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I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this story before but I’ll share again. I first discovered the wYse lifestyle label via a photo of one of my relatives in g-string underwear.

While this story sounds very much not G rated (pun very much intended!), it is. This particular relative was a model for wYse and her well-toned bottom featured on the swing tags of all the underwear produced by the label at the time.

That was 18 years ago when wYse established itself as an underwear label and become known as the makers of comfortable g-strings. I know, I know. It’s a divisive concept – comfort plus g-string. You’re either on board or not.

Don’t panic. You won’t find a model and me g-string scenario any time soon on this blog. I’ll save from that.

wYse has grown to be a lifestyle label offering wearable outer-wear pieces in a natural modal fabric.

For me, the label fits the same wardrobe category as Metalicus and Mela Purdie. They are reliable, timeless pieces that will always be there for you. They require minimal care effort yet help make you feel effortlessly and stylishly comfortable.

I’m often asked for recommendations on which leggings to buy. My wYse leggings are still the very best that I’ve ever worn. My original pair is now about four years old and still looks as good as the day they were first bought. The black has not faded and the fabric has not pilled. That’s very much worth the initial investment in my books. My hot tip when buying legggings is to buy down one or two sizes – and this is what I did with my wYse ones.

I’m featuring a maxi dress from wYse’s autumn-winter 2014 collection. The modal fabric skims the body and it’s an absolute joy to wear.

The model

wYse maxi dress AW14

wYse maxi dress $195 @ Hard to Find

and me

wYse maxi dress | Seed scarf | Zoe Kratzmann boots | Uberkate earrings | Noosa Amsterdam cuff

wYse maxi dress* (I’m wearing XL) | Seed scarf | Zoe Kratzmann boots* | Uberkate earrings | Noosa Amsterdam cuff

The modal is a breathable fabric, it’s not thick but generally skims the body.  I find if I wear seamless underwear, lumps and bumps are not highlighted in a way I’d prefer them not highlighted.

If you wanted more support and skim-ability, wear a long slip dress underneath.

Like my summer maxi dresses, I find they are more flattering and less overwhelming on me if I knot one side of the hem. Showing a bit of ankle helps to balance out proportions.

On a cooler day, I’d layer over this a long-line cardi or a cropped denim jacket. On a really cold day, there would be tights underneath as well.

This is actually a really great style to wear while travelling. The fabric feels like you’re wearing pyjamas. That’s always a winner in my books.

As far as colour goes, this is one of my fave colours for AW14.  It’s very similar to the Metalicus tunic I featured recently. This dress is also available in a port/wine colour.

A quick note on the boots. I’m loving a nude boot at the moment. Particularly as an ankle boot. Just like a nude summer shoe, it’s a great way to extend the leg and is also a good balance out for blonde hair. Love the detailing and hardware on these Zoe Kratzmann ones too.

Have you got any wYse pieces in your wardrobe? Embrace a maxi dress for an autumn/winter wardrobe alternative?

The Model and Me wYse AW14

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration

  • Thanks for intro to this brand!

  • You are quite literally the incredible shrinking woman! That colour is exquisite on you and I just love the pop of leopard in your scarf…!


    I agree with Mrs Woog, looking very svelte, and very gorgeous.
    I luff a nude ankle boot too. Mine are hush puppies
    Maxi dresses are a good transeasonal thing too xx

    • It’s the angle and the scarf placement but thanks. Nude ankle boots rule!!

  • I love the colour and the neckline. Delighted to hear that such an elegant outfit can be so comfy!

  • Dear lord! Looking very thin Parko. Love this dress but LUMPY!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love this colour on you Nikki and the dress is gorgeous I actually do own a few wYse pieces a grey pair of leggings and a black top.Love your model and me posts Nikki keep them coming!

  • Danielle

    Can I ask Nikki do you think this style could work for a shorter body type? I love it, but at 156cms am wondering if it will be too much for my frame!

    • Yes, if you’re prepared to have the hem taken up. The trick is to show your ankle as I’ve done. A cropped jacket would also balance out.

  • merliyn

    morgan … very much like the look of this brand thank you nikki!
    and you are looking uber slim and chic with a touch of animal at neck!
    I think these are great colours on you … super! … m:)X

    • Morning to you … it’s the angle and the scarf hiding me that’s working! But thanks. x