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Did you hear the big beauty news yesterday?

We already knew that cosmetic retail giant Sephora was coming to Australia but it seems that we will get the US prices as well.

I’m not really surprised as I’ve noticed over the past couple of years many cosmetic brands reducing their retail prices in Australia. Competition is alive and well and will only get more fierce with Sephora’s arrival.

I wonder what it will do to our existing retailers. I hope they can match on price without sacrificing service because if they do then the winner will be us – the Australian beauty consumer.

Things to ponder. Would love to know your thoughts?

In the meantime, I’ve listed my five beauty favourites for June 2014 for you. There’s even a little eyeliner tutorial video to go with one of these faves. I’m no expert – you’ll find plenty of those on YouTube – but if you’re of a certain age, with the kind of eyes that come with that certain age and and scared stiff of a liquid eyeliner, then scroll on down. My video might be the prompt you need.

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1. Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne ($90): I know it’s all kinds of strange that we get the summer fragrance releases as it’s heading into our winter but I think sometimes you just have to go with it. I’m not an overly floral type of fragrance girl but this one won me over with its hint of spice (white pepper) and grounding base of moss. It’s sold out online but you may be lucky to nab a bottle in store.

2. Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer – Light ($39): I’m a huge, huge fan of the original of this concealer. The original scared me at first as it looked too dark but when I got the hang of it – using just the teeny, tiniest of amounts, pre-warmed on my finger tips – then it did miraculously work in with my complexion. BUT. I know many of you just couldn’t make it work for your skin tone. For those it’s time to rejoice. A “Light” shade has been released. It works for my skin tone too – slightly better. And don’t be scared off by the price for one small tub. It lasts a very long time. I use mine daily and have barely made a dint in it. Apply after your foundation or BB cream and you’ll need less as well.

3. Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner ($35): This is the eye-liner that will change your life if you’ve ever been too scared to use one. The angled brush (see video below) makes application fool proof. Plus, if you struggle with eyeliner sticking to your eyelids, struggle no more – this won’t budge until you use an eye makeup remover to do so. It’s not available until June 27 in Australia but keep an eye on the Benefit Australia Facebook page for pre-sales. I’m already a huge fan of the They’re Real Mascara and this new line has well and truly lived up to its hype. Look out for it at Benefit counters and boutiques and online at Adore Beauty.

4. BareMinerals Marvellous Moxie Lipgloss in Sparkplug ($26.95): This little pocket rocket of a lipgloss has been my handbag bestie for a while now. It actually came as part of a the limited edition Dynamic Duo set that included a mini Lash Domination mascara. You may still track down the duo (which was priced at $19.95) in store at Mecca Maxima. When this mini Moxie runs out I’ll be re-stocking in its regular form. The colour is a gorgeous neutral with a coppery shimmer. It hydrates and plumps the lips a little without any stickiness.

5. Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara ($16.95): Want big lashes fast? The “broken-heart” brush works a treat to create curvy lashes by hugging the base of your lashes and grabbing the hard-to-reach inner lashes. Love the formula – it’s a cinch for clump-free mascara application.

Now, it’s your turn … have you come across a beauty product this month we all need to hear about? Or share one fave from your beauty kit you can’t ever imagine not buying!

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  1. Ooh I need to check out that eyeliner Nikki and the mascara – I have some very wayward upper inner lashes which can stick out at all angles even after applying mascara! Thanks for the how-to clip too xx

  2. Loving the Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Eyeliner too Nikki! Much, much easier than using the liquid liner to draw my winged eye liner look.

  3. I am terrible at applying eyeliner but I love the definition it adds to your eyes and face. I’ve never been great at drawing straight lines. I guess I need to practice. 🙂 The Benefit Eyeliner might be my answer.

  4. Goodness, I may be late to the party but I am absolutely loving the Nars highlighter! Actually, I have nothing to compare it to but I love mixing it with my tinted sunscreen for a great day look!

  5. Weee!! Jo Malone! My absolute favourite perfumes.They’re always really interesting and I can’t get enough of the Black Vetyver. I’ll be checking out the eyeliner as well.

  6. I am beyond excited about Sephora but am I guess a bit apprehensive about whether it will match the US experience. Possibly because a few o/s chains that have come have not been that same fab experience. Time will tell! I totally love that concealer and have keen to check out the eyeliner. The mascara is the best.

  7. I cannot wait for Sephora to open here, very exciting! I’m also looking forward to having a crack at that eyeliner, I am a massive They’re Real fan.

    1. Oh ME TOO Sonia, and with the same eyes even. Sometimes I look at the one perfect eye and think how good would it be if it were socially acceptable to go out with one done eye. Like a feature.

  8. Thanks for the great tips! I found a new product while I was holidays in the Clare Valley and had time to go inside a beauty shop for a demo. My eyebrows always look washed out in comparison to my dyed hair. I was dying them or using a pencil. The product is TK’s eyebrow extender. You brush it on (from memory it’s Italian clay) and can build it up to suit. I think it was $50 but you don’t need much.

  9. That’s awesome news about Sephora coming with their awesome prices. I’ll be moving back to Oz next year and was already planning to stock up with all things from Sephora, but now might not need to! I wonder if they’ll be offering online shopping also?

  10. Can’t wait for the Benefit gel liner to become available. Simply love the They’re Real mascara and desperate to try the new product. My Bobbi Brown gel liner is ready to be replaced, and holding out desperately until the Benefit product becomes available. Tried for a sneak peek at the Benefit counter in Myer last week, but they didn’t have any to trial

  11. Great tips and beauty news thank you Nikki I am a fan of Benefit Gimme brows as mine are sparse,and thank you for the tutorial on eyeliner!

  12. thanks nikki for the tips … especially the you tube demo! … love those!
    not a huge eye makeup user ever! … it makes my eyes look smaller!
    I’m naturally dark so I do like a bit of bourjois smoky grey shadowing though.
    cheers m:)X

  13. I am loving the Maybelline volume express smokey eyes mascara. All the volume express range mascaras are great but this one is even better! Super long lashes and the ability to layer and layer and layer with no clumping. I’m just on the look out for the water proof one. It’s super great value for the price (about $16.95)

  14. Ooh love this post, thank you for the eye liner tute. My teen keeps at me to get back into wearing it again . Will try. Love Sephora, am heading to NYC to stock up at end of year but will be more than happy if it’s here at same amazing prices. What I remember most was the unobtrusive service and the vast range of products. If they can do that, oh and they had a diverse range of people, male and female that nailed their own style offering great customer service when needed .
    No beauty finds to share apart from squirting my colleagues with my Coco Chanel, as I have started wearing it to warm up nippy mornings and everyone wants to smell as divine!

    1. Oh Cheekie I love your cheeky ways! Think I need a squirt now. And yes, agree that the unobtrusive service was amazing at Sephora. The store was set up to “help” you which I found great for browsing without pressure to buy.

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