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Do you ever wonder why we don’t see Nina Proudman actually go shopping? In stores or online?

I know she’s not “real” but, wowzers, her wardrobe is something else.

That kind of wardrobe doesn’t just happen by accident. It would require a strong sense of style and a strong affinity with certain boutiques and chain stores.

Now, if we did see Nina go shopping in the months after she gave birth to Zoe she would have dropped a substantial amount of cash at Tigerlily.

Yes, there have been some same label favourites in the past but never to the extent that Neens has embraced this label for Season 5 of Offspring.

We had that jacket in episode one, a maxi dress in episode two and in last night’s episode five, another maxi dress.

If you shopped at Tigerlily about a year ago then you would have hit the Nina jackpot. Only astute eBay sellers are offering these pieces now.

My advice would be to save your dollars and buy similar pieces – either available now or to be released in the next couple of months as the fashion season rolls into spring.

Nina Proudman style

How to dress like Nina Proudman | Tigerlily maxi dress

1. Free People dress $186.85 @ Shopbop | 2. One Season dress $139 @ Pisces | 3. Tigerlily dress $199.95 @ SurfStitch

The second outfit Nina Proudman wore in last night’s episode was a slight twist on Nina’s regular skinny jeans and boots combination.

Layering a “mullet” top over a floral cami still keeps Nina’s romantic boho luxe style in place but offers something slightly different.

I’m not sure of the exact labels she’s wearing (I suspect it’s Johnny Was underneath) but below I’ve included pieces available now that when combined could create a similar look.

Offspring How to dress like Nina Proudman

How to dress like Nina Proudman

1. Minkpink cami $78.43 at ASOS | 2. Blue Bungalow top $40 | 3. Target jeans $25 | 4. Django & Juliette boots $299.95 @ Styletread | 5. Lovisa necklace $14.99 | 6. Nicole Fendel necklace $99 (also available at Tesori-Bellini)

Billie Proudman style

And what about Billie? Billie’s style continues to make its mark in this series – in line with her growing confidence within herself. I particularly loved the first piece we see her wearing – an embellished leather dress, which I’m pretty sure is by Thurley.

Anything in leather or pleather is such a strong trend at the moment. It’s appealing because it offers structure with an edge. Add in a little bling and you pretty much have everything going on.

Billie’s dress doesn’t seem to be available but I’ve included below some examples (most on sale) that you could adapt to create a similar look.

How to dress like Billie Proudman

1. Harlow dress $199 @ The Iconic | 2. G-Star RAW dress $78 (on sale) @ The Iconic | 3. Cloth dress $39.97 (on sale) @ The Iconic | 4. Jennifer Kate dress $192.50 (on sale) @ The Iconic

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

This was the first episode without Patrick. Patrick, the ghost that is, not Patrick, Zara and Jimmy’s baby.

Speaking of Zara and Jimmy and their babies. Why oh why are they being put through the wringer again with baby Alfie’s health. Talk about heart wrenching. Am very much dreading next week’s episode.

On the lighter side we had Billie and Lawrence’s tip-toeing into a “non-sexual relationship” and Lawrence admitting that when he’s with Billie it feels reckless – like the teenager he never got to be.

We also had Nina Facebook messaging A LOT with pool guy Thomas. He’s certainly bringing the new hunk factor to the show but I’m not sure how that’s going to pan out. What IS his story?

I’m more Team Leo … if we have to take teams. He is funny, quirky and someone who could sit down with the Proudmans on Christmas Day – or any day – and fit right in.

I loved that Zara’s “sex-ray” vision brought on a bumbling confession over takeaway lunch at the hospital in Kim’s office of the “near miss” airport one-night-stand between Leo and Nina.

As we say every week … #onlyonoffpsring.

Offspring Season 5 Episode 6

Over to you … best/worst bits from last night’s episode? Favourite outfit from the show?

Photo credit: scene photos are courtesy of Channel Ten.

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  1. Does anyone have any idea where the necklace that Nina was wearing in the park on her date with Thomas is from? It looks (from a distance) like a ship’s steering wheel…..or sun?

  2. Does anyone know what brand Nina’s bag was (tan stap, grey shoulder bag)?! Would love to get my hands on one 🙂 TIA

    1. It could have been a nancybird bag. I had a similar bag from elk accessories last year. I only have one bag. I think I might need another bag. How many bags do you need really.

  3. Did anyone notice Nina has a new iPhone 5s in the colour gold. I must have been mistaken for the silver. But I am pretty sure it was gold. Everyone says the gold iPhone is tacky. Well according to Nina is isn’t. What is everyone’s thought on the gold iPhone.

      1. Hasn’t Nina got a black iPhone 4s. I rewatched the episode today and it looks more like the silver phone. Do you have an idea what colour out of personality as when I brought my phone the sale person at apple said phone colour and style can tell a lot about your personality,

  4. Hi Nikki another great post on the fabulous fashion of bith Nina & Billie.Loving how Billie is taking a mature look at life and being there for Nina. Just wondering if you could suggest somewhere be a the web or a shop on those boots that you have featured. I have been trying to find them for weeks as @styletread are out of my size. Any suggestions greatly appreciated thank you

    1. The problem is Liz that it’s at the end of the boot season – most retailers got their stock in in March and that’s it until next year. My hot tip is to buy your boots in March even though you cannot imagine wearing them as the sizing disappears too quickly. Otherwise look to overseas online stores as they start with winter stock in August.

  5. My heart is outside my body… never.ever. heard that feeling articulated quite so perfectly ! Bless you Billie, I remember my kids sitting in a high chair watching me dance like a lunatic too 🙂

    1. Yes me and my hubby would dance like a lunatic too when the children were upset it was how we got them to stop crying, LOL

  6. Nikki love your Offspring follow ups , the fashion is part of what makes it so attractive but I love some of the offbeat characters. The love between Ni na and Billie has been so evident this season

  7. Hi Nikki, I’m from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Here it was aired seasons 1/2/3 and I had to go online to see the rest. I just could not wait to watch it all. I love the show and searching for some Nina’s style, I found your page. I just wanna thank you for the incredible job. Since I came across your posts, I have never miss one! Lots of sucess!

  8. All you diehard Nina fans probably won’t agree with this BUT……..I don’t think in real life a person that’s so bumbling and unsure of herself etc would have the style of clothes and style of decorating of her house. It oozes confidence and accidental funk and chic, something that only style gurus are born with. Nina does NOT have that personality. As much as I love looking at the clothes and house I feel they have miss matched her personality with the stylists clambering over each other to showcase their talents in fashion and decor?…Just saying

    1. Hi LuLu, I totally understand why you may have formed that opinion. But I personally don’t agree, because I do know another side to it, and that is that intelligent, educated and professional people (such as doctors) still suffer anxiety, nervousness in social situations and family dramas, and of course, have a very different personality in their own private/social life compared to their professionalism at work. And they can still have great taste in art/decor/fashion and actually have the finances to indulge it!
      If you watch the show regularly, you see that Nina is calm in a medical emergency, or when someone in her family asks her a medical opinion, and her anxious/nervous side only shows when it comes to her close relationships or social situations where she is in awkward circumstances.

  9. for anyone who loves skinny jeans with long boots over, I have a current sale tip –

    Even for people with slender legs and skinny leg jeans, sometimes long boots just don’t fit over the top of the jeans, its just too tight to do up or look too bulky when you do them up over the jeans.
    Right now Esprit has denim jeggings in their EDC label which are on sale currently for $39.95 with an extra 25% off so they end up being only $27.97.

    I am not joking, they are so flattering on and actually make your legs look firm and slim, they cling to your skin like lycra leggings, tight long leather boots do up easily over them, they are totally comfortable and they look like jeans when they’re on! No one would know they are jeggings.
    Total bargain and they look awesome.
    I’ve bought my pair so I’m just sharing the good news with everyone who’d like to try and get them in the current sale!

      1. Oh I bought them in store, I don’t have a link. But the code on the label inside jeans is x4n003/791 and I’m pretty sure you could phone esprit store and they could look up on their computer and tell you which stores have stock or how to order them online.

  10. ok my favourite scene was Nina defending her facebook post on the importance of screening for Bowel cancer. I relate! I work in Allied Health and take opportunities to preach about preventative health and health consciousness even in amongst my ‘social’ posts.
    It was very true to Nina’s character, she’s fashionable and a neurotic person socially, but still ever present is her ‘doctor’ side.

    I don’t like how everyone on Offspring keeps referring to facebook as ‘social media platform’ and won’t say the word facebook. I don’t know if its a royalties thing to use the name Facebook, or whether the producers don’t want to be seen to be promoting one website over another, but lets face it, we all know its facebook, and showing the screen shots except the facebook word on the screen doesn’t make it seem like it might be some other site.

    It just sounds so fake and protracted when Billie or Nina call out “he liked and commented on my social media comment!!” What the? who speaks like that?? crazy

  11. I am short and I find some dresses are too long for me even skirts, so I have to get them tailored. I wish I could wear a maxi dress or maxi skirts. Can you wear skinny jeans under short dresses or tights.

  12. I missed the beginning of last nights show 🙁 will have to catch up on 10 play,but I loved all Nina’s and Billies outfits,Nina really rocks a maxi dress and yes Nikki I would love to go shopping with Nina I think it would be fun and expensive! I do hope poor little Alfie will be ok.

      1. The dress is best suited to me as i am rather short and with maxi dresses I have to get the length tailored. It was a suggestion for those who cannot wear maxi dresses because of height.

        1. Oh ok. I am really tall and have the similar problem only things are too short for me! Thank yourself lucky that you have that option as you have extra material in the garment. I guess we always want what we haven’t got!
          Lovely talking!

  13. I loved Nina’s perfume bottle necklace she wore at the hospital. I have a similar one that I was given a present with my favourite perfume. I wonder what Nina’s favourite perfume is.

      1. Nikki look up justbecausehome on instagram – they have said that nina is wearing a Bella Donna Harmony Ball – havent had a good google or inspeciton of the one she wore last night

          1. Is says the harmony ball necklace is worn my pregnant mothers, can anyone wear one as I have no children but actually love one for myself.

      2. The one I have looks very similar as it was my grandmothers so it is a antique. I read it on StyleintoAction Facebook which claims she was wearing a perfume bottle necklace. That is when I notice the similarities. I do not wear mine as often as it is a family heirloom.

  14. I have just read from that offspring will end at season 5. Which is a shame as this is the only show I watch beside neighbours and downtown abbey.

      1. I am upset also and sorry to make you cry. My partner is overseas and he Skype me moments after I read the article and thought something had happen in the family. When I told him, he said is that all… I do not watch much tv as I prefer to read and with a 2 year old son and working part time.

  15. Enjoyed last night episode very much . The writer was Michael Lucas and I think it is really obvious when it is his episodes as they seem to be the ones I really laugh out loud the most eg: the doctors scene plus Nina and Leo explaining their near miss one night stand = totally hilarious. And isn’t Alicia Gardiner (Kim) a scream. Her and Zara really crack me up. Loads of Willow and Mia last night too, lots of colourful Oishi-m for Zoe. Let me tell you Nikki, putting Willow to sleep for the last scene was no easy feat! Really enjoying your blog and adore the Togerlily dress !!

  16. Love both Nina’s outfits this week but being a jeans girl, the second is my favourite. “11 on the Nina scale”…priceless! I love Thursdays when I can check out what great wardrobe options you’ve come up with Nikki, thank you.

      1. Lucky you, Me and my hubby we go to Matt Morans restaurant for our anniversary and my hubby who mentioned I did not know Matt Moran could act. I had no idea, until I looked closely.

  17. Where is the Noosa Amsterdam bag? I thought they might stick with it through the series. I just love it. Loved the maxi dress and 2nd outfit too. So shocked by Alfie”s illness. I didn’t think they’d put us through yet more heartbreak!

  18. Monday episode of neighbours the character Sonya was wearing Nina’s Red tiger lily jacket. According to my sister Sonya has been wearing it since last year and i have only noticed it because of Nina. The green top/dress by one season nina wore last year well Sonya wears the same but in orange. I have been finding that Sonya and Nina have the same dress style.

  19. Did anyone else notice the flash of – was it hurt or the realisation that Nina was trying to move on – by Clegg when he asked her “define near miss”…? Meanwhile, Lawrence is proving a lovely replacement eye candy option following the departure of Patrick. He can rock a t-shirt anytime he likes thanks very much…!

  20. Does anyone know where I can get Nina’s necklace pendant she wore when on the lunch date with Thomas in the park. I think it is gorgeous. I have tried looking online but have not been to locate one.

  21. The coughing scene between Nina and her father was hilarious. And I loved the line about “11 on the Nina scale”. First week for some time that I didn’t cry, because of course there were no Patrick moments. Was I a little disappointed? Maybe. But I’m happy to keep going down this road with Nina and the rest of the Proudman gang just to see where it leads us. Absolutely loved the Maxi dress.

  22. I am desperate to get my hands on Nina’s Belcher bracelet watch, but have been unable to find it on-line anywhere! Do you happen to know the answer oh amazing Nikki?

  23. OK. So, I admit I’m somewhat obsessed with the heavier pendant Nina’s been wearing in the last couple of episodes. The detailing on the chain has me intrigued, I think because heavier jewellery is more my style than the fine pieces Nina generally wears.
    I did love Billie’s dancing around to Divinyls, and Clegg’s ridiculous stories. I think I like Thomas, but I’m a bit concerned about where the mother of his curly headed son is in the story so far.

    1. I know what you mean Johanne – I love it too – I haven’t given up the hunt. I suspect it’s a piece by a Melbourne jewellery designer who just hasn’t come on my radar as yet. Or an overseas purchase. And yes, I too, am concerned as to where the mother is? And is he married?

  24. I love how Nina can talk to Thomas – she can string an intelligent sentence together! I like how Nina and Billie are becoming more centered and “real”, if you get what I mean. Loved this episode. Loved the clothes. Love the designer stubble trio!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean about Nina and Billie – it’s been good for both of them to lean on each other for support. They’ve both grown up a lot. And Thomas does seem to be a good sounding board. I just want to know more of his story!

    1. It was almost like she was going to let him back in with the Alfie stuff but didn’t … unloaded in a message to Thomas instead. This style of dress would not suit me either but appreciate it on Nina!

  25. Hi Nikki I think Thomas the towel man is hot! And they have the kids in common. I suspect he will become a good friend rather than a lover. Loved the ” eleven on the Nine’s scale” comment, will become a classic in our house I think. Offspring is bonding time for me and my 15 year old daughter, we look forward to it each week.

    1. Oh no doubt about that Shellbell … Hotty McHotson. I’ve been thinking this morning and wondering if he’s married? There’s no talk of the mum to his kid? I used to watch Offspring with my daughter too before she moved out … good fun!

  26. hi nikki, mainly laughing at the one liners and nina’s awkward moments explaining leo’s and her situation in “nina’s 11 way!” anxiety plus!
    billy is hilarious and very quick to analyse … pointing out to nina her voice constriction!
    on the clothes front where is nina’s cross body bag homework nikki? …
    jj lol … you do sooo well at sourcing everything … champion! cheers m;)X

  27. I loved that I didn’t cry last night. It was nice. I also loved Billie’s top when she and Lawrence were at home and that he left his v neck, unicorn fur sweater there.

  28. Loved Nina’s floral, mullet top outfit combo. Philip and Nina coughing like Zoe had me laughing. Thomas the towel man is intriguing. What IS his story? You’re right, Leo would fit right in with the Proudmans. He’s like the male version of Nina!

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