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I was asked recently if I thought that printed pants would disappear from the fashion landscape any time soon.

I pondered this question for all of three seconds and said NO.

I could be wrong but anything that seems to have a level of comfort mixed in with an interesting fashion element seems to have longevity.

Look at maxi dresses. Everyone thought they would be a one-season wonder … about five years ago. They keep on coming back.

No matter how crazy fashion trends can get, at the core of it we do crave a little (or a lot of) comfort in our clothes. So if we can disguise that comfort as something a little bit fashion-y then I say get on board.

If you’re yet to get your wardrobe stocked with a least one pair then I think today’s post may get you over the line.

The trick with prints – if you’re not used to wearing them – is to start with a print that’s almost a neutral in colour. Think black and white; black and cream; black and stone …

These pants from Bella Lido fit that brief. And Bella Lido, a Queensland-based lifestyle fashion label, knows how to create pieces that suit a trans-seasonal or mild winter wardrobe.

The Model

Bella Lido Betty top | Bella Lido Georgie pants

Bella Lido Betty top $79 | Bella Lido Georgie pant $105

and me

Bella Lido pants and top | Country Road knit | Frankie4 Footwear sneakers | Zaza Culture necklace

 Bella Lido pants (size M-L) and top (size L)* | Country Road knit | Frankie4 Footwear sneakers | Zaza Culture necklace

This is one of my favourite go-to casual looks. It’s something I’d wear during the week for working at home and also on weekends.

For me the smart in smart casual comes from the details and these pants and top have those. The top is a beautiful soft cotton with shaped arms and a rayon trim on the sides. You don’t see it in my photos (sorry) but the model photo shows it more clearly.

The pants are rayon – light and soft to wear. They have good streamlined shape across the waist/tummy area and that’s the key for me to finding printed pants that don’t balloon out like clown pants. This streamlined shape continues down the leg creating a flattering line.

I’ve rolled up the pants to get the best length for my legs. Easy to do and doesn’t involve hemming.

As with all my outfits at the moment, I’ve got a top layering piece ready to go. In this case it’s a Country Road knit that I received for Mother’s Day. I’d also wear this outfit with a denim or black jacket; or a cardi.

Yes, the combination won’t work for super cold days but for the days we’re experiencing now and most Queensland winter days, this is a good base option for me.

What’s your go-to mild winter outfit? 

The Model and Me Bella Lido AW14

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration

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  1. I’m always slow to get on to the trend wagon. They look totally comfy but…something is stopping me going there.

  2. Love those pants and totally love that look! I love printed pants. I have heaps of them in my wardrobe.

  3. Love these on you! I adore the printed pant, I have three neutral pairs and a few with a little more colour. I still haven’t managed to find the ideal soft denim/chambray pair yet. May be out of luck now Winter is here.

    1. I haven’t tried them on, but try the Mix Apparel ones (online). Not too expensive to have a try. If they don’t fit / aren’t right you can return to ANY Coles store.

  4. Those pants look great on you Nikki, love the print and they look so comfy. It’s quite a bit cooler down here so I haven’t worn my printed pants since I had to put my sandals away, but I hadn’t thought to roll them up a bit and try them with lace-ups, good idea! Happy birthday week xx

  5. I know own 4 pairs of printed pants. 3 of them are black/white and black/caramel, so the neutral tip definitely worked a treat for me! My most recent printed pant purchase was all your fault, Nikki – THOSE leopard print pants from Blue Bungalow…I love them!

  6. Those are lovely looking pants and that outfit looks great on both you and the model – obviously very versatile. I think by the sheer volume of printed pants wearers I see around the place, I also can’t see them going anywhere soon. Enjoy Noosa!

  7. I do love a printed pant. I wear mainly florals but I would love a pair of polkadot ones though. I have to disagree on your advice to go for a neutral. I have a pair of black/white ones and they never get worn. I think you are better off choosing a print with a colour you wear lots 🙂

      1. First time poster! I’m with you Nikki. I have one pair of printed pants that I bought on your advice a couple of months ago. They are black and white. Now after a few outings in these and a few compliments taken on board, my confidence is building and I think I’m ready for colour! Love your blog 🙂

  8. Love a printed pant Nikki ,they are lovely,I like the stripe and they look great on you!
    my go to winter outfits are skinny jeans and a knit and a scarf ,or pointe leggings and a knit and boots or loafers depending on the temp.Lovely Model and Me post.

  9. this outfit looks great on you nikki! … yes I love a patterned pant!
    especially with black in the mix! have a great week in noosa?
    I love noosa! love m:)X

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