How to dress like Nina Proudman

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Nina Proudman is BAAACCCKK.

Quite frankly it’s been way too long between fresh Offspring fixes, hasn’t it?

I’m still a little cranky that they killed off Patrick last season. I really wanted everything to be finally right in Nina’s world.

But that doesn’t make for compelling drama, does it? And yes, this is where we do have to remind ourselves that this isn’t real life 😉 It’s TV, people!

What started here on the blog a few years ago was just a toe-dip into the very passionate world of Nina Proudman style. I use the world passionate as so many of you out there are seemingly looking to emulate her style.

You have been since the show began and that passion has not subsided.

The reason that Nina’s style has this kind of mass appeal is quite simple. It’s timeless, accessible, smart casual and trans-seasonal … with a little bit of free-sprited boho thrown in for good measure.

Most people can easily adopt a slice of Nina style – most probably with pieces already in your wardrobe.

Offspring is filmed in Melbourne during spring and summer. Most of her outfits I couldn’t wear in a Brisbane summer but they do lend themselves to autumn and spring styling. And even some of our winter days where once the sun is out, we’re peeling off the heavy layers.

As each series progresses, Nina rarely strays too far from her everyday personal style – even when she was pregnant in season 4 the outfit formula was still the same. There are two main looks.

The jeans outfit: skinny jeans, knee-high boots, tank top, boho-style jacket or kimono, scarf (optional last season but I’m hoping will be back), shoulder bag and fine jewellery.

The skirt outfit: maxi skirt, knee-high boots, tank top, jacket, shoulder bag and fine, layered jewellery.

In this first episode for season 5 she gave us both looks. Aren’t we lucky?

Now, like in previous years, I will look to what Nina is wearing and offer shopping inspiration to re-create that style. And if by chance that particular garment is still available, I’ll include that.

Mostly the garments you see and covet on the screen won’t be. They would have been sourced almost a year ago and many would have been from the spring 2013 collections for those designers. Ebay might yield some success for you or you might have just been channelling Nina at the time and purchased a garment that you now can congratulate yourself for.

The jeans outfit

This will very much be the case for the red printed Tigerlily jacket that Nina wore for most of last night’s episode (see below). I know a couple of SY readers have already mentioned that they own it – well done them! Scroll down though as I have found a new-season Tigerlily jacket style that is similar … just in different colours.

Offspring Season 5 cast; Nina Proudman in Tigerlily jacket

And this one featured in the promo shot below is also Tigerlily. Run don’t walk if you’re a size 6 and want to nab this one on sale at David Jones.

Nina Proudman Tigerlily top

Want to re-create the feel of last night’s main look? Here are my suggestions based on garments and accessories available now.

How to dress like Nina Proudman

1. Tigerlily jacket $189.95 @ SurfStitch |  2. Samantha Wills necklace $99 | 3. Ezra tank $24.95 @ The Iconic | 4. Mavi jeans $129.95 @ The Iconic | 5. Django & Juliette boots $299.95 @ Styletread | 6. Mimco earrings $79.95 | 7. Bohemian Traders satchel $119

The skirt outfit

This is the outfit that Nina was wearing at the end of the episode. And guess what? The maxi skirt IS available. Binny from the Australian label of the same name has re-cut the skirt especially for Nina fans. You might recognise the fabric. I have it in a fabulous dress that I wore all summer.

Binny maxi skirt as seen on Nina Proudman Offspring

Binny skirt $260 

Nina was also wearing a pair of Binny silk pants (as pyjamas) in the very cute bed scene with baby Zoe below. That pattern is no longer available but the same cut of pants in a different fabric is available in a size 14 if you’re quick.

Offspring S5 Ep1 - Zoe Proudman-Reid and Nina Proudman | Nina wearing Binny silk pants

Baby Zoe

We do need to talk about Nina and Patrick’s very cute baby Zoe, don’t we? Have you ever seen such an adorable bubba? With such a uber-cute wardrobe? Someone please tell me where these bathers are from so I can buy them for my sister-in-law’s little girl due in June!

Baby Zoe Proudman-Reid and Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie)

Many of the other clothes featured on Zoe throughout this episode have come from Victorian-based baby and childrenswear label Oishi-m. The label produces limited edition garments (mostly made in Melbourne) that include splashes of kimono and vintage fabrics. Read all about what was featured in last night’s episode and how to buy it for your kids. This was my fave.

Oishi-m tee as seen on Zoe Proudman-Reid Offspring S5 Ep1

Oishi-m tee $39.95


The de-brief (spoiler alert)

This is the part that you skim over if you’re yet to watch this episode. You’ve been warned! Probably a good idea to stay clear of what’s written in the comments below too. We like to de-brief the fashion but we also like to de-brief what happens in the episode itself.

Season 5 begins six months after Patrick’s death (he appears often enough in Nina’s imagination thank goodness), Billie’s is living with Nina (Mick’s away touring), Billie’s hoping they’ll reconcile. Billie has her working life act together and has created a property styling business. Baby Zoe has benefitted from two mums and the whole Proudman family. Zara is pregnant again to Jimmy and Jimmy is about to open his third pop-up tacoria, thanks to financial backing from Phillip, who’s announced that he’s married but not to Geraldine. Elouise is working in a women’s clinic in Botswana and Clegg is Clegg, offering up gems such as gifting Nina a welcome-back gift of a breast pump.

Phewww. So much can happen in six months. Thank goodness Nina’s phone ring-tone stays the same.

But, as always, some of my favourite moments came via Billie. From telling Nina she should “bond with the baby mothers” at swimming to inadvertently creating an “orgasm party” for Nina, Billie is back and she’s on form.

As for Lawrence, the psychologist? I just knew they wouldn’t introduce a potential romance for Nina just yet.

Ok, over to you? Thoughts? How many tissues did you go through? Were you smart and snapped up that Tigerlily jacket last summer?

Photo credit: all images from the show are courtesy of Channel Ten

  • Sheenah Whitten

    You would swear I was the shows stylist, I own nearly every outfit Nina wears and even some of Zara’s

  • bloom9

    Can anyone tell me the brand of pram Nina has?

  • Karin

    Anyone know where ninas cream silk shirt came from in tonight’s episode?

  • Trina

    What about her latest necklace? I know it’s a Melbourne designer, anyone know the name. ?

  • Kara

    Does anyone know what brand baby Zoe’s pink onesie is?

  • Sarah

    Does anyone know what brand Nina’s nappy bag is?

  • Kellie Williams

    has no one asked for the colourful striped towel Nina has at the pool?? I’d love one!!!

    • Big fan

      Pretty sure it’s a missoni towel.

    • Yes it’s Missoni

      • Kellie Williams


  • Jess White

    Love to know where ninas yellow and white quilt is from 🙂 please help 🙂

    • Sorry, don’t know … as I find out things I’ll include in my weekly round-up.

  • Tiffany

    Oh…. I don’t know where to start!!! I have never watched one show off Offspring till this week but thought id tune in to see what all the fuss was about after watching Asher At the Logies. Well…. I’m addicted!! I loveeeee it!!! The characters, the storyline, the fashion and OMG, that baby is the cutest child I’ve ever seen!!! Jodie you are certainly blessed!!! They are just divine and do look like Patrick on the show!!!
    I was lucky enough to actually purchase that red patterned Tigerlily jacket when it came out but people check eBay, as have seen a few selling. But they go for ridiculous prices. It’s called the Universe Jacket! It is still available in blue! I desperately want the Tigerlily jacket above if anyone can help me find one!!
    Nikki, I absolutely loveeee your blog and will follow you religiously!! Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions. Nina is my new idol!! Kindest regards and enjoy the season everyone… Tiffany

    • Not many of the blue ones around now either Tiffany – I saw some in Byron Bay on the weekend but not in my size. I’ve had to tell myself to move on 😉 Great work on nabbing the red one and thanks for reading my blog!

      • JaiJai

        Plenty in David Jones, I picked one up today in warringah mall but saw a 6, 8 and 12 at bondi. The blue universe available too with plenty of sizes. Good luck!

  • Jennifer Meech

    I am wondering where the sweatshirt is from that Nina wore in one scene. It was creamy white with sort of ombré green shoulder bits. Does that make any sense?

    • It was Scotch and Soda Jennifer but not sure what season.

    • Nikki

      I lived it too but can’t even find a Refrence to it online

  • Julie

    Oh Nikki, I do love you for your spoiler alerts!!! Thank you so much! I love that I can still read these posts to get my Nina fashion fix (in fact I think that’s how I found you a few years ago!!). Patrick only just died here at Easter!! I waited and watched the last two episodes back to back, and went through half a box of tissues…..such a great show. Love all your outfit suggestions (and love the price range too), especially the jeans look which has become a bit of a winter uniform for me. I’ve got two new tops which I guess you’d call boho and any day now it’ll be too cold for ballet flats and I’ll be in long boots every day. Already in scarves! xx

    • Julie, I was thinking of you when I thought of how to format the posts for this year! Glad you like x

      • Julie

        Oh you are a sweetie Nikki! Love how you reply to our comments, and also love reading others’ comments (just can’t allow myself to do that on your Nina posts!!) xx

  • Samantha Keogh

    Sorry late posting. Busy Wednesday and long Thursday… that started at 4.30am! Finished the day watching my recorded episode of ‘Offspring and THEN reading your blog : ). Such a good episode. An emotional roller coast as ever. From the truly tender to the outrageous and funny. And of course… then there is the fashion. Love you blog and style/shopping directions. Nina’s boho style is one I can embrace. (Sidebar: DJ’s have a blue version of Nina’s red floral jacket.) If you fancy doing a post on Nina’s home decor I would be interested. Her linen, her artwork, her cushions ; ). Nice to have a weekly show to look forward to again. Cheers Nikki.

    • That’s a big day! I love my cushions but I’m not a decor blogger Samantha! If you work through the Facebook post on my page today some others have shared some matches for things like the pillow cases!

      • Samantha Keogh

        Thanks Nikki. At your urging I found a few blogs that discuss and direct re: Nina house styling. and for you and your readers’ info. The stylists on the show have done a fabulous job with all the characters and their homes. It’s nice to get to know a few ‘new’ brands and be inspired to try a new style with fashion or in the home.

  • Michelle

    Yes! Big, big shoes to fill.

  • A Shop Called Moth

    At A Shop Called Moth in Albert Park (Melbourne) we have a couple of pairs of the Binny – I Go To Rio silk pants that Nina wore as PJ’s in the same feather print available & they are 50% off! If anyone is interested they should please contact our store in directly. PH:03 9699 3083

  • Eleanor

    Anyone know where the baby suit grey with black with hood (Fluor trim) is from? Very cute babies that play Zoe.

    • Donna

      Looks like the one from Cotton On Kids

  • Jacinta

    Oh can you email me the details of the red patterned jacket Nina is wearing in the top pic???? much appreciated thanks

    • Jacinta … as it says in the post above – it’s old season Tigerlily and no longer available. There is a blue version similar I’ve linked to above.

  • Gess

    Hi, wondering where I can get her disc necklace?

    • No, but would love to know if anyone else does!

      • Gess

        She was wearing it in the first episode & looked nice on Nina.

  • Nikki, I don’t watch Offspring but love Nina’s style via your blog. Everything I know about the show I learnt here!

  • Reannon Hope

    So happy to have Offspringv& your Nina posts back Nikki xx

  • Scotch and Soda but not sure if current.

    • carlyxx

      I found a photo of the cream/green sweatshirt on the S&S Facebook page – from march 2013 so def last season ;(

  • Kay

    hi Nikki thanks for emailing me about the boots wore in last nights season 5 first episode – I looked on that link but it only referred to the blue suede ones which are no longer available so I was wanting to know who makes the ones knee high looked grey in color with a wooden heel

    • I’m 99% sure they’re the blue ones but just looking grey in some of the shots on the TV. They looked grey a few times last year too. Sorry, could be wrong but that was my take.

  • I want that jacket. That. Is. Just. Divine.

  • Z

    That baby……my ovaries hurt!

  • I announced to Mr Styling last night that I was off to bed at 8.30pm, only to be met with a puzzled look. “Offspring,” was all I said and toddled off with my herbal tea.
    I absolutely LOVE the jeans outfit you’ve recreated. Even though I don’t have an ounce of boho chic, I could actually see myself in this entire ensemble.
    Attention Designers Featured in Offspring: if you know your pieces are being included in an episode, MAKE THEM AVAILABLE AT THE TIME THE SHOW GOES TO AIR! I guarantee you you’ll make a motza.
    Huzzah for Offspring being back on our screens! And huzzah for your Offspring posts!


    I loved it – howled with laughter, howled with tears. It was so emotional. I was excited this morning to see your write up; just wanted to give you a hug!

    LOVED the twins/baby Zoe. It’s making me so gosh darned clucky.

  • Oh I’m so glad it’s back AND that your recaps are back. As I said on Twitter last night I pretty much spent the whole episode bawling my eyes out, in between fits of laughter (the orgasm conversation in the car was GOLD).

    I am preggers and really got into the knee-high books skinny jeans look last season. Trying to keep that going but the bump is causing some balance issues so heels are proving tricky… I look at the boots and just drool. Miss wearing mine so much!

  • Kate Gardner

    Hi, does anyone know where you can get the yellow bag Nina used for swimming gear?

  • Mia

    Anyone know the brand of her yellow rubber tote she had on the pram? How about the green and off white sweatshirt she wore at home?

    • andy nimmo

      I’ve been searching for that sweat all day to no avail. Will update if I find it.

    • Mia, my FB community said to try Lark store.

  • Michelle

    I agree with you Nikki. I was a bit angry that they killed Patrick off but I love how they’ve brought him into Nina’s head…brilliant! The time will come when we are all ready to move on from Patrick (sigh!) Love, love, love this show! Very excited it is back on and look forward to reading your synopsis each Thursday.

  • The Plumbette

    Love all the styled outfits. Perfect for a new mum! 🙂

    • Yes! Nina’s style has always been a good mix of smart casual – maybe without heels on the boots for everyday kiddie play!

  • Laughed, cried, loved it all, even the second time around (I watched it online last week too). I’ll be hooked on your Thursday morning posts as usual Nikki. Rocking a tank top and kimono jacket today in yours and Nina’s honour <3

  • Diannedewdrops

    I can’t be fagged with the show but I love the synopsis and wardrobe analysis!

  • Kay

    the boots Nina wore last night 14/5 episode where are they from?

  • Fiona

    OMG… if Billie doesn’t end up back with Mick I will be DEVASTATED… that is all.

  • Liz W

    My fave from last night was Billie’s jacket, in the first picture. Has anyone seen that one about?

  • I love Nina’s outfits. Especially her boots and jeans looks, perfect for winter.

    • Especially our winter Kat – love that what they show for Melbourne summer suits us for winter during the day!

    • Especially our winter Kat – love that what they show for Melbourne summer suits us for winter during the day!

  • Jodie Sindle

    My daughters Mia and Willow play Baby Zoe. The bathers are from Target

    • Sha

      Your girls are just too cute. I hardly noticed what Nina and Billie were wearing , in fact “Zoe” just about upstaged them in every shot. Hope you are enjoying watching them on TV as they must have grown so much since that was filmed.

    • Jodie, the girls are simply adorable (I can see a lot of Patrick in them 😉 LOL) And what beautiful names – Mia and Willow. Love!

    • andrea

      They are ADORABLE!!!!

    • congratulations on having such adorable babies, you bred some good lookers! gorgeous expressions!

    • Oh wow Jodie!! You have such beautiful babes but you don’t need me telling you that do you?!!

    • Sally

      Jodie, they are just beautiful! You must be so proud!

  • Johanne Taylor

    I do love Billie and was very glad to hear that it sounds like Mick is coming back. My interest in that television couple is inordinately high! I think I can’t stand to see both sisters without a significant relationship since Patrick’s death and Billie’s indiscretions.
    I do love that red jacket and had spotted some different fabrics in store at Tigerlily. Have resisted so far….

    • Yes, I need Mick back! I’m resisting on the jacket front Johanne. Trying to be “good” all May ahead of my birthday when I traditionally spoil myself!

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    So pleased Offspring is back. Love your styling arrangement and I love the jacket, the pic you show is much nicer than the one on Tigerlilys website. Thank you so much for your comment on my Blog too on the cold cream, much appreciated!

    • you’re very welcome! Yes, much clearer image at SurfStitch. I’d actually overlooked this piece on Tigerlily not thinking it was similar … until I saw it on SS.


    Thanks Nikki for this great post. I love it!! Just wondering any idea where Nina’s green and white pullover/sweat is from? Loved it!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Yes a few tears and a few laughs ,that baby Zoe is a gorgeous looking baby for sure!I also loved Nina’s jacket and her pjs and I am so glad she still has an owl obsession her pillowcases and Zoe’s mobile.I am looking for new bed linen for our room once everything is finished but I think I might get in trouble if I bought owls into our room!Thanks for the sharing of Nina fashion and I’m glad Patrick is still popping in.

    • I have her pjs in another print! Not wearing to bed any time soon!! Just sneak those owls in 😉

  • Carla Moulds

    Dear Nikki thanks for the great post on Nina, I love her style, I agree with Michelle , I would love to know about Geraldine’s wardrobe, I know it would be more work for you but could you do Nina with just a bit about Geraldine on one or two posts?

    • Oh Carla, it’s not the work, it’s more that I experimented with Billie and a bit of Geraldine last year and no-one was really interested. I won’t say no … will just see how it goes.

      • Carla Moulds

        Nikki , you are the one that knows your followers, you are the one that is making a real success of things. Thanks , I will continue to enjoy Offspring and your Nina posts.

  • Tara Mahoney

    Zoe’s blathers are from Target from last Summer! I may not own any of Nina’s clothes but apparently we have the same taste for our children 😉

    • Yay for that … and Tara, “Zoe’s” real mum has commented here … how exciting is that!!

  • I love that red jacket – its understandable it is no longer available, its a beauty. So glad to see these posts back too Nikki. I think I’ll need the debrief as much as the heads up on Nina’s outfit! x

  • Nina is back. Yay! I look forward to your posts on Nina. Love the jacket Nikki. V x

  • Anna Franklin

    Three hankies last night. A good effort, I’d say! Loved the return episode. Glad you’ve posted all this as I probably missed a few details as I had handkerchiefs pressed into my eyes quite a bit! Loved the Tigerlily jacket and Binny skirt.

  • merliyn

    they’ve got the formula and they do it well don’t they nikki!
    it’s a great mix of good clever writers and actors with style … only 1 tissue!
    and that must be the cutest baby of all time! how good was she???
    they are not afraid to touch on taboo subjects with enough sensitivity and ‘tongue in cheek’ humour … hilarious! … love it!
    and the fashion too! but I love the one liners …
    “2 o’clock, easy on the eye!” billy to nina … lol m:)X

    • They get away with it because the mix is right. Love Billie’s lines!

      • Belinda Bayliss

        Step away from the baby….

  • Just a thought Nikki. Perhaps the groovy grans out there would like to see a bit of Geraldine style featured. I’m a bit younger, but I really like her style.

    • I did attempt this – and Billie – last season but the popularity for those posts was not there. People want Nina!

      • DBR

        I’d love to know about Billie’s style

  • It certainly didn’t disappoint. I laughed my head off when Clegg and Jimmy were being photographed with the breast pump. I recognised the Binny skirt straight away as the same fabric as your dress (good fan that I am)

  • Penny

    Love love loved it! As always. Offspring is by far my favourite show of all time. I do have to point out though that it was Kym who mentioned the bar fridge …