Mother’s Day 2014 gift ideas

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Everytime an ad comes on TV for some kind of gift that advertising land thinks we mothers just can’t wait to unwrap on May 11, Mr SY thinks it’s HILARIOUS to suggest that that’s what he’s already bought me.

Thankfully, I know I’m safe for a couple of reasons.

#1 His birthday is this Sunday so no attention will be swung my way until he’s suitably celebrated and feted.

#2 He knows if he presented me with a double CD of mum songs I’d find a way to sneak them on to his 2014 iTunes playlist ready for next time he’s out running. Instant mojo killer there.

Mr SY also has a pretty good track record when it comes to gift buying.

He realises that ultimately everyone’s a winner if you get the gift-giving thing right and Mother’s Day is no exception.

Mother’s Day is certainly not just about the gifts you can buy either. Give me a slow-start Sunday and some champagne at some point during the day and I’m a very happy mum indeed but today’s post is about spoiling with gifts if that’s what you like too.

Here are my tips if you’re trying to steer the gift buyers in your family in the right direction for Mother’s Day 2014.

1. Now is not the time to be subtle. If you have had an idea or two on your mind, then come right out and say it. The gift buyer will love that they are getting something that you really would like to receive.

2. Train the gift buyer. Easier said than done, I know, but it is possible. Be vocal throughout the year about your favourite shops. Mr SY works in the city. I’ve stopped short of printing off a Google Maps page marked with suitable shopping destinations but he knows which shops he could walk into and walk out of with anything from their ranges, knowing I’d be a happy girl.

3. Do you have a “thing”? Having a “thing” or in my case several “things” makes it oh, so easy for the gift buyer. Me? Anything featuring pineapples, hearts, spots or flamingoes will capture my attention and my heart.

4. Do you collect anything? Adding to an existing obsession collection makes it so easy for the gift buyer. I have a special cupboard in the kitchen for all my gorgeous Samantha Robinson porcelain pieces. And, ummm, I have cushions all over the house.

5. What are you into? Stamp collecting or yoga? Mountain biking or book reading. Tea or champagne? These are also good pointers for your gift buyer.

The gifts

Here’s a selection of gifts – all under $200, most under $50 – that I’d happily unwrap on Mother’s Day or any day of the year.

Mother's Day 2014 gift ideas

1. Each to Own Flamingo brooch $22 | 2. Typo tea towel $9.95 | 3. Sussan water bottle $29.95 | 4. Sportscraft knit $129.95 | 5. Uberkate pendant $165 | 6. Wellicious Divine Yoga Mat $180 @ Fire and Shine | 7. Ball Heritage blue Mason jar $12.95 @ The Spring Shop | 8. Katies scarf $19.95 | 9. Blue Bungalow pineapple clutch $39.95 | 10. Mighty Purse (with built-in smart phone charger) $99.95 @ Borne Naked | 11. Go To Skincare Lips! $14.95

Plus two more if the family Lotto comes good in the next week or so … because a girl’s got a dream and being a mum is the most important job in the world. Right?

1. A stay at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. I’m lucky enough to have been twice for a weekend but would love a longer stay. Here’s why I love it so.

2. A 5-day yoga detox in Bali with Luxury Health Retreats Bali. Check out what my mate Smaggle thought of her experience.

But I know you want more …

So many of my blogging friends have also created Mother’s Day gift guides so I’ve asked them to join in the link-up below. Click on these links for more ideas.

And I’d also like to hear from you. What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received? Anything on your wishlist for this year?  

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  1. Ooh I’d love the Bali yoga retreat! But would be just as happy with that lovely scarf. Thanks for the linkin.

  2. Totally agree that it is not the time to be subtle. Though even my boys now realise that a gift card from Bunnings is not the way to go – no matter what the lovely women in the ad say!

  3. Everyone that knows me knows that anything from
    Dinosaur Designs is a winner. I have decided that is what I collect so I need to build up my collection!

  4. Handmade cards from my three year old are the BEST. I got some slippers last year and I can’t remember what I received the years before. Just spending time with my family is the best… and getting a sleep in. Loving all your gift suggestions. That Mighty Purse is sneaky sneaky with built in smart phone charger!

  5. That tea towel is gold!!! I want it!

    My best mums day gift was a bath robe I got about 10 years ago- thick, long & so cosy. As soon as the weather cools down I love putting it on in the mornings.

  6. I agree with all of your hints. In fact after reading each one I thought to myself…That’s funny, exactly what I’ve done. I have to tell you that I’m not a huge FB user but I am so glad that somehow I came across your page and receive your daily posts. Ta xxxx

  7. I just bought my Mum and I a Mighty Purse for both our Mother’s Day presents!! (Is it bad I just bought my own pressie?? lol). What a fantastic idea – I hate it when my phone battery dies when I’m out.

  8. My Mum is now dead but so often gifts she had received for Mothers Day would be re-gifted back to other members of the family on birthdays or Christmas.

  9. No Mother Days for me (either way) but would love all those things! My Mum would have too. Maybe she can have a little something that I will use for her! Kind of a nice way to remember her.

  10. Haha, I’m loving the Typo tea towel! Best gift, a holiday just Mum & I last year, treasured memories. A FB friend posted a status yesterday that gave me much food for thought…recognising women who may not have their own children but play the role of super aunty to the children of friends and relatives.

  11. Lovely ideas here Nikki,I love anything that is just for me and not the house unless I really want it .I am easily pleased perfume,mousturiser or even a good book is appreciated.
    My best Mother’s Day grift was when when my daughter nominated me for the Barnardos Mother of the year award she didn’t tell me and I didn’t win but just for her to write the letter and for me to get a copy in the mail was so very special!

  12. After my Ex-husband left my daughter and I (she was 5 1/2 at the time) he was so self absorbed that he didn’t even try to help her get something for my first solo Mothers Day (which I had suggested he might need to help her) as she
    a. didn’t have any money
    b. couldn’t drive herself to the shops

    She understood what the day was and I didn’t make a big deal about it but she was fretting and rummaging through her room looking for ‘treasures’ to give to me because she didn’t want to do nothing. We chose to spend the day hanging out… if I remember correctly we had a little picnic on the loungeroom floor just to celebrate.. with whatever small token of love that she found…
    My heart was both full of joy and broken at the same time. It was the best and the most humbling Mothers Day ever and one I will never forget. It made me realise that sometimes it is just ‘stuff’ that we give for these occasions but the true meaning is the love we show one another.

    Needless to say I attempted to set my ex straight about his role in helping her – even if it was a trip to the $2 shop. We have thankfully come a long way since then

  13. My own mother doesn’t want more “things” so after years of buying her lovely things, this year I’m putting together a hamper of lovely tea bags, beautiful hand cream, expensive liquid soap she’d never buy herself and handmade chocolates. My intention is to make sure she has lots of things to use over a period of time and make the “appreciated & loved” feeling last longer than a day!

  14. thankyou nikki.
    mother’s day always reminds me that my mother is no longer with us and my daughter lives in qld but she always sends something thoughtful … I liked a deep crushed strawberry so soft shrug thingy that she sent a few years ago … still keeping me cosy and warm … something lovely about having a huggy thing from your child!
    I will buy my own gift to myself for trying hard to be the best mother I could have been!
    I will have breaky in bed!
    I will kick back and relax and as long as I don’t have to meet anyone’s expectations on mother’s day then I am a happy mummy!… how selfish of me! … it is after all mother’s day! … I deserve it! lol m:)X

    1. Yes, reminds me of same Merilyn. I’m very lucky to have a step mum but no mum or mother-in-law any longer. That shrug sounds lovely and buying your own gift always gets a tick in my books!!

  15. Love that tea towel! I bought one the other day with the intention of giving it to my Mum but now I love it so much, I might have to buy a second for our place. Great wrap. Thanks for having me in the link up!

  16. I absolutely agree with NOT being subtle. Let’s face it, men & women work on different planes of thought. I’ve never been subtle. In fact more often than not I’d actually tell Mr. C what I would like. Sure it’s not a surprise but, it makes the gift giving job a much more pleasant experience for both the giver & receiver. That flamingo brooch is adorable btw! It would add a nice hint of sparkle to an outfit.

  17. Mr C’s birthday is on the Monday, it means nothing in terms of my Mother’s Day gift. Each year, I go without, or purchase my own. The one year, his mother was in town and helped out it didn’t exactly go well either. I’ve tried most of the tips, I’ve had 20 years of training and could almost start a blog on Mr C’s attempts at getting the gift buying right, or should I say really wrong. Like the nanna nightgown for my 40th.

  18. I know it’s tragic but I really love the things that the kids make and agonise over choosing. I love their cards too and their gushy lovey sentiments. I’m pretty happy with anything they want to give me but wouldn’t accept any rubbish if my hubby was involved 😉 (higher standards there!). I’m planning to send gift suggestions to the kids IG accounts – I’ve already made a start. Books, slippers, PJs etc.

  19. Morning Nikki, some great ideas there for everyone. I love the purse, what a clever idea! I just wanted to let everyone know that Big W has Max Factor on half price special starting today. Got the email this morning, there’s a lot of great specials for other brands too. Nothing like a special or two to brighten a dreary Thursday morning!

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