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Last Friday a news crew from Channel Ten came to my office to talk to me about the popularity of Nina Proudman – her style and how so many of you show up here each week for the post-Offspring de-brief.

I was on the Brisbane news last night.

How crazy is that?

Styling You's Nikki Parkinson on Ten Eyewitness News Brisbane.

Nina would have been proud. I borrowed a beautiful teal Johnny Was top from Zambezee boutique for the on-camera occasion. I think it’s something she would wear. You’ll notice, however, in the photo below of my outfit, I’ve not taken on a full Nina look.

I’ve swapped out the long boots for shoe-boot wedges. I never shy away from a statement ring or bangle but my necklace and earrings in this outfit are fine like Nina would wear. My jeans are also dark skinnies – a Nina trademark.

Styling You's Nikki Parkinson in a Nina Proudman-inspired outfit

Johnny Was top from Zambezee Boutique | Blue Illusion Isabelle jeans | Zoe Kratzmann wedges | Samantha Wills ring | Nicole Fendel earrings | Uberkate bangle | Zaza Culture necklace

I think this idea is something for you to consider too. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the excitement of following what’s she’s wearing that we can lose sight of our own style. The prices that some things that Nina has worn are going for on eBay is a strong signal for us all to keep calm 😉

Nina’s look is Nina’s look. She may be fictional but the wardrobe designers behind the show know who she is and how that translates to her style. The actor who plays Nina – Asher Keddie – knows her well too and has the final say in what clothes are chosen for Nina to wear.

It’s totally possible to get the essence of Nina’s boho luxe look by taking certain elements and making them your own.  This is how you develop your style – it doesn’t come by copying another’s personal style. It comes by playing with different looks and being inspired by others to include different elements in a way that is expressly YOU.

Nina Proudman style

In last night’s episode (episode 5) Nina wore a white Lee Mathews top that we first saw in Season 4. There were very few around at the time as it was already out of season. It’s a typical Lee Mathews look so keep an eye out when the spring collection lands. This one from Johnny Was offers a similar look. Her “bar” necklace is by Nicole Fendel. I don’t have a lead on the red pendant chain necklace as yet but if you know where it’s from give a shout out in the comments below.

I’ve re-created her look with items available now and everything is priced under $70.

How to Dress like Nina Proudman

1. Sportsgirl necklace $9.95 | 2. Mix Apparel jegging $20 | 3. Free People top $70 (on sale) @ SurfStitch | 4. Target singlet $9 | 5. Colette Hayman earrings $3.97 | 6. Sandler boots $68.98 (sold out!) @ The Iconic – search for other brown boots here | 7. Adorne necklace $34.95

Billie Proudman style

Billie’s stud jacket was an absolute stand-out for me last night. It’s by designer Barbara Bui so a lot out of my budget but I’m including some Billie outfit inspiration this week as the concept behind Billie’s look is one that we can easily adapt to our own – and one that I employ quite often.

Take away the statement jacket and you have essentially a “column” of black. The neutral pants and top allow the jacket to do the talking but also create a great shape for most women. Notice how Billie’s jewellery is always more on the chunky side, while Nina’s is fine. It kind of reflects their differences in personality I think.

How to dress like Billie Proudman

1. Maison Scotch blazer $154 (on sale) @ David Jones | 2. Witchery earrings $19.95 | 3. 10 Bells necklace $15.96 @ The Iconic | 4. Seed top $59.95 | 5. Lee Cooper jeans $25 @ Big W | 6. Django & Juliette boots $299.95 @ Styletread

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Season 5, episode 5 was another complex one, wasn’t it?

We had the arrival of Jimmy and Zara’s baby but not before their birthing suite wedding.

Offspring Season 5; Ep5 Zara and Jimmy get married while she gives birth

We had the play-out between Lawrence and Billie and whether they’d actually end up doing the business. Let’s all pause for a moment and remember Lawrence wearing nothing but a sheet. Here’s a visual on the off chance it’s been wiped from your memory.

Lawrence in bed with just a sheet Offspring S5 Ep5

We had Jimmy risking all to help Billie’s property styling business along (Billie is showing a growing maturity with each episode).

And we had “airport guy” Leo returning to our screens.

Leo was ALWAYS going to turn up again in Nina’s life, don’t you think? They are very similar in character so I’m not sure there will ever be a romance between them. Unless he’s the good guy who gets the girl in the end … after Missoni pool towel guy is finished? Whatever happens, I think Leo would certainly be right at home in the Proudman family.

Offspring Season 5 Ep5 Nina Proudman meets Leo the new midwife

For me, the over-riding part in this week’s storyline was Nina’s grief.

Geraldine summed it up nicely: “It’s your grief my darling and f&*! anyone who tells you how to do it”.  Anyone who has lost someone they love would have cheered at this line.

There is no formula for how to grieve, it just is. I think the writers have done a good job taking us through that and I think the scene with the ghost of Patrick at the end of show where Nina poured out her heart was a turning point for her. She declared her love for him but also asked for his permission to keep on living.

Yes, the tears were streaming down my face. Again.

Over to you … best/worst bits from last night’s episode? Are you more Nina or Billie in your day-to-day styling?

Photo credit: scene photos are courtesy of Channel Ten.

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  1. Hi Nikki and fellow offspring fans,

    Just picking up on some of the comments made here over the last few days….

    I have what could boarder on an unhealthy obsession with Offspring – and Nina! So much so, that when it came to picking a topic for my research thesis I based it on Nina!!!

    Well, to be honest, Nina inspired me 🙂 Looking at Nina’s life now and how she is coping with Patrick’s death I based my research on grief. Particularly what places an individual at risk of experiencing grieving difficulties. My heart breaks watching Nina each week as she comes to terms with the death of a loved one.

    I won’t carry on about it to much, as I’m not trying to ‘sell it’ to anyone (nor do I think this is the forum to do it). I just thought, based on some of the comments below, some of you may be interested in either learning more about it or even participating (if you, like Nina, have lost a romantic partner).

  2. Hi Nikki 🙂 love reading your blogs! Last year I watched Time Of Our Lives and loved Bernadettes style as well, can’t wait for the show to start again. Thank heavens for online shopping because I look at ‘Nina’ & ‘Bernadette’ who are my style types and never ever see stuff like that in Perth! Love Some of Geraldines clothes too 🙂 love your work!

      1. Wow Nikki, did you see my other reply from “Maxwell’? Hmmm I could do with a few spells to get my housework done? Kinda like Samantha from Bewitched?? 🙂

  3. I watched it late, on the plane from Istanbul to London. I was bawling like a little girl, a big episode emotion wise.
    I am team Thomas the towel guy. He’s hawt.

  4. Hi Nikki, any chance we can see your interview online? I missed it on the day and would love to see it. Thanks for the suggestions about skinny jeans too – I finally succumbed and bought 2 pairs at Target last week. And I am amazed how good they look!! I never would have tried them if not for you.

  5. Her saying that she’d always love him. Gah. That’s the thing. In these days of relationships breaking down and divorce, widows and widowers have a hard time finding a new love that understands they’ll always hold a candle for the one that passed. This season has been BRILLIANT so far.

    1. My partner is a widower and deep down I love that I am his second love as he has mentioned that he does not want to get married as he feels disloyal to his previous wife, I can understand that by watching this show.

  6. Nikki another great job, thanks! I’m late to the party as I’ve only just caught up on the episode – soooo sad, I cried nearly the whole way through – happy, funny and sad tears! The writers are just so fabulous, aren’t they? I have to echo everyone else – I don’t think I’ve ever been so invested with characters. They are quirky but most of all, real. I love both Billie and Nina’s styles, and I wear them both. Billie is my ‘work’ look, and Nina is my ‘relaxed’ look. And had a little thrill a couple of seasons back when Zara wore a skirt I have! 😉 Thanks for the work you do here with your roundup – it makes the goodness last longer! x

  7. My style has always been similar to Nina’s even when growing up. When it first appeared on TV. My partner thought I gave her some styling tips. I find jeans west and Just jeans have similar nina inspiration. I only shop clothes when on sale.

  8. It is the bag Nina uses for Zoe to store the diapers, bottles and other baby items. It was featured in episode one.

  9. Not that glam, but does anyone know where the grey and white top Nina was wearing in bed is from? Looks too comfy for words and loved the neckline.

  10. Good question! I used to but from last season Channel Ten gave me access online to most of the shows ahead. I tend to watch on the day and then do my post and then watch at night in real time with everyone?

  11. I too became a widow in my 30’s & even though I’m long past the “raw” grief, the writing & acting was just brilliant. Tears were on. I just love everyone in the show!! What I also like is those awkward funny moments – I so get those as well. They make me squirm & laugh at the same time.

    I have to admit that I did know that hunky pool guy’s towel was Missoni (seen it at the shops) & I love their stuff. Oh to be able to afford those for everyday. Sigh!!!

  12. I like both Nina’s and Billie’s style and can take some from each.I too was very emotional when Nina said goodbye to Patrick but my Mum is is hospital ATM very ill so that doesn’t help ,last nights story line was a good one,great recap Nikki and I would love to see your news piece!

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  13. Hi Nikki, I think you are right about people having to wear their own style.

    There are very few people who can actually make themselves look like Nina. The reality is she looks so fantastic, not just because she is beautiful with a perfect figure, but because her outfits are styled with the BEST quality brands. Hooray for amazing sales when beautiful expensive items are reduced and a lucky girl happens to be in the right place at the right time with the right size available!
    But that rare opportunity aside, a cheap pair of boots or handbag is never going to look as good as a higher quality designer brand. And a Nina outfit is not going to look like a Nina outfit on someone with a totally different figure to Nina, or a cheaper or varied version of Nina’s items. If that was possible then we’d see everyday people walking around the shopping centres, cafes and workplaces all looking like styled fashionistas. People need to get real and not lose themselves trying to be something they’re not.
    Short boots don’t look the same as long boots, no matter what.
    A variety store fashion section is never going to look like the inside of a label store, its just not possible. All stores have their place in the market, but they are not for a minute interchangeable. A white singlet underneath other items maybe, but not the key pieces such as boots, handbags, designer tops that MAKE the outfit.

    Iconic women such as Coco Chanel gave great advice like buy one quality jacket/boots/bag, the best you can afford, then style yourself around that as your key piece. Focus on less items of better quality than trying to have it all and looking like an imitation.

    Thanks for all your links to designers and stockists of the items on the show 🙂

    1. I agree with you to a point Kellie but even with access to the best possible brands and a figure like Asher, this look wouldn’t work for everyone because it would marry with their personality. I do always advise to invest in boots and bags but the reality is that it’s so not possible for so many people. Over the course of the season of Offspring and seasons before I include all price ranges as then people can choose based on their budget.

      1. oh yes definitely, of course everyone has to live within their own budget and I was just agreeing with you that people should find what suits their own figure and personality, not just try to copy a icon in whatever way they can.
        I think you used the words ‘inspired by’ in regards to Nina’s style. That’s how artists and all sorts of creative processes come about, being inspired by something beautiful 🙂

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    3. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. About a year ago I my partner split up, we had both made BIG mistakes in our relationship. He ended up moving away from me to pursue a new life. I knew in my heart that he would be the only one to make me happy. I was relieved when I found your email on a site about what you have done. I requested 1 to 2 day casting of the reunite us love spell and within 4days mark company had relocated him back to our hometown where I still lived. We immediately reconnected and move in with each other. Our wedding date is set for (OCT 2013) Expect to see your invite in the mail thanks to [email protected]

    4. Your love spell has huge powers! I cant believe what’s happening to me! It’s been only 2 weeks since you did that spell and Vincent is already after me. Since the last week-end he phoned at least 4 times. I believe he seems to realize his mistakes. It’s absolutely happening as you said!! Thank you! Your work is helping me so much… Without you I would feel so lonely and miserable… Thank you! Rose if you need help contact him via [email protected]

  14. My husband died two years ago when I was 36 – he had cancer. I have a daughter. I have to say that the expressions, emotions, the script, everything here relating to Nina’s grief is so very well portrayed. I too am blonde and not unlike Nina in slightly ditzy personality. I feel like the show is mirroring me and my grief, my thoughts and feelings (I made a comment to my sister last night I thought the writers had set up camp in my head and heart to capture everything I feel and give it to Nina to play out). It is hard to watch, yes but I do find some strange comfort in having a cry and seeing it on screen – it’s very strange, but cathartic too. I am in awe of Asher Keddie as an actor. She plays grief perfectly.

    1. I agree with you Jules, I lost my husband 4 years ago, he was surfing and drowned and still cannot come to terms with replacing him with another man. I have a son who I named Myles after his father. Myles has his personality and looks which everyday reminds me of him. I keep imagining him with me all the time and with myles like Nina did. The writers did an amazing job and Asher was amazing. Watching Nina saying goodbyes last night made me think I should move on also.

      1. In your own time Erin. Nina’s goodbyes seemed very premature to me (the only glitch in the storyline) but I get that it’s TV! As for me, I have not got the time or energy for meeting someone new, my daughter gets my attention when I am not working. All the best for you and Myles and thank you for your thoughtful reply.

        1. Your welcome and thanks for the reply. I am like you, cannot be bothered with finding someone else, I had my one great love and no one in the world can or will compare to him, I love spending time with my son and that is all that matters. I thought Nina said goodbye to soon and everyone grieves in their own way. You should not listen to what other people say, you are the one that is grieving not them.

          1. The line from Geraldine to Nina about it being “her grief” was so perfect. I didn’t have children with my husband, but his father is still alive and I love to spend time with him – he and I now share a very special bond.

            1. Yes the line Geraldine said about grief – I wanted to send the transcript to those who have not understood. It’s great you have a close relationship with your father in law – mine was once close but no longer. I was told to pull my head in (basically) when my husband’s sister announced that her wedding date would be on my own wedding anniversary only 18 months after his death). That relationship is no longer except for what I have to do for my daughter to be in touch with them. Oh, and I did have a 20 year high school reunion 6 months after my husband died, thankfully no “resilience” awards. It was hard but actually everyone was lovely.

              1. I remembered when my son was born and I chose to name him after my husband and my family thought it was not right and his family refused me to call my son after him, well we do not stay in contact. I think all my family and his should have watched that scene. I wished i had a good relationship with my mother like Nina has.

        2. I agree Jules that perhaps the writers will move Nina on a bit too soon for the purposes of keeping the story evolving. I too lost my husband 2 years ago and waited for this season with a lot of trepidation. I know it’s fiction, but it is mirroring my experiences so closely (the school reunion was so similar to my experience at a friend’s wedding it was spooky) that I do actually find it a little theraputic.

    2. Oh Jules, it’s so lovely to hear from you and Erin below and Rebecca on FB last night. All women who have been there and more than any of us armchair critics know how well the writers have done. Thanks for sharing your story x

  15. Last night’s episode was BRILLIANT! It ran the full gamut of emotions and I absolutely loved it. When it comes to the characters’ style, I think I’m mostly Billie with a sprinkling of Nina. As for the romances I agree with you, I don’t think Leo and Nina will end up together romantically and who knows if Thomas The Hunky Towel Guy will stick around…but it’s sure to be hilarious and fun!

  16. As much as I love Nina’s style I’m a big fan of Zara’s too. And I love love love you talking about developing your own style with inspiration from Nina’s and not straight our copying hers. The clones are getting a bit much.

  17. Zara stole the show for me last night. I love her sassy ways and dry wit. Her birthing was more realistic than a lot of prime time births are too. She is a cracker. I’m looking forward to seeing Nina’s developing relationships with Leo and Pool guy too. x

  18. I love offspring! As a midwife, I find the show so funny to watch, especially the “male midwife” jokes. After reading all the comments, I think I must go back and watch this episode again-I missed some bits! Love the Nina & Billie style files. This weeks episode really left some doors open for anything to happen. And Nina never told Leo about Patrick so I am sure that will come up again. Uh oh I think I have an Off-spring addiction.

  19. The acting was absolutely outstanding, Nina’s grief was palpable. Love this show and your wrap ups, Nikki! Do you stay up in the wee hours to source everything or do you get to see episodes beforehand?

  20. Thanks for the Billie update – I was given a gold necklace last week that is very similar to the one pictured. I am a big fan of the basic black with a statement jacket – will add the necklace next time I wear. Billie’s style really resonates with me – I like the structure combined with the extroverted chunky jewellery.

  21. I must admit once all of my tasks are done on a Thursday, I sit down with my lunch and get my ‘Offspring’ fix. I really enjoy the fashion reviews, recapping last night’s episode and everyone’s comments.Last night I laughed so much and then cried for the last ten minutes. So emotional! So sad to see the last of Patrick. Nina’s top wasn’t my favourite last night, but I loved the rest of her outfit and Billy also looked great. The stand out for me was Zara. I loved her necklace and her jacket. Do you know where the jacket is from? Thanks for all of your tips and advice.

  22. I must admit once all of my tasks are done on a Thursday, I sit down with my lunch and get my ‘Offspring’ fix. I really enjoy the fashion reviews, recapping last night’s episode and everyone’s comments.Last night I laughed so much and then cried for the last ten minutes. So emotional! So sad to see the last of Patrick. Nina’s top wasn’t my favourite last night, but I loved the rest of her outfit and Billy also looked great. The stand out for me was Zara. I loved her necklace and her jacket. Do you know where the jacket is from? Thanks for all of your tips and advice.

  23. Just a beautiful episode, yet again! Tears rolling down my cheeks too, and they way that they’ve helped Nina (and us!) to move on from Patrick is just perfect 🙂 Thanks for the practical style tips as always too!

  24. I LOVE this show!! Geraldine’s line about Nina’s grief was just beautiful. Offspring’s writers are brilliant! Thanks for the wardrobe inspiration each week Nikki. I love seeing what you’ve come up with each Thursday.

  25. That scene where he is naked in the bed was hillarious! My husband came through to see why I was laughing to loudly (he leaves the room when I watch Offspring).
    I really love Billie’s fashion this season. I actually didn’t like Nina’s shirt this episode. It was unflattering even on her so cannot imagine it would look good on a mere mortal

  26. I love the Billie outfit inspiration. Those boots … and wow those jeans look fab. Even more so at $25 (I must admit I had to check that 3 times in case I read it wrong).

  27. Oh my word! How good did Lawrence look sans shirt? Eye candy overload! (Thanks for the visual by the way!) Watching each episode is like an emotional rollercoaster, I’m either laughing and/or crying! As always it’s brilliantly written, and I loved Geraldine’s advice on grieving, it certainly resonated with me. As sad as I am to see Patrick’s departure, I am looking forward to seeing more of Lawrence, and of course, pool guy. But what about the trailer for next week?! I just want everyone to be happy!

  28. I love love this show. Loving how they (the writer’s) have handled Nina’s grief. Loving the outfits too. In particular I am a boot-a-holic.LOVE Ninas boots and her whole wardrobe. This is such a beautiful show and love that Billie is showing some maturity and loved how she handled Lawerences ex fabulous work.

  29. you do well to nail the offspring fashion brief and you always have your finger on the pulse no matter what you do! love it nikki!
    laughing and crying rollercoaster ride very awkward nina moments with leo and the group … yes Geraldine shone last night and is she feeling left out or … something brewing there? thanks nikki love m:)X

  30. Loved the bar necklace! Loved this whole episode but man did I cry at the end!!!! My heart was broken all over again. I’m guessing this will be the last time we see ghost Patrick & in a way I’m glad cause I can’t handle the sadness but then I don’t want Nina to be without him either….this is honestly the best show Australia has ever produced, can’t remember ever being so invested in characters 🙂

  31. Can’t believe I couldn’t get channel 10 last night (on south coast nsw) there will be bloodshed if no one at home remembered to tape it for me !!

  32. I love Nina’s boots but the link isn’t working and I can’t find them?
    Could you please re post the link?

  33. What’s not to love about this show… Laughed, cried, saw eye candy all in one episode! Loved Billies jacket. I bought a similar one and have never worn it because I didn’t know how, now I can get some wear out of it! Thanks for another great wrap up Nikki… Have to say I didn’t like the look of next weeks episode though…

  34. Yes another emotional roller coaster with the Offspring team last night. I concur with you Nikki on the portrayal on Nina’s grief. Always love to see how the stylists have worked their magic each week. The corporate girl in me loves Billie’s style and the relaxed suburban mum enjoys Nina’s style. Thanks for giving us inspiration to try new styles but remain true to ourselves.

  35. I was laughing & crying & then couldn’t hardly wait for your de-brief & outfit deconstruct. I like knowing the actual, but love getting your ‘real’ take on their Style even more. Loving Nina. Loving Billie. Just fabulous

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