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Do you love it when Nina Proudman dresses up to go out – instead of to work or play?

I do.

It is a reminder that her wardrobe is not filled with only kimono jackets, embroidered tunics, jeans and boots.

We get an insight into stepping-out Nina and I do like what I see.

Remember the Wheels and Dolls Baby dress from three years ago? Or the frock she wore two years ago to the Tuff Muff lesbian night club?

The 2014 version of Nina’s night-time outfit is one that we can very much replicate at home. Perfect for a girls’ night out, a date night or, as in Nina’s case, a 20-year-school reunion.

Nina Proudman style

Offspring Season 5 Episode 4 - Nina Proudman style - sass and bide top, Adriano Goldschmied jeans

Nina wore a sass and bide shirt (similar here) and Adriano Goldschmied jeans (similar here).

I’ve re-created the look here for less (well, except for the shoes).

How to dress like Nina Proudman

1. Elliat blouse $119.95 @ The Iconic | 2. Colette Hayman earrings $24.95 | 3. Seed Heritage pants $99.95 | 4. The Mode Collective heels $289 @ Styletread

Earlier in the show, Nina was back in a green Johnny Was embroidered top. You can browse a selection of current Johnny Was here.

Offspring Nina and Billie in sunglasses | Nina in Johnny Was top.jpg

We also hadn’t seen Nina in sunnies since the Karen Walkers of two years ago. I’m thinking Billie’s are these Miu Mius and Nina’s aviators are by Prada.

Did you also notice Nina’s red silk kimono jacket? Of COURSE you did. Unfortunately you won’t find it in store or even on eBay. It was custom-made for her for the show. Le sigh.

Offspring Nina Proudman custom made red silk kimono Noosa Amsterdam bag

Her new bag, though? That’s another story.

It’s a Noosa Amsterdam mid-brown Shopper bag with five “chunks” added to personalise Nina’s look. For an online stockist of Noosa Amsterdam, click here or add in your postcode here to find a stockist near you.

Noosa Amsterdam mid brown shopper and chunks | as seen on Nina Proudman Offspring

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

This episode was full of some historic Proudman family interesting facts, don’t you think?

Turns out Nina and Billie were actually at school together for three months. Nina had been accelerated up a grade, Billie kept back a grade.

Then Zara putting two and two together (in her own special way!), matching up that exact time with the time that Billie spent in juvenile detention.

The magical formula for a school reunion. NOT.

Debating champion Nina did persist and Billie did show up after Lawrence rejected her invitation for sex … and in between tears and Billie’s emotional laughter releases, we saw again the strong bond of sisterhood between these two.

“I’m so grateful you look after Zoe and you look after me. You are her other parent. I couldn’t have done any of this without you,” Neens admitted.

We also had our fair share of topless men. From ghost of Patrick under the sheets, to hunky dad at the pool and outside the school reunion. Wonder if that will go anywhere?

Offspring Patrick naked in bed

Over to you. Best bits/worst bits of last night’s episode? Which Nina look did you like best?

Photo credit: all images from the show are courtesy of Channel Ten. 

PS. It’s my birthday tomorrow so I’m taking the day off. Monday is a public holiday so I’ll be back on the blog Tuesday.

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  1. Hi Nikki and Offspring Fans – I’ve just discovered this website and its right up my alley! I am a big Offspring fan and am loving this season. Billie is a classic; she cracks me up, and I just love Nina’s look..I often copy her style and have picked up a few nice scarves just this week, and am currently on the lookout for a nice brown ‘cross body bag’. Thanks for the great blog and references to versions of Nina’s clothes. I’ll be hanging out for the weekly update! x

  2. I have the same white shirt that Nina wore. I wear it to work as I am in admin in a law firm. The pants remind me of Olivia Newton John in Grease.

  3. If you type in Nina Proudman in ebay Australia, you will find lots of Nina style clothes and clothes worn on the show. My Hubby found that out for me, when he was looking for the tiger lily dress she wore.

  4. If you type in Nina Proudman in ebay Australia, you will find lots of Nina style clothes and clothes worn on the show. My Hubby found that out for me, when he was looking for the tiger lily dress she wore.

  5. I really should ban myself from reading your blog Nikki because I seem to find myself coveting items I didn’t even know that I needed. This time it’s the bag. I didn’t know how much I really needed a new brown bag until I read your post…and discovered that it’s stocked at a shop just around the corner from me. I think it was the universe’s way of telling me I just had to have it! And it does look so fabulous hanging off the stool in my kitchen as I type… 🙂

    1. I purchased the bag also, I lied and told my partner it was $140 as he would have gone nuts if I paid over $400 for it. I wore my bag to a family dinner and every commented on how the bag matches my style, I do not think anyone knew it was Nina’s lol.

  6. Hi, do you know the exact earrings that Nina is wearing in the top reunion pic? I love them but can’t seem to find anything about them.

  7. Does anyone know where Nina’s Owl Mobile in Zoe’s room is from that is hang in the cot. I think it is gorgeous and I am having a daughter in a few weeks.

    1. I reckon there similar to the tony bianco ones. There still on the web site. Just bought a pair the other day 🙂 in love

    2. The shoes, I believe, are a brand called Ramarim. Called summer boots. I have them. Got them from an online store called Shoe Me Gorgeous.

  8. Happy Birthday Nikki , enjoy your day tomorrow with family and friends. I am sure you will make the most of your celebration.

  9. Another lovely, quirky, sad, funny Offspring episode. Thanks Nikki for the rap on the Nina ‘all dressed up’ fashion. Gorgeous shirt! Such a lovely classic look, but with a twist. Hope you have had a good week conferencing with colleagues up the coast. Best birthday wishes to you for tomorrow and enjoy the long weekend with your family.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI! Hope you have a lovely sunny day xx ps. love the earrings you picked out, and the price!

  11. Absolutley in LOVE with Nina’s reunion outfit. Can see myself replicating it – thanks for the tips! Hello Thomas the towel man – I do hope we see him again! Could be interesting. Leo though – totes awkward!
    Many happy birthday wishes for tomorrow Nikki. I hope your day is filled with lots of love, surprises + gluten free cake! Enjoy your day and have a wonderful long weekend xx

  12. LOVE her reunion outfit – great work finding everything for us Nikki. Im really looking forward to the awkwardness next week when Leo appears on the ward. Have a lovely birthday.

  13. Mr Styling selfishly flew back from Melbourne at 8.30pm last night, so I will have to catch up on the episode at a later date…but of course I couldn’t help myself and simply had to read today’s post! Nina’s school reunion outfit is definitely something I would wear – particularly those pants and shoes.
    PS: Happy Birthday for tomorrow gorgeous lady! You’ve certainly had the most brilliant prelude, and I hope you have the most fabulous day…and weekend…and week ahead! xx

  14. I loved that red kimono jacket and her outfit for the reunion was gorgeous.I really loved the end part when Billie and Nina were talking at the pool so much emotion and such a good script.
    wishing you a wonderful Birthday for tomorrow Nikki I hope you have something fabulous planned xx

  15. I absolutely loved Billie’s sunglasses and immediately thought, Styling You will tell me what they were….thanks! 🙂

  16. So as you know I don’t watch Offspring but do enjoy your recap – I feel like I keep up to date with what everyone is talking about through it. I must admit I am a bit lost today with all the goings on but I do like the look of that guy in the school reunion photo above. Is he staying?. I also love Nina’s school reunion look (and the one you have created). Happy birthday Nikki, I hope you have a fabulous birthday festival!!

  17. I loved Nina’s outfit for the school reunion. It was very much my date night type of style, because you can’t be hippie luxe all the time -and I certainly can’t with my corporate trainer job.
    Funny about Nina’s bag, because I tend to wear mine across the body as she does, and as she shrugged on a bag last night my husband noted it was exactly the way I do it.

    As for Thomas of the Missoni towel: he can come back anytime!

  18. Arrghh.. I missed the first twenty minutes so thank you for putting together a missing piece for me ! Oh I think we knew Leo would show up again.. Awkward !! Loved how Lawrence’s reaction threw Billie slightly.. for me though, and any of us (and most I’m guessing) that have been through grief, Nina’s line.. “I’m angry he’s not here” . authentic and heartfelt script-writing. Have a great birthday !!

  19. Have a lovely day tomorrow Nikki, did love the diverse Nina wardrobe…..such great stylists on Offspring…..was hoping Leo would not be back and as a midwife ? Noooo…. but love Thomas, now he is a good addition….homies as well 🙂 also great Patrick moment 🙂

  20. Loved the simplicity of her school reunion outfit – it was a nice contrast to her bright, daily, boho wear too. Those pants are worth inspecting closer too! Loved meeting Thomas (were they using Missoni towels?) and interested to see where this goes. Loved seeing Leo back from the “Hello Hotel” too. Happy birthday for tomorrow Nikki too. Hope you have a fabulous long weekend! x

    1. I think yes to the Missoni towels Vanessa and I called it about Leo coming back and being linked to the hospital in some way. Will be a fun episode next week. And thanks for the birthday wishes!

  21. offspring fan here … jam packed full of interesting insights and billie ridiculously took it out with her Japanese style laughing for endorphins … good show! and sister hood is strong every where! here’s to it!
    you do a great job covering it all for us even whilst on you resort hop 😉
    absolutely deserve a gorgeous happy birthday too … enjoy, indulge nikki!
    have a great weekend lol m:)X

  22. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, have a wonderful day! Shock horror, I don’t watch Offspring, but read your posts about it anyway. Still laughing over ‘Tuff Muff’ night club name, hahaha! Maybe I should become a convert 🙂

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