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It’s been a while since I’ve featured Sancerre here on the blog.

It’s a Melbourne-based clothing company that offers relaxed lifestyle pieces – many of which really suit a trans-seasonal wardrobe.

There’s an emphasis on layering and effortless styling.

A couple of years ago I wore and featured Sancerre’s basic band slip in white. If you’ve been following along for some time, you’ll know all about my love of wearing a slip dress under a frock (particularly a summer frock). This one is one of the best as it has the tank-style straps, allowing you to wear and hide a normal bra underneath. The band at the bottom helps prevent the slip riding up when you’re wearing it.

Today’s outfit doesn’t feature the slip but it does feature two pieces that help create a wearable casual outfit that is particularly at home during the trans-seasonal months.

I realise that for those who live in colder parts of Australia, it’s an outfit combination that won’t work in the height of winter.

For me, it’s the ideal combination for a day that can get up to the early ’20s temperature wise with a light-weight jacket that adds outfit interest.

And it also includes my friends – the printed pants.

The model

Sancerre Afra jacket | basic tee | Lanis pants

Sancerre Afra jacket $199 | basic tee $54.95 | Lanis pants $109

and me

Sancerre jacket, tee and pants | Frankie4 Footwear loafers | Samantha Wills necklace

Sancerre jacket* (I’m wearing M) and pants* (I’m wearing XL) | Witchery tee | Frankie4 Footwear loafers | Samantha Wills necklace

A few years ago if anyone had told me I’d be wearing elasticated pants in a printed fabric, I would have very much guffawed and uttered things that would prove to be un-truths.

The truth is I fell hard for this pant style and find the print is a great way to add personality to a pair of pants. You get the ultimate combination of comfort and style interest.

Work that back with a basic tee and a jacket or cardi and you have a fantastic alternative to jeans. These are elasticated at the bottom which enabled me to roll them up to just above the ankle – this is the length that I find most flattering on me.

Now, you may have some trouble with sourcing sizing in these pants online but Sancerre is also available at stockists around Australia. Find one nearest you.

The jacket just works for me. It’s the ideal addition for an autumn morning on the soccer sideline or casual day at home. Love the colour, love the hood and love the pockets. It won’t work mid-winter except during the middle of the day but either side of the season it will work a treat.

For the tee, I opted for one of my trusty Witchery relaxed linen tees. I have three of them and they keep on giving. They wash and retain their shape and allow for me to wear an outfit like this without muffin-top concerns. It doesn’t suit me to do the full tuck but the half tuck with a blousing over the waist band does work.

I bought these loafers a couple of months ago and they are up there with some of  the most comfortable shoes I own. They also look good, which you know, is kind of important to me 😉

If you find it difficult to find shoes that sit well on your feet (and maybe fit any prescribed orthotics) then you need to check out Frankie4 Footwear. Your feet will thank you for it.

The Model and Me Sancerre AW14

Are you on board with printed pants? Love a light jacket?

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration

PS. My blogging friend Vanessa at Style and Shenanigans is hosting an outfit challenge this week – and it’s all about embracing prints in your wardrobe. I’m going to play along … you might want to join in and tag it along with your #everydaystyle. Today’s challenge prompt is stripes, tomorrow it’s animal print (tips here).

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  1. Hi Nikki, I think you look great in this model and me post 🙂 Gorgeous pants. I was the same – I didn’t think I could do patterned elasticated pants but they were my best buy this summer. It was quite a step outside my comfort zone for me, so I got the black with white feather patterned CR ones and have loved them and got so many compliments…my question is, do you think they’ll still be around next summer?? xx

  2. I love this look, i think this is a harder look to pull off as it is casual but dressed up a bit. I adore this jacket, but is a little out of my price range. Any tips on finding a similar one for a bit less $$$?Love your Monday posts, thank you 🙂

    1. The reason it looks more dressed up is that you’re adding a layer. As soon as you add an extra layer it lifts the whole outfit. Finding a similar one at this time of year might prove tricky – as the stores are embracing full winter – but maybe try ASOS or overseas online stores stocking northern hemisphere spring pieces.

  3. I do love those Frankie4 Footwear shoes – I noticed these and a few other styles popping up in a few shoe shops in Carindale. Also just a tip for those on a tight budget, Kmart have some awesome t-shirts similar to the Witchery one you are wearing. I have both and whilst the Witchery one is slightly nicer, the Kmart one seems to be amazingly good value.

    1. Great tip Kelly! I only bought one at full price and got the other two on sale at the airport shop last year – bought the last two in my size because had been so impressed with how they washed.

  4. A big yes to both Nikki I love a printed pant,they are comfy and look good and are great for this transeasonal weather we have been having ,so I’m getting lots of wear out of them this year!I know winter will hit with a bang but while the daytime temps are good I will, keep on wearing them.This is a lovely model and me post I really like the jacket as well.

  5. A big yes to printed pants! As you know, it took me a while to jump on board but I’m riding that printed pant train all the way home. I really hope they stick around.
    I need to build a better collection of basic tees. I love that you have 3 of those Witchery tops and that they wash and wear so well. Must check them out.

    1. We should start a campaign to make sure they do stick around. The tees have a bit of a story – I started with one – loved it, loved how it kept its shape and then when was at the airport about six months later, saw the same tee reduced to $27 – two in my size got snapped up in a flash!

  6. Love the printed pants, never thought I would but I do. I have 2 wonderful pairs from Big W and get complimented on them regularly. Plus they were dirt cheap! The only downside is that they are too cold for a Melbourne winter……you look great Nikki, your model amid me posts are my favorites.

  7. there she is, like clockwork … thankyou nikki … I appreciate and enjoy!
    yes this outfit has my name on it and you look great! … perfect for the weather we are enjoying here too …
    have a good day! … love m:)X

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