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I know that this post will be divisive. Metalicus is a label does that.

There is still a great belief out there that it’s a label for small women. If you’ve been reading long enough here you will have seen me dispel that myth each fashion season.

Metalicus was the first ever label featured here as a Model and Me post almost four years ago.

At the time I was kind of making a point that I was extremely un-model like but that you didn’t have to be a model to wear Metalicus.

The Model and Me idea was very well received and has continued most weeks ever since.

As has my love of Metalicus.

It was a brand I first discovered and wore during my third pregnancy – nine-plus years ago. I still have those pieces. They weren’t maternity pieces. They were layering pieces that stretched enough to cover my considerable baby bump but then returned to a normal shape so I could wear them post-pregnancy and beyond.

Those layering pieces and others I’ve bought since continue to be wardrobe workhorses. They are thin enough to wear under other clothes for warmth but don’t add any unwanted bulk.

Each season I also find a piece or two that slots right into my wardrobe. They are the looser pieces and usually in a tunic style.

Remember this dress from spring? I’ve worn that dress so many times since. It’s also going to work with tights, cardi and boots or ballets and leggings for winter.

Just like my love of Mela Purdie, a big thing to love about Metalicus is the easy-wear, easy-care aspect of each garment.

If you order online your order comes with a lingerie bag and that’s all you need to throw your garment in the machine and wash. The garments dry in a flash and require zero ironing.

This particular outfit I’m featuring has already proven very popular online. The blue in this tunic has sold out online. You may have luck in store.

The model

Metalicus tank dress, long cardi and skirt worn as scarf

Metalicus tank tunic dress $149.95 | Metalicus drape front loose cardi $229.95 | Metalicus Astaire tube skirt (worn as a scarf!) $129.95

and me

Metalicus tank dress | long cardi | skirt  (worn as scarf) | tights | Zoe Kratzmann boots | Samantha Wills ring

Metalicus tank tunic dress* | Metalicus drape front loose cardi* | Metalicus Astaire tube skirt* (worn as a scarf!) | tights | Zoe Kratzmann boots | Samantha Wills ring 

This style of tunic is a style that gets high wardrobe rotation for me during autumn/winter. It’s sleeveless so can be worn as such or with a layered long-or-short-sleeve top underneath.

Anything from Metalicus’ wool collection has a greater thickness to it so is less likely to cling in places you’re not wanting it to cling.

Wear the tunic with or without tights; opt for boots or ballet flats; cardi or no cardi. The potential combinations are endless and can be adjusted to suit the weather of the day.

This particular cardi is ideal for when the temperature dips even further. It’s got a high wool content and a very decent weight to it.

The scarf is a real surprise. Can you believe it’s also a tube skirt? Here it is worn as a skirt on me for #everydaystyle.

As for comfort factor of the whole outfit? It doesn’t get much more comfortable than this. It’s a combination ideal for wearing out but equally at home on the couch.

Are you a fan of Metalicus? A tunic dress, tights and cardi combo?

The Model and Me Metalicus AW14

* These garments were gifted to me for editorial consideration

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  1. I’ve actually never heard of Meticulous before. You can tell that its good quality just by looking at it. I'[m not sure if they are available in UK though butgoodto know about them all the same. I think you look great in the navy. I have just started following you on bloglovin. I will leave my link in case you’re interested in following me.

  2. Hi Nikki, this is definately one of your best model and me outfit choices. It looks wonderful on you. I don’t like the Metalicus stuff in the non-natural fibres but I will have to investigate woollen Metalicus outfits.

  3. Adore the skirt worn as a scarf – genius! I’m definitely not small nor skinny but I adore my Metalicus. Layering is the way to go, I’ve found. I like to layer the slinky fitted slip dresses under the other pieces for a smoothing effect. They’re great over leggings and skinny jeans too.

    You look just gorgeous!

  4. I too thought Metalicus was for smaller women but when my daughter got a casual job with them she showed me how great it can look on a size 16! Their Merino wool items are great for curvier girls! My daughter no longer works for Metalicus but we continue to share our love affair with the brand!

  5. Hi Nikki, yes I’m a big fan of Metalicus – quite possibly discovered through you! I love your posts on this brand – they always seem to answer my questions! (must look up what you said about their leggings previously…) I particularly love their wool pieces, perfect for our chilly NZ winters, and love how easy it is to layer (usually with my CR long cardis) and wear anywhere. I love this blue tunic on you. xx

  6. Gorgeous outfit! It looks fantastic on you Nikki. I love that the tube skirt does double duty too!! I haven’t had much success with this brand but that outfit is inspiring me to keep trying!

  7. After seeing so many of your posts about Metalicus, I have ventured into the Metalicus store a handful of times. Then I’ve walked back out. I’m just no good at putting things together and I think you need the ‘eye’ to figure these ones out. The outfits you put together always look so good. I think it might be time to give it another go…and this time actually try something on!

  8. Oh so good to see Metallicus on a different body shape than what they feature in their advertising. It looks great on you, I am all for layers and comfort. Why is it that they don’t show the variety of women shapes ands sizes that actually buy their product… it stretches and flatters different shapes. That would be my only comment re this great brand, market it better.

    1. So many brands could market better in this way. The boutique that first introduced me to Metalicus many years ago did an annual fashion parade in spring that would feature Metalicus on different shapes and ages. I was one of the “non-typical” models. So good to help break the myths.

  9. I love my Metalicus and I’m curvy, I have to try them on first though, I’ve had little success ordering online.
    I have to say the sales girls are (in my experience) brilliant at helping find what suits my shape, they are just great at it, makes shopping there a happy experience! They really know their product.

  10. I really like the look of Metalicus but I don’t like layering because I get too hot with it all here in Qld, even in winter. I also like tops/dresses with sleeves. You look very nice in that outfit tho’ Nikki, especially the tights and boots but I’m still wearing my summer gear!

    1. I always feel the cold once it changes – even sitting here now with cold feet! Layering works for a QLD day because we start out cold and then I make sure I wear something I can peel off!

  11. I bought two of their dresses to wear during my pregnancy and I know they are gonna look good on me after I have my baby. I love the colour of that tunic and what a great idea using a tube skirt as a scarf?!

  12. MASSIVE Metalics fan right here and it’s not for small women at all. Their Boby tight range was pretty slim but the stuff they’re doing is very free size. I find their stuff lasts for years too without pilling and being gross. I can’t get enough Metalicus I just wish they’d do more voluminous maxi dresses. They’ve only done two ever and I have both and have worn them TO DEATH! It’s not often that maxi dress are long enough for me but Metalicus does it. Love em! I tend to stick to their darker colours though as the lighter can show a little more love than you want them to.

  13. Another member of the fan club here too! I must admit I’ve probably got less of the usual staples from this brand and more of their seasonal collection items. I think these have got better and better in recent times – as have the fabrics they are using. Recently bought their tux jacket which is amazing. I also love their winter wraps / cardi’s. So warm and snuggly! I think I might need to invest in a new one this year :).

  14. They are lovely and I do like the idea of a scarf that turns into a skirt ,very clever indeed!I love Metalicus for it’s layering ability because it gets very cold here in winter and I do hate being cold,great post Nikki ,love everything!

  15. I’ve obviously got the lemons 🙁 every single piece of Metalicus I’ve had has developed whacking great runs in the fabric, which makes me sad. I obviously need sturdier fabrics!

  16. That cardigan is great. I can imagine that over skinny jeans on a cold night too, for both warmth and an extra bit of zoosh.
    I have quite a bit of Metalicus because of all the reasons you’ve mentioned already, Nikki. For me layerability (that’s a word, right?) and ease of care while travelling are the two BIG attractions.

    One of the best recent developments has been the addition of 2 sizes in the winter range. I have a few cardigans for slinging in my handbag, but the more structured jackets were just too small for me. Now with the 2 sizes available, I have a bit more range to find the perfect fit. I would advise though to try on in store if possible, because I have ended up with the smaller size in 1 jacket because the length was better for me.

    1. Yes the cardi would be great over jeans or ponte pants – like having a cosy blanket on. Great tips re the size of the jackets and trying on in store. For me, I’m most confident with the online purchases in styles similar to what I already own.

  17. Great combo Nikki. I’m a big Metalicus fan and agree with all you’ve said. The winter wool is particularly good as you say for layering, without bulk. I can’t quite believe the scarf is a skirt though – now that’s versatility!

  18. Yes ,just brought my first Metalicus pants to add to the rest of my metalicus wardrobe. Feel like I am wearing pj’s as they are so comfy. On reviewing my wardrobe I have some very old Metalicus pieces that are still going. The cardis are great to throw in a handbag.

  19. hello nikki, … just about spot on for what I wore yesterday! … gotta love the metalicus brand so versatile and easy care fabrics which are way up there for moi who hates to iron anything! … a locl boutique stocks it too! 😉
    thanks to a friend’s daughter who put us on to this brand a few years ago.
    we love their creative styling too! good one nikki love that blue on you …
    cheers! m:)X

    1. Thanks Merilyn and there are some great local boutiques that do a very good job with the Metalicus ranges. I used to be a regular at Soul Diva on Buderim on the Sunshine Coast – that’s where I first fell for the brand!

  20. YES. A big fan. I love that it’s so easy to wear. The tunic, tights, boots combo gets a run in winter here too. I love some of the new pieces I’ve added to my wardrobe over the last couple of years that are great for work – mid length line wool blend jackets etc. Definitely not a label just for small women!

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