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I was first introduced to the Mela Purdie label about nine years ago. That first piece – a wrap cardi – is still going strong in my wardrobe.

I say this at the outset because this is a Model and Me post dedicated to investment wardrobe fashion.

I mix it up the price points of what I feature here as much as I can. Last week budget, this week investment.

I’m very much for both and I understand that everyone’s clothing budget is different but what reaching a certain age has taught me is that no matter how much I spend on one particular piece, it has to be well made, the fabric has to feel good to wear and it has to go the distance.

Mela Purdie has always ticked those boxes for me.

My girlfriend Natalie, who owns Zambezee Boutique (Noosa, Mooloolaba and online), was the one who introduced me to Mela – the label and also the designer herself.

The label is Zambezee’s biggest seller – every season. When Mela fans embrace Mela Purdie, they embrace Mela Purdie.

It was Mela’s jersey that first got her into so many busy women’s wardrobes – and she still does a very good job with that – but it’s her technical fabric (and eco-friendly fabric derived from corn) pieces that have become my wardrobe faves over the last year or two.

Whether it’s in a pair of pants or a top or shirt, this fabric feels amazing to wear even in the height of summer, so it stands to reason that this fabric is very much a part of Mela’s latest collection, Style Icons.

Style Icons is a collection of timeless effortless casual pieces that will be available alongside Mela’s typical seasonal collections. It contains pieces that make ideal year-round wardrobe friends if you live in a warm climate or trans-seasonal pieces for others. They also make for very good travel pieces, drying in next to no time and not requiring ironing.

In this week’s Model and Me, I’m featuring a variation of this outfit below.

The model

Mela Purdie style icons | transit wrap | soft cargo | shell top

Mela Purdie style icons @ Zambezee Boutique: transit wrap $245 | soft cargo $299 | shell top $139

Everything’s the same but I’ve switched out the Shell top for this Cruise top – a much more flattering neckline for my bust.

Mela Purdie Style Icons | cruise top | long pant

Mela Purdie Style Icons: cruise top $289 | long pant $199

and me

Mela Purdie soft cargo pant,  cruise top, transit wrap | Zoe Kratzmann wedges | Samantha Wills necklace ring and earrings

Mela Purdie soft cargo pant (size 16),  cruise top (size 16) and transit wrap (size  | Zoe Kratzmann wedges | Samantha Wills necklace, ring and earrings**

Now, on a normal autumn or spring day this is a perfect layering outfit for me. Yes, it was a tad on the cool side this weekend past but this is still a good base for me living in Queensland because we start and end the day in layers but need clothes that breathe during the low 20s middle of the day.

These pants can also be worn un-cuffed and buttoned. They don’t suit me as much that way but with a pointy heel would transform to a night time pant for me. I love showing the ankle and that also means that they work with a flat sandal.

The top is one that I can easily wear with these pants or a pair of jeans. It will always look good and drapes in a super flattering way. Add an open cardi or knit and the whole outfit is one that would make a great mix and match combination to pack and take on a spring or summer holiday.

The jewellery

Samantha Wills earrings, ring and necklace

Samantha Wills necklace, ring (similar here) and earrings

Stay tuned this week … in the lead up to Mother’s Day, I’m excited to have been interviewed and photographed with my daughter for a Mother’s Day edition of SW Style for Samantha Wills.

Both my daughter and I are huge fans of Samantha Wills’ jewellery so jumped at this chance. The pieces I’m wearing here – and the outfit will feature in the online magazine. I’ll link to it as soon as it’s live.

The Mela Purdie pieces provided the perfect blank canvas for the statement jewellery.

The Model and Me Mela Purdie Style Icons at Zambezee Boutique

What key travel and/or trans-seasonal pieces would I find in your wardrobe? Are you already a Mela Purdie fan?

*These pieces were gifted to me by Zambezee Boutique for editorial consideration. **These pieces were gifted to me as part of a Samantha Wills collaboration.

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  1. My friend made me buy MP when I was pregnant with my 1st bub 5yrs ago. The weather turned cold, but I was hot, and in need of layering and streeetch fabrics! I’ve flogged each and every piece since, but they are all still going strong. Time to buy more… love how you’ve styled the basic pieces with statement jewelry, looks great on you Nikki x K

  2. I love everything about this look – the pants, shoes, jewellery! You look fabulous. Another designer’s page to ‘like’ 🙂

  3. I love this outfit too. Love the top choice as the one shown on the top model wouldn’t have suited me either. You look lovely Nikki and how special for you and your daughter to feature on SW Style for Samantha Wills.

  4. You look gorgeous, Nikki; I love the colour combo on you. Such a sophisticated, easy-wearing style. Must look into Mela Purdie – how have I not seen it before? 🙂 x

  5. I love this outfit on you Nikki is am a bit of a bargain shopper but there are things that I buy at a higher price point ,like you said investment pieces last the distance ,I tend to buy boots bags and jeans at higher price points than tops or knits but if I can ever afford it I will invest in some Mela Purdie!
    how exciting about the Samantha Wills interview,can’t wait to see it Nikki!

  6. I have a few pieces of Mela Purdie that I love: a brand new spearmint green technical fabric shirt; the technical pants and ponte pants that I know you have too; and a double layer A-line skirt, which I recall when I was buying came in 3 different lengths, so just right for everyone.

    I love the idea of those pants but can’t really come at light coloured pants on me. But I think I might have to look into the cruise top in that sand colour. It’s calling my name.

    1. Oh the spearmint green sounds fantastic Johanne – I know you’re a huge fan and the label works for you when travelling. The pants come in black and navy too – I have the black. So good. And the cruise top is just such an easy-to-wear but dressy design.

  7. Those pants! They are all kinds of awesome. I’m loving this look on you – super chic and sophisticated. I totally get what you’re saying about investment pieces too. I love that Mela Purdie pieces are ones you can keep forever, but the price point is not out totally out of reach.

    1. I wouldn’t have believed it with Mela if I hadn’t seen it with pieces in my wardrobe from so long ago. And they never get culled because they still look good and still fit my lifestyle.

  8. Love, love, love. Working from home in my PJs today (the temperature has dropped!!!!) but you have inspired me to start sorting out my Brissie trans seasonal wear. Back and forth to Sydney for work regularly, the entire outfit would be a great addition.

    1. I switched out my summer for winter wardrobes on the weekend Sharon. The things that get go across all seasons stay in my main wardrobe – just the “extremes” I shift. Things like this outfit, I’ll be able to adapt all year for Brisbane.

  9. ab fab thankyou nikki! … I will be the first to comment or second etc … whatever mela purdie does it for me this outfit is me to a tee! … absolutely my type of dressing for travel, casual outings or entertaining. I have a beautiful long black dress from mela purdie and i’ll never let it go the fabric is just beautiful and I have shortened the straps so it drapes perfectly for one who is short of waste! … please pardon my spelling at times! have a good day … lol m:)X

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