boot of my Mini Cooper (which is why we bought it in the first place). Best baby item purchase we made (and it lasted through two kids).

  32. Kimono is to die for. Sporting a kimono myself today, as I seem to like to rock a bit of a Nina look on a Thursday after the episode. A Cooper St kimono I picked up last week which is my new wardrobe go to and fav! Love your recaps!

  33. Bless you, Nikki. I missed last night’s episode but only because I made my hairdresser appointment before the new season started! I knew I could find out what went down right here so thanks for filling me in, I couldn’t bear the suspense! Sounds like another corker of an episode. I can’t wait to catch up!

      1. Thanks Nikki, another question, regarding scarves! I recently bought the zara butterfly scarf – which seems to be enormous, are some of these scarves altered to be ‘skinnier’ do you think!! I may just cut mine in half!!

        1. Anything can be altered…to get it in scale with your height & body shape. Zara have done a number of butterfly scarves over the last 2 summers…

  34. thanks nikki, yes the whole gamut last night for me … can so relate to nina’s awkward moments … jimmy and zara’s pain and Geraldine doing the mature mother ultimate sacrificing for her family … also love how she was loving her pain relief … she carries that character off soo well!
    always love billie’s outfits they suit her to a tee and her analysing insights …
    what a soap to get hooks into, but the season is too short! cheers m:)X

  35. Love getting my Offspring fix every week but then each show is a step closer to the series end. Sob. Why can’t they make MORE episodes.
    My hubby’s boss is very Lawrence-like and every time I talk with him, I have my own little “nina head twitch, snap out of it ” moment.

  36. The only outfit from last night that I really loved was Billie’s. That leather jacket and black shirts combo was great.

  37. Nikki, do you know where the silver necklace in Nina’s cream top/ scarf outfit was from, my sister loved it and I sent her a message assuring her that you would know where to get it. Tears again but not howling ugly ones this week. Just pretty trickles. Haha.

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